The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC



April 19, 2017



~ the ~

Governor of the State of Montana

Steve Bullock

and to the Editor of the Helena Independent Record

Jesse Chaney

and to all Law Enforcement Officers of the State of Montana

and all across the U.S.A.

~ and to ~

Ron Hatton

Ron, I am not going to hide in the Bushes

as you suggest in one of your emails

~ I am going to Expose you Ron ~

to the People of Helena Montana you are trying today to Scam

and as I know from a previous email

you go to Church

and so I will assume you will not read this until you come home from Church

as that is a good place to find

very good very hard working very honest very trusting people

to take advantage of and scam

and who may Blindly do dirty work for you

as you are the wolf  in sheep clothing the predator of the innocent

the predator of those who do not know who just believe you




if you can prove to where I went to school

Ford ~ Chrysler ~ General Motors

that your Throttle Body Grooves can


~ the ~

Emission Control System = On Board Computer and Sensors

on a newer

Ford ~ Chrysler ~ General Motors



and so take me to Court Ron

for calling you a Fraud

so I can Prove it to a court of Law

while I would like very much to hear your bogus Argument

~ and ~

so I would like everyone to Please Welcome

~ the scam artist of scam artist ~

in the Automotive World today

of the many scam artist in the history of automotive scams

Ron Hatton

 of the Gadgetman Groove to Helena Montana

who’s Bogus statements and claims are supported by

those who failed grade school science

and have

Zero Independent

Real World Laboratory Scientific Testing and Data

while Ron’s test methods have been completely rejected

while there are online claims by supporters on bogus websites

stating they have Doubled and Tripled their fuel mileage

as these are unverifiable very bogus claims

as Double would be a 100% improvement in Fuel Economy

and in the real world of real Physics this would mean

going from 14.7 to 1 air to fuel ratio to almost 30 to 1 air to fuel ratio

and would produce zero energy to push a piston downward to turn a crankshaft

as these claims go far beyond far fetch in the real world of real Physics

and there is nothing beyond scientifically proven bogus statements

to support this scientifically proven garbage science

with those with knowledgeable working back grounds

in Automotive Science and Engineering

as they know this is a Fraud Hoax Scam


Ron is looking for new Partners in Crime to help him with his scam operation

as he is now setting up shop here in Helena Montana

so if your looking for work go talk to Ron


as this Scam has been Busted on many Automotive Websites over the many years

as Ron and his scam continues

~ so hopefully Ron will not come burn down my House because I Busted his scam too ~

because you never know what a con-artist might do

especially if they are a

Lying Paranoid Methamphetamine Bail Jumping Drug Addict Scam Artist on Probation

who believes if you disagree with him these means you hate him too

who stated in his last email to me

“it is time for me to face the Consequences for my Actions”

as Ron is now living in Helena Montana

Scamming the People Helena Montana

who will only Hate Ron after he takes their Money after they find out it was a scam

while I do not Hate Ron

I just despise scam artists who should be in Jail

~ don’t you?


so please

Do not Waste your Time and Money on Gadgetman Groove

unless you have time and money to throw away to gain or achieve nothing

so just send your $500.00 to me for an hours work and I won’t Waste your Time on

Snake Oil Science Fiction

and I will wave my magic wound over the hood of your car for an hour


Ron’s Testing to prove his so called science is with only a Gas Analyzer

that are used to test emissions from the tail pipe of your car

and is a very flawed inadequate incomplete test to prove his Bogus claims

and in no way can prove

~ More Power ~

~ Better Mileage ~

~ Reduced Emissions ~

as I have been using Gas Analyzers since 1976

and it is very simple to manipulate a Gas Analyzer Test

as simple as doing your before test before the engine is fully warmed up

and then an after test with the engine fully warmed up

as Ron would like to prove to me with his Demonstration that I am wrong

but Ron does not have the proper testing Equipment to prove he is right

and so his Demonstration will be for show not fact

and a complete waste of my time

as Grooves in a Throttle Body can not change what is coming out the tailpipe of your car

as this is completely controlled by an On board Computer

and in real world of High Performance Applications

to improve air flow into the combustion chamber

you ~ do not ~ want to create turbulence you want reduce turbulence

as this is known in the Racing world as Porting and Polishing

by removing all casting flaws

by removing all the sharp edges

by making all the air intake ports in the intake manifold

match in size and shape of the cylinders head intake ports

along with all the Gaskets in between

and by removing all rough surfaces and polishing the surfaces

by reducing all the sharp turns and curves and bends in the air intake system

and making everything as smooth and straight as possible in the air intake system

to reduce all air flow resistance and turbulence

to increase air volume and air flow into the combustion chambers

so why pay someone $500.00 for an hours work to increase Turbulence

and harm the air flow to the combustion chambers

while Damaging your Throttle Body and possibly the engine

as these Grooves can in no way double or triple your miles per gallon

while there are many real changes and improvements that can be made with that $500.00

 you were just scammed out of with the help of Bogus Web Sites

providing False Bogus claims

and by Bogus Doctors with a bogus web site who has zero back ground in air flow science


I have Evaluated Automotive Science Education

and every High School Automotive Science Instructor Knows

with out Question Scientifically

and from very similar proven Scams of the Past

Putting Grooves in the Throttle Body of the fuel injected engine of your car

to gain Performance and Fuel Economy and Reduce Emissions

is Snake Oil Science Fiction

that can and will void the Warranty of your Car

while these Grooves added to the Throttle Body of your cars Engine

 will change nothing in the Combustion Chambers of your cars Engine

as Fuel is added by fuel injectors next the Intake ports of the cylinder head

next to Intake Valves in the inlet port of the Cylinder Heads

and not at the throttle body

so changing how any air enters and swirls in the Intake Manifold

where there is no fuel to better atomize the fuel

at the Throttle Plates of the Throttle Body

will have zero effect on how the air fuel is mixed as it enters

the combustion chambers of your cars engine

~  if you want a real Increase in air flow into the engine of your Car ~

change the Intake Manifold with one that has fewer bends and turns

otherwise the mixing of the fuel with the air happens in the combustion chamber

on a Fuel Injected engine and not in the intake manifold like on older Cars

that had Throttle Body Injection or a Carburetor

and this is why many newer engines now have two intake valves

to increase the breathing and mixing capacity

of the air and fuel as it enters the combustion chambers

while it is better to keep the Fuel Cold and Dense as long as possible

for more Power and Performance

~ years ago ~

they would pack Dry Ice all around intake manifolds when Drag Racing

to keep the Fuel and Air as cold and dense as possible

before entering the combustion chamber

where it would then expand causing more power

and today Fuel pumps are no longer bolted to the very Hot Engine Block

as this would preheat the fuel before entering the engine

and would cause vapor lock in some older Cars

Vapor lock is fuel turning into vapor before reaching the engine

so Drag Racers would remove the fuel pump bolted to the side of the Engine Block

and replace it with an Electric Fuel Pump installed in the trunk of the car

as this would keep the fuel very cool before entering the engine

increasing power and performance

as you want the expansion of the Air and Fuel to happen in the combustion chamber

not in the intake manifold

so the Grooves in the Throttle Body will cause a very minor change in turbulence

just below the throttle body where there is no fuel to mix with the air

and will have zero effect on Air entering the Cylinder Head Ports

where the cold dense fuel is added by the fuel injector next the intake valve

and then the fuel and air begin to mix together as it enters the Combustion Chamber

as the Grooves can only cause what is known as False Air

while all false air going past Throttle Body

or false air entering the intake manifold after the Throttle Body

the On-board Computer controlling all Engine Functions

will compensate for the false air going into the intake manifold

while false air not passing through the Throttle Body and after the Throttle body

~ with a Mass Air Flow Sensor ~

Measuring the the volume of air going into the Throttle Body

the computer can not compensate for and the engine will have a lose of power

while if there is not mas air flow sensor

as a vacuum leak causing false air by a vacuum hose being removed

or false air leaking in from a bad throttle body mounting gasket

or from a worn out Throttle Body Shaft

keeping the throttle body from closing properly completely

allowing false air in to the intake manifold at Idle

as this vacuum leak of false air causes in most cases a higher Idle speed

and can Lean out the Air to Fuel mixture at Idle

if the engine is not controlled by an On Board Computer

as the on-board computer can in most cases compensate for a higher Idle speed

by reducing the Idled while the on-board computer will richen any lean air fuel mixture

by increasing Fuel Injector on time by a few milliseconds

to further compensate if necessary for any lean air to fuel mixture

as the on board computer is compensating for the grooves added to the throttle body

adding turbulence when you need to decrease turbulence

and a 14.7 to 1 air to fuel ratio is always maintained by the on-board computer

or the engine will not perform properly and Damage the engine

and adding grooves in a throttle body can not change the performance or fuel economy

as the on-board computer will always compensate for any changes

with in its operating perimeters

and if something as simple as adding grooves to your Throttle Body

did increase performance and mileage

the Car Manufactures would have done this many moons ago

while years ago there was the 200 MPG Carburetor

and in recent years there was the Platinum Injection for improved fuel economy

and there is a Gadget you can plug into a Cigarette lighter

that claims to improve Performance and Fuel Economy

while the only thing it is wired to is the battery of the car and can do nothing beyond belief

and there was the Magnets you can place on the outside of the Fuel Lines

to increase performance along with many other gadgets over the many years

and of coarse all as bogus as a Three Dollar Bill

but the only thing all Snake Oil Salesman need is: True Belief

as a real Snake Oil Salesman does not know what is in the bottle he trying to sell you

while those who ~ know ~ from testing do not Believe

while any test can be manipulated to prove anything

while their testing is not the proper test procedure to prove what they are selling

and Groves in a throttle body can not re-calibrate an on Board Computer

or re-calibrate the many sensors while many sensors today that are self calibrating

as the sensors provide information to the On Board Computer

while you can change the programming of the On Board Computer

to make changes in Performance and Mileage

while there are many known working after market devices

to improve Performance and Fuel Economy

and can and will void a New Car Warranty

 if you want to improve your engines performance try the working

changes and modifications ~ known ~ to work

and if you are looking for better fuel economy

make the car lighter and install a smaller engine and install taller Gears in the Differential

improve the air flow all around the outside of the car

and or have someone change the Tuning Perimeters in the On Board Computer

and when you add power to the engine you are in most cases after a certain point

you are going lose fuel economy

and when you increase fuel efficiency you increase the percentage of CO2

and using Ethanol Fuels increase CO2 levels further

but that is OK because Plants and Trees need to Breathe too

and the more Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

plants and trees have to breathe the greener this carbon based earth will be

to feed more staving carbon based people


Ron Hatton

is a test proven Snake Oil Salesman

and I will be the first in line to prove it in a Court of Law

and if you Google the Gadgetman Groove ~Hoax and or Scam ~

you will find many Professionals who agree with me

and Obviously

Ron does not fully Comprehend On Board Computer Science

as I have sent many emails to Ron

and based on his reply emails he does not fully grasp the Technology

or just Ignores the real science for his profit

while his so called testing method to prove his garbage science fiction

is inadequate ~ incomplete and invalid

and can prove nothing beyond true belief

as I was doing real Fuel Economy Testing back in the mid 1970’s

and using only a Gas Analyzer as Evidence of increased Performance and Fuel Economy

and reduced emissions

is Garbage Science


Grooves in a Throttle Body

can not change the fixed program of an On Board Computer

or change how the Sensors Operate and Function

or change what is happening in the Combustion Chamber

and I will not waste my time observing a Bogus Inadequate Incomplete Scam Test

while damaging my Throttle Body’s as my car has two throttle body’s not one

and these groves would be exactly the same on both Throttle Body’s

and would cause the dual intake system to be out of balance

and very much harm the performance not increase the performance

as Ron will continue to fool himself and the many who choose to believe him

while true belief can change nothing in real science

as only those with no Real Knowledge in Automotive Science will be scammed

as very similar scams have happened before and will continue to happen


I have been ~ Fine Tuning ~ Cars and ~ Dialing In ~ Race Cars since 1971

I Schooled at Ford ~ Chrysler ~ General Motors in the late 1970’s

while working as a Tune-up Technician for new car dealers

as they paid me to go to school

and gave me a new car to drive to school

and paid for my Lunch too

I have been an expert in Fuel and Emission control systems

and On board computers since the late 1970’s

and have performed fuel mileage testing while working for car dealerships

my first class in computerized Fuel Injection

was at the General Motors Cadillac Fuel Injection Class

at the Burbank California Tech Training Center in 1977

where I had my first class on Satellite Communication

that was going to be in a new Cadillac soon there after  but the U.S. Defense Department

stopped it from going forward out of fear of our enemy’s buying this new Technology

by just buying a new car

I was licensed Master Technician by the State of California in 1976

and Licensed to Inspect ~ Test ~ Repair ~ Adjust and Certify Emission Controls

with continued schooling since 1978

I have Evaluated Automotive Science Education Programs

I have Diagnosed many Brand New Vehicles the New Car Dealers could not

and for many Auto Service Centers who have Towed Vehicles to my Auto Shop

that could not Diagnose drive ability and no start conditions

I received a Doctor Honor for my now 41 years of work in Atmospheric Emission Science

in 2011

Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw


Master Technician

owner of

Auto Tech

Diagnostic and Tune-up Shop serving Helena Montana since 1983

where we improve performance and fuel economy

with out adding Grooves to your Throttle Body

as providing a very slight change of air turbulence just below the throttle body

will not change what happens in the Combustion Chamber on a Fuel Injected engine

where Fuel is injected next to the Intake Valve of the cylinder head

Grooves in the Throttle Body can only provide False Air

the On Board Computer will then compensate for

as Ron states in his Reply Emails I am Harassing him

and he is going to report me the Internet Police

as I have been Emailing = Confronting Ron

about his very fraudulent scam on the People of Helena Montana

as I am only guessing

Ron truly believes his Snake Oil Science works

and if you are a true believer too

as Ron states his True Faith in his Technology

when there is zero Faith in real science

you can reach Ron @


[email protected]

and Ron will make your Throttle Body Groovy

and you can contact his partner in crime

Dr. John Balachandra

Electrical Engineering

University of California Santa Cruz

who has zero working back ground in this automotive physics and Chemistry

while Ron states Dr. John fully supports Ron and his Snake Oil Science Fiction

while Dr. Johns email is disabled and his web page is a .org asking for Donations

and is not an .edu Faculty web page

while Dr. Johns webpage is presented as a Faculty web page

while Johns name and email address is not in the

UCSC Email Services

or the ~  ~ Web Page

with the rest of the Faculty Members

Dr. John is not in the Campus Directory

while the YouTube Video with Dr. John Proves nothing beyond a Sermon of True Belief

while this all smells fishy to me

and after confronting Ron of these facts

Ron tells me Dr. John has now moved on

and he has

while leaving his Bogus Web Page for everyone to see

as I will continue by Investigation into this more than very obvious Scam and Hoax

just like I have seen many times before by many other Snake Oil Salesman

who truly believe in their Snake Oil

as they are hand delivering their Flyers to all the Mail Boxes in the Helena Area

as I have reported this scam to the Montana Attorney Generals Office

and the Lewis and Clark Sheriff Office

while Ron has no Physical Business Address in Helena

so if your not happy with his Groovy Work

to bad


don’t be scammed by the Snake Oil


Ron Hatton

who can not debunk the real world of Physics and Chemistry

of the past 100 plus years of real Automotive Science


Ron is a Snake Oil Salesman and if he truly believes in his Snake Oil Science

and when you truly believe in the impossible

it is still only true belief and not test proven fact

as preexisting test proven fact still debunk very bogusly tested make believe

but if

Ron does in fact comprehend the Real Science then he not a Snake Oil Salesman


Ron ~ knows ~  he is a Fraud in Automotive Science

as only he and his god will know

while there will always be true believers

and for those true believers I will do the very same to their throttle body



after you sign a Document stating you have been informed

the Grooves I am carving into your Throttle Body is Snake Oil Science Fiction



and an up-date

Ron emailed again

after he emailed me and told me to stop Harassing Him

and I will not be responding to his emails as I stated to Ron I would stop confronting him

but I will continue to forward Ron’s emails the Sheriffs Department

as Ron wants to prove to me he is right

with testing equipment he can not prove he is right

so I am guessing Ron will be harassing me again and again

as Ron states in his email

I am a Hateful Miserable Lair and a Cheat and not a Scientist

and I am Insane

while the claims made by Ron and his Supporters go ~ far beyond ~ to good to be true


as I continue my Investigation


science is: to know

scientific: of or dealing with science

scientist: a specialist in science


on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 @ 3:20 PM

I was Invited to Participate in the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge, London 22, 23 and 24, June, 2013

based on by back ground and work over the past 40 plus years in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry


Energy & Heat & Cold Transfer Science


I received a Doctor Honor

October 8, 2011


Jane M. Orient, M.D.

Executive Director

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Publishing Peer-reviewed Science and Medicine since 1943


~ as Ron states I am not a Scientist ~

so who is the proven Lair ?

and when Ron is done shooting the foot in his mouth hopefully he wont shoot me

~ Ron ~

go to my me page ~ and then go get some help

while you do not have the proper Test Equipment to prove anything

as your Grooves can not over ride the program of the on-board computer

that controls all engine function and the emissions coming out the tail pipe

and your Grooves can not re-calibrate O2 Sensors

or any of the many other sensors

and while Professionals continue to state publicly for many years now

these Throttle Body Groove are a scam

Ron’s online supporters continue to claim to Triple their Gas Mileage

and I am Guessing they are the fools making money from this Scam