If I was the President


science is: to know

~ by ~

question test rebuttal debate

to find the tested truth in reality

by looking and finding the tested truth in science


tested or untested

we all live in a different tested and untested reality

~ and ~

Thanks to:

The Political Media Brainwashing Machine of America

…and the Political Media Brainwashed Green Lunatics

who all Fail 3rd Grade Science

~ proving ~





because the tested reality is beyond words


words can prove nothing in knowledge

while the truth in knowledge must always be in question by words




Question Test Rebuttal Debate

~ question ~

and do you question the truth in knowledge or do you just believe the proven lies ?

~ question ~

How do you wish Your Life could be ?

and how do you wish the rest of this world could be beyond your life ?

~ a work in progress ~

…and in real science

it is not my job to prove you are wrong

~ it is your job to prove you are right ~


There are those who have a different opinion based on all the known available facts

because the science data can be interpreted in many different ways

and then there are those who all have the very same

~ Political Media Preached Belief Opinion ~

based on zero known facts


Most of my Readers live in China

where a Collage Graduate Comprehends Collage level Science

while here in America the average Collage Graduate Fails 5th Grade Science

because our Education System is a Political Brainwashing Machine First

to Dumb Down America

and that is why ~

American Collage Graduates are to stupid in science to know they are lying

as Democratic political media fascism silences the Truth

to profit China


June 8 ~ 26

~ 2023 ~


Not one of my many Letters to the Editor sent to news papers all across America

since 2007 have ever been printed

I have 47 years in working back ground in science

while those who failed 3rd grade science with zero working back ground in science

can Preach their proven to be Lunatic Political Science Fiction

proving political media fascism in science

and after well over 40,000 Requests with a Reward since 2007

 not one University

not one Government Organization

not one Political Media outlet

when requested

on this proven to be CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

can scientifically Prove

Carbon based Humans

who are 20% carbon from CO2

Breathing Oxygen caused by Plants and Trees Breathing

Evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor

Cause Climate Warming


Climate Change is continuous for the past 4.6 billion years

caused by the many climate variables

missing from the proven to be flawed incomplete climate study

based on proven to be deliberately flawed data

Proving Fraud


From: Bruce A. Kershaw


To: Darrell Ehrlich

Editor-in-Chief ~ Daily Montanan


you have earned zero right to scientific opinion

and you are a scientifically proven Political Pathological Fraud

Preaching Your Climate Religion

based on scientifically proven to be debunk unproven theory

Proving you are a Fraud in Journalism

caused by your scientifically proven Ignorance as you Preach your Ignorance

as you allow zero Rebuttal to your scientifically proven Ignorance

as words prove nothing in science

as your words of Ignorance prove you are a Pathological Fraud

as you believe in your proven lies

and true belief in unquestioned Ignorance and proven Stupidity

does not allow you to know you are lying

when science is to know by question test rebuttal debate

as you reject the scientific method for proven to be Lunatic Make Believe

as real science is not Preached it is Proven

~ so put up or shut up ~


~ Reward ~

for the peer-reviewed science proving Humans cause Climate Warming




To: Kevin McCarthy

Speaker of the House of Representatives

of the Republic of the United States of America


I am with you

but not because you are a Republican

as I am not a Republican or a Democrat

I am a Montana American Independent Scientist

for the truth in life and knowledge for a better life for all

and I am with you because you are for the tested truth in tested reality

~ for a better life for ~

All of We the People who are America


Bruce A. Kershaw


God is: a Hypothetical Conjecture = Unproven Theory

and while Climate Change is Real for Billions of years

Human caused Climate Warming

is a Hypothetical Conjecture = Unproven Theory too

but is Debunked Unproven Theory

Debunk by Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

Debunk by

~ Nature ~

Debunk by

~ Known Climate History ~

Debunk by

~ Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide ~

Physics and Chemistry

Debunk by

~ Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry ~

Debunk by

~ Hot & Cold Transfer Science Physics and Chemistry ~

Debunk by

~ Energy Transfer Science Physics and Chemistry ~


The Byproduct of Energy is Life

the Byproduct of Life is new Energy

in a continuous Carbon Cycle of Recycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green Life = Primary Carbon based Life

causing the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

causing all Secondary Carbon based Life

causing secondary energy in a Continuous Cycle of Recycle

on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

~ * ~

AI = Artificial Ignorance

is a scientifically proven Political Pathological Lair and Fraud

that invents the Truth by inventing Facts that do not Exist

Proving AI is: Delusional

just like Al Gore who is the number one adviser at Google

and a proven Fraud in Science


~ The Rebuttal ~

…and whos Political Media Hearsay Lies do you just Believe In ?

based on Zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

because It is all about Money Power and Control

based on Media Brainwashed Political Science Fiction

Rejecting all Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

while Dictating a proven to be False Reality

that is doing only Harm to the cause of Green and the Carbon Cycle

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

as the Proven Political Media Cancers destroying all Truth and Freedom

continue to Grow


Those who Support Joe Biden

obviously never read or comprehend

The Constitution of the Republic of the United States of America

or they have read and comprehend the Constitution

and are Fascist Treasonous Traitors to All of We the People who are America


Joe Biden who Commits Treason 24/7

and Paid by China and by other Enemies of America for many years ~

will not be the 2024 Democratic Candidate for President

of the now Un-United States of America

Un-United by the Seventeenth Amendment

that took away control of the U.S. Senate from State Governments

and gave control to the U.S. Senate to Millionaires and now Billionaires

who Own and Control Corporations and Special Interest Groups

and now support Foreign Entities and many Proven Enemies of America


State Governments no longer control the Senate

Making the States now Un-United

and no longer a working part of the Federal Government

and now Political Parties who are Special Interest Groups

now Own and Control the Senate

and are working Against the Will of All of We the People who are America

as All of We the People now have less control of our Federal Government

as the Democratic Deep State Fascism now Dictates All Life in America

~ and ~

thanks to a U.S. Supreme Court Decision

Granting Constitutional Right to Entities = Things

Things now have more Rights than Humans Beings


The Billionaires who own Joe Biden own the U.S. Senate

as they are all one with the Fascist Dictator of China

while they do not have a problem with the China Child Slave Labor

as the People of China are not Free they are Political Prisoners

as Terrorist have been Flooding across the U.S. Boarders for two plus years everyday

when we know Terrorist Attacks have been Planed and are in the Works

while China is Killing many Americans everyday

as China is working very hard to Destroy America everyday

as the Military of China is Weaponizing Viruses

while this paid for by U.S. Tax Payer Dollars


President Nixon’s Biggest Mistake


as Traitor Anti-American Billions today now Bow to the China Fascism

where Made in China means Made in Hell

and if China were to Rule this world one day

the first thing to go will be the American Billionaires


When you must Rely on your Proven Enemies for your Necessities in Life to Survive

then you are already a Prisoner in Reality

and Those who are Friends with our proven Enemies are not our Friends


science is: to know

and the truth in knowledge must always be in question ~


Pathological is: not Factual

~ knowing ~

…there is a belief reality ~

and there is a proven fact tested reality


~  today ~

the Laws of Science Reality are now Silenced

by the Laws of Test Proven Fascism with Brainwashed Hate and Paranoia

~ and Fascist ~

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

along with other Fascist Billionaires


Helping China to Rule this Carbon based Earth

and are Ending All Truth and Freedom in America and all around this World


I am an Independent American Scientist

~ and ~

Climate Change is real for billions of years

knowing words can prove nothing in science

just as the words

~ Maybe Humans cause climate warming ~

prove nothing in questioned tested debated science

just as the hypothetical conjecture Humans cause climate warming

can prove nothing in tested Reality

as both are scientifically debunk unproven theory

Preached as Settled Science and are only words proving only fraud in tested Reality


All of We Carbon based People

made by and from this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth



CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Carbon Cycle

are not Living in a Climate Emergency

we are all living with Political Media Preached and Brainwashed

Doomsday Climate Paranoia

that is Costing and Wasting many tens of Trillions of dollars

to the Poorest of the ~ working ~ Poor

to do only Harm the to cause of all Green for the Profits for Billionaires

who publicly fail Grade School Science

All based on a Scientifically Debunk Unproven Theory

and a proven to be Flawed Incomplete Study

by Proven Frauds in Science

who reject all Public Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as they ignore all the Peer-reviewed Science Debunking their Climate Religion

while they can only scientifically prove they are not real scientists

~ The Rebuttal ~


The Dictated False Reality by and for Power Control and Profit

[email protected]


science is: to know

~ and ~

Political Media Preached and Brainwashed Paranoia

is not the Tested Truth in Knowledge


Joe Biden Failed 3rd Grade Science

and continues to Publicly Fail 3rd Grade Science today

~ while ~

Joe Biden has Deliberately Committed Treason for many years now

while the Democrats who knew the Big Guy Joe committed treason for many years

then made China Joe their First Choice for President

with Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris

who came in very last in the Primaries to be their Lunatic number two choice

that no one wants in any way to be the next President

and now with the Help of the proven to be Fascist Media and Press

they are going to try to Force Kamala Antifa Harris down our Throats

because She would make a great Lunatic Fruitcake Puppet too

as the Religion of Democratic Fascism believe their Deliberate Crimes of Treason

Against All of We the People who are America

are Justified in order to Win Elections

Scientifically Proving they are Criminally Insane

as this proven Mental Illness continues to Deliberately Destroy America

as their proven to be Criminally Fascist Treasonous Dictator

Joe Biden is very Criminally Mentally Ill

and has been since he was Thrown Out of Law School for Deliberately Cheating

making China Joe the Perfect Mentally Ill Fascist Puppet for China

and the 60 democratic billionaires who got him elected unfairly

with the help of their Fascist Deep State and their Fascist Media and Press


The Majority of Americans do not belong to a Political Party


Are you an American First ?

~ or ~

Are you Democratic Fascist Treasonous Traitor Against America ?

because when you put your party first you are Anti American


The Greatest Threat to the Security

~ of ~

The Republic of the United States of America


China Joe ~ Dementia ~ Biden

by the

Obama 2.0 Treasonous Nut House


The California

Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris


The Democratic Deep State Fascism

who are Owned and Controlled by Fascist Democratic Billionaires

who are One with China

who Control Corporate Anti America and the Anti America Big Tech Media and Press

with all the above Stabbing All of We the People who are America in the Back

as the Proven Enemies of Truth and Freedom now Rule America

for their Power Control and Profit that is doing only Harm to Nature and Humanity

as Democratic Organized Crime now Rules over our Lives

in their New Fascist World Order


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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