CO2 does not cause Climate Warming


…there is Make Believe Reality and there is Proven Fact Tested Reality

and one is Pathological and one is not

and thanks to proven Political Media Lunatics

we are much better at making Problems on this carbon based world

than solving the known Problems

as 25,000 plus carbon based humans = People

continue to Starve to Death everyday on this carbon based earth

but not from a lack of available carbon based food

on this CO2 starved carbon based Earth


Pathological is not Factual


CO2 causing Climate Warming is an Unproven Theory

debunk by Science


question test rebuttal debate

~ Question ~

Why does the United Nations Climate Study

based on debunk unproven theory

~ Ignore ~

more than a dozen Climate Variables ?

~ Ignore ~

basic physics and chemistry

~ Ignore ~

known climate history

All further debunking the self debunk unproven theory


My Father called me his Hippie Son

as I grew up in the Peace and Love

and I am OK and You are OK

Anti War Generation


My Father and Mother moved our family From Fountain Valley California

to Helena Montana

and I went to Helena High my Senior Year

and after Being a part of Helena Montana since 1973

by Biggest Fear in Life is: Freezing to Death during Preached Global Warming

and like most Carbon based Humans made by and from this Carbon based Earth

by the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

caused by the byproduct of energy from the hot liquid core of this carbon based Earth

Carbon based Oxygen

~ CO2 ~

Carbon Dioxide

along with Water vapor and the byproduct of Sun Energy

We all live for the Truth in all of life and all of knowledge for a better life for all

~ knowing ~

Political Science Fiction is: Pathological not Factual

and only the proven to be Fools believe in the proven to be ~

preached political media paranoid pathological lies


The tested truth is: tested knowledge

and is not:

unquestioned untested political media brainwashed persuaded convinced belief


science is: to know

and repeated Failed prediction of the unknowable future is: not science

just as Fascism dictating science is: not proven fact tested reality in science

when supported by zero science data

by those who can not articulate their so called science

and refuse to allow open debate of the science

proving political media fascism in science

because they do not want you to Know the tested truth in tested reality

because the proven fact tested reality in science is: their Political Pathological Enemy


Free Speech is the Enemy to Fascism

just as the Tested Truth is the Enemy to Fascism


review analyze question test rebuttal debate

~ The Rebuttal ~

to: preached paranoid lunatic political media brainwashed Doomsday science fiction

profiting billionaires

who are harming the cause of Green

by harming the carbon oxygen hydrogen cycle

the cause of all living nature and the environment

made by and from this carbon based Earth and the variable Sun

with many known cycles




November 23 ~ 30


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green

CO2 can not harm the Greenhouse


CO2 is the cause of the Greenhouse

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Those who are against Free Speech

are Anti-American Fascist Treasonous Traitors


In 1835 French Chemist

Charles Thilorier

~ discovered by accident ~

Carbon Dioxide is a Natural Refrigerant

and after 187 years of University Lab Testing in Europe and America

carbon dioxide is still a Natural Refrigerant in many very proven ways

as these test Proven Scientific Facts have not been debunked

and can not be debunked by unproven theory

as the proven facts are just ignored by

the Political Media Preached Religion of Doomsday Climate Paranoia

Profiting Billionaires

who continue to only scientifically prove they failed grade school science

as they Preach to us CO2 is toxic poison and pollution

as they drink their Beverage carbonated with CO2

and show us Photos of White Steam = Water vapor coming out of smoke stacks

and then Preach to us the water vapor is Toxic Poison and Pollution

when CO2 and Water Vapor and Sun Energy = Green = Carbon Cycle

~ while ~

The United Nations Climate study ignores more than a dozen climate variables

and ignores known climate history and basic physics and chemistry

all further debunking the study

proving the study is very flawed and incomplete

while the study is supported by proven to be fraudulent data

and dose not prove a self-debunked hypothetical conjecture is a proven theory

that is used to make computer Ouija Board Predictions of the unknowable future

as every one of the many preprogrammed Computer Ouija Board Doomsday Predictions

have failed

as new Political Media Doomsday Predictions of the unknowable future continue

further proving Doomsday Paranoia is a Political Media Brainwashed Mental Illness

for Power Control and Profit


two oxygen atoms based to one carbon atom


Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

and CO2 causing climate warming is a self debunked unproven theory

regardless of carbon based humans

who are made by the carbon cycle made by this carbon based earth from CO2


The Green New Deal is based on Zero Science Data

and is proven Fraud in Science

doing only proven harm to nature and the environment in tested reality


…if you Believe in Science ~

then you have scientifically proven you are not a Scientist

because science is to know and to believe is to make believe

and there is zero make believe in science

as scientifically test proven to be ~

political pathological Lairs dictate their false reality

based on zero question test rebuttal debate

and zero science data


When you preach the science is settled

in a brand new science

when we learn and know something new everyday in every science

only proves one thing in questioned tested reality in science ~

that you failed 5th grade science for belief = make believe

by rejecting all known tested reality in science


…when Preached Lunatic Paranoid Political Science Fiction dictates Science

this can then only scientifically prove ~

it is not proven fact tested reality in science


Belief is Pathological and is not Factual

because belief is make believe and not tested fact

while words of wisdom prove nothing in science

because words can prove nothing in science ~

because science is not by persuaded words of belief ~

because science is questioned and tested

because science is to know ~

and belief in words is not knowledge

as the truth in knowledge must always be in Question Test Rebuttal

by continuous open Debate

because the Truth in Reality is always Tested

and not Unquestioned Pathological Make Believe

or political media preached pathological paranoia

or Lunatic political science fiction

scientifically debunked by

proven fact tested reality in Science by question test rebuttal debate

that is now silenced by the preached political media lunatic paranoia


…and as Scientifically Proven ~

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

does not cause Climate Warming

regardless of Carbon based Humans exhaling CO2


CO2 causing Climate Warming is a Scientifically Debunk Unproven Theory

Politically Preached as Settled Science


…and as Scientifically Proven ~

There is Zero Climate Emergency


…and as Scientifically Proven ~

Plants and Trees need four times more CO2 than in the Air today

to fully Breathe and to be at Good Health


…and as Scientifically Proven

The Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

is the cause all Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life

and Secondary Energy made by and from this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

with the help and energy of and from the variable Sun with many known cycles


scientifically proving the Byproduct of Energy is Life

and the Byproduct of Life is New Energy causing New Life

in a continuous cycle with Carbon Oxygen and Hydrogen with Sun Energy


The Majority of CO2 is from the Hot Liquid Core of this Carbon based Earth

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green =

Carbon based Food for us Eat and O2 Oxygen for us to Breathe

6CO2 + 6H2O + ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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