The Gadgetman Groove = Snake Oil Science = Hoax ~ Scam = Fraud by Ron Hatton & Dr. John Balachandra & ESTC


~ * ~

Greed ~ before ~ Conscience



what was a scam before is a scam again

this is a new variation a new twist of a scam we have seen before


The Hoax is Here

~ now scamming ~


thanks to

Ron Hatton

with a Criminal Past and Criminal Present


Ron’s Partner in Present Crime

Dr. John Balachandra


California State University Sacramento

and their

The Gadgetman Groove Church of Scam Thieves

who are ~ not ~ going to Scam my Family and Friends and the Helena Community

as this Scam Hoax Cancer continues to Grow in America

for many years


Have you been Scammed by Ron Hatton &  Dr. John Balachandra

and their Gadgaetman Scam Groove ?


only those who do not know

Truly Believe

and those who do know should warn those who just truly believe


I think we all need a shrink

some of us more than others


I think shrinks need a shrink too

some more than others

and if you truly believe in Ron and Dr. John and their

~ Bogus ~

Gadgetman Groove

and you must put Grooves in your Throttle Body

I will do it for $200.00


Ron &  Dr. John ~ Gadgetman Magic Bogus Scam Groove will charge you $500.00

for about one hour of their Magic Scam time

to Trash your Throttle Body

while I am saving you $300.00 and telling you up front it’s a scam

and I would only make about 416,000.00 a year

and each of you would save $300.00 on each scam


From the Gadgetman Photos I have seen online

both the Throttle Plate and Throttle Body are Damaged

and when the so called Grooves are placed only below the Throttle Plate

the Groves will have zero effect at Idle speed when the Throttle Plate is closed

and when the Grooves start above the Throttle Plate

and then go down past and below the Throttle Plate

then the effect will be at Idle speed and above Idle speed

and then you will have very ~ un-wanted ~ Erratic Turbulence in the intake manifold

Erratic Turbulence

where it does not mix with the fuel going into the combustion chambers

as the fuel is injected at the Cylinder Head Intake Port next to the intake valves

and adding Erratic Turbulence in the Intake Manifold at the Throttle Body

has zero positive effect and only negative effect

providing an un-even Erratic flow of air Turbulence

that is not mixing with any fuel

going to each of the cylinder head intake ports where the fuel is then injected

as it is entering the Combustion Chamber

as this ~ un-wanted ~ Erratic Turbulence in the Intake Manifold

providing a more Erratic un-even Turbulent air flow to the Cylinder Head intake ports

can not over ride the Function of the On Board Computer and input Sensors

and or the Emission Control Systems



to improve performance you want to decrease Turbulence

not increase Turbulence

of air flow in the air intake system to the combustion chambers


as we  are told many Bogus claims of Doubling and Tripling

of fuel economy

caused by this ~ un-wanted ~ Erratic Turbulence in the intake air flow system

that can not over ride the On Board Computer and Sensors that is controlling

all Engine and Emission Control Functions



for the intentional un-wanted damage to the Throttle Body

causing ~ un-wanted ~ Erratic air flow and Turbulence to the combustion chambers

as every High School Auto Shop Instructor on this Carbon based Earth would know

and anyone and everyone who has Built or is Building a Race Car

for the past 75 plus years do ~ know ~ with out Question

while the only thing Ron and Dr. John can prove in real science

in the real world of

~ Physics and Chemistry ~

is they have Failed High School Auto Shop

and my Helena High Auto Shop Instructor Allan E. Walter

and my Technical Instructors at Ford and Chrysler and General Motors

Technical Training Centers

along with my Technical Instructors at what was called

Allen Group

~ as they would all agree ~

Gadget Grooves are science fiction

while I have a very extensive back ground and training in this science


every work day of my life for the past 41 plus years


 Ron and Dr. John are Preaching Fraudulent Garbage Science  Fiction for Profit

and should be in Jail right now

while Ron Hatton and Dr. John Balachandra

continue to Scam the People of Helena Montana

and everywhere they set up shop


Trashing the Throttle Body on your car

is not going to Double or Triple your Gas Mileage

and if you believe it will

your a fool

as there is zero belief in real science

and Bogus is Bogus and Ron and Dr. John are Bogus all the way down to their Soul

as they sell the Impossible to the fools who do not know



can a so called proven science only work on some cars and not others

as true belief is Religion not real science