The Rebuttal ~ to: Idiot-ology


September, 18


I am 65 years Young

and Joe Biden has Cut Off my Social Security and my Medicare

Thanks Joe

I will Cancel my Medical Appointments in October

and now you will have more money to give to the Terrorist

that we know you are allowing to freely cross Our Boarder not Your Boarder

along with Gang Members Human Traffickers Cartels with Guns Weapons and Drugs

along with the many who have Illness and Disease who will be Welfare Cases forever

as you then put them on Buses and send them to everywhere in America

with out telling us who they are and where you sent them

as you Give Afghanistan to Terrorists

and then Desert Americans and our Friends in Afghanistan

as you force We the People to buy Energy from our Enemies

  who support Terrorism against America

while cutting off much closer cheaper cleaner energy from our friends

that requires much less energy to safer transport

as you continue to Destroy our Economy

while trying to force everyone to take an experimental Vaccine that is doing Proven Harm

and forcing people to where a Mask causing Oxygen Deprivation

by Trapping CO2 in your body

causing an Acid imbalance causing a Hemoglobin imbalance

causing Brain and Vital Internal Organ Damage

while the Mask is not protecting you from the Corona Virus

as you Preach Climate Paranoia

for a Climate Emergency that is scientifically proven to not Exist

as China builds a new Coal Fired Power plant every year

as we sell all of our Coal to China and India for Dirt Cheep

that requires enormous amounts of energy to transport across the Oceans

as India and China each burn many times the amount Coal than America has ever burned

as you Punish All of We the People in every way in life based on your Proven Ignorance


Proven to be Fascist Joe Biden has clearly medically proven he is Mentally Ill

Joe Biden is Incoherent Incompetent

and has proven he is as Dumb as a Box of Rocks in Science and Medicine

as he supports Terrorism and Crime Invading America

as Joe Biden Breaks everything that was not Broken

for his proven to be fascist friends

as the Hunter Biden Retirement Fund Grows

as the Anti-American Media and Press continue to Lie to We the People for Political Ploy

as they allow zero rebuttal to their proven lies

as Big Tech Censors the Fact Proven Truth by We the People

as they allow Terrorism to have Free Speech

further dividing We the People and destroying America


Those who have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion Dictate Science

while those who have earned the right to Scientific Opinion are Silenced

as they refuse to publicly debate their proven to be Fraudulent  Science

they can not Articulate or Prove is real with real Science Data

as they reject all question test rebuttal debate



Lunatic Political Science Fiction

Proves Nothing in Real Science


Proven to be Political Pathological Frauds Dictate a False Reality


Preaching Paranoia is not Science

and Bernie Sanders & John Kerry

and the Democratic Party

are scientifically test proven Frauds in Science


Treasonous Billionaire John Kerry

made Deals with the Iranians during the Trump Administration

while John Kerry has yet to provide me with his Science Data proving there is a

Climate Emergency

or scientific proof Carbon based Humans are causing any climate change

nor can anyone since I began my Investigation in 2007

while climate change is real for billions of years there is no Climate Emergency

as the only thing John can scientifically Prove is his Preached Paranoia for Profit


September 13 ~ 17



The Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

is caused by

two oxygen atoms ~ based to ~ one carbon atom


Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

Di = two

Oxide = Oxygen

from the Hot Churning Liquid Core of this Carbon based Earth

with the majority of CO2 coming from Volcanic activity below sea level

Acidifying the Oceans over billions of years


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment causing Food and Oxygen

and is the byproduct of warming by the variable Sun and not the cause of warming

as scientifically proven

CO2 = Green = the carbon cycle and all carbon based life

while plants and trees need more CO2 for normal good health

as scientifically proven

as this Carbon based Earth has been covered by Jungle many times

and then covered by Ice many times

caused by the variable Sun


To: Joe Berry ~ Stanford University

as You Preach a Climate Emergency that does not Exist in Real Nature

as you know

Doomsday Climate Warming Paranoia is a scientifically proven to be Political Media Lie

for Power Control and Profit

~ Joe ~

and as you know

a Carbon Tax is a Tax on All Living Breathing Life and Nature

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy =

Plants and Trees = You and Me

~ the cause of all ~

Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life and Secondary Energy

 in a continuous Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

caused by this Carbon based Earth where everything has carbon in it

with the help of our Variable Sun

as We Carbon based Humans are 20% Carbon made from CO2

as your Climate Religion

ignores the Variable Sun with many cycles is the Primary Climate Variable

that continues to be warmer and brighter

as you ignore many known climate variables

that further debunk your self debunked un proven theory


6CO2 + 6H2O + v ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2

~ with ~

The Majority of CO2 coming from Volcanic Activity below Sea level

and with water vapor evaporated by the variable Sun causing an Atmosphere

causing Nature and the Environment

as all life still comes from the Oceans


CO2 and Water Vapor is the Evaporated byproduct of Warming

by the variable Sun with many known cycles

with the Variable Sun causing Ice Ages and Warming Periods for Billions of Years

as Ice Core Science has proven Ice ages with many times the CO2 in the air than today

while we had a much warmer period 1000 years ago for 200 years with lower CO2 levels


 Climate Change is very Real

while the Un Proven Theory Humans cause Climate Warming

continues to be further debunked everyday by Real Science and Real Data

further proving

Preached Doomsday Climate Paranoia is a Lunatic Political Media Religion

based on proven to be flawed Incomplete science

supported by proven to be flawed and Fraudulent Data

further supported by 30 plus years of self debunked Computer Ouija Board Prediction

based on one factor

while ignoring all other many known Climate Variables

further debunking the self debunked unproven theory

Preached as Settled Science


failed perdition of the unknowable future based on proven to be Garbage science

does not prove

Carbon based Humans who produce less than 3% of the CO2 in the air

cause Normal Climate Warming between Ice Ages


Climate Science is a brand new science as we learn and know something new everyday in

~ every science ~

as settled science does not exist in 5th Grade Science

and only those who failed 5th grade Science Preach the Science is Settled

while they can provide zero science Data when requested

to support their Proven to be Political Media Lies


Dementia Joe Biden continues to fail 3rd grade science since 3rd grade

and Joe is now committing Medical Malpractice to All of We the People

as Fascism Rejects all Question Test Rebuttal Debate

for Power Control and Profit

as Joe Biden continues to Import Terrorism from all over this world to our America

based on zero question test rebuttal debate

because what We the People want does not matter to Fascism


…and who is lying to All of We the People ~


and when you live in fear of stating whats on your mind

or are Censored when stating the fact proven Truth

then you are no longer Living in Freedom


~ and if it is True ~

then ~

General Mark Milley

must be Removed Immediately

and if found Guilty of Treason

be Shot by Military Firing Squad


I am not concerned that General Milley Communicated with his counterpart in China

during Peace Time

but what I am overly concerned with is ~

what the General said and how he said it

and who Politically Instructed Gen. Milley to say what he said


The Dementia Biden Nuthouse is:

Scientifically Test Proven Arrogant Ignorance


When the Majority of All of We the People Vote for something to be Law

and then Law Makers ~ We the People Pay ~ to do the Will of We the People

then take away the Will of We the People and work against the Will of We the People

this is called Treason against the Will of We the People


When a Political Party stops the Majority of We the People from their rights

this is Treason


When only Fascism has a voice then there is no longer We the People


only fascism can censor the truth


…and what if we gave 90 billion dollars to the Homeless of America

instead of 90 billion dollars in weapons to the Taliban ?

The Obama Biden Nuthouse Committed Treason against All of We the People

and now the Biden Obama Nuthouse is once again Committing Treason against

All of We the People who are America

~ while ~

People are now starving in Afghanistan

as everyone in Afghanistan are trying to escape the Taliban who will destroy their lives

or Kill Them

as the Goal of the Taliban is to do the very same all over the world

as Joe Biden has made the Terrorist Dreams and Payers all over world more possible

as he is doing the very same with his Treasonous Open Boarders


Joe Biden is proven to be helping World Wide Terrorism Destroy America

and thanks to Joe Biden and his Taliban ~

Many Afghan People are now starving to Death

just as the NAZI Party did to the Jewish People

and if you do not believe in the Taliban God you will be Beheaded


Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris is proven to be helping Domestic Terrorism Destroy America

and I will say it again

~ and how long before a Terrorist walks across our boarder

with a Suitcase size Nuclear Bomb and places it in Down Town America

and would that convince the Democrats to have a Secure Boarder

by waiting for it to happen


There is a Holocaust happening in Afghanistan

by Beheading

including Young Boys who may be a future treat to the Taliban

along with Beatings and Torture

while Young Girls and Woman are Raped and are now Slaves to Terrorists


how is Joe Biden going to save all the many Americans ~ he ~ left behind ?

and our Afghan Supporters trapped in Afghanistan ~ he ~ left behind ?

with more very proven to be Joe Biden Treasonous Lies ?


Treasonous Fascist Trader Joe Biden is Responsible for this ongoing Holocaust

as Joe preaches to us it was all President Trumps Mistake

while not doing what President Trump did Plan to do

as Joe now preaches to us it was a Successful Withdraw too

and how many Americans Allies and Afghans will die at the hands of Terrorist

that Joe has now Helped and now believes he can Trust

further proving Joe Biden and his Lunatic Nuthouse are out of their Minds


The Taliban Broke their agreement with President Trump

and by breaking their agreement

the United States Military would still be in control of all Air Force Bases in Afghanistan

and there would be Peace in Afghanistan and no Holocaust by Terrorists


When you rise taxes on Corporations

the taxes are passed on to the Consumer while reinvestment drops or stops

causing Inflation with Stagnation while costing Jobs and wages

as the price of everything continues to go up

while allowing for less Freedom in America


September 12, 2021

Ignorance is the new Reality the new Normal

while In Real Science we know ~

I can Scientifically Prove Malpractice Fauci who is a Government Doctor

is Stupid or a Fraud or a Stupid Fraud

and when you destroy history you destroy reality and the future ~


about 3,000 People Died on 9/11

and every two days before 9/11 and every two days after 9/11

3,200 Unborn Americans Die Every two days from Abortion

regardless of your views on Abortion

as 10,000 Americans die everyday of something

and those who died with the Corona virus

were already very weak frail and sick and going to die before they caught the Corona virus

while many who had the Corona virus with no symptoms or Illness

 and then died in an Accident with their death certificate stating

they died of the Corona virus

and the very same for the many who died of the yearly Flu Virus

proving Political Fraud in Medicine for Political Ploy

while those who already had the Corona virus do not need a vaccine

as your immune system is already 7 times better than the vaccine

and the only Guarantee in Life is Death

and while you my not like the Tested Truth and Ignore the Tested Truth

the Tested Truth is still Real

even when you are Politically persuaded and convinced to make believe it is not Real

when Belief is an Emotional Feeling and is Pathological not Factual

then your True Belief in Political Media Preached Hate and Paranoia

is not Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

as the Media and Press Reject all Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as they Reject the available data proving they are Frauds in Science and Medicine

for Political Ploy

as they allow zero rebuttal to their Scientifically fact proven lies

for power control and profit doing only harm



September 7 ~ 10


Fascism Dictates a False Reality

~ as ~

Those who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

~ Preach ~

Lunatic Political Science Fiction

~ while ~

Joe Biden just handed over Afghanistan to Terrorism on a ~ Gold ~ Platter

proving Joe Biden is not Bad at Foreign Policy

~ but ~

Proving Joe is Insane


Joe Biden is a Dictator with Dementia

~ and ~

Would someone please tell Joe Biden that if you had the Corona Virus

then the immune system in your own body is 7 times better than the Vaccine

and forcing people to take a Vaccine or anything is Un-Constitutional

and the more you try to force We the People to take this Experimental Vaccine

the more court cases there will be

Further Proving Joe Biden’s Ignorance

as Joe continues to Shoot the Foot in his Mouth everyday


…no one is hurting the Working People of America

and All People all over this World

more than Joe Biden

while the Hard Science Data continues to Debunk and Prove Fauci is a Fraud

and would Fauci like an open Public question test rebuttal debate ?

and why does Fauci not Question the available data he ignores ?

why does Fauci Politically Reject the Scientific Method ?

as Scientifically Proven Fascism Dictates a False Reality by Preached Paranoia

as they continue to Destroy History Reality for Power Control and Profit


It is time to Remove Joe Biden

and Swear In

Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris


I am 65 years old

I am Semi-Retired

as I work Part time to make ends Meet

I make less than $15.00 per hour as I work about 28 hours a week

and that is about $400.00 per week before Taxes

and today I received a Bill from Medicare for $594.00

Due in Full by 9/25/21

because Social Security cut me off for making over $17,000 last year

as I made about $4,000 to much last year before taxes trying to pay for medical bills

that should have been Paid by Montana State Fund but they committed Fraud against me

and I had to go two of the three years I was unable to work with out an income

because I could not work from work injuries caused by my Employer

the Helena School District

while Social Security sent me a bill for over 4,000 for making $4,000 to much

before Taxes

and I will cancel the Bogus Medicare

and of course my Humana Supplemental Health care that leaves me with Co Pays

will be Canceled too

and I will go find another part time weekend job

to replace the $479.00 per month loss of my Social Security

as my cost for fuel is up $200.00 per month

as I still pay Taxes into SS since I was 15 years old

and I will not see any Social Security or Medicare until April of 2022

as I went though the same thing the year before last

SS sent me a bill for making to much money because

they did their math based on 12 mounts of income when I only worked for 5 months

and this time SS maybe looking at reimbursement money as income

as they have taxed reimbursement money in the past

as this is money out of my pocket that has already been taxed

that I use for expenses to do my part time job to stay above water

and now they want to call this reimbursement money income ? again ?

and I can not fight them anymore

as they make the mistakes and I pay for their mistakes

while those who are not working are making much more money than I am

while they have free health care and free rent

and soon households with children will receive 3,000 plus dollars for child care

so where is my retroactive child care money for rising my Child years ago

as Joe Biden treats Terrorist better than he treats the Elderly of America

as Joe steals money from the working retired and gives it to Terrorism

as I am Punished for being self Sufficient

now put Treasonous Joe Biden in my shoes and see how he likes it


The U.S. Government by 2008 had burrowed over 40 Trillion dollars

from Social Security that it can never re-pay back

with out stealing it from We the People again

and does anyone in Washington D.C. give a Damn


The State of Montana Government has committed Fraud against me

as the U.S. Government has committed Fraud against me

as they are both Proven Organized Crime


The Actions by the Biden Nuthouse are Constitutional Crimes

the Actions by the Biden Nuthouse are Crimes of Treason


Test Proven Ignorance is in Charge of America


seeing history as it happens again

…and as I have said many times before ~

Pathological is not Factual


Scientifically Proven to be ~

Lunatic Political Media Science Fiction

is not proven Fact Tested Reality in Science


…there are the proven to be harmless lies that can do no harm

and there are the proven deliberate lies that do only harm

and If you already had the Corona Virus

you do not need a Vaccine

as 99.99% of those who had the Corona virus before there was a Vaccine

are alive and well today

and now have 7 times the protection from their own immune system than the Vaccine

while those who died with the Corona Virus were already dying from something

as 10,000 Americans die everyday of something

and many of them caught the Corona virus before they died

as the same happens every year caused by the many yearly Flu Viruses

as the Media and Press continue to withhold from We the People

the most Vital Facts about the Corona Virus

~ like ~

how many who test positive for the Corona virus have zero symptoms

as many have Zero Symptoms and Zero Illness

and how many with the Corona Virus had the Equivalent to the Common Cold

as many did have

and how many with the Corona Virus went to the Hospital with underlying Illness

and recovered

and how many with the Corona virus Died in the Hospital

but were over 70 years of age and were already dying before the caught the Corona Virus

while 1,600 Americans die everyday from Abortion

as the Media Preaches Paranoia for Political Ploy

while wearing a Mask has been proven to do only Harm for many reasons

just as Lock Downs are proven to do only harm for many reasons

as the proven to be Political Frauds who have earned zero right to Medical Science opinion

dictate Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing only further harm to everyone

for their Fascist Power Control and Profit


There are very real negative side effects with these new Experimental Vaccines

that should only be given to those with very high risk of harm

from this very mild Corona Virus

as a Healthy People with a Healthy Immune System do not need a Vaccine

for a mild Man Made Virus


The Man Made Corona Virus is a Proven to be World Wide Political False Alarm

for Power Control and Profit

and there will be another made made Virus Released again

and I would be much more concerned about the next Made Made Virus


Malpractice Fauci is a proven Fraud in Medical Science


September 6, 2021

Joe Biden has Scientifically Proven he is Mentally Ill

as he Dictates Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing only Harm to everyone


September 4, 2021

and what did I here being chanted at the College Football Games today ?

F*** Joe Biden ~ F*** Joe Biden ~ F*** Joe Biden

as that is now the Consensus of the Majority of We the People


Dementia Joe Biden and the Biden ~ Obama II Treasonous Nut House

Reward our Soldiers in Afghanistan by making them Sitting Ducks

as our U.S. Soldiers are forced to help Import and Transport Terrorism into America

as American Hero’s Die to benefit Terrorism against America

as Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris Runs and Hides

as the Biden Nut House continue to be Treasonous Traders against All of We the People

as Dementia Joe Preaches his Catastrophic Withdraw from Afghanistan to be

an Extraordinary Successes by allowing Terrorism to grow and win

while giving Terrorism 90 Billion Dollars in U.S. Weapons

paid for by We the People to be used against We the People

as Joe Biden’s Treason against We the People is just getting started

as Joe’s Treason began during the Obama Treasonous Nut House

as the Treason by Both together continue

and how many Americans and our Friends that Joe deserted in Afghanistan

will continue to be used tortured and die

at the Hands of Terrorism supported by Joe Biden

as Forgotten Homeless U.S Veteran War Hero’s Die in the Streets of America everyday

and what would the cost of 90 Billion in weapons given to the Taliban

as their welcome Home Gift to the Terrorist Biden now Trusts

what would that 90 billion do for the Homeless U.S. War Hero’s

now dying in the Streets of America

as Joe Rewards World Wide Terrorism


The Proven to be Fascist Lunatics in the Biden Obama II Nut House

have proven they are Treasonous Traders to America


September 2, 2021

To : Joe Berry

Stanford University


Terrorist crossing our Borders

are treated better than War Hero Veterans of the U.S. Military

who are Homeless and dying in the streets of America

many by Suicide


Climate Change is Real

and Scientifically proven to not be caused by Carbon based Humans

made by and from this Carbon based Earth

as the Truth is Tested not Believed


It is not the Majority of We the People

~ The Independents ~

who need to be Reprogrammed

it is the Fascist Lunatic Political Science Fiction Democrats who need to be Arrested

for their on going Treason against We the People


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and thank you to those who made it possible


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~ now back to today ~

Barack Obama is Joe Biden’s Adviser

~ back to yesterday ~


Law based on Religion is not Law


Only a complete and total Lunatic and out of their mind Fool would Trust the Taliban

~ September 1. 2021 ~

Joe Biden has Deserted All of We the People



I have been a Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

and Joe Biden is not the worst President in my life time going back to

John F. Kennedy at the age of 7 years old


Joe Biden is Constitutionally the worst President in the History of America

and is a proven Treasonous Trader to All of We the People

because he is a Puppet Dunce who continues to Fail 3rd Grade Science

who has earned zero right to any opinion in anything

Joe has Scientifically Proven he has zero Logic or Common Sense

and is being Used as he destroys America


We have all seen Jill Biden go across the room and take Joe by the hand

and then take Joe back where he should be ~

Who tells Joe Biden what he can and can not do ?

as Joe is like a 5 year old and must be told what he can say and can not say

and what questions he can take and answer and can not take and can not answer

in the Biden Nut House where the Buck never stops


The Beheading of Reality


Reality the Hard Way


August 31, 2021

Joe Biden does not know he is Lying


I have come to the Realization many times in my life

that government is Organized Crime and it always will be Criminal in many ways

and to know this ~

I can only provide tested reality to those who wish to know too

rather than Make Believe in something that is not real but controls our daily lives


…their is the right way to do anything and the wrong way

and Joe has been doing everything the wrong way for over 40 years

and today Joe is:

Public Enemy Number One

as the proven to be Treasonous Dementia Joe Biden and Co.

 have Abandoned Americans in Afghanistan and those Afghanistan who Help us

and this is their Death Sentence

as Joe Biden Praises the Taliban

and Rewards the Taliban with 90 Billion Dollars in State of the Art Weapons

as Joe turns and runs away from tested Reality again

and this is the best the Democrats can do for All of We the People who are America

as Joe Biden Stabs the entire Free World in the Back again

~ while ~

 American Hero’s

The True Patriots of America

~ our ~


from All our Families

have been and are rescuing the Abandoned Americans

and I hope they can save everyone and them selves

and if there is a God

God Bless the Universe

as Joe Biden is the Best Friend to Terrorism everywhere


I agree with the Supreme Court Decision against the Biden Nut House

~ for continued free rent ~

and to end the Free Rent for People being paid more money then me to not work

while I have to work for less money and pay rent

and I am now paying $200.00 per month more for gas so I can work

as we who are working are paying for those who are paid more to not work

while they get Free Rent Too

as we are now living in

Fascist Democratic Lunatic Political Science Fiction Destroying America

while Joe Biden is a scientifically Proven Lair and Fraud in Science and Medicine

who has earned zero right to opinion

as Joe’s Lunatic pathological words can prove nothing in tested reality

and how is Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris doing today ?


August 29 ~ 30


~ on the liter side ~

The Worst Customer Service in my Life Time


by Dish TV


when you call Dish on the Phone you have to wait 20 minutes to speak to a Human Being

and what they tell you is different than what they do

so then weeks later

you have to wait another 20 Minutes to talk to a Human on the Phone Again

while the Person you are talking to on the Phone is just an Ass Hole

who can not help you

and in December when my Contract is up I will change from Dish to a much better Service

my TV Antenna on the Roof of my House for Free

that provides me with the majority of the programs I view

and all for Free

and with my newer Smart TV and WiFi from my Internet

I have Decided I do not need Dish and their very Bad Customer Service

and I will save about $1000.00 per year

that I can put towards my skyrocketing Energy Bills

while the Antenna always works when the Dish will not

with all of this waste of time caused by my change in Payment Method

from Auto Pay to send Dish a cheek in the mail

and now Dish wants to shut off their service to me for non-payment

while I am still waiting for Dish to send me their new statement in the mail

so I can send them my payment in Full

and then they will owe me for the number of days they shut off their Service

that will be paid for in full

and what did it cost Dish for their waste of time too ?

and can I charge them $100.00 per hour for my waste of time caused by their Ignorance


I have been in Business Management since 1971

and Dish is a very poorly managed Company reducing their Profits

while turning their Loyal customers in to their Enemies reducing Profits

while over the past five years I am watching less and less of the Boob Tube

as Late Night TV for Example has gone from Entertainment to Political Brain Washing

as this Political Cancer has now Infected Sports too

and I am now watching far less of the Boob Tube Sports

while the News is no longer the News

it is now Political Disinformation and proven political lies

for Political Ploy doing Harm to everyone

for the Fascist few


When I call my Credit Card Co. on the Phone

I will be talking to a Real Knowledgeable Human Being in under 1 minute

with the Issue resolved in under three to five minutes

to be continued


The Un-United States Supreme Court

can not reinstate any Policy or Law

that is based on an Agreement with any Foreign Country

the U.S. Court system can not force any Foreign Country to do anything

as it would take the Foreign Country to Willfully Agree

and if they do not willfully agree then it would take the Supreme Court

of the Foreign Country to agree if they have a Supreme Court


While I agree with the U.S. Supreme Court Decision

that Joe Biden made an unlawful change

but the U.S. Court system can not Force Mexico to hold or keep any one in Mexico

who is trying to Illegally cross the U.S. Boarder

that is what Walls and Fences and Boarder Patrol are for

and when Joe Biden stop protecting We the People by not Protecting our Borders

from all Terrorism and All Crime

then Joe Biden is committing Treason against All of We the People how are America


My Repeated Argument in many forms to many proven Frauds and Fools

while everyone in Afghanistan now wants to Leave Afghanistan

as Afghanistan is now returning to the year 600 AD

while the Media and Press are not Providing We the People

with Provable Fact

~ questioned tested knowledge ~

they are Providing We the People

with proven to be Deliberate Dis-information

and proven to be political Lies for Political Ploy

proving they are on the side of Fascism Terrorism Crime and against Freedom


science is: to know

believing is: not knowing

while Joe Biden is far from knowing tested reality

as Fascist Lunatic Political Science Fiction now controls our daily Lives


August 28, 2021

The Taliban allowed a Bomber past their Cheek Point

Killing many Americans and Afghans


and the best way to not let a good crises go to waste is to invent the crises

based on zero scientific data

while Preaching Hate and Paranoia


Joe Biden did not follow the Trump Plan to leave Afghanistan

while Joe Rejected the Professional advice of the Military and all the Intelligence

proving Joe’s continued Ignorance

as Joe Biden now Blames Donald Trump for Joe’s proven Mistakes

as Joe is now proven to be Flying Terrorist from Afghanistan to the U.S.A.

as Americans continue to wait in Afghanistan in fear of the very worst


I did not Vote for Donald Trump because I like Donald Trump

I voted for Donald Trump because I like Freedom and Hate Fascism


 some of us vote based on Personal Emotional Feelings of Persuaded Belief

while some of us vote based on Proven Fact Tested Reality

and not persuaded personal emotional feelings based on Hate and Fear

as some of us are Pathological while some of us are Factual

and there are those who would like the Taliban to be the Government of Afghanistan

where Women and Young Girls will be Sex Slaves or Dead


August 24 ~ 27



with All of Our Allies

the most powerful military in the Middle East in Afghanistan

making the World Safer

and now the entire World is much less safe from All Terrorism

as Joe allows Terrorism everyday to cross our U.S. Boarders

proving Joe Biden is committing Deliberate Treason against America

and now We know who Joe is working for

and it is not

We the People


Joe Biden is Pathological with Dementia

as the Taliban Vows to Destroy America and Kill ~ All ~ Christians and Jewish People


Woke Joe Biden the Woke U.S. Military and the Woke CIA

are working for and helping the Taliban


La La Land Joe Biden is Lying to all of We the People who are America

and Lying to all of our Allies all around the World

as Dementia Joe Biden

is Killing Americans and Poisoning America and the World with Terrorism and Crime

as Drugs from China Terrorism from all around the World

along with Crime Weapons and Disease

continue to cross our U.S. Boarder everyday

caused by Joe Biden’s Treason

while the American War Machine could not be Happier

as Joe works for the War Machine too

as Joe has restarted the War for Profits for the few

as Joe is mindlessly catering to all his Good Friends

as everyone is pulling Joe’s strings

as Joe mindlessly Pleases everyone pulling all of his Strings in every direction

as everyone gets a piece or slice of Dementia Joe

as Joe’s over obvious mistakes are for political ploy

as those pulling Joe’s strings have an Obvious Political Agenda that is Destroying America

for their Power Control over All of We the People

as they Profit the Democratic Billionaires with Trillions to do more harm


If you cover your body with Explosives

and walk into a very large crowd of People you have never met and do not know

and as you blow yourself and everyone in the crowd up

you will then go to Taliban Haven and be greeted by 73 Virgins


and I have a Bridge for Sale

~ only used once ~


We must at some point in time of the very near future ~

Bomb our Air Force Bases that Joe Biden foolishly abandoned

and Bomb all Military Hardware now in the Hands of the Taliban

before they use it against us

while Joe Biden refuses to protect our Boarders

Proving Treason and Mental Illness


Our Enemies no longer have to work at Destroying America

because Joe Biden has got that covered for them

as Hunter Biden continues to become very Richer by our Enemies


Joe Biden is not taking Questions because Joe Biden can not Answer Questions

Joe Biden is Oblivious ~ Absent-Minded to Realty in his Dream World

as the

Afghan Interpreters who Helped and Supported the U.S. Military in Afghanistan

are now for many yesterday’s and today and will continue tomorrow

are watching their entire Families be Beheaded

before they are Beheaded by the Taliban

while American Students and their Parents are now Trapped

in the Joe Biden Afghan Holocaust

as Joe Biden will have the Blood of Millions including Americans on his Treasonous Hands

as Joe Biden has condemn many Innocent Civilians to Death

as Joe has been a proven Danger to this Living World for over 40 years

as Joe Lies and continues to pathologically believe in his proven lies

Joe is a Proven Political Pathological Fraud Destroying America


…and I would have Fired Joe Biden 40 years ago for his overwhelming Incompetence

as Joe continues to shoot the foot in his mouth

because Joe can not make up his mind based on facts

because Joe does not have a mind beyond make believe

as he puts Spending Money and Making Money before Saving American Lives

and the lives of those who have risk their life for America

further proving Joe Biden and Co. are Insane

as the Joe Biden Evil continues to make Terrorism Everywhere Stronger

as Joe is doing what is the very best for All our Enemies

and what is the very worst for All of We the People and the World


There was the Political Christian Crusade

and then there was the now Political Muslim Crusade

with neither based on the true Faith based on the very same God

~ while ~

Dementia Joe Biden is a Proven Treasonous Trader to America

while the Stranded Americans in the new Taliban Afghanistan

~ are now on Death Row ~

as many Heads are Rolling in the Streets of Afghanistan

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

~ as ~

History continues to repeat it self once again caused by fact proven ignorance


I can always die but I can not always live

as I will die before living in this Democratic Treasonous Fascism

by 60 Democratic Billionaires

who have Shred the United States Constitution

by of and for

All of We the People


200 years ago Vise President Joe Biden and his partners in Treasonous Crime

would have been charged with Treason

Punishable by Death


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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