…my rebuttal to Joe Berry ~ Stanford University


I know you do not like my writing style

but if you just add numbers to each line on the sides of the page

you then have a legal argument too

as I can argue both the Laws of Science and the Science of Law

as your .Gov Peer-review is Garbage by those who have zero back ground in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

who have earned zero right to opinion

and as you have stated to me ~

some of those who do your peer-review have no names and you do not know who they are

as you then let them help you to get your science they way they would like to see it

proving your science is wrong from the start

and then you correct your paper until you get your paper the way they want it to be

and to say what they want it to say when you do not know who they are

as you told me this in an email

when science is to know and you do not know who is doing your peer-review

and when you do not know who is doing your peer-review it is then Garbage Science

proving you are a Puppet in bogus science for those you do not know

as they are Invisible they are Ghost Peers

while much of your so called science makes no sense in tested reality

while real known scientists with real names

find your unproven theory that is debunked by nature to be flawed and incomplete

as you continue for the past tens years to prove only your Dishonesty

and Deliberate Ignorance

proving you have a disturbed mind

~ as ~

I am not the one Preaching Proven Paranoia

~ a mental disorder ~

to the Carbon based People of this Carbon based Earth

~ You are ~

based on flawed science and proven lies

as you continue to reject the scientific method

further proving you are Pathological not Factual

and when I have completed this science argument

you will be allowed space for your Rebuttal and then I will Comment on your Rebuttal

but make sure you let Al Gore and John Kerry who continue to fail 3rd grade science

and their Puppet Scientist for Profit

Bill Nye the proven to be Lunatic and Fraud Science Guy

review and correct your rebuttal before you send it to me

as you defend their scientifically proven lies and proven fraud in science

and while you support their public statements

when you can not scientifically Prove their public statements to be reality in science

~ like their public statements for many years ~

CO2 and Water Vapor coming out of Smoke Stakes are Toxic Poison and Pollution

~ when ~

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Living Nature and the Environment



now prove the proven lies by Al Gore John Kerry and Joe Biden are not proven lies

while you have proven you are for Fascism in Science

as you have proven you are for Censorship in Science and Medicine

as you politically make believe not all voices and opinion should be heard

as my words and the words of other real scientists continue to Vanish from the Internet

when Al Gore is the number on adviser at Google

as Government Bureaucrat’s who call them selves Doctors and Scientists

are proven to Lie to the world as the Media and Press support the Proven lies

as you and they continue to just ignore many proven facts in CO2 Physics and Chemistry

that further debunk you and your unproven theory that is debunked by Nature

and preached by the media and press as settled science

just as the Doctors and Scientists at the Biden Nut House

who are scientifically proven to be Lairs and Frauds

~ as you defend them too ~

while as you should know by now many new things in science

~ after ten years of my science argument with you ~


~ the Higher the level of CO2 in the Air the Cooler the flame of a fire

as the blue part of the flame of the fire generates CO = Carbon Monoxide

while the hotter orange yellow part of the flame of the fire generates

CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

and the more efficiently all fuels are Burned

the more CO2 is Generated as less CO is generated

while CO2 the byproduct of Heat and Energy

~ causing the Carbon Cycle ~

and is a Heat and Energy Sponge

as it absorbs more heat and energy than the surrounding gases

and in many instances in nature

make the surrounding Gases Cooler not Warmer

by absorbing heat and energy away from the surrounding gases

proven in testing from 1835 to the present

and as we know too from testing if the atmosphere was 1% CO2

 your car engine running on liquid hydrogen and carbon = Gasoline

will not start and idle

because the CO2 lowered the explosion temperature in the combustion chamber

by 500 degrees

while I have yet to test if you can light a match with 1% CO2 in the air

or a wood stove

as this would prevent and stop all forest fires from happening too

and this would make it almost impossible to cook or heat with Wood or Coal or Oil

while 1% CO2 in the Air would cause head aches

if you do not add more oxygen

while proving

 there is far more CO2 science missing from the UN Climate Study

 than in the proven to be Incomplete Flawed and Fraudulent Climate Study

preached as settled science by those who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

~ while ~

Many of my comments on many climate science websites since 2007 have been removed

by proven Fascism in Science

as we now live in the world of proven Scam Science and Medicine

but what do I know after 45 plus years of working back ground in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

they do not Teach in Universities

while knowing there is zero data to support a Climate Emergency


maybe we should allow more Question Test Rebuttal Debate

of the Political Media settled science



you can not look at just one small part of one piece of the puzzle

you must look at all the parts of every piece of the puzzle

I am a Truth Finder

as you are a proven criminal in science who defends the scientifically proven Lies

as the proven Pathological Lairs and Lunatics do not know they are the Lairs and Lunatics

because they are persuaded to just Believe their scientifically proven lies

and I never where gloves ~

and then I never have to take them off ~

and thank you for helping me to prove who and what you are in tested reality

as the only thing you continue to scientifically prove to me is your Ignorance

~ when ~

the very first thing we must deal with in climate science is the proven fraud

caused by scientifically proven Pathological Ignorance

~ as ~

The New Normal is: the Lunatic Normal

and as long as you are on the side of the proven Lunatics and lairs

then you are a proven lunatic and lair too

~ as ~

Malpractice China Fauci & Mike Bloomberg are One

for power control and profit

as the Biden proven to be Fascist Treasonous Trader Nut House is one with China too

and three

the Political Lunatics now dictate a false Reality proving fascism

~ and ~

would someone please tell Al Gore White Steam = Water Vapor

is not Toxic Poison and Pollution as he preaches his proven lies to the world

~ thank you ~

and would someone please tell John Kerry

Plants and Trees need four times the CO2 than in the air today to Breathe and be Healthy

in Photosynthesis Botany and commercial Greenhouse Science

~ thank you ~

and would someone please tell both Al and John

that CO2 with zero color taste or smell

and cause of the Carbon life and energy cycle

is not Toxic Poison and Pollution

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Nature and Environment = Food and Oxygen

as we See nothing but proven Ignorance and Lies in climate science

coming from your Doomsday Climate Paranoia

because it is a scientifically proven Lunatic Political Media Religion


…and the next Doomsday will be here ~ again ~ in nine Years

as they continue to Predict Doomsday again and again and it never Happens


there are to many known climate variables ignored by the U.N. climate study

as they predict the unknowable climate future with Ouija Board Computers

based on one small fragment of all knowledge

while ignoring all science debunking the Flawed Incomplete Study

as the UN study is supported by proven to be Fraudulent Data


Political Science Fiction

is just believing the proven lies while ignoring the real science


Educators ~ Political Organizations

like the Union of Concerned Scientists and their associate Organizations

and the Media and Press

along with many other Individuals

are using an ~ Incomplete ~ Science Paper

~ that is 126 years old ~

as their Scientific Proof

Humans cause All Climate Warming Today

Proving Fraud in Science

as this Science Paper ignores many climate factors and variables known today

making the paper self debunked in many ways

while further debunked by known Climate History and Ice Core Science

as the Paper is incomplete in one area of CO2 Physics and Chemistry

and missing many other areas and parts of CO2 Physics and Chemistry

and not in the U.N Climate Study that focuses on only CO2

so the Study is based on some CO2 Physics and Chemistry

 while missing more CO2 physics and Chemistry than is in the Study

that ignores all other known climate variables and other climate science

and that’s all they have to prove humans cause any climate change

their very flawed incomplete garbage science fiction

as those who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

Preach Lunatic Doomsday Climate Warming Paranoia for Profit

based on Ouija Board Predictions that never come true

because they are based on proven to be very flawed incomplete debunked science fiction

doing only proven harm to the cause of Nature and the Environment

and only harm to the cause of all Carbon based Life

on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth


Climate Science

~ vs ~

Doomsday Climate Religion

based on proven fraud in science

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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