Climate Hustle 2


…as We all live together on this Carbon based Planet

we call Earth

causing a Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

causing all Carbon based Life and Energy


Plants and Trees are Carbon Oxygen and Hydrogen

breathing the Byproduct of Energy Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

making O2 = Oxygen and Carbon based Food for the Human body to Eat and Breathe

as we Carbon based Humans are made of Carbon Oxygen and Hydrogen too

 while making CO2 the Byproduct of Energy for Plants and Trees to Breathe again


Water is Oxygen and Hydrogen

Gasoline is Carbon and Hydrogen

and when you add O2 Oxygen to Carbon and Hydrogen

and ignite it

the Oxygen allows the Hydrogen to Burn = Vaporize

while causing the Carbon to bond to the Oxygen making CO2 the

Byproduct of Energy causing Plants and Trees

causing the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

…and when Politics can destroy Freedom

then there can be no Freedom in Politics or Science

and then we live in a world controlled by Lunatic Political Science Fiction

doing only harm in tested reality


Self Debunked Hypothetical Conjecture = Unproven Theory

supported by proven fraud in science

that is then used to predict the unknowable future

based on proven to be Debunked Garbage Lunatic Political Science Fiction

Preaching and Brainwashing Doomsday Paranoia to control our Lives

proves nothing in science

as the so called climate study just ignores the many other known climate variables

proving the study is very flawed and very incomplete

while proving only Ignorance in very real

as self-debunked prediction proves nothing in science


49 NASA Scientists do not agree with the NASA Doomsday Predictions

as not one NASA Climate Prediction has come true

while 87% of the National Academy of Science did not Sign a Letter to the Public

that Preaches Doomsday Prediction

while over 30,000 Scientists over 9,000 with PhD’s signed a Public Petition

disagreeing with the many now failed United Nations Doomsday Predictions

further proving the U.N. study is Flawed and Incomplete


John Kerry and Barack Obama

Invented the 97% Scientific Consensus

a Proven Lie that Preaches Humans cause all Climate Warming /Change

based only on Hypothetical Conjecture = Unproven Theory

when there is zero Scientific Consensus in Debunked Unproven Theory

that is Preached by Doomsday Climate Religion as Settled Science

when Settled Science does not exist in real science

while Doomsday Climate Paranoia can provide zero science data

to support there is any Climate Emergency

as they Profit from their Preached Paranoia doing harm to the cause of Green and Nature

while proving John Kerry and Barack Obama are Political Pathological Frauds

as John Kerry continues to Preach his very Proven Lies

while John Kerry and Barack Obama have in the past committed Treason against America

as the Obama Treasonous Democratic Deep State

continues its treason in the U.S. Government today

as the Biden Obama Treasonous Nut House continues to destroy America

for their World Wide Fascism = New World Order = the Democratic New Normal

as Joe Biden continues to reward Terrorism and Punish All of We the People

as Joe Biden has now more than Doubled the Wealth of the Wealthiest Democrats

as the majority of All of We the People continue to suffer

from the Deliberate Incompetence for their Lunatic Political Agenda

as Proven Treason by the Democratic Party lives in America everyday


I am an Independent who Leaned Democrat most of my Life

and I will never vote for any Democrat again for as long as I live

because today’s Democratic Party is no longer the Party of John F. Kennedy

as the Democratic Party is now the Party of Fascism who are now one with our Enemies

Destroying America


science is: to know

In real Physics ~ all ~ heat still rises

causing frozen air to fill the void causing the Ice Caps at the Poles

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

while CO2 is a proven refrigerant in Nature since the 1830’s

as this knowledge is ignored by the so called climate study too

while Humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 20,000 plus years

about 350 to 400 feet

while we know the Sea level has been 100 feet higher than today in the past

as we know from Ice and Earth Core Science

of Ice Ages with many times the CO2 level in the air than today

and much warmer periods than today with much lower CO2 levels in the Air

Debunking CO2 is the Primary cause of Climate Warming

regardless of Humans exhaling CO2

while the same science shows us Antarctica was a Jungle 125,000 years ago

while there is peer-reviewed science showing us it was much warmer 1000 years ago

for Two Hundred years

and it was much warmer during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s with lower CO2 level in the air


Since 2012 there is a 40% increase in Sea Ice

as the Sea level continues to rise and fall the thickness of a Dime

and there is zero science data to support Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming

or Doomsday Ice Melt or Doomsday Sea level rise

and are all Political Media Preached Lies by proven lairs and frauds in science

as Preached Paranoia is not Science it is a Political Media Brainwashed Mental Disorder

and those Preaching their Paranoia are Proven Lunatics not Scientists

who can only prove in real science their Ignorance

as Political Pathological Frauds now Dictate a False Reality for Power Control and Profit

that is doing only harm to Nature costing Trillions to profit the few


Joe Berry

Stanford University


as you continue to support and defend Proven Frauds in Science

who can not Articulate or Debate or Prove the words they Preach

as the proven Frauds you Back and Support Preach to us

your self-debunked unproven theory is Settled Science

and the unproven theory Proves

Humans are the cause of all climate change and Climate Emergency

as this is a very Proven Lie by those who can only prove their Ignorance in real science

further Proving you are a Fraud in Science

as your Lunatic Doomsday Religion you support and defend Preaches to us

~ Skepticism ~

is a mental disorder

when Skepticism is:

” the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in Question “

 as Skepticism is the bases for the Scientific Method

as your Doomsday Religion Preaches to us an out dated incomplete science paper

now proves Carbon based Humans cause all climate warming

~ that is not happening ~

and further debunk the incomplete science paper

and does not prove CO2 causes Climate warming regardless of Humans

while Nature produces the majority of CO2 in the air

and every time someone Lies about your science

~ you are silent to the proven lies ~

making you the Proven Political Fraud of Proven Frauds in Science

as you reject all real science further debunking you

and when it is the United States Government that Shuts off your Energy

and not the power company

what does that scientifically prove in real Law ?

~ Fascism ~

for Control Power and Profit


Joe Biden continues to fail 3rd grade science ~

because there is not enough Electricity to keep the Kitchen lights on everyday everywhere

as the Power Grid already can not handle the demand for Electricity

and to generate enough Electricity for Electric Cars we will have to increase the use of Coal

as Coal is dirtier than Gasoline = HC = Hydrogen and Carbon

as the Carbon makes the very unsafe and unstable Hydrogen stable and much safer to use

while the majority of People can not afford a new car

Electric or Not

while the amount of energy needed to build a new car

is about the same amount of energy needed to drive your old car for about three years

as you just put three years of CO2 in the air just by driving your new car off the Car lot

while there are not enough Electric Cars available even if everyone wanted one

as all the Lungs on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

produce far more CO2 for Plants and Trees to Breathe than all the Cars

as only about 12% of us Humans have and drive a car and for less than an hour a day

while Cars have not Polluted the air since about 1980

while most of the CO2 in the air comes from

Volcanic activity below Sea level and then Lungs

proving the byproduct of Energy is the cause of Life


China India and Germany

are now building Coal Fired Power Plants as Fast as the can

while the Cleanest Coal they are burning comes from Montana USA

while the majority of my Readers are in China


Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

does not Censor me in China

while I have many Questions for Bill MSNBC Gates

the proven fraud in Science and Medicine

as Proven to be Political Pathological Frauds Dictate how we Live our Lives

as Proven Fascism is the New Normal

as proven Political Media Brainwashed Green Lunatics

who continue to prove they failed grade school science

continue to shoot the foot in their mouth

~ and

by the way

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

I know you are hard at work removing CO2 from the Air

as this lowers Oxygen levels in the Air too

because Man Made CO2 is made with O2 Oxygen from the Air

and when you pump the CO2 into the Ground

you are not allowing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle to Recycle O2 Oxygen

back into the Air where it came from

while reducing what Plants and Trees need more of to Breathe

and when CO2 is pumped into the ground

 it will find its way to underground water and then turn the water into an Acid

while costing us Trillions of Dollars just so you can Harm the Carbon Cycle for Profit

the cause of the Environment and Nature

because you are very Stupid in Real Science because all you can see are the Dollar Signs

while Rejecting Real Science proving your Ignorance in Tested Reality

further proving MSNBC Brainwashed Green Lunatics are only Harming the cause Green

as Green Lunatics who have zero Comprehension or Understanding of the real science

who continue to only prove they failed 3 rd grade science

who reject all real science sent to them as they refuse to look at the proven facts

further proving they failed grade school Science

proving their Personal Emotional Feelings of Belief is a Brainwashed Political Region

having nothing to do with Real Science

~ Bill ~

and its to bad you Reject Question Test Rebuttal Debate to find the Truth in Science


Pathological or Not

your Lunatic Political Science Fiction

is a Crime in Science and a Crime to Nature and all of Humanity

as you are a proven fraud in Science Medicine and Law

for your Power Control and Profit while doing only Harm

and because of your Green Lunatic MSNBC Political Media Brainwashing

we have Green Terrorists too

while you are one with China at the world Health Dis-Organization

who lied to the world about the China Man Made Corona virus

while you contribute to Domestic Terrorism here in America

as you want America to be like China

and like China you are for a world wide Sterilization Program

as you warn us of the next Pandemic

and I would Guess it will be caused by you and China as you Profit




I am called the Denier

~ when ~

I do not Deny climate change

Scientifically Proving

those who call me the Denier of climate change are the proven frauds in Real Science


Evaporated by the Variable Sun

by and with many known cycles of the Sun

as the Sun continues to be Warmer and Brighter

while the Sun is:

Variably Evaporating

CO2 + Water Vapor + more Sun Energy = Green = Food and Oxygen

with the majority of CO2 coming from Variable unpredictable immeasurable

Volcanic Activity below Sea Level

causing the Carbon cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

 causing all Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life and Energy

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth


The cause of Green is not the cause of warming

the cause of warming is the cause of Green

while Plants and Trees need more CO2 to Breathe not less

as proven in Photosynthesis Botany and Greenhouse science

…as the truth in knowledge must always be in question ~


From: Bruce A. Kershaw

To: Andrew Dessler

Texas A & M University


I hope all is well for you ~

and would you please forward your science data to support the words you preach

~ because ~

science is: to know

~ and ~


not One of the very many Computer Ouija Board Doomsday Climate Predictions

of the unknowable future based on proven fraud in science has come True

and when the next Doomsday Prediction fails to happen once again

there will be another Doomsday Prediction based on the same proven fraud in science

to make more Lunatic Predictions that will never ever come true

as Prediction of the unknowable future is not knowledge = science

and more so when the ~ Predictions ~ are based on proven fraud in science



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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