Abortion and Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science


The Impeachments of President Trump prove only one thing in Constitutional Law

The Deliberate Act of Treason

by the Democratic Deep State the Democratic Party

and those who voted for the Impeachments

that were based on proven to be Deliberately Manufactured Falsified Documents

by Hillery Clinton and her Legal Team

~ while it is ~

The President the Commander in Chief

~ who decides what is classified and what is not ~

and now the FBI who have already committed Treason

will be placing Incriminating Documents in with the Documents

the FBI Illegally Stole from President Trump’s Home with no witness allowed

as the FBI Deliberately commits Treason again

against All of We the People who are America

as the proven to be Hoaxes continue by the proven to be Treasonous Democrats

who are Destroying America for their Power Control and Profit


When the Democrats Commit Treason the Justice System does nothing

and when Donald Trump is Falsely Accused of Treason by Democrats

the Justice Department Commits Treason against All of We the People

as the Justice System is not working for All of We the People

 the Justice System is only working for the proven to be Fascist Treasonous Democrats


Under the Criminal lack of Leadership of the Democratic Party

The United States Government is Now Organized Crime

…as the Corporate Lack of America Bows to China ~

as the Biden Crime Family have earned the right to a Military Firing Squad

…and if Nancy Pelosi Impeaches ~


Joe ~ Dementia ~ Biden and Kama ~ Antifa ~ Harris

for their known crimes of Treason

then Fascist Treasonous Traitor Nancy can be President

and then Declare Herself The Queen of America

after Abolishing the Supreme Court the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives

and all States Governments

~ while ~

today the Obama Biden Treasonous Democratic Deep State Gestapo

is going Strong and on a Fascist Roll

as they Stab All of We the People who are America in the Back

with the Help of the proven to be Fascist Treasonous Traitors of Big Tech

and the Media and Press

 Brainwashing America 24/7 everyday


Mr. Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

as they are all Scientifically Proven Frauds in Tested Reality

as the Lunatic Political Pathological Science Fiction continues to destroy tested reality

for their power control and profit

and if you are not one with them then you will continue to be Punished

because if you are not a Democrat then you are the Enemy

as the Democrats Shred the Constitution and our Lives everyday


Science must be Questioned and Tested and not Politically Brainwashed and just Believed

just as all Law must be Questioned and Tested

with proven to be Bad Laws Removed or Updated and Changed

as there can be no truth with out questioning the truth in knowledge

as those who call themselves Progressives do not learn know and grow forward

as they are proven to go Backwards in proven fact tested reality


I am a Independent Scientist who is a Montana American First

and I am not Owned and Controlled by any Political Party

because I can not put a Fascist Political Party First


The Sixteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution

was not Legally Ratified

and as a result of this Fraudulent Amendment

we have a Internal Revenue Service that has far exceeded its power and authority

and has proven to be a Treasonous Domestic Terrorist Organization

The IRS is now a Deep State Branch of the Democratic Party

and if you do not Support the Democratic Party then you are the Enemy

and they will destroy you and your Life just like the Deep State Nazi Party Did

the IRS is the Democratic Gestapo

and is being provided with lots of Guns and Bullets

and you will be Guilty until you can prove otherwise

the IRS is a Democratic Political Weapon with real Weapons

for the proven to be Fascist Treasonous Traitors of the Democratic Party

and maybe the Democrats will employ some of their Antifa Army to help their IRS

to Terrorize All of We the People

and will we see again IRS Kangaroo Courts

Denying Due Presses of the Law = Denying Constitutional Rights

and Ceasing Property and creating a Debtors Prison

for Poor Honest People who may have made an Honest Mistake

on their Unconstitutional IRS Tax Form

the IRS is an Unconstitutional Terrorist Organization

Steeling from the poorest of the Poor

and yes I have had a relationship with the IRS since 1983

and every time they came after me they then turn and walked away

because they know what I know too

as science is to know


Will the IRS Audit the Biden Crime Family

for their Treasonous Profits from our proven Enemies


The Justice Department

The Department of Homeland Security with the FBI and CIA

are Deep State Terrorist Organization

as we have Fascist Treasonous Traitors in our U.S. Military too

all working for the Fascist Democratic Party

and Punishable by Death if Found Guilty


Liz Dick Cheney Jr.

works for the Dick Cheney ~ Halliburton ~ Fascist Party

for ~ their ~ Power Control and Profit

as the Dick Cheney Party have proven they are Fascist Treasonous Traders

to All of We the People Who are America

and if you do not know the history

then you do not comprehend the proven fact tested Reality

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

and if you support and defend Liz Dick Cheney then you support and defend Fascism

and if you support and defend the IRS that is being used as a political tool against you

then you are a Politically Brainwashed Fool


science is: to know


skepticism is: to always question the truth in knowledge

as to question is the bases of all science


Independents all think differently from each other

while Democrats and Republicans are all Brainwashed to make believe the very same way

as Political Parties are Fascist Political Pathological Religions


People Lie

and Things controlled by People Lie more than just People

as the Media and Press Lie to All of We the People

as they Ban and Silence all question test rebuttal and all open public debate

of all proven fact tested reality in science to ploy their political agenda

as the Government Lies to All of We the People

as the Biden Nut House Lies to All of We the People

as the U.S Senate Lies to All of We the People

as the U.S House of Representatives Lies to All of We the People

~ while ~

Joe Biden has Decided for All of We the People who are America

~ what is real and what is not real ~

and All of We the People who are America no longer need to decide for our self

what is real and what is not real

and just trust Joe to Control all of your Life in every way

because you do not need to think and have a voice of your own

as Joe will do all of that for you

just like they do in China


The Human Body is 20% Carbon while the rest of your body is for the most part

Oxygen and Hydrogen

caused by the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

as Evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor is the byproduct of warming

the byproduct of energy causing Green

and not the cause of warming

as proven to be backwards Science is dictated as reality in science

while based on zero question test rebuttal debate

and a very flawed incomplete study based on proven to be fraudulent Data

to support an unproven theory


Gasoline is: Hydrogen and Carbon

Water is: Hydrogen and Oxygen

and when add CO2 = Carbon based Oxygen to Water you have Carbonated Water

to add to your your favorite Beverage to Drink

and if you remove the oxygen from the carbonated Water using a vacuum chamber

you then have Gasoline

as the byproduct of energy is life causing new energy causing new life

in a continuous Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

~ by the carbon based energy life cycle ~

as I go Further deeper into Debt everyday to survive ~

thanks to Social Security and their Lies and Broken Promises


from: Websters 1828 Dictionary  ~

Treason: to draw in, to betray


Treason is the highest crime of civil nature of which a person can be guilty of ~

In General

Treason is the offense of attempting to overthrow the Government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or of by betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power

and in the United States Constitutionally

Treason is the levying of war against the United States

or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort


Public School Teachers who are employed by All of We the People

who are the paid public servants of All of we the People

 are Drawing in our Children to betray and hate their Parents Families

and the United States of All of We the People

as they Preach proven to be Fascist Lunatic Political Science Fiction

against the will of the parents and communities

and is an act of Treason and they must be punished for their Treason

and never be allowed to Teach ever again because they do not Teach and Educate

they preach and brainwash Hate and Fear causing Paranoia



Teachers with Teachers Unions and the Democratic Party

continue to Betray All of We the People

~ as ~

Political Parties in their best efforts to destroy each other are Destroying America

Proving Political Parties are the Cancer and not the Cure

~ and as they say ~

” it is not so much what you do but how you do it “

as I Vote for People not Political Parties = Political Belief = Political Region

where everyone is a clone to be the same and can not be different

where you can not have a mind of your own

and must obey your ~ Leader ~ where you can not Lead yourself

~ as ~

Ass Backwards Biden has been a Bad Professional Politician for the Democrats

for the past 40 plus years

who continues to do everything the wrong way

as Americans and those who Helped Americans in Afghanistan

continue to be Killed Everyday

as the Killers of Americans are very happy with Joe Biden and all of his Military gifts

as tens of thousands of Americans die from drugs from China every year


 Joe Biden has Scientifically Proven any Big Dummy with Dementia

who continues to Fail 3rd grade science

can be President of the United States of America

In this World Ruled by Fascist Criminal Lunatics

as Joe has proven he is a Puppet for the Fascist Criminal Political World

as the Biden Crime Family Profits Prove = Treason

just as Joe’s Open Boarders Prove Treason

as the War Machine is ready to Put Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Charge

of World War III

as the Woke Brainwashed Green Lunatics Preach their next Doomsday again

over and over again and again

based on proven to be Debunked backwards unproven theory

supported by proven be flawed incomplete fraudulent science

and maybe the next over due Supper Volcano will fix everything

as has happened before 74,000 years ago and caused a Mass Extinction


 the Democrats have proven they are not for Socialism

while proving they are for Fascism

as Bill Gates who is one with China are buying up all the Farm Land in America they can

and Yes

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates is Mentally Ill

and who is going to Stop Mr. Bill

when there are no Balls in Washington D.C. and only many deep Pockets full of China $

as the Religion of Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit Power and Control Rules America

costing trillions to do only harm

to the carbon cycle the cause of all living breathing nature


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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