The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC



April 24, 2017


@ 8:28 PM

email from Marcel Lucien

[email protected]

stating to me

His or Her ?  ~ two Cars with the Gadgatman Grooves

have both Doubled in Fuel Mileage

~ 14.7 to 1 ~

14.7 parts of air to 1 part fuel

is a must for your engine run Healthy

while newer engines today are running a little leaner closer to 15 to 1 ratio

and running much hotter in the combustion chambers

while Marcel is telling us his car engines are now running at a 29.4 to 1 air to fuel ratio

but when the Engine is running leaner than 15 to 1 air to fuel ratio

the engine begins ~ Pinging ~ pre-ignition caused by a leaner air to fuel mixture

Pining is fuel exploding in the combustion chamber

caused by the internal heat of the metal inside the engine

that is in contact with the fuel

 before the spark plug fires to ignite the fuel causing a

~ Knocking Sound in the Engine Damaging the Engine ~

caused by the explosion in the combustion chamber

trying to push the piston back downward

long before the piston has completed the compression stroke upward

while causing hot spots in the cylinder walls

hot spots are heat tempered metal

turning the metal blue that never go away

as these hot spots act like glow plugs in the combustion chamber from that point forward

and when the engine returns to a 14.7 to 1 air to fuel ratio

the hot spots continue to ignite the fuel long before the spark plug occurs

the Engine continues pinging while the engine will have very reduced power

and performance and fuel economy

so now you have to throw away the Engine Block

once the metal has been over heated and Heat Tempered

damage caused by lean air to fuel mixtures

and leaner the fuel mixture the hotter the motor

and that is why there is a Knock Sensor on most engine blocks since the 1980’s

to prevent damage to the Engine caused by lean air to fuel mixture causing Pinging

as the knock sensor tells the computer when there is pinging

that the human ear can not hear

and then the computer then adds more fuel and retards Ignition timing

until the pining goes away

and when the Air to fuel mixture becomes to lean to explode and produce energy

the engine misfires and the un-burned fuel is then incinerated in the catalytic converters

as the emission controls are over lapping so if one system fails

another will compensate for it

but only to a up to a certain point

while properly tuned cars for the most part do not need emission controls

and are on car for those who do not keep their cars properly tuned

so Marcel’s cars and now running at 29.4 to 1 air to fuel mixture

while I am guessing these cars have much more power and lower emissions too

while there is zero energy produced at 29.4 to 1 air fuel mixture

and very little of the fuel will be burned ~ vaporized ~


That’s Magic

Marcel, I have a really good deal on a Bridge

and Thank you very much for your true support of Ron Hatton

as this very much helps me prove my point and prove my case

and this is exactly what I am talking about

 unproven far fetch claims

beyond the reality of known Physics and Chemistry

as some claim they have Tripled the Fuel Mileage on their cars

and would be a 44.1 to 1 Air to Fuel Mixture

so if the car was getting only 30 MPG

it is now getting 90 MPG by adding Grooves to the Throttle Body

as this is with out Question undeniable ~ test proven ~ True Magic

in Automotive Science Reality

while the further away from 14.7 to 1 air to fuel mixture

the leaner the air fuel mixture

the greater loss of power performance and fuel economy

and after 15 to 1 air fuel mixture there is a reduction not an increase in

Power or Fuel Economy

and an increase in misfires increasing Emissions

while I have read many other claims by Ron’s supporters


45 MPG to 90 MPG

and of course all of this must all be very true


who would lie about this online

while some cars I have read about had zero increase in MPG

with many claiming this is a scam

so we have cars that tripled the MPG

and then we have cars with zero gain in MPG

so this science only works on some care and not on others

so who do we believe

as belief is not knowledge

and stating the known ~ impossible ~ that will not be believed by those who Know

as the known impossible can only be believed by those who do not Know

who obviously failed grade school science

and have zero comprehension of the science

as these claims go far far beyond any scientific logic or common sense

in the real world of tested reality

so bring me your car you claim your Mileage is now Double the MPG

and we will test the MPG

and then we will replace it with a new throttle body

and we will see if the Fuel mileage drops by one half

and this would be car now getting 60 MPG with the Grooves

that will then drop back to 30 MPG with out the grooves

while you can not change 14.7 to 1 and the car still runs properly

and the Groove in the Throttle Body can not over ride the on board computer

or re-calibrate Knock sensors or Oxygen sensors

or any sensors

controlling the air to fuel ratio

and in the real world of Physics and Chemistry

it is not possible to Double the MPG with the fuel we put in our fuel tanks today

Marcel Lucien Shot the Foot in his Mouth

and just failed High School Auto Shop

the same High School Automotive Science Education Program I Evaluated

and like all snake oil salesman

they do not know what is in the bottle they are trying to sell you

as those who do not know what they are talking about

continue to prove to world of those who do know that they are the real fools

bitten by the snake oil

so is Marcel a part of the scam for profit or scammed by the scam

as his bogus statements are debunk with zero testing required

as preexisting tested science continues to debunk words of make believe

and Marcel does not know what is possible and what is not

as he just Believes in Fraudulent Debunk Garbage Science

as he does not Comprehend the real science as he believes in Magic

but in all fairness to Marcel

if  He/She would like to send me his scientific explanation

of how his Grooves in his Throttle Body

causing un-wanted turbulence in the intake manifold can

can then over ride

the on board computer and all the sensors

and defy and debunk all real known Physics and Chemistry

of the past 100 years

beyond his words of true belief

I will post his Scientific explanation

~ here ~

so please Marcel explain your science so we will all know and comprehend how this works

as you would you tell a Judge to support of your proven to be Bogus Claims

and if

Gadgetman Groove is making any changes in any Emission Controls on any Vehicle

this is a $40,000.00 Fine and more

to alter any emission control device on any car in any way

and like a cancer this scam based on true belief and zero real science

continues to grow


I have Reconditioned and Serviced and Repaired


of Carburetors and Throttle Body’s

while ~ Dialing In ~ Fine Tuning Engines for the past 46 years

and I have experimented many times in many ways

 in all areas of Automotive Science

and continue to do so from time to time

and these claims go far far beyond Bogus in the world of Scam make believe

this goes far far beyond

to good to be true

 as I ~ know ~ from over 46 years of working back ground in this science


When someone tells me their one gallon Bucket can now hold three gallons of water

I do not need to test this Lunatic Claim

as that claim has already been self-debunk


and if you are still not convinced this is a scam

and as I stated before

I will do it for $200.00 then Laugh all the way to the Bank

as I could always use an extra $200.00 Bucks for an hours work

that I do not have to Guarantee in any way