…my rebuttal to Joe Berry ~ Stanford University


April 8, 2022

Blinded by Faith

by Personal Emotional Feelings of Belief

rejecting proven fact tested reality in science


There is no Climate Crises

or Corona Virus Crises

as the Corona virus is only one of 150 viruses crossing the Borders everyday

along with many other Illness and Disease

Into America

along with thousands of Terrorists and returning Gang Members

with many Cartels controlling the Boarders

while selling and trading People Children Weapons and Drugs


 There is only a Constitutional Crises

by Democrats committing Treason against All of We the People who are America

and how many Americans Died in Afghanistan today ?

and how many of Americans died in America today who were killed by Drugs from China

as we are up to over 100,000 dead Americans killed by China in America

in less than two years

when only 3,000 Americans died on 9/11

as Joe Biden and the Democrats and Deep State Democrats

continue to help our proven enemies to destroy America

and how much Fentanyl is in your Tylenol today ?


The more People Believe in Joe Biden the more People die


You have the right to be a Drug Addict if you choose to be ~

while the government does not have the right ~

to put you in Jail for being a Drug Addict in our Free County of America

nor does the Government have the right to help you to be a Drug Addict

in every way possible

as the only right the government can have over you is:

to help you to stop being a Drug Addict if you choose

and then only go to jail or to the funny farm if you are hurting others


Student of Constitutional Law and History

since 1980


April 7, 2022

if you can not define what a women is ~

then you are not Qualified to Interpret the Constitution

of the Republic of the United States of America

and if you are a Man who wishes to become a Woman

for the sole purpose of wining in Sports by competing against real Woman

you need a Shrink and not a Sex Change


…the political ploy by the un-tested reality ~


The Poorest Black Communities in America are in Democratic Cities

and the Black Communities with the Highest Rate of Homelessness and Unemployment

and have the highest rate of Crime and Black on Black Murder

are in Democratic Cities

as the highest rate of Repression of Black communities all over America

are in Democratic Cities

as Democrats Preach Racism while proving they are the Racists

as they continue to shoot thew foot in their mouth

as they use the Black Communities for their Political Ploy

as the Democrats are very proven frauds in Science and Medicine

for their power control and profit

as they destroy America and Freedom Justice and Equality

 for their political gain

as they are proven Fascist Treasonous Traitors to All of We the People who are America

as the Majority of the Media and Press have sided with the Fascist Treasonous Traitors

as they Ban the Truth and refuse to allow Public Debate of the Proven Science

as they Preach ~ another ~ Doomsday ~ again ~ based on proven fraud in Science

as they can Articulate zero Science while proving only their Ignorance in Science

proving they have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion


April 4 ~ 6


Putin wants East Germany back

while there is a lot of proven China Money in the Biden Treasonous Nuthouse


The New China Syndrome


question test rebuttal debate


…and after only 365 days ~

Joe Biden has Doubled the Wealth of the Billionaires who got him Elected

who are one with China

along with the 1.2 billion plus dollars in Dark Money = China

and did China get your new City Mayor Elected too ?


you can be any thing you want to be in this world

but only if you do not hurt others

and only if

you do not expect the rest of the world or anyone to be and think just like you


…and as the Media Bans the Truth ~

do You question and test your reality

or do You just make believe in your Preached Persuaded Belief Reality ?

~ are you Pathological or Factual ?


April 1, 2022

as Preached Political Media Paranoia Dictates Reality


In 2023

Kevin McCarthy for President


The U.S. House of Representatives with the available Facts in Hand

 can then remove Joe ~ Dementia ~ Biden and Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris

for their Proven Constitutional Treason against All of We the People who are America

regardless of their Obvious Mental Incompetence

and then Kevin the Speaker of the House of Repetitiveness will be President

and save this world from Lunatic Political Media Science Fiction doing only Harm

In 2023


~ the Democrats may remove Joe Biden before Kevin can ~

and then Kevin will have to remove Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris

and then Kamala’s vice President will be President

and who will she pick to replace her ?


question test rebuttal debate ?

do you believe in their Preached Al Gore ~ ism ~ for their Profit ?


carbon oxygen hydrogen


today reality is:


who is trying to Political Media Brainwash you with their Political Pathological Ploy

and who is not ~

…as the variable Sun with many known cycles continues to be ~

warmer and brighter everyday

and will one day vaporize this CO2 = Carbon and Oxygen ~ starved ~ Carbon based Earth


To: Joe Berry

Stanford University


you can not know the truth if you reject the Question ~


All of We the People

~ Defined ~


~ of the people by the people for the people ~

who will own and control the U.S. Government

and who will be represented in their

Republic of their United States of their America

in their United States House of Representatives

with their State Governments by All of We the People

Represented by and in the United States Senate

with the U.S. House and U.S. Senate

~ together ~

Owning and Controlling

~ for ~

All of We the People who are America


United States Federal Government


All of We the People Together Who are America


and today Fascism from the Biden Nuthouse now dictate to the State Governments

 as We the People are now the servants again to the proven Evil

Destroying America




The Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

is the cause of

All Living Breathing Nature and the Environment

caused by

evaporated by the variable Sun

CO2 + Water Vapor + more Sun Energy = Green = Nature with Food and Oxygen

and is the cause of all carbon based life on this CO2 starved carbon based earth


6CO2 + 6H2O + v ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2 = Green = Nature with Food and Oxygen

the cause of all carbon based life on this CO2 starved carbon based earth


March 25 ~ 29


Joe Biden is more mentally Ill today than he was Mentally Ill 40 plus years ago ~

…and after Hunters cheek cleared ~

Joe Biden decided Putin can have the Ukraine

but Joe forgot to tell the People of the Ukraine

that he gave them to the Baby Butcher in the new world order


…as the People of the Ukraine are Begging for Weapons everyday

that should have already been there before the Russian Invasion

proving it only takes a Handful of Paranoid Lunatics to make for a bad day ~

everyday over and over


March 24 ,2022

Belief in Political Media Hearsay is not Questioned Tested Debated Science


To: Joe Berry


do you agree with Bill Gates and support and defend his

Doomsday Political Media Climate Paranoid Science Fiction for Profit ?

as Bill Gates is One with China and one with the World Health organization with China too

who together lied to All of the world about the corona virus

a proven to be man made virus

financed by who ?



~ Joe your Answer Here ~


yes or no ?


To: Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

Dear Bill,

I would like to thank you and your MSNBC Publication

for better informing all the Carbon based Humans

made by and from this Carbon based Earth

made by and from the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

caused by Evaporated by the variable Sun

CO2 and Water Vapor and then more Sun Energy causing Green

that all Humans who Work Out = Exercise to be Healthy

are Fascist White Raciest

~ then proving ~

all Black Football Players are Fascist White Racist

~ as ~

 MSNBC continues to Publicly Prove they failed 3rd grade science

on every subject matter and in every science

and can provide zero science Data to Prove they are not Frauds in Science when requested

since 2007

nor can any one else Preaching Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit

after my more than 40,000 requests

since 2007


Thank You Bill for your continued 24/7 Political Media Moronic Political Science Fiction


Question ~ Bill

How many tens of thousands of Terrorist do think have cross the U.S. Boarders

Freely in the past 13 months ?

and how many of them do think could have a Suitcase Size Nuclear Weapon ?

as there are many unaccounted for today

as you Preach Doomsday Climate Paranoia

based on proven to be Political Media Fraud in Science

for your Personal Power Control and Profit

doing only Harm to the Carbon Cycle and Nature

while costing the poorest of the poor trillions of dollars to do only Harm

to the cause of Green




Joe Biden’s New World Order is Fascism not Freedom

as the Biden Crime Family have received payments

from the highest Ties and Levels of the China Intelligence Agencies

along with Payments from Russian Hierarchy


The New World Order for the Fascist Treason Traitor Democratic Party

and the Biden Treasonous Nuthouse

who Shred the the U.S. Constitution everyday

is by China Ruling the World

as China continues to Kill Americans everyday

with Drugs coming across Joe Biden’s UN-Constitutional Open Borders

just as Terrorists from all over the world cross the U.S. Boards everyday

as China and Russia are now both a very negative influence south of the U.S. Boarder

as their Fascism Grows all over this World


Joe Biden continues to publicly fail Grade School Science

as Joe Biden is the Treasonous proven Puppet for Evil

as the Democrats with the help of their Deep State Democrats

continue to prove they are on the side of Evil and Terrorism

with their proven to be UN-Constitutional Treasonous Policies

and with their UN-Constitutional Treasonous Impeachment of President Trump

 as they are against Freedom and Justice for All

as the Democrats have clearly proven they are the Cancer and not the Cure


a woman is: a female

 a Human with a Vagina and Ovaries

and when Mated with a Man can produce Infant Humans

while you can always change a definition but you can not change grade school science


Pryor to the 17th Amendment

State Governments Confirmed the Presidents Choice

for the U.S. Supreme Court of the Republic of United States of America


science is: to know


Joe Berry does not ~ know ~ who does his peer-review

while in the past his peer-review was by .Gov

and not by a science body

while there is zero climate data to support his unproven theory

Debunk by Nature

Preached by the Green Lunatics as Settled Science

and used as their Scientific Proof

Humans cause ~ All ~ Climate Warming or Change

when there is zero science data to support a Climate Emergency or Climate Crises

or Catastrophic Ice Melt when the data shows us a 40% increase in Sea Ice

with zero Sea level Rise

Proving Doomsday Climate Paranoia is a Politically Brainwashed Lunatic Religion

a Political Media Brainwashed Mental Illness for Power Control and Profit

by those who refuse to allow Public Question Test Rebuttal Debate of their proven lies


…the only reality in make believe is: a make believe reality


…a Woman is: the Female of the Carbon based Human Species

and Biological Men competing in Women sports is not Women sports

as persuaded belief is: not proven fact tested reality in science

while the greatest harm to life ~ caused by life ~ is caused by Belief in Ignorance

as scientifically proven


science is: to know

Noah Webster


~ and ~

Here comes the variable Sun with many ~ known ~ variable Cycles

causing the variable

 Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

on this variable CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth


CO2 is: Carbon and Oxygen

from the Hot Liquid Core of this Carbon based Earth

with the majority of CO2 from Volcanic activity below Sea level

over Billions of years

Acidify the the Oceans over Billions of years

while causing the Carbon Life cycle below Sea level

while causing the Carbon Life cycle above sea level for the past 600 million years

caused by the evaporation of Water vapor from the Oceans

containing many times the CO2 level than in the Atmosphere today

causing one very small part of the many parts of the Atmosphere

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle above Sea level


My Body is: 20% Carbon

made from: CO2

while I am Breathing Oxygen made from CO2 and Water Vapor

caused by the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen caused by variable Sun Energy

and the Hot Spinning Churning Liquid Core of this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

~ as ~

China India and Germany are now building Coal Fired Power Plants

as fast as they can

so they can power their Electric Cars

as we now sell them our Clean American Coal for Dirt Cheep

as we sell them far more Coal than we were using here in America

while Gasoline is Hydrogen and Carbon

and is much cleaner than Electric Cars running on Coal


The Byproduct of Energy is all Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green


March 21 ~ 22


Vladimir Putin is Mentally Ill

and a Proven Lair and Fraud with ties with political Organized Crime

Joe Biden is Mentally Ill too

and is a Proven Lair and Fraud with ties to political Organized Crime

Putin can not be Shamed for his Proven Crimes to Humanity

for the sake of his power control and profit

nor can you Shame Puppet Biden for his Proven Crimes to Humanity

for the sake of the Biden Crime Family for Profit

in a world with more weapons than food

because we spend more on producing weapons

than producing carbon based food

on this CO2 stared Carbon based Earth

as about 25,000 Carbon based People continue to Starve to Death everyday


March 20, 2022

To: Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris


~ Question ~

how are you going to Heat the Interior of your new Electric School Buses

in sub zero weather ?

~ Answer ~

with Electricity from the Electric Bus Battery


knowing in Sub Zero Weather the Bus Battery will have far less capacity

reducing driving range

while heating the Interior of the Bus from the Battery will further reduce Driving Range

and of course you must pay for the Electricity to heat the interior of the bus too

while it is known Heaters in Electric Vehicles work poorly and are failing

while Electric Vehicles need to be parked in a heated Building in cold weather

because they work so poorly in Cold Climate

while Heating the Interior of a Bus that runs on Hydrogen and Carbon = Gasoline is:

~ FREE ~

and do not need to be parked in a heated building

while the Electricity for the Electric Bus is made from Coal

and it will be very expensive to heat the Interior of the Bus

while reducing the driving range to nothing in sub Zero Weather

and is much dirtier than Hydrogen and Carbon = Gasoline

while proving you failed grade school science


have you met any of the Terrorist and Criminals

you are allowing to Freely cross our U.S. Boarders everyday

that you are transporting to Cities all over America

with out informing the Cities that you are just dropping them off every where

as Crime is Skyrocketing every where too ?


how is your Support for Antifa going ?

who have done many Billions of Dollars Damage

to small family owned Main Street Businesses across America




ABC News ~ Disney ~

along with much of the Media and Press continue to Blame Donald Trump

for Black People Killing Asian People

for Black People Killing Brown People

for Black People Killing White People

and for Black People Killing Black People too ~

as the number on cause of death for the Black community are Black People

as the Political Media and Press continue their proven Brainwashing of America

as the Democrats supported by the Media and Press continue to De-Criminalize Crime

Destroying America

~ as ~

Joe Berry and Stanford University

Promote Support and Defend Proven Frauds in Science


Joe Biden John Kerry and Al Gore

who Promote Support and Defend Proven Fraud in Science

doing test proven Harm to the Cause of Green

costing Trillions


The science is never settled in the ~

Scientific Method

~ to always question the truth in all knowledge ~


to always Question the truth in knowledge

…and do you still politically make believe ~

All White Carbon based People on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

are Racist ?

~ stereo typing all white people ~

proving your Racism

on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Food & Oxygen

~ I am still Breathing oxygen made from CO2 and water Vapor

and the rest is the Icing on the Cake ~

while not one Doomsday Climate Prediction based on debunked unproven theory

has ever come true

as John Kerry can only Prove he failed 3rd grade science

and is a proven Lair and Fraud in science

as Joe Berry and Stanford U continue to defend John Kerry and his proven to be ~

Pathological Lunatic Fraudulent Political Science Fiction for Profit

as scientifically prove


Joe Berry

and how do ~ feel ~ about the next Doomsday Prediction

based on your self-debunk unproven theory  ?



science is: to know



~ vs ~


Lunatic Political Science Fiction

for Political Power Control and Greed

doing test proven harm to the carbon cycle and nature


I have been a Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

and my Interpretation of the Constitution is:

the President as Commander and Chief of the United States Military

has the ~ Number One ~ responsibility of protecting the Boarders of America

to protect All of We the People who are America

as China continues to kill many Americans everyday

with their Fentanyl

42,600 in 2021

as Terrorist Gangs Criminals and Weapons now freely cross the U.S. Boarders

as the Biden Nuthouse has Committed Treason since Day One

while the Biden Crime Family has Committed Treason for as long as I can Remember


Joe Biden is the Proven Puppet for Evil

and Joe is to incoherent to know he is incompetent or a Fascist Treasonous Traitor

as Putin is the Stalin Hitler Satin all in one

while Putin can be on Twitter

but Patriotic Americans can not be on Twitter

proving Twitter is for Fascism and Terrorism not Freedom

while proving Entities have more rights than We the People

proving Twitter must be declared a Utility and be Governed by We the People

as the number one Clown in D.C. is now Dictating to All of We the People

how we can and can not live our daily lives

as Joe Biden continues to commit Treason against America

as he continues to allow Terrorists to Freely Invade America from all over this world

and how many more Americans will be Raped Tortured and Murdered today

 in Joe Biden’s new Terrorist Haven in Afghanistan

Terrorists Joe Provided with many Billions of dollars in Weapons

that should have been given to the People of the Ukraine to prevent War

as Joe is the number one Promoter of War all over the World

for the Billionaire War Machine

who spent 1.2 billion in Dark money to get Treasonous Joe Biden Elected

as Joe declares his new Terrorist Afghanistan a Success

and what will the Joe Biden Success in the Ukraine look like

after Putin the Baby Butcher is done

as Joe Biden is paying Putin to negotiate for America

a new very bad Nuclear Deal with Iran making Iran and Putin Stronger

as they try to Abolish America and all Christians and Jews

and after the Pope gave Communion to Joe Biden

Joe is now going to Remove Iran who are the number one Terrorist Nation

from the State Sponsored Terrorism List

while it was John Kerry who made Treasonous secret deals with Iran for the Democrats

during the Trump Presidency

and I am guessing made many deals with Putin and China too

proving John Kerry Committed Treason against All of We the People

and how does Putin like his Butchered Babies ~

cooked or maybe he prefers to eat them raw


Backwards Biden the Empty Suit is Putin’s Puppet

as Joe Biden does not Prevent War he is the cause of War and Death

proving Insanity now dictate reality

as I am told ~

I am a Smart Ass

more often than I am told I am a Dumb Ass

and that makes me smarter than dumber

while knowing Life is a Continuous Adjustment to Continuous Change

and Paranoia is the fear of something that does not exist or is not happening

as the Media and Press continue to Preach their Political Ploy Paranoia

based on scientifically Proven Lies

as we continue to be Ruled by Arrogant Ignorance

while the Rules do not apply to the Treasonous Rulers

March 9 ~ 17


~ and ~

If I was the President of the United States of America

before the Putin Invasion of the Ukraine

I would have flown to the Ukraine in Air Force One

with a 10,000 U.S. Air Force Fighter Jet Escort

if we have that many

and then I would spend the Day with the People of the Ukraine

and before departing I would tell the People of Ukraine

We the People of America are not Behind you

We the People who are America Stand with you

and then as I leave in Air Force One

another 10,000 Fighter Jets show up to Escort Air Force One

back to the Land of Freedom and the Home of the many Brave

if we have that many more

while leaving first 10,000 Fighter Jets behind to stay

to prevent a Paranoid Psychopath from Killing more Babies

until further notice

~ while proving ~

The Biden Nuthouse

is a group of proven to be Fascist Treasonous Traitors who are Cowards

who have proven they are working for our known to be Enemies

as they continue to Stab All of We the People who are America in the Back

for their Power Control and Profit

Proving the Biden Nuthouse and the Democratic Party are the Enemy

as no one is a better Friend to Terrorism in America than the Biden Nuthouse


Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris

who received zero votes in the Democratic Primary

Guess what ~



as Joe Berry defends Joe Biden and his Lunatic Political Science Fiction

to be continued

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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