The Rebuttal ~ to: Idiot-ology


One of my Favorite Philosophers is:

Leo Kottke


while the human body is:

Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen

and CO2 is: Carbon and Oxygen and is the Byproduct of Energy

Water is: Liquid Hydrogen and Oxygen

Gasoline is: Liquid Hydrogen and Carbon

and when you mix the air we breathe that is 21% Oxygen with the Hydrogen and Carbon

and ignite it = burn it

the oxygen causes the hydrogen to vaporize making water vapor going into the air

as the Carbon then bonds to the Oxygen

making Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

for primary carbon based life = Plants and Trees to Breathe

with the help of Sun energy making Food and Oxygen

for secondary carbon based life = You and Me ~ to eat and breathe

as we exhale Carbon and Oxygen = CO2 ~ for Plants and Trees to Breathe

making new Food and Oxygen from old Recycled CO2 again and again

and this is known as the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

and when you die your carbon oxygen and hydrogen causing your life

will be further recycled again and again


The byproduct of energy is life

the byproduct of life is new energy causing new life over and over


~ October 12, 2021 ~



The Variable Sun from this Carbon based Earth

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Oxygen and Food

CO2 and Water Vapor and Sun Energy = all Living Nature and the Environment

CO2 and Water Vapor and Sun Energy = the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

causing all Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life and Energy

in a continuous cycle of recycle

as all primary and secondary Carbon based Life is the by product of Energy

as all life is the byproduct of energy

as the energy comes first

energy caused by the variable Sun and this Carbon based Earth

where everything living and not has Carbon in it


~ Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen ~

I am mostly Hydrogen and Oxygen with a 20% Carbon Base

made from CO2 = Carbon based Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide

plus Water vapor and Sun Energy


No Carbon = No Carbon based Earth = No Carbon based Energy = No Carbon based Life

~ while ~

Plants and Trees need ~ Four Times ~ the CO2 than in the air today to Breathe

to be at good health

as Scientifically proven in Photosynthesis Botany and Commercial Greenhouse Science

as CO2 is the proven evaporated byproduct of warming not the cause of warming

as the warming by the variable Sun occurs first

and then Evaporated Water vapor and CO2 levels rise

as Nature produces over 97% of the CO2 in the air today

and the more warming by the variable Sun with many cycles

the more evaporated CO2

~ the by product of Energy ~

and the Greener this Carbon based Earth

as Scientifically Proven and just Ignored

~ while ~

Pumping Man Made CO2 into the Ground

A ~ reduces what Plants and Trees need four times more of to Breathe

B ~ reduces Oxygen levels in the air

because Man Made CO2 is made with Oxygen from the air

and pumping it into the ground does not allow the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

to recycle the oxygen back into the air where it came from

C ~ when the CO2 pumped into the ground finds its way into clean under ground water

it turns the clean drinking water into an Acid

as Scientifically Proven and just Ignored


October 11, 2021

Preached Climate Paranoia is not Science

it is a Political Media Preached Mental Disorder

for Power Control and Profit

and Make Believing in Preached Doomsday Climate Paranoia is not Science

as Political Media Brainwashed Lunatics do not know they are Politically Brainwashed

as they refuse to look at the hard science data

~ they do not comprehend and have earned zero right to opinion in ~

that proves they are wrong

and how do we stop the Preached Political Insanity destroying our Lives and Freedoms ?


~ Question Test Rebuttal Debate ~


To: Joe Berry

Stanford U

…as you continue to ignore the hard science data proving your unproven theory is wrong ~


and now the Fascist Treasonous Democratic Deep State


~ Obama ~

Department of Justice

and the Obama Federal Bureau of Investigation are now going after Soccer Moms

who are exercising their right to Free Speech

in order to protect their children from political Brainwashing

by the taxes they pay for education

further proving the money must follow the students

and to Hell with the Lunatic Fascist Teachers Unions helping Joe Biden Destroy America

…and whos fault is it ~

the Arctic was ~ Jungle ~ 125,000 years ago ?

and whos fault is it ~

Montana had California Climate 1000 years ago for 200 years ?

~ Answer ~

The variable Sun with many known cycles

as the Variable Sun continues to be Warmer and Brighter

and is the number One Climate Variable of more than a dozen known climate variables

all ignored by

the Political Media Preached Religion of Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit

that is doing test proven harm to the cause of all Living Breathing Nature

costing trillions of wasted dollars

to profit the few

while harming the cause of Green

6CO2 + 6H2O + v ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2


Evaporated by the variable Sun

CO2 + Water Vapor + more Sun Energy = Green

with the majority of CO2 in the air from the Majority of Volcanic Activity below Sea level


…and when our Children fail 3rd grade reading science and math in 12th grade

after being brainwashed to hate their parents ~



you can not have a better Crises or Emergency than the ones you can Invent and Control


October 4, 2021

Joe Biden has proven he is ~ not ~ working for We the People

Joe Biden has proven he is working for World Wide Organized Crime for Profit


…and as you know too ~

there will always be Evil in Life because their will always be some kind of Evil

as it just goes without saying

and when only one Political Party Controls the Government and All of We the People

by Shredding the U.S. Constitution

this is known as Fascism Destroying All Freedom and Security

for All Life Liberty and Happiness for All

and is not for the Unity by ~ of and for All of We the People

who are America

where Political Parties are the Scientifically Proven Cancer in America

and not the Cure in questioned tested reality

as the truth in the reality of knowledge is always questioned and tested

and not Emotionally Pathologically Believed

as only Pathological True Believers can believe in their test proven Lies

while harming everyone

as 25,000 Carbon based People Starve to Death everyday on this Carbon based Earth

caused only by Political Rule

because there is enough Food to Feed all the Starving

but Political Rule prevents the Food from going to the Starving


The Laws of Science

~ vs ~

The Political Science Fiction of Law


October 2, 2021

Thanks to the Joe Biden Nuthouse

at least 1 million Infants and Children will have Starve to Death in Afghanistan

in the first 12 months of Taliban Rule

maybe we should have left 90 billion dollars in food in Afghanistan

instead of 90 billion dollars in U.S. Military Weapons


We should have stayed in Afghanistan to further support World Peace

and do it with no Boots on the Ground while preventing the now Holocaust in Afghanistan

as we now must live with a far greater threat of Terrorism everywhere

as the Biden Nuthouse continues their Deliberate Treason against America

as Terrorism Crime Weapons Drugs and every kind of Virus and Disease

continues to Freely Flood in to America from everywhere

as Murder Crime and Drug overdoses Skyrocket in America

Thanks to the Proven to be Treasonous Biden Nuthouse

~ proving ~

Criminal Mental Illness is in Charge of America


September 29, 2021

…it was not modern medicine that killed my Friend

it was the Politically Dictated Ignorance in Medicine that Killed my Friend

…modern medicine would have saved Patsy Speer ~

but she was politically denied modern medicine and died


To: Joe Berry



I just found out today My Friend Patsy Died last week

and she was a beautiful mind heart and spirit living in her truthful little Girl Soul

and it did not have to happen this way

as there was much that could have been done to help her to continue to Live Life

as this needless dying is now happening to many in America


Patsy is and was the Happy Camper Supper Trooper

~and ~

I am a Realist too


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and what are you ?


All of We the People

live and then die

as many are dying today

caused by political media medical malpractice from Sea to shining Sea


The Pathological Biden Nuthouse and the Fascist Trader Democrats

have Declared War Against All of We the People who are America

and I can not wait to see ~

Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Face as he is Swearing in

the new President of the Republic of United States of America

Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris

as there are Americans Praying in Afghanistan everyday

in hope the American Military Veterans looking for them can find them ~

because the Americans abandoned in Afghanistan by Joe & Kamala

are never on the Lack of Mind of Joe & Kamala


Psaki = Smug Arrogant Ignorance

as she continues to Shoot Foot in her Mouth

while the Deep State is in Charge of America

and maybe Joe Biden does not know he is a Constitutional Criminal Committing Treason ?

as Joe continues to publicly fail 3rd grade science and math

~ while ~

Rules are not for Rulers

and only All of We the People working together can stop Fascist Tyranny

in Our America Today

as Fascism now controls We the People who are America


~ All of We are America ~

as Joe Biden has proven he is Against America


September 19 ~ 27


The Rebuttal


Opinion based on Feelings while Ignoring the available facts is belief and not knowledge

and because I do not make believe as you make believe ~

that does not make me the Bad Person

while you are harming those who do not make believe as you make believe


The Democrats Politically Preach to us with out Scientific Data in hand

~ Follow the Science ~

as the Democrats are Proven to be Lying about the Science


I have never taken a Flu Vaccine and I never ever will

and if someone tells me

if I do not take the Corona virus vaccine

I will then lose my Job

they then can Kiss my Ass Goodby and I will Sue them for every Dime possible

using all the Medical Science Data they Ignore proving they are lairs and frauds

Killing Americans

and with my Constitutional Rights they Ignore too


Before the Vaccine

if you were weak sick and dying and caught the Corona virus you would still die

and if you were not weak sick and dying and caught the corona virus you did not die

the Corona virus is the equivalent to the common cold and yearly flu virus

and for me in February 2020 the Corona virus was like a bad three day cold

and now my own Immunity is 7 times better than the Vaccines

while for many there were no symptoms or illness with the virus

as 99.99% of those who we know had the Corona virus Lived

and if we had treated the corona virus the same way we treat the other 150 viruses

fewer people would be dying

as Political Power Control and Profit is making the Corona virus many times worse

in every way possible

while the Phisher Vaccine has many negative side effects

and one of the side effects is harm to the ovaries of woman

while many who have been Vaccinated are later coming down the the Virus

the Vaccine is not working for many people

while a good way to slow or kill the Corona virus is put everyone outside in the Sun Light

like at a Football Game

and if you want to spreed the Virus much faster lock everyone up together in the Dark


Today in America

Fraudulent Malpractice Fauci is still in Business and working with China

as over 60 Billionaires control our daily lives

with their Preached Politically Brainwashed Paranoia = to Live in the Fear of the Unknown

based on their Proven Political Media Lies


When you can not publicly debate your Preached Paranoia

this only further Proves it is not Science


belief is not knowledge ~ belief is make believe

and make believe is Pathological

as belief is based on emotional feelings not factual data

and ignoring the tested truth in Knowledge

while destroying known History for Belief is: Ignorance

as Political Media Preached Paranoia can Prove nothing in Science


…as the Biden Family continues to take money from all of our Enemies

the Joe Biden proven to be Lying Nuthouse continues to to help all of our Enemies

while continuing to Destroy America

as the proven Treason continues

as only the Fools just believe the Criminal Fools

as only fools refuse to question the truth in knowledge

as they refuse to see learn know and grow forward in tested reality


To: Leslie Marshall

of the Leslie Marshall Radio Show and Fox News Contributor


I challenge you to an open public debate in the Laws of Science and the Science of Law

~ as ~

The vast majority of what I see and hear on the Boob Tube and Radio

is Scam Political Media Science Fiction

~ Proven Lies ~

in Science Medicine and Law

and when someone Preaches to me

~ The Science is Settled ~

as they then tell me there can be no Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as they reject the Scientific Method

and reject the science Data I provide them before they review the science Data

that scientifically prove they are wrong ~

Scientifically Proving to me they Failed 5th Grade Science

and have Earned Zero Right to Scientific Opinion

as they can only prove they are Political Preachers and not Real Scientists


Opinion based on Persuaded Convinced Belief is not Science

because belief is make believe while science is: to know

and you do not know more than you do know


Preached Belief in Political Media Hearsay

is not the questioned tested debated truth in knowledge

proving you are a Political Media Preacher and not a Scientist

~ You are Political Pathological and not Scientifically Factual ~


for the questioned truth in knowledge



The truth in knowledge is withheld from We the People


Not one Person Preaching Doomsday Climate Paranoia will Publicly Debate the Science

or can Scientifically Prove the words they Preach



~ Reward ~

for the Peer-Reviewed Science Data

proving there is a Climate Emergency

and proving Humans who produce less than 3% of the CO2 in the air

cause all Climate Change

while Proving the other dozen plus Climate Variables

~ Doomsday Climate Religion continues to Ignore ~

no longer Exist

and Debunking all basic Physics and Chemistry ignored by Doomsday Climate Paranoia

for Profit

that continues to further debunk the unproven theory


The UN-Proven Theory

Carbon based Humans made by this Carbon based Earth


Climate Warming

is based on a proven to be very Flawed Incomplete Study

supported by proven to be Flawed and Fraudulent Science Data

to make Computer Ouija Board Predictions that never come true

as we were told by James Hansen of NASA many moons ago

that Manhattan would be under water before today

while Al Gore Preached to us that entire nations would be Under Water by 2013

and now Lunatic Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit is Preaching to us

we will all be dead in 9 years based on the same very proven fraud in science

they continue to Politically Preach is

~ The Settled Science ~

that can not be Questioned and Debated

as China Builds many new Coal Fired Power Plant every year

while We the People of America supply China with the Coal

as the Sea Ice has increased by 40% since 2012

while the Sea level continues rise and fall the thickness of a dime

while Humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years

with the Sea level 100 feet higher than today in the past

and if you come to Helena Montana I will show you Sea Shells at 8000 feet above Sea level

on the top of Hogback Mountain


There is zero science data to support a climate emergency


The Rebuttal

Helena ~ Montana

~ by ~

Bruce A. Kershaw


Class of 1974 Helena High

Master Technician since 1976

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry since 1976

Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

Doctor Honor 2011

Invited to Participate in the London Symposium on Climate Change

at the Oxford and Cambridge Club ~ London, June, 2013

I have been Investigating and Proving Fraud in Science for over 25 years

[email protected]


I have Earned the Right to Scientific Opinion


Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

Preaches Lunatic Political Science Fiction

doing test proven Harm for Profit

costing We the People trillions of Wasted dollars

as Mr. Bill Profits from his Lunatic Words

while words prove nothing in science

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates is a proven fraud in science for Profit

as Mr. Bill’s Political Media Preachers at MSNBC

are very Proven Frauds in Science and Medicine and Law


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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