Abortion and Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science


June 24 ~ July 3

~ 2022 ~

…anyone Proud of having an Abortion ~

needs a Shrink

while Joe Biden is Mussolini with Dementia


…the open border policy by the UN-United States Government

is an Act of Treason against All of We the People who are America

while there is more than enough food to feed all the carbon based people everyday

all over this carbon based Earth


25,000 People Starve to Death Everyday

because of Political Media Science Fiction

and if ~

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

offered me a trillion dollars to shut up ~

I’ll take it ~

…and when you Preach it and can not prove it


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

then it is not tested Reality


~ question ~

? are you pathological or factual ~

do you know or do you believe ?

do you blame others for your test proven crimes ?

as science is: to know

and to believe is: to Make Believe

as Religion is: True Belief

as True Belief is: Persuaded and Convinced and not test proven by Science

…as we are forced to live in the false reality of brainwashed and dictated

political Paranoid Hate and Ignorance destroying America

by those who do not allow you to know all there is to know ~

proving they are not for Your Freedom and are for Fascism


My Overture of Tested Reality


I am an Independent Montana American

and Cow Boy Up


only real Men can Cave In

in a real mans cave


There are those who test reality and there are those who Distort Reality

…and everything the Democrats Accused President Trump of Being

Joe Biden is proven to Be Guilty of ~

further proving

Political Parties and the 17th Amendment are destroying America

…and my Favorite Peter Sellers Movie is: ?

~ Being There ~

~ * ~

in 1850

a Group of Rich Rail Road Barons Bribed everyone in Washington D.C.

and then there Later in time and history the U.S. Supreme Court

Granted Constitutional Rights to entities = things

and now Things have more Rights than People

thanks to a Political Deep State back then

while the 17thh Amendment was not to make America better for All of We the People

it was to give the Rich and Powerful more Power Control and Profit

of and from the government

and over and from All of We the People who are America


Political Parties are a State of Fascism

and are the Cancer of America and the World

while the 17th Amendment ended the majority of Sates Rights

by ending the States ownership of the U.S. Senate

ending the United States


The Supreme Court

Yes it was a Restrictive UN~Constitutional Decision

by not allowing guide lines in any way

and by allowing abortion up to the time of Birth

as it was Restrictive by not allowing any restrictions

and beyond being UN~Constitutional it was a bad Decision

so even if it was Constitutional to make a decision it was still a bad Decision on this Issue

as it was a very poor interpretation of Reality in Questioned Tested Life


The United States Supreme Court Broke the Law

by making a Decision out side their Perimeters of the U.S. Constitution

and we must all take the time to See beyond Belief

because belief is not knowledge

because Pathological is not Factual


My Interpretation of the United Sates Constitution

on the issue of Abortion


the U.S. Supreme court does not have the Legal Constitutional Authority or Right

to make any Legal Decision on the issue of Abortion

as it is the responsibility of the ~ Voters ~ All of We the People

to Decide by Electing their own Law Makers

who will do the will of ~ All ~ We the People who are America

as it is the States that must Decide the Issue of Abortion and not the Federal Government

as it was not in the Jurisdiction of the U.S. Supreme Court to Decide the Abortion Issue

 in the first place

as the Supreme Court is withdrawing from making any Decision on the Abortion Issue

and returning the Decision making process to its rightful place

to the Voters who choose by election their Law Makers


The Supreme Court

of the

Republic of the United States of America by All of We the People

admitted a mistake


Corrected an UN~Constitutional Decision


Constitutional Power and Authority back to All of We the People


Life begins with the first Heart Beat


this Decision does not end Abortion in America

it Restores the Rights of All of We the People who are America

and advances the Credibility of the Court in Constitutional Law and History




Government Agency’s are not Elected by We the People

and are not Law Makers

and do not have the Constitutional Power or Authority to Dictate Regulation

and more so when Regulation is based on Proven Political Fraud in Science


Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family are Proven Political Pathological Frauds

who truly Believe their proven to be Political Pathological Lies


Joe Biden has been the number one Dunce in Washington D.C. for over 40 years now

as Joe Biden Failed 3rd Grade and was Thrown out of Law School

while his Dementia has only been Noticeable for the past few years

and then 60 billionaires got Joe Dementia Puppet Biden Elected to be President

~ with the help of the proven to be Fascist Big Tech and the Fascist Media and Press ~

and now we have a Deep State Puppet Government proven to be working for China

while Joe Biden can not Admit his proven Mistakes

and learn and know grow forward from his proven Mistakes

because Joe can not remember his proven mistakes

or where to sit or what to say before making his proven mistakes

while proving Joe does not Comprehend the U.S. Constitution

or much of anything in tested Reality


Joe Biden and the Biden Nut House are the number one threat to Reality

and to all National and World Security on this carbon based earth

as Joe Biden and the Biden Crime Family and the Biden Nut House

continue their many Acts of Treason against All of We the People who are America

Bruce A. Kershaw

[email protected]

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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