The Rebuttal ~ to: Idiot-ology


…for the truth in Life and knowledge for a better life for All ~

August 15 ~ 23



Fascist Lunatic Political Media Science Fiction

~ vs ~


reviewed analyzed questioned rebutted debated

fact tested reality in science and fact knowable history


science is: to know

you can not send Water through Electricity

but you can send Electricity through Water

and to know

U.S. Government Doctors are Scientifically Proven Political Lairs

as the Media and Press support the Proven Lairs and Frauds in Science and Medicine

while allowing zero rebuttal to proven Liars doing proven Harm to All of We the People


Joe Biden’s America is Anti-American Fascism

and supported by the proven to be Fascist Media and Press


Al-Qaeda the Taliban & Pakistan Iran Russia and China could not be Happier

~ because ~

We the People have a proven to be

~ Mental Patient in Charge of America ~

and I am guessing the Hunter Biden Treasonous Foreign Policy Retirement Fund

is doing very well today

~ because ~

the Biden Family is Organized Crime

while the Treasonous Mentally Ill Big Guy is still in Charge

and no one could be happier about Joe being out of his mind than

 Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris

while Kamala will tell us of course ~

Climate Change is why Joe is out of his Mind

but when in fact

Paranoid Climate Religion is: why Kamala is out of her Mind

as Joe continues to make all the Terrorist the very happiest Carbon based People

on this scientifically proven to be ~

CO2 starved carbon based earth

as Joe Biden and his Nut House Team are on two different pages

as they together destroy America and our Security

~ while in Joe’s reality ~

Joe now trusts the Taliban

while the 50,000 plus Afghans who died Frighting the Taliban

are now the bad guys

and now Millions of Afghans may be murdered by the Taliban

because if you are not one with the Taliban you will be Murdered

as they promise to Murder everyone on this planet who is not one with the Taliban

as the proven Lunatic Joe Biden has sided with the proven Lunatics

who are now killing Americans


To: The Loony Bin Biden Nut House

Joe Biden is very obviously Mentally Ill

and it is time to move Joe to a different Loony Bin

where he can no longer cause the death of many People


Americans are Dying in Afghanistan today


I do not think Joe Biden can remember 3rd Grade or Yesterday

and if you are waiting to get through a gate at the Kabul Airport

and you can not get into the airport and onto an Airplane

and you are left behind in Afghanistan

you will be Publicly Beheaded

while how many of the Taliban Terrorist will be on the Airplanes

with the stolen papers and Passports of Americans

while any Terrorist today can just fly to Mexico from anywhere

and just walk across our unprotected borders

as we know many are doing today freely

and allowing this to happen is Treason against America

by Dementia Joe Biden & the Loony Bin Nut House


The People of Afghanistan Believe in America = We the People

until now


Joe Biden who Failed 3rd Grade

continues to Fail 3rd Grade Science


Joe Biden has Proven he is the Cancer not the Cure


The People of Afghanistan did not Fail

Joe Biden Failed Reality

as Joe Biden continues to ignore tested reality for his make believe

while the Taliban always lie just as Joe Biden always lies

but Joe always Believes his proven lies

while up to as many Americans are now Trapped in Afghanistan

who are Non Military American Citizens who are now going to Die in Afghanistan ?

or be held hostage ? or both ? would be most likely as they will be used and harmed

because they can not get to the Kabul Airport

while many of those who make it to the Kabul Airport

will be stop from entering the Airport

as all papers and Pass Ports are taken away from everyone

as the Taliban is now hunting down all Afghan Military and their Families

and Murdering them


Fascist Twitter Supports World Wide Fascist Terrorism


Fascistly Denying the Equal Right to Free Speech to all Americans


Why do we not treat the other 150 Virus the same way we treat the Corona Virus ?

Profit for Billionaires who own Joe Biden


You can not Legally or Constitutionally

Force anyone to take an Experimental Drug or Vaccine

because you can not force anyone to put any Drug or Vaccine in their Body

Experimental or Not

and if you had the Corona Virus with zero symptoms then you do not need a Vaccine

or if you had mild symptoms then you no not need the Vaccine

and if you had what I had

a bad 3 day cold from the Corona virus

then you do not need any vaccine

because your own already very Healthy Immune system

is already 7 times better protection than the Vaccine can provide

as over 99.99% who had the Corona virus Lived

~ before there was a Vaccine ~

while those who died with the Corona Virus were already dying

as 10,000 Americans dye everyday of something

and some of them caught the the Corona Virus just before they died

while the Experimental Corona virus Vaccines do have Neurological

and other very serious side effects like harm to the Ovaries of Woman

as this Emergency Vaccine should only be given to the already weak and sick

and not to those who already have a very proven to be healthy immune system

as these Experimental Vaccines will be good for two years or more

and Boosters are not needed

but would make billionaires richer

who have already been paid in advance

for un needed vaccines


You can not force anyone to take an Experimental Vaccine they do not need

but will do harm

as we are all now Joe Biden’s Guinea Pigs

~ while ~

Puppet Dementia Joe Biden is: a Proven Treasonous Trader and Coward


Thank You To:

~ those who know ~

by Your Questioned Truth in Tested Reality


~ knowing ~

if you live in New York City

you can not go to the Food Market or Grocery Store

with out a Vaccine Passport


~ knowing ~

Arrogant Treasonous Stupidity Controls America


Most of We the People

~ know ~

We have Politicians committing Medical Malpractice

with out a Licence to Practice Medicine

while Proving we have Politicians who Failed 3rd Grade Science

Dictating Science to Scientists

as the Real War against Tested Reality is Happening in America


Joe Biden can still read


Joe Biden is a proven Pathological Lair with Dementia

Destroying America

with the Help of the Deep State Democratic Political Party

who pull Joe’s strings with the help of Joe’s Criminal Family

as Joe goes where Joe is told to go and reads what Joe is told to read


To: Joe Berry

Stanford University


The Data and Physics and Chemistry and known History you Politically Ignore

further debunk your unproven theory



when you Erase or Change the Reality of History and Knowledge

you condemn the future


All of We the People


Fascism is:

when only one Political or Religious point of view is allowed

as it Dictates all Science and History based on zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate


Fauci and the CDC

ignore the very available world wide Medical Science Data

that Debunk them and prove they are wrong

as they do more Health Harm not less Health Harm to All of We the People

proving only their Ignorance in Peer-reviewed Medicine and Science

caused by obvious Political Influence


as Political Ignorance continues to dictate a false reality doing only harm


During the Christian Crusade

they Killed all the Muslims

~ and with out Religious Wars where would we be today ~


We can be in Afghanistan without Boots on the Ground

as we have had zero deaths in Afghanistan for 18 months

as we were not Fighting the Battles on the Ground

while we did give Support to the Afghan Military

while better protecting America and our Friends from

World Wide Religious Political Terrorism

and that is why We the People who are America

have Separation of Church and State

where all of Religion sharing the same God

can live and Peacefully come together and learn together

with a Truth in knowledge shared together as we grow forward together


The majority of our friends in this world wanted the U.S. to stay in Afghanistan

for better World Security

as we have now planted many new seeds for More and New Terrorism

and if I was the President of the United States today

I would have drop a bomb on the Afghan Presidential Palace yesterday

but if I was President it would of never reached that point in the first place


…when I was a Boy Scout

our Motto then and my Motto still Today is


~ Be Prepared ~

for anything and everything

when Joe is never Prepared for anything  ~

and what Joe and Company have proven they do best is Shoot the Foot in his mouth

as the very worst possible Case Scenario is now Happening to

All the People of Afghanistan

and too All of We the People who are America

as Joe has zero plan for the very worst as it happens


Incompetence Speaks Louder than Words

and Preached Lunatic Political Science Fiction is not knowledge


Joe Biden has been a Proven Pathological Lair and Wrong

everyday for the past 50 years

and now Girls from the age 15 and unmarried Woman up to the age 45

are now the Property and Sex Slaves of the Taliban

and any one in Afghanistan who helped the U.S. Military in any way

they and their Families will be Drag from their homes and Publicly Executed

while the Taliban is now gaining Billions of dollars of Afghanistan Military Hardware

paid for by All of We the People

as Joe Biden Blames President Trump for the Biden Lunatic Exit with out a Logical plan

as we should have kept all U.S. Military Bases in Afghanistan to better Protect America

and now the Taliban Terrorist own and control Afghanistan again

and now we are far worse off today than back where we started 20 years ago

as we Helped the Taliban Fight the Russians when they were Fighting the Taliban

and now we have made the Taliban many times stronger again

proving maybe we should have helped the Russians fight the Taliban

and then

the Dick ~ Halliburton ~ Cheney and the Russians

could have put their wish of their Oil Pipe Line through Afghanistan together

as it was Dick Cheney before 9/11 who Wined and Dined the Taliban here in the U.S.A

to sell his Oil Pipe Line through Afghanistan

while Dementia Joe Biden is still wrong everyday

as history continues to repeat itself again and again

as Joe Biden ~ and not ~ We the People


the People of Afghanistan in the Back

as we will now witness a Holocaust of those who helped America

as the Puppet Joe Biden Evil continues

as millions will die as Evil continues to grow by his Incompetence

as we can clearly see the Empty Suite in the Biden Nut House is not in charge

as the War Zones in America continue to Spread and Grow

as Terrorism Crime and Disease continues to freely cross our U.S. boarders everyday

as those who deliberately cause the Crises can not fix any Crises

while only our Proven Enemies buy Art Work from Hunter Biden

as proven Fascist Criminal Political Lunatics are in Charge of America


~ Everything Puppet Joe Biden has done and is doing is proven to be Wrong ~

as Joe continues to help all of our Proven Enemies

while doing only proven Harm to All of We the People

as Joe Biden continues to prove only his Blind Ignorance in everything ~

making Joe Biden the number one proven threat to the Security of America


Puppet Joe continues his Proven Treason against America

as Kamala Antifa Harris continues to blame everything going wrong on Climate Change

while climate change is very real

while it is scientifically proven to not be caused by Carbon based Humans

made by and from this Carbon based Earth

where everything living and not living has Carbon in it

with the exception of 5 Microbes


To: Fox News Sunday

The U.S. Government Doctors on the Boob Tube

are Scientifically Test Proven Political Lairs

as you Media Preachers will allow zero Rebuttal to the Proven Medical Lies

by Employees of the U.S. Government who side with a political party

rather than their Medical Oath and We the People

as the Public is allowed to hear only the Political Brainwashing side of the Story

~ Right Chris Wallace ~

as you allow zero Question Rebuttal Debate in Science and Medicine

to proven lies by Government Doctors

proving you are a Political Preacher and not a real Journalist

as a real Journalist provides all the available facts to the public

while a Political Preacher allows only the Political side of the Story

while ignoring all the available facts proving your political ignorance

as you have earned zero right to opinion

as you deny the public of proven fact tested reality in Science and Medicine

as you side with Political Media Ploy doing only Further Harm to all of We the People

as you allow only the Proven Political Lies to Be Un-Questioned

and when you do not know the Questioned Truth

then you just believe in your Proven Lies Proving you are Pathological not Factual

as your Ignorance allows you to prove nothing either way

because your Ignorance is your lack of very available knowledge you ignore

and while knowing honest doctors can be wrong 50% of the time

the very last place I would go for Medical Opinion is to a Government Doctor

who are proven wrong most of the time caused by their Proven Ignorance

or by their proven Hearsay Lunatic Politics

as we live in a world of Preached Ignorance

where the Preachers do not know they are lying


Bruce Kershaw


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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