…my rebuttal to Joe Berry ~ Stanford University


November 21, 2021

To: Joe Berry

Stanford University


all the available Medical Science Data

continues to support the Public statements made by

 Scott W. Atlas

Medical Doctor

Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution

Stanford University

while the same Data continues to overwhelmingly scientifically Prove

Malpractice Fauci and the Biden Nut House are Frauds in Science and Medicine

as Fraudulent Fauci and the proven Nut House are doing very real very proven Harm to

All of We the People

as you Joe ~

Support the Proven Frauds in Science and Medicine

as you continue to side with the Proven Criminals of Tested Reality

who allow only their opinion while punishing or censoring all other opinion

just as the Negative Politics of Stanford University

as they continue to be Debunked by the Tested Reality

as Stanford University continues to Politically side with the Criminals of Tested Reality

for Political Ploy

as do you Joe ~

as you continue to scientifically prove you are Political Pathological and not Factual

as you reject all question test rebuttal debate

as you reject Data for Political Make Believe

as you continue to scientifically Prove you are not a Real Scientist

as you continue to reject Tested Reality

while we do know why the Biden Nut House rejects Tested Reality

as it is for their Power Control and Profit

~ question ~

and why do you Joe reject Questioned Tested Reality ?

as you have only proven your support to proven Fascism in Science

as you continue to Preach your Paranoia supported by zero Data

as 49 NASA Scientists do not agree with your Preached Paranoia

or 87% of the National Academy of Science

who did not sign your Public Letter Preaching your Paranoia

while over 30,000 other Scientists with over 9,000 of them with PhD’s

disagree with and have debunk your unproven theory

as you refuse to publicly allow Scientific Question Test Rebuttal Debate

of all the known available Facts and Data you politically ignore

proving your Fascist Ignorance

as you continue to Believe in the Paranoid Lies you Preach

proving you are Pathological

as you have yet to scientifically Prove Carbon based Humans

made by and from this Carbon based Earth cause Climate Warming

or scientifically prove there is a Climate Warming Emergency

as the only thing you can scientifically prove to me is: your Paranoia

based on debunked unproven theory


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green


The Carbon Cycle


Oxygen and Hydrogen

made by this CO2 Staved Carbon based Earth

where everything living and not living has carbon in it

with the exception of a few Microbes

as you refuse to hear or can answer the most important Questions

to your Debunk unproven theory

supported only by Politics

who preach unproven theory is Settled Science

while they can provide zero Science Data when Requested

to prove they are not Lying to the Public

as they Preach Political Ploy while doing only Harm to All of We the People

as your Political Pathological Reality is not my Investigated Tested Reality

as you are the one Preaching Paranoia not me

when Paranoia can only prove Paranoia in Science


I will Shut Up when you stop Preaching Paranoia

as I use Ploy to find the Truth You use Ploy to Preach the Lie causing the proven Harm

~ for ~

Power Control and Profit

and now prove a Climate Crises that does not exist is caused by Humans


Self Debunked Paranoid Prediction is: not Science

as unproven theory proves nothing

as you ignore the proven basics of all science for your proven make believe and why ?

as those who have proven they failed science

dictate lunatic science

while only your un-questioned reality matters to you

as your Fascist mind has scientifically proven

only your side of the story can be told

as you continue to Preach to me to Shut Up

only further proving your fascism in Science

you refuse to allow public scientific question test rebuttal debate


Your Preached Feelings of Belief

and if you believe science is based on personal emotional feelings in belief

as you have proven to me

then you have scientifically Proven

you need a Shrink




About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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