Climate Hustle 2

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

has Scientifically Proven ~


Fascist Political Media Brainwashing works

as Bill has Scientifically proven

he is on the side of Fascism destroying Freedom in America

…and if you do not comprehend the known history

then you can not see and know the tested reality

as Ignorance can only Dictate Ignorance ~

while today the proven to be Political Media Puppets continue to dictate a false reality

as your money Joe Biden is spending everyday is doing only harm

as your money is going to the Billionaires and Millionaires who got him Bogusly Elected

when there is Zero Science Data to support the proven to be

Preached Lunatic Paranoid Political Media Science Fiction Doomsday Climate Predictions

that never come true

~ as ~

the Sea Level continue to rise and fall the thickness of a dime

as Sea Ice has increased by 40% since 2012

as the number of Warmer than normal days here in Montana continues to decrease

as the number of cooler than normal days here in Montana continue to increase

as my energy consumption continues to increase for Heating and decrease for Cooling

while very proven fraud in climate science continues to only increase


science is: to know

and prediction of the unknowable future is not knowledge

and Preaching proven to be Scam Lunatic Paranoid Political Science Fiction


not proven fact tested reality in science


Letter to the Editor

To: John Timmer

Science Editor ~


don’t preach it

~ Prove it ~

and in real science you never take sides of the Belief fence ~

you just sit on the fence and just see what happens

and then Report all the available facts

and not just Preach from one side of the Belief fence

but only if you are a real Journalist


science is: to know

and words prove nothing in science

and Preaching Lunatic Doomsday Climate Paranoia is: a Proven Mental Illness

~ as ~

Tens of Thousands of Working Scientists

who are allowed zero voice in the Media and Press

who are fascistly removed from having a voice on Twitter Face Book and all Big Tech

only because they disagree with the proven to be Flawed Incomplete U.N. Climate Study

and the many computer Ouija Board Climate Predictions of the unknowable future

that never come true that are based on known to be flawed and fraudulent science


I am a Scientist not a Writer

and I am for Green

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = carbon cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

causing all Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life and Energy

in a continuous cycle of recycle

as climate change is real for billions of years on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

while I am always rewriting and self editing to keep the science right

as I state facts supported by hundreds of years of peer-reviewed science

~ that you are unaware of ~

that is rejected by the U.N. Climate Study

as they Reject the many other known Climate Variables

in their scientifically proven to be Bogus Political Fraudulent Climate Study

as they reject the known cooling effects of Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

further proving their Climate Study is very Flawed and Incomplete

as the U.N. ~ a political body ~ continues to Preach very proven lies in science

~ that you just believe in ~

as believing is: not knowing


I do not write stories ~

I write from 50 plus years of daily working science

and as long as you are not Hurting others

you should be allowed to do and say as you would like to do and say ~

while the number one cause of crime in life is: Crime in Government

as those who can not articulate science dictate science

as they refuse to allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate

of the real science they do not comprehend

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward

for their True Belief in their political science fiction doing only harm to Nature

and Question

who brainwashed you ?


You can not Debate Brainwashed Ignorance

because they Make Believe they are always right

as they reject all Question Test Rebuttal Debate proving their Ignorance in tested reality

but when you are ready John for an open public debate in real science you let me know ~

as Political Brainwashing prevents you from learning and knowing

that you are proven wrong

as Brainwashing prevents you from growing forward in tested reality

as your personal emotional feelings can prove nothing in science




My hypothetical conjecture is:

John Timmer is not a real scientist and he will just delete this after sending this to him

he will have zero question test rebuttal debate

and he will continue to Preach his Lunatic Political Science Fiction

that is based on test proven Fraud in Science

that is doing only harm to the Carbon Cycle caused by this CO2 staved Carbon based Earth

as he rejects Question Test Rebuttal Debate in real Science

just as Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates rejects all Scientific Method in fact tested reality

for the sake of his Power Control and Profit

and one day Bill will in someway remove me from his Lunatic Reality

that is Harming the cause of Green for his Profit

because of his proven Ignorance in tested Reality

as Bill continues to Ban the Truth in knowledge and Preach his proven Lies

as Bill has proven he is Politically Pathological and not Scientifically Factual

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates has Scientifically Proven he is not a Real Scientist

as Bill and his Billionaire and Millionaire Friends own everyone who is for Sale in Science

as they are Preachers not Scientists doing harm in tested reality


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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