The Rebuttal ~ to: Idiot-ology


August 9, 2021

question test rebuttal debate

~ question ~

why is it

people being paid more money to not work than to work

can not pay their Rent ?


Cuomo and Biden have a lot in Common

with their Sexual Assaults and Corona Virus Deaths

~ as ~

the Dementia Puppet Joe Biden Nut House

is now going to Un-Constitutionally Use the U.S. Military as Gina Pigs

for an Experimental Vaccine that is not Approved by FDA


~ Good Lack of Thinking Lunatic Joe ~

based on zero Logic or Common Sense

while those who already had the Corona virus

now have 7 times the immunity than the Corona Virus Vaccine

that has many proven negative Neurological side Effects

that will harm the readiness of our Military

and that’s what happens when you have a Puppet Commander in Chief

who Failed Grade School Science

who is a Puppet to 60 Fascist Billionaires

whose plan it is to destroy We the People who are America

in order to own and control All of We the People who are America

as many continue to die from this very proven to be

Treasonous Democratic Fascism

allowing the Corona Virus to again spread all across America

with the Treasonous open Boarder Policy

as Joe continues to Break his Oath to All of We the People

Deliberately Destroying America

Deliberately Killing and Destroying many of All of We the People

for Power Control and Profit


August 8, 2021

All of We the People are America

and when you Disgrace the Flag of America you Disgrace All of We the People

and if you Hate Freedom by of and for All of We the People who are America

then why are you Here

with All of We the People who are America

and why do you Hate and Hurt All of We the People who are America

and so why don’t you Leave America and go Hate and Hurt somewhere else


Today All of We the People have proven the

Treasonous Fascist Lunatic Hypocrites

Destroying All of We the People who are America

are Dictating our daily lives

based on zero science data

based on zero scientific method

based on zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as they Preach to us our Skepticism is a Mental Disorder

~ skepticism ~

to always Question the truth in knowledge

to always know the truth in science

as they Preach to Question the Truth is a metal disorder

Preached by those who have publicly proven they failed 3rd grade science


science is: to know


science is not: political media brainwashed hearsay make believe

supported by zero science data when requested


August 6, 2021

…do you want your Children to be healthy and normal in life ?

then keep them with you 24/7

just like we did for the past 2 million years

before public schools were brainwashing and dictating how we all live our lives

while our Public Schools with the help of Teachers Unions

are ranked 25th in the world for education

as our Grade School Students were three plus years behind Students in other Countries

before the Corona virus


Obama was against Biden Running for President

~ and now ~

All of We the People are Human Gunny Pigs

as Obama is back in Power at the Biden Treasonous Nut House


…if you are dying and Catch the Corona Virus

you will still die

as the majority of those who died with the corona virus were already going to die

as 10,000 People die everyday in America

and some of them caught the corona virus before they died


~ Fascist are those who allow only their words to be Preached and heard ~

as they allow zero question test rebuttal debate

as they can provide zero science data to prove the words they Preach

as words prove nothing in science


Joe Biden has proven he is a Political Pathological Fraud

by the fact he truly believes his scientifically proven Lies

while we are not Dementia Joe’s Human Gunny Pigs

because you can not Force People to take an Experimental or not Drug or Vaccine

as this is Illogical Un-Ethical Un-Scientific and Un-Constitutional

while it is Lunatic Evil Political Science Fiction doing only proven harm


…and after Mike Bloomberg gave 600 million dollars to the Sierra Club

it is no longer the Sierra Club we knew

and today they are spending that money today

to stop Montana from building a Natural Gas Fired Power Generator

while China is Building a new Coal Powered Generator every year

that burn Montana Coal for Dirt Cheep

while the U.S.A. has already far exceeded its CO2 Reduction Goals

in the Lunatic Climate Agreement by Politicians who fail 3rd grade science


Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

is a scientifically proven Lunatic in Science

and if ~

the Pfizer Corona Virus Vaccine is in fact Harming or Damaging the Ovaries of Women

then Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

and his Life Long World Wide Sterilization Dream has Come True

as I have not seen the Peer-Reviewed Study

but I am aware of the Study showing many Negative effects to the human body

by the Pfizer ~ Experimental ~ Corona Virus Vaccine

with the number one negative effect to Women Harming their Ovaries

but I have not reviewed the study

while I never take Experimental Drugs or Drugs in General

as I Practice Natural Health when ever possible

and if you are dreaming of having your own children

then my Logical Common Sense advise would be

is do not take any Experimental Corona Virus Vaccines

as it is always better to be safe than sorry

while the only people dying with the corona virus were already going to die from

preexisting Illness and still would have died regardless of any virus

as the yearly flu virus does the very same

and if you are healthy then you are not going to die from the Corona virus

and you do not need a vaccine

but if you are an elderly person with underlying heath issues then get the vaccine

and hope the known and unknown side effects do not harm you or kill you


slow suffocation from wearing a mask that does not protect you from the corona virus

but will cause brain and vital internal organ damage from oxygen deprivation

and is very  foolish to wear

and more so for Children while the Elderly need more oxygen not less

while those in the hospital dying need oxygen not a respirator


the Illegal Lock Downs and the Forced wearing of the Mask

are proven to increase the spreed of the virus

and the Experimental Vaccine with known and still unknown negative side effects

a vaccine that most healthy people do not need

have nothing to do with Wellness and everything to do with Democratic Fascism

as the Paranoia the Political Media Democrats Preach is for Political Ploy

as the Democrats do not take advantage of every Crises or let it go to waste

they Invent the Crises destroying Lives and America

for Power Control and Profit

as they are Politically Brainwashing our Children in Kindergarten


August 3 ~ 5

~ 2021 ~

To: Joe Berry

Stanford University


question ?

when there is not enough electricity to turn on the kitchen lights in California

then how do you charge your Electric Car


…if you look for the truth you can find the known truth ~

but if you do not look then you can not See


The Policies of the Biden Nut House are Constitutional Crimes against America

as Joe continues to Help and allow Crime and Terrorism and the Corona virus

to invade the U.S. Boarders

as Joe took an Oath to Protect We the People by Protecting our Boarders

as he is Deliberately Failing his Oath to all of We the People who are America


Every time Joe Biden Speaks about Science and Medicine

he is Debunked by Peer-Reviewed Science he does not comprehend and ignores

for his true belief in Preached Lunatic Political Science Fiction he can not Articulate

as Joe continues to Fail 3rd Grade Science

as Joe continues to reject all Scientific Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and all Peer-Reviewed Science Proving he is Wrong

while he can provide zero real science data to prove he is not Lying to

All of We the People


…and if you had the Corona virus with no symptoms

then the last thing you want to do is put the Experimental Corona virus vaccine

that you do not need to put in your body


your bodies immune system is already protecting you

~ 7 times stronger ~

than the Corona Virus Vaccine with known negative side effects

to those who have taken the Experimental Vaccine

causing Neurological Issues negatively effecting the body and brain

as we know today there are always negative side effects to all vaccines

that will harm in some way the natural healthy Immune system

and if your own healthy immune system

~ prevented ~

any symptoms of the Corona virus when infected then it is very foolish to take the Vaccine

as 99.99 % of us with the Virus Lived and did not die from this mild virus

before their was a Vaccine

being used as a Political Tool to control everyone’s daily life while doing only further harm




Computer Models in Science

~ Predicting ~

the Un Knowable Future based on Zero Fact is: Ouija Board Science Fiction

~ while ~

The Joe Biden Democrats at NASA

are Publishing Proven Fraud in Climate Science in their Climate Science News Letter

~ while ~

Unemployed People are being paid more money than me

as I am 65 years old and continue to work Part Time to make ends meet

and just as the price of everything is Skyrocketing

I am now getting Screwed by Social Security again

and now I will have to go find another Part Time Job

because Social Security made a Mistake before and not me

and now they are making the same mistake again

as they like to include reimbursement for expenses as Income

as I make under $15.00 per hour under $400.00 a week before taxes

and now I will ~ not ~ receive my monthly payment of $479.00 Dollars

after medicare is taken out

and then in April of 2022 they will allow me to receive my monthly payment again

as I continue to work and pay into Social Security

as they tell me I made to much money working part time to make ends meet

while living at the poverty level

because if you make over $17,000. per year working Part Time to make ends meet

and to pay medical bills because Montana State Fund committed Fraud against me

for over $40,000.00

they then take away money from you and force you to work more to make up the deference

while it is now costing me $100.00 more a month for gasoline just to do my part time job

and now that’s ~ $579.00 ~ less in my pocket every month

while trying to pay Old and New Medical Bills

and pay back debt caused by not working for three years from work injuries

caused by the Negligence of a previous  Employer


By 2008

the U.S. Government had Borrowed over 40 Trillion Dollars from Social Security

to buy and pay for many things

and of course that 40 trillion stolen from All of We the People will never be paid back to SS

while the U.S. Government by 2008 owed over 40 Trillion to the World Bond Market

and I can only guess the U.S. Government owes much more than 40 trillion

to the U.S. Bond Market

so by 2008

the U.S. Government owed over 120 trillion Dollars

as the U.S. Debt on the Books I believe is close to 25 Trillion or more

and I am guessing since 2008 much more has been borrowed from Social Security

as they take $479.00 from me to give to the unemployed who can work

but choose to be unemployed ~ to go with their Free Rent

and I am sure my Social Security

will be paying towards the Free Rent of people who could work

as Retired People Suffer More


Thanks Joe Biden

for steeling from the Working Retired Poor

who only work because they are forced to work to stay above water and make ends meet

and giving our SS to the Young unemployed who make more for not working

while not having to pay rent too

and maybe they will take my Medicare away from me too

to pay for Social Securities admitted mistake

as I owe them nothing

while I had to borrow money every month for three years to make my House Payment

because Montana State Fund did commit Fraud against me

when I could not work for three years

due to work injuries caused by the Negligence of my Employer

the Helena School District

who will go unpunished as I am Punished for their Negligence

as I have proven Montana State Fund is Organized Crime

by the State of Montana Government

as I continue to live and work with long term Post Concussion Syndrome

while trying to make ends meet

as I have worked full time since I was 16 years old and I will work until the day I die

while I am Thankful and Lucky to be alive

and I can still Drive with out Issues hindering my ability to drive

as it now takes me about six hours to do about two hours of work around my House

and I am happy because I could be Dead or in a Coma or in a Wheelchair

as I stay as active as I can be everyday

and all I ask for is Justice

as I do not need or want Sympathy and I do not need or want Charity

as proven Fascism continues to take away everyone’s Freedoms

so Screw All the Old People Struggling to Survive


Our Grand Children are now being Brainwashed by Marxist Fascism in our Public Schools

Thanks to Fascist Democratic Teachers Unions

who Support the Biden Fascist Nut House Destroying America


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor

45 years Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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