If I was the President


Killing the Carbon Cycle for Profit Power and Control

by those who continue to Fail 5th grade science


Reducing or Stopping the cause of Green will have zero effect on Climate Change

but will end the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen above Sea level sooner

ending all Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth sooner

as the natural end to all life on this earth will be caused by a lack of

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

as the majority of CO2 is caused by Nature causing Nature

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green


Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

~ vs ~

Lunatic Political Science Fiction


…as Joe Biden continues to Treasonously exceed his Constitutional Authority

as Thousands of Americans continue to Die ~

because of Joe Biden’s Deliberate Treason by the Biden Treasonous Nut House

and their Deliberate Violation of Constitutional Law of America


All of We the People who are America


Joe Biden and his Deliberate Constitutional Treason

~ and his China First Policy ~

has now killed more Americans in two years

than all of the Americans Killed in all of the Vietnam War

as Joe Biden and his Treasonous War Against America

is the number one cause of Death to the Youth of America

as Terrorism and Criminals from every country on this Earth

continue to freely cross our boarders everyday

as millions of people with every Illness and Disease known to mankind

cross our boarders every day

as drugs and military weapons cross our boarders everyday

as we are told the Borders of America are secure

as we add many millions to the homeless population

costing the Honest Hard working Americans many Billions of Dollars

to provide free Room and Board and Health Care to Criminals


Antifa is supported by Democrats


Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris

while Black Lives Matter is supported by people like Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

as both have proven they Domestic Terrorist Organizations

causing many Deaths and Billions of Dollars in Damage to Main Street USA

as the Democratic Deep State and the Free Press look the other way

as Bill Gates would like China to Rule the World


The Brainwashing Machine

It is not a Free Press when it is controlled by Criminal Politics

that turn a Blind Eye to Domestic Terrorism against America

and not informing America by silencing the truth

proving they are Traitors to America

who have sided with the Enemies of Freedom for All

as our Enemies are Killing Americans everyday

as the Free Press is now:

a Political Propaganda Brainwashing Machine for Proven to be Fascism


There was a time in America History

when the USA Government Regulated Commerce

for All of We the People who are America

but today Joe Biden is Regulating All of We the People for China

as China is now one with the Terrorist Drug Cartels

who now control Mexico and all of the U.S. Border

as China is now taking over South America


We should stop sending our Coal Oil and Natural Gas to China

and China our number one Enemy

can stop sending their Poison and Terrorism to us

and why does China have most favored Trade Status with the USA ?

when China is Killing Americans everyday


…and did the weekly Retirement Fund Check from China to Joe Biden Clear ?


~ Being Dyslexic ~

the very last thing I ever wanted to be in life is a Writer

but I have no Choice when knowing the many scientifically proven lies

by Big Tech the Media and Press

Deliberately Fascistly Destroying America


no two people or things are alike

just as no two Lysdexics are alike

as we are all different but all equal

unless you are an evil criminal who should be in Jail

where you can be equal with your criminal friends


My writing and rewriting and editing is always on going ~

in between everything else happening in Life

and if you want me to shut up then send me the 20 trillion dollars

that we are now wasting trying to stop the cause of Green

~ The Evaporated Byproduct of Warming by the variable Sun

and not the Cause of Warming ~

and then we can do something Positive with the 20 trillion dollars

stolen from the Poor to give to the Supper Wealthy

and China who are now burning our coal oil and natural gas

as the Green New Deal is based on zero % Science and 100% Profit

to do only proven harm to the cause of Green the cause of Food and Oxygen

causing all Secondary Carbon based Life and Energy

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth


It is All about Money and zero proven science to profit Billionaires

like Al Gore & John Kerry & Bill Gates & Mike Bloomberg

and their proven to be Fraudulent so called Scientists they pay to lie

along with the rest of the Doomsday Preachers for Profit

who do not give a Damn about you or the cause of all living Nature

or this Carbon based Earth where everything has Carbon in it


Doomsday Preachers Preaching Paranoia for Profit

who continue to fail 3rd grade science who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

while doing only proven harm to Nature and Wild Life for Profit


I make zero money for my ongoing Investigation since 2007

Proving Fraud in Climate Science

and zero money for my Scientific Rebuttal

[email protected]


I did not pay to go to school they paid me to go to school

while I am self-education in many sciences

and if I was the President

I would expose the Proven Fraud in Climate Science

to All the Carbon based People made by this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Food and Oxygen

causing the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen


February 19 ~ March 6


I was Conceived in the Backseat of a 47 Plymouth at a Drive In Theater

just outside of Los Angels California in the Summer of 1955

~ to be continued ~

to succeeded in science you must acknowledge your proven Failures

as we learn and know something new in every science everyday

scientifically proving the science can never be settled

while knowing

the self-debunk unproven theory

” Humans cause Climate Warming “

is Preached as ” Settled Science ” based on zero proven science data


Climate Science is: a new Science

and we have far more to lean than we know today

as the Scientifically Proven to be Frauds Preach to us

” the science is settled “

when settled science does not exist

as they refuse to allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate of the science that does exist

science they do not Comprehend because they are not Real Scientists

but they are the Political Media Preachers of Doomsday Climate Paranoia

who are doing only harm to the cause of nature and the environment for profit


Self-debunked preprogrammed Ouija Board Computer Predictions

of the unknowable future based on flawed incomplete science is: not science

and does not Scientifically Prove CO2 or Humans cause Climate Warming

as the many Failed Predictions based on unproven theory

only further debunk the unproven theory

as every climate prediction has failed to happen based on unproven theory

~ while ~

Ice Core Science shows us Ice Ages with many times the CO2 in the Air than today

and just ignored by a flawed incomplete fraudulent Climate Study

to profit the proven to be Fraudulent Billionaires like John Kerry and Al Gore


The Rebuttal

~ knowing ~

The Byproduct of Energy is Life

~ knowing ~

the Democratic Party never lets a Catastrophic Crises they Invented go to Waste

to gain power control and profit as they Shred the U.S. Constitution everyday

and if you can not See

the Democratic Fascism Deliberately Destroying Freedom in America

then you are a proven to be political media Brainwashed fool

~ while knowing ~

the very proven Fraud in Climate Science is very well Documented

and Silenced by Big Tech the Media and Press

and the Democratic Deep State of the U.S. Government and the Democratic Party

along with the Billionaires who own and control all of the above

~ as the known truth in the tested reality in science is ~

Silenced by those who have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion

Silence by those who have a proven to be Lunatic Political Agenda

and those who refuse to acknowledge the very proven Fraud in Climate Science

and support and defend the proven Frauds in Climate Science are proven Frauds too

~ Example ~

The Weather Stations at the Coldest Parts of this Carbon based Earth

have been turned off for many years

and are no longer used to average Temperatures

with the Warmest Weather Station Temperatures

while new Weather Stations have been placed on Tared Rooftops

next to Heating and Air-conditioning outlet Vents

and then this Deliberately Flawed and Manipulated Bogus Data

is used to Sell Climate Paranoia

while scientifically proving only fraud in Climate Science


there is Zero Climate Emergency or Catastrophic Climate Warming

or Catastrophic Ice Melt or Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

at 4000 feet above Sea Level

Here in Helena Montana

as we continue to have fewer Warmer than normal days

and more Cooler than normal days

as the Summers are getting shorter and the Winters longer

and further proven by my Measured Energy Consumption for the past 23 years

as my Energy Consumption continues to go up to Heat my Home

while my energy consumption continues to go down to Cool my Home

further proving Montana has been experiencing record cold years

and not record warm years

while Glacier Montana is Growing not Shrinking

proving there is zero Catastrophic Warming here in Montana

while it was much warmer here in Montana the 1930’s

and much much warmer here 1000 years ago

back when Montana had California Climate for 200 years

here in Montana where I have collected Sea Shells at 8000 feet above Sea level

while Ice Core Science now shows us

Ice Ages with many times the CO2 in the air than today

as Proven Frauds Preach their Lunatic Doomsday Political Science Fiction for Profit

doing only proven harm to the cause of Green

the cause of the Carbon Cycle of Recycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

causing all the Food we Eat and Oxygen we Breathe

and one day Nitrogen from Decomposing soil will Dilute CO2 to nothing

ending the Carbon Cycle and all Life above Sea Level

on this now CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth


and as long as my Energy Consumption continues to go up for Heating my Home

there is no proven Doomsday Climate Warming here in Helena Montana

there is only the Preached Religion of

Political Media Brainwashed Doomsday Climate Paranoia

supported only by scientifically proven to be

Deliberately Flawed and Fraudulent Garbage Data

supported by zero proven science data


Paranoia based on the fear of the unknowable future

is Pathological not Factual

 proving the Political Media Brainwashed Green Lunatics need a Shrink

as Power Control and Profit Dictate a False Reality


Carbon based Oxygen ~ Carbon Dioxide ~ CO2


Climate Warming

is a Scientifically Debunk UN-Proven Theory

and the only Test to Prove CO2 causes Climate Warming

are the many countless Computer Ouija Board Predictions that never come True

as Nature has Debunk CO2 causes Catastrophic Climate Warming Climate Warming

as Nature produces the Majority of CO2




for the peer-reviewed science data proving Humans cause Climate Warming


Political Media Preached and Brainwashed Doomsday Climate Paranoia is: not Science

and requires a Shrink

because reducing the cause of Green will not stop 4.6 billion years of climate change

caused by many climate variables

missing from the proven to be very flawed incomplete Climate Study

based on self-debunked unproven theory

based on proven to be very Flawed and Fraudulent Data

while rejecting the scientific method

all by Politicians who can only Scientifically Prove they failed 3rd grade science


Paranoid Doomsday Climate Religion is: not science

it is Brainwashed Lunatic Political Media Pathological Fraud

as they truly believe their proven lies

caused by their Self Brainwashed Ignorance

and their Fascism taking away your Constitutional Rights is: not science

but it is Scientifically proven Treason



~ Happy Birthday to my Brother Larry ~


and now your just a Rusty Old Fart Like Me

as we can only wonder what the proven to be Green Lunatics will do next


To: The Political Media Brainwashed Green Lunatics

…and if you refuse to look and see then you can never know ~

Carbon based Humans are not a Cancer on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

you the Political Media Brainwashed Green Lunatics are the Cancer

and as Technology Advances

it is Used Against All of We the People only making Life Harder not Easier

for All of We the People who Are America


…and when Politically Programed Computers Lie ~

as Big Tech the Media and Press

have Ban the Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science and Medicine

for their Scientifically Debunk Lunatic Political Science Fiction

doing only proven harm to Humanity and Nature

as they Stab America in the Back


Doomsday Climate Paranoia In = Doomsday Climate Paranoia Out

The Internet is not based on Logic or Commonsense

it is based on and serves Criminal Political Ploy

and Commercialism and Fraud and is a Growing Cancer not a Cure

while the new Microsoft Bing ~ AI ~ is an Insult to all Intelligence

and when you prove a computer is wrong the computer can not acknowledge the facts

nor can the computer acknowledge and practice the Scientific Method


 Question Test Rebuttal and Debate


Bing ~ AI ~ does not have logic or common sense


an Artificial Arm or Leg is not a Real Arm or Leg

just as Artificial Intelligence is: not Real Intelligence

and the Microsoft Bing AI Artificial Intelligence is:

Programed Ignorance Preaching a Bogus Reality with proven lies

as the computer is politically brainwashed to lie

proving it is not Intelligence and is programed Ignorance for political ploy


Microsoft Bing AI is: a Political Sermon that can not be Questioned

proving it is Fascist


The Internet is not a Science Body or the Authority for Intelligence and Knowledge

it is the proven Fascist Political opposite and is pathological not factual

it is the Political Media Church of Preached Lunatic Paranoid Political Science Fiction

supporting far more Insanity doing only harm and evil to Humanity

than there is Sanity supporting tested reality doing good for Humanity

and when you can Control all the Information on the Internet

and on the Boob Tube and in the Printed Press

then you can control a False Reality

and when you have the Power to Remove Hard Science from the Internet

and replace it with unquestioned Political Media proven to be Deliberate Lies

then you can dictate a false reality doing only harm to tested reality

while proving your deliberate fascism in Science for power and control and profit

proving you are

~ Betraying ~

All of We the People who are America

and when you Betray America this is a Constitutional Act of Treason against America

and when you remove Dr. Seuss from the Bookshelves

this is Fascist Modern Day Book Burning

while you replace Dr. Seuss with Pornography

as you Brainwash our Children in Publicly Funded Schools

to Hate Themselves

and to Hate their Parents their Family and their Communities

and to Hate their Country of Freedom for All of We the People


The Internet has become a Social Brainwashing Machine

Preaching Political Media Ignorance

as Big Tech the Media and Press have clearly proven their Political Fascism

as they Preach their test proven lies while withholding the test proven truth

as they Fascistly Censor the proven fact tested reality in science

and when I investigate the so called Fact Cheek Experts

they are proven Political Frauds in Science

who when requested to prove their fact cheek statements

they can prove nothing in real science with real Scientific Data

as they then continue to Preach their proven lies to the Public doing harm


There is far more proven Garbage on the Internet than Substance

as the Internet now provides us with Criminal Organizations

that produce lies about your life to sell to anyone for profit

as they then inform you of your now online bad reputation they produced

so you can pay them money to remove the lies they produced about your life


Extortion and Slander and a Violation of your Constitutional Right to Privacy

and if anyone wishes to buy produced lies about Myself and My Life

on and from

~ Mylife ~

or any background cheek scam organization

I don’t give a Dame

because I am not going to pay them the Extortion Money

for producing Criminal Lies about me

and they should be Sued for Extortion Slander and Fraud


Everyday there are proven to be Scams in my Gmail

as the Internet is Full of Scams Frauds and Lies

with Bogus Disinformation everywhere

while they Silence the Rebuttals and test proven Truths

~ while ~

The known Laws of Science and Nature

can not stop the preached brainwashed political media doomsday climate Paranoia

based on zero

Question Test Rebuttal Debate


~ Question ~

do you live is a State of Paranoia

based on Computer Ouija Board Prediction of the unknowable future ?

based on proven to be Deliberately Flawed Science ?

~ as Political Media Brainwashed Green Lunatics Preach to us ~

if we do not stop the cause of Green

6CO2 + 6H2O + v~> C6H12O6 + 6O2

~ CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green ~

caused by the very variable warming by the very Variable Sun

then we are all going to die from 4.6 billion years of

very variable unpredictable uncontrollable climate change by nature


and then again in the next paranoid doomsday prediction

for the 2030 prediction

of the unknowable future that will never happen again

and then there will be another Preached Paranoid Doomsday Prediction

~ and ~

After Investigating Proven Fraud in Climate Science since 2007

there is zero Science Data to support a Climate Emergency

there is zero Science Data to support Catastrophic Warming

there is zero Science Data to support Catastrophic Ice Melt

there is zero Science Data to support Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

there is zero Science Data to Prove in any way

Carbon based Humans made from and by the Carbon Cycle

made from and by this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

are responsible for any Climate Emergency that is not Happening

while scientifically proving Political Media Fascism Dictates a False Reality


I am going on 67 years of Life

and I lost count of the number of Politically Preached Doomsday Predictions

in my Life Time

and not just because I am old

but because there are just to many Doomsday Predictions

of the unknowable future that just never happen to just remember


and those who have been Persuaded to make believe

that you can live a Carbon Free Life on this Carbon based Earth

where everything has carbon in it

are Crazy or Failed Grade School Science or both

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion


How can you live a Carbon Free Life when you are 20% Carbon

Eating Carbon based Food made from CO2

while Breathing O2 = Oxygen made from CO2 while Exhaling CO2

for Plants and Trees To Breathe

all caused by a Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

caused by CO2 Carbon based Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide

caused by the hot Liquid core of this CO2 staved Carbon based Earth

while carbon based Green Lunatics Preach to us ~

” Carbon is Toxic Poison and Pollution “

while Drinking a Soda Carbonated with CO2


With out Carbon ~

this CO2 staved Carbon based Earth would not Exist

while the Political Media Preached Religion

of Doomsday Climate Paranoia to Profit Billionaires

is based on zero proven science supported by scientifically test proven lies

and is doing only Harm to the Carbon Cycle

the cause of All Living Breathing Life and Nature

costing trillions of trillions of dollars to the poorest of the poor

to Profit the Billionaires who failed 3rd grade science

who are now Fascistly Destroy America and Freedom to control our lives

while harming the cause of Green


…it is not always easy to find Humor in Politically Programed Tragedy

as we all live in a state of continuous invented Crises for political ploy

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

all happening outside of ourselves

as we know the Tragedy is caused by Political Media Brainwashed Insanity

and where is the Humor of living in the Dictated Insanity of the Few

who are harming the cause of Green for Profit

caused by their test proven Preached Ignorance as they silence the tested truth

for their proven to be Fascist False Reality

~ while in Real Science ~

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates has Scientifically Proven

Political Media Brainwashing Works


Mr. Bills New World Order will take care of everything

so you don’t have to Think about it or Worry about

Mr. Bill and China will decide everything for you ~

so you don’t have to do it yourself

as the New world Order of Corruption Everywhere will take care of you


Bill Gates is not a Scientist

Bill Gates is a proven Fascist

Just Like

Bernie Sanders

who is a proven Political Pathological Fraud in Science

as Bernie continues publicly fail 3rd grade science

Bernie is a Proven Phony and a Proven Traitor

to All of We the People who are America

and Bernie and Mr. Bill should move to China

where they can be and live Happily ever after together

after the China Shrinks have Reprogrammed them into the China Merit Society

and if they can not Obey they will then be sent to the Work Camps

and help the Slave Children Mine the Toxic Raw Materials to make Electric Cars


all I know is: Mr. Bill and Bernie need a Shrink


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

~ Question ~

Would you Trust Al Gore

with a Science Paper Proving he is a Fraud in Climate Science ?


Al Gore is the Number One Adviser at Google

and do you think Al Gore could be Politically Bias in Science in some way ?

as Hard Science is Vanishing from Google into thin Air


After Reviewing the new Microsoft Bing ~ AI = Artificial Intelligence

it has scientifically proven it is Politically Bias

and provides only what it wants you to just Believe = Brainwashing

only scientifically proving it is not Intelligence and is Political Ignorance


Microsoft ~ Bing ~ AI is: Big Tech Political Media Brainwashing

as it decides for you what is real and what is not

so you do not have to decide for yourself what is Reality in Science

by allowing zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as it does not inform or educate or make you think for yourself

by providing all the available data or facts on the subject matter

it just tells you what to make believe and how to live in fear of the unknowable future


Bing ~ AI is: Big Tech Political Ploy

as it Preaches only one side of the many sides of the story

making it an online Political Media Church

based on zero scientific method by Question Test Rebuttal Debate

while words prove nothing is science


Computers will never have a Mind Heart and Sprint Living a Soul

AI = Artificial Intelligence


the ability to reason by rapid process of elimination

and as we say in the real world of knowledge ~

” Man Made Garbage In = Man Made Garbage Out “

and that’s why Computers are proven Lairs

and why Computer Ouija Board Predictions of the unknowable future never come true

while computers can reason with their programs

” the Garbage In “

but computers can not reason with tested reality out side the Garbage In

proving computers are Pathological as they can only support the computed lies

and will work very well for Brainwashing Ignorance

and Dumb Down Believers who never question the truth in knowledge

while there can be no Question Test Rebuttal Debate with Man Made Garbage In

based on Political Media Science Fiction

supported by proven ignorance and fraud that can not be Questioned

proving Bing ~ AI is: a political media body not a science body

as Microsoft is Politically Bias

Bing is Politically Bias

MSNBC ~ Microsoft NBC is Politically Bias

and Microsoft Bing AI is Politically Bias

just as the Proven to be Garbage Science Fiction they Provide is Politically Bias


Political Media Brainwashing is not Science

Bing is Pathological not Factual

as scientifically proven ~

and if you are paranoid about the many Preached Computer Ouija Board Predictions

of the unknowable future

that never happen over and over again and again for years and years

then you need a Shrink

who is not living in state of paranoia about the unknowable future too


The truth in knowledge is always tested and not preached and just believed ~

My First Class in AI was in 1976


science is: to know


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as the Religion of Science is: skepticism

and Question

who or what Politically Brainwashed you ?

and how many Preached Doomsday Predictions that have never come true

 did you Believed in ?

and do you believe in the next Doomsday Prediction of the unknowable future

that will never come true ?

do you live in fear of prediction the unknowable future ?

because when you live in fear of the unknown you are Paranoid

and the best way to control people and their lives

is make them live in fear of the unknowable future

based on zero proven science


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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