The Rebuttal ~ to: Idiot-ology


May 17 ~ August 2

~ 2021 ~

All of We the People of All Colors


Proven Treason and Fascism in Washington D.C.

just as

We the People have Proven Treason in Helena Montana


more people die from Mistakes in Hospitals than from the Corona virus ~

more people die from Abortion than the Corona virus

more People die of Murder than the Corona virus

more people Die by Doctors who are wrong 50% of the time than the Corona virus

more People die by Suicide and Drug Over Doses than the Corona virus

as 10,000 Americans die every day

as we now slowly Suffocate our Children

by forcing them to wear a Mask that is proven not to protect them from the Corona virus

while causing Brain and Internal Organ Damage


Constitutional Treason

is when you allow Terrorist from all over the world to freely cross the U.S. Boarders

~ when ~

Treason against We the People who are America is Punishable by Death


The Joe Biden Nut House is Billionaire Organized Crime

with the help of the Scam Artist One

Fraudulent Treasonous Malpractice Fauci

~ and ~

Happy 60th Birthday Barack Obama

as you have proven you are Pathological not Factual

and you trust your Billionaire friends who stab you in the back

as they Use and Destroy the Black Community of America

as you follow only your own opinion based on belief

as you reject proven fact tested reality in Science for belief

and you have committed Treason against All of We the People who are America

~ You Broke the Law of the Land ~

just as Joe Biden continues to do today

while Fascism will allow zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate proving Fascism


Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena Montana


200 years ago Barack Obama and Joe Biden would have been Shot for Treason

along with all the Deep State Democrats

and of Course Nancy Pelosi and Friends

for the Facts Known Today


August 1, 2021

I have Investigated and Proven Fraud in Science for over 25 years

and based on my ongoing Medical Science Investigation since March of 2020

after having the Corona virus in February of 2020


We know with Certainty

from data from all over the world

that where there was a Mask Mandate

the Corona Virus Spread Faster

as the very same was true for the Lock Downs

just as we know from the Data here in America

that in States were there were no Mask Mandates or Lock Downs

there was less spread of the Corona virus and fewer Deaths ~ with ~ the Corona virus

as they were already dying before they caught the Corona virus

and were 70 years of age and older

~ as 10,000 Americans die everyday from something ~

and some of them caught the Corona virus as they were already dying from other causes

and now we are going to make the very same mistakes twice

for the sake of Democratic Fascism controlling our daily lives

doing only further harm to all Americans and much more Harm to all of our Children

while we know with Certainty

that wearing a mask traps CO2 in the body while re-breathing CO2 from the Mask

causing oxygen deprivation

causing an Acid Imbalance causing a Hemoglobin Imbalance

causing Brain and Vital Internal Organ Damage

while the mask is not protecting you from the Corona Virus

as scientifically proven and ignored by proven political Frauds in science and medicine

as the Democrats continue to be Pathological rejecting Factual doing only harm

for the sake of their power and control

by those who have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion

and refuse to allow open public debate of the known Data proving they are wrong

as the media who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

continue to provide the public with proven to be Disinformation and Proven lies

for Political Ploy

while Censoring and Silencing the Proven Fact Tested Reality in science and medicine

as the proven political media fascism continues

by People like

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

who Financially supports Domestic Terrorist Organizations in America

like Black Lives Matter

as Bill Gates and China control the fraudulent World Heath Organization

who lied to All of We the People about the Corona Virus

as Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates & China Profit from what is a Man Made Virus

that came from a Bio-Weapons Lab

as Malpractice Fauci defends the Weapons Lab

because Malpractice Fauci gave U.S. Tax Payer Money to the China Bio-Weapons Lab

as China is giving Money to the Hunter Biden Retirement Fund

as We the People continue to be denied the Truth because of proven Fascism

by the Democratic Cancer Destroying America

because if you can destroy it then you can own and control it

as Socialism and Fascism are one and the same



do not take Medical advice from proven to be political media frauds in science

and go talk to a real Doctor


Honest Doctors can be wrong up to 50% of the time

so talk to three Doctors

and when all three doctors tell you something Different then do nothing

because if you are Healthy you are not going to die from the Corona virus

as those who are now dying today are over 80 years of age

and were already dying before they caught the virus


July 31, 2021

The Reality is

no one has made the Sex, Drugs, Weapons Smuggling

by the Gang and Terrorist Cartels Happier

than the Joe Biden Crime Family


Kamala Antifa Harris

~ while ~

Nancy Pelosi has now further Scientifically Proven

what real scientists already knew from the many years of testing prior to the Corona virus

that wearing a mask can and will cause oxygen deprivation

causing Brain Damage

as Nancy is Obviously Brain Damaged

but her mask is seasonally and fashionably politically correct

~ while ~

Nancy Pelosi has scientifically proven she is a Treasonous Lunatic

~ while ~

Puppet Joe Biden

is allowing Terrorism to Cross the U.S. Borders Freely


Against the Law of the Land

and the Will of All of We the People

further proving

Joe Biden’s Treason against America

as Americans are now moving away from Democratic Tyranny as fast as they can

~ and ~

when you can not articulate your science

then you have earned zero right to scientific opinion

~ as ~

Trust is a Feeling and not a Questioned Debated Fact in Tested Reality


I Bruce A. Kershaw

am in much better Mental Condition than Joe Biden

while I am in no condition to be

The President


The Mandated Lock Downs

School Closings and Wearing a Mask

are caused by Politics

and not caused by proven fact tested reality in many years of very well known science

as Joe Biden and the White House continue to Fail 3rd Grade Science ~

for Political Ploy

while I continue to live my life in the world of Natural Health as much as Possible

as I have never taken Vaccines and I am not going to start now

with this new

Emergency Experimental Vaccine

with very known real Neurological Side Affects

while I do not need a Vaccine because I already had the Corona Virus

and Children and those under 55 who are not effected by the Corona Virus

should not be forced to take this unnecessary Vaccine

that is causing some Children to have very real severe life threatening side effects

while forcing children or anyone to were a mask

can and will cause Brain and Vital Internal Organ damage

while the majority of those dying with the Corona virus

were over 70 years of age and were already going to die

before they caught the Corona virus

and when dying in the hospital they should be on Oxygen and not on a Respirator

as 10,000 Americans Die everyday of something

and some of them died with the corona virus not from the corona virus

while the over sensitive testing is obviously flawed

as the Media Corona virus is Political not Factual and is political ploy

as the Lock Downs ~

School Closings and Mask Mandates

continue to do many times the harm than the Mild Corona virus


Only Fascism Denies the Right to

Free Speech

and the right to Professional Opinion based on Investigation

and if you do not Agree with My Investigated Opinion

then you can not deny My Legal Right to My Investigated Opinion

as we must Question Test Rebuttal Debate all Opinion

to find the truth in knowledge beyond Persuaded Dictated Belief

as belief is not knowledge

~ as ~

Political Organizations are Dictating Science and Medicine

based on ~ zero ~ Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and if you believe I am wrong

then Prove it beyond your political words of make believe

and publicly Debate the very available facts that you ignore

and do not and can not scientifically comprehend

for the sake of your politically Brainwashed make believe


Politically Preaching Paranoia is not Science


Some of Us are Political Media Brainwashed and Some of Us are not

and Joe Biden’s obvious Dementia can only get worse

as Politicians who continue to publicly prove they Failed 3rd grade science

continue to Practice Medicine with out a Licence

as they are proven Quacks committing Malpractice

Killing many Americans

while Fauci is a ~ test ~ proven Fraud

as he continues to be an Insult to Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science and Medicine

as the CDC continues to prove they are Incompetent caused by Political control


To: All Living Carbon based Humans made by and from this Carbon based Earth ~

I am now 65 years among the living

and I had the Corona Virus in February of 2020

and I am a Independent Scientist since day one of my life

and I have been a Lobbyist for the Truth in life and knowledge since 2007

while my Peers tell me I am ahead of the Curve

Bruce A. Kershaw


July 27, 2021

To: Joe Berry

Stanford University


I take medical advice from by Doctors and I do not take Medical Advice from

Certifiable Political Lunatics who are Proven Frauds

do you ?

as the Political Media Lunatics have no Science Argument

as the Very Best Medical Minds in America

~ Censored by the Media and Press ~

Disagree with Joe Biden’s proven to be Lunatic Political Science Fiction


All of  We the People

are being Forced to Wear a Mask

that is causing

Test Proven Brain and Internal Organ Damage caused by Oxygen Deprivation

for the sake of Political Power Control and Profit

having nothing to do with the very real very available

Questioned Tested Debated Medical Science Knowledge

…as the State of Joe Biden’s lack of mind dictates a Fascist Reality ~

as Nancy Pelosi should be on Trial

for the past 5 years of her known Deliberate Treason against America

as the Pelosi January 6 Hearing today is just a continuation of the

Unlawful Unconstitutional Treasonous Political Impeachment Trial


President Donald Trump

in the

Home of the Free by the Brave


Democratic Socialism is Treasonous Fascism


I am not a Democrat or a Republican

as the Majority of We the People are Independents with zero Representation

who know the Media is Lying to All of We the People

for Political Ploy for the Democrats

as the Democrats own the majority of the Politically bias Media

as the

Proven Treason by Democrats Against We who are America continues everyday


I have been a Scientist since the day I was Born

March 27, 1956

and Professionally since 1976

with a Doctor Honor in 2011

I have Investigated and proven Fraud in Science for over 25 years

and I am a Student of Constitutional Law since 1980


Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are Proven Domestic Terrorist

Burn the American Flag in the Streets of America

while Burning down Main Street USA while supported by Democrats

as Black Lives Matter is Supported by Bill MSNBC Gates

and when will this Web Site be Removed by Big Tech

for sharing proven fact tested reality in science

supported by real science data the Media Censors

as they do not allow knowledge to be known


July 26, 2021

Joe Biden has clearly proven he is out of his Mind


Joe Biden has sided with proven Evil

as Joe Biden refuses to Enforce the Law of the Land

as Joe continues to break many known Laws of the Land

as Joe continues to allow Crime and Disease to freely come across the Boarder

as the Biden Family takes Money from all over this Carbon based Earth

and that is what We the People call Treason against All of We the People who are America


Stanford University Experts Disagree with the proven to be Malpractice Fauci

as Malpractice Fauci will not allow ~

Open Public Question Test Rebuttal Debate of his proven Malpractice

as the Media Censors the Fact Proven Truth in Science and Medicine

and that is what We the People call Fascism

doing test proven harm to All of We the People


I like Dr Seuss

and if You do not like Dr. Seuss

should I hate You ?

or should You hate Me for liking Dr Seuss ?

~ while ~

Gun Violence continues to go up as Illegal Guns and Criminals

continue to cross the U.S. Border


…and trust is earned not given ~

while trust is a feeling that can not dictate proven fact tested reality in Science

as Persuaded Pathological can not be Factual



July 22, 2021

To: Soon to be the President

~ of ~

The Republic of the now Un-United States of America

~ Do to Joe Biden’s Obvious Mental Instability ~

Kamala ~ Antifa ~ Harris


I Love America

and when something is Broken in America


All of We the People together will Fix our America

as All of We the People are America

while the U.S. Government made South and Central America what it is today

after many years of sending plane loads of every kind of Criminal known to man kind

to South of the Boarder

as We now have Organized Crime in control of all the counties we ship them back to

South of our U.S. Boarder

and now they are coming back to the U.S. of A.

stronger and more powerful

as we now have the worst Terrorists on this Carbon based Earth crossing the U.S Boarders

thanks to You and Dementia Joe

as Antifa is your Model for Reality in America

as you are now doing exactly what the Terrorist and Criminals want you to do

and now the person who came in last in the Democratic Presidential Primary

will be the next Fascist President of Un America

and now call me a Racist only because I have Proven your a Fascist

and would you like to debate the subject matter in open Public

can we have an open question test rebuttal debate of your Lunatic Political Science Fiction

Destroying America


Bruce A. Kershaw


July 21, 2021

Nancy Pelosi is Responsible for all Security at the U.S. Capital

and on the day of the Day the Democrats Preach was an Insurrection

the Security was not up to Parr by Nancy Pelosi

and probably deliberately below Parr

as Nancy Denied the requests of the Capital Police 6 times for increased Security

Pryor to the Demonstration


the Insurrection was not an Insurrection

because there were no Guns

and I think the USA Military would have won if needed

as it was a Peaceful Demonstration for most of those who were there

as it was more of a show of Patriotism to America

as many of the Peaceful observers continue to be in 24 lock downs in Jail

with all of their Constitutional Rights Denied

by those who support and bailed Antifa out of Jails all summer long

so they could go back to their Terrorism on Main Street U.S.A.

as they Bashed in the Heads of Peace and Law Enforcement Officers all summer long

and are now walking the streets of America freely today

as they continue their Terrorism against We the People of America

as Terrorism and Criminals continues to freely cross our boarders

~ * ~

~ If you are not Healthy and or among the Vulnerable Elderly ~

get the Corona Virus Vaccine

~ * ~

July 20, 20201

To: Joe Berry

Stanford University


are you still wearing a Mask ~

reducing Oxygen going into your body by 20%

causing Oxygen Deprivation ~

trapping CO2 in your body while re breathing CO2 trapped in your Mask

causing an Acid imbalance causing a Hemoglobin imbalance

causing Brain and Vital Internal Organ Damage

as Testing has Scientifically Proven

while the Mask does not protect you from the Corona Virus

as Testing has Scientifically Proven


just ignored by Political Media Frauds in Science and Medicine

for their Political Agenda of Fascist Power Control and Profit

doing only Harm to the Health and well being of everyone

with many times the Harm to our Children and Grand Children

as Political Lunatics are Brain Damaging our Children

caused by their Test Proven Ignorance in science and medicine

as I stated these scientifically proven facts in March of 2020

as many of these proven facts have been known by the medical community

Pryor to the Corona virus for many years

and ignored by the Media and Press for their political agenda

as these test proven facts have been acknowledged and now stated by

Stanford University Experts

just as they have done before on other issues I have stated previously

about the Corona virus

as our Children who are not affected by the Corona virus

are now being forced to wear a Mask that will not protect them from the Corona virus

while causing Brain and Internal Organ Damage

while very real harm by wearing a Mask is happening to anyone at every age

and will do more harm to the elderly who need more oxygen not less

as those who died with the Corona virus were all ready going to die

and had 12 mouths or less to live

as the majority of those were Obese Diabetics with Heart and Lung Disease

and were 70 years of Age and older and already dying

and needed Oxygen not a Respirator

as 10,000 Americans die everyday in America

of something

and some of them died with the Corona Virus

~ and ~

about one year ago

Norah O’Donnell

of the proven to be Fraudulent CBS News Stated:

” The Number One cause of Death in America is the Corona Virus “

as I then stated about one Year ago on this web site

proving CBS and many others are Political Frauds in Science and Medicine

~ The Top Ten causes of Death in America ~


1 A ~ Heart Disease

1 B ~ Doctors who are wrong 50% of the time

2 A ~ Cancer

2 B ~ Abortion

3 A ~ Unintentional Injuries

3 B ~ Mistakes in Hospitals

4 ~ Lower Respiratory Illness

5 ~ Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease

6 ~ Alzheimer Disease

7 ~ Diabetes

8 ~ Influenza and Pneumonia

while there are 150 viruses

9 ~  Kidney Disease

10 ~ Suicide

with all of the above causing 10,000 Deaths everyday in America

as Abortion Kills more People than the Corona Virus

while Humans have been Immune to the Corona Virus

for as long as Humans have been around Dogs

as we Vaccinate our Dogs for the Corona Virus

and Healthy People do not die from the Corona Virus

as 99.99% of those with the Corona Virus continue to live

while the many of those under 55 did not know they had the Corona Virus

as they had no symptoms or illness from the Corona Virus

as the majority of those 55 and under do not need a Vaccine

and those who had the Corona Virus do not need a vaccine

all based on common knowledge in Medicine

as this mild virus is real and everything beyond the Virus

is Political Media Democratic Fraud in Science and Medicine

as the School closings did far greater harm than the corona virus could ever do to children

as the Lock Down increased the spread of the virus up to 60%

increasing deaths

caused by political make believe ignoring the real science

just as wearing a mask is proven to increase the Spread of the virus

killing more already going to die People sooner

10,000 Americans die everyday

that is 70,000 every week x 52 weeks =

3’640’000 Americans dying every year


1’600 ~ die every day from abortion

11’200 ~ every ~ week

582’400 ~ every ~ year

as Quack Malpractice Fauci is a Proven Fraud for Profit

doing very real Deliberate harm to the Health of all Americans = Treason

while a leaked German Government Report states:

” the Corona virus is a World Wide False Alarm “

and the only logical conclusion is:

this form of the Corona virus must be Man Made

and the Lock Downs School closings and wearing a Mask

was not caused by the Corona Virus

it is all Pathologically Political based on Ignorance = Ignoring the very available Facts

its all political ploy by the proven to be Treasonous Media and Press

as there can be no Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as the words of proven Ignorance by Dementia Joe Biden

are the final words

in the new fascist america

using our Children as Ginny Pigs in every way possible




The Purpose of the U.S. Government is to Regulate Commerce ~

and to Execute the Law of the Land

~ by and for ~

All of We the People who are America

and not become one with commerce

and then be the Proven Criminals of the Law of the Land Together

~ as ~

….the Democratic Party has become ~

Marxist Communist Fascist Nazi Socialism

all rolled up in one with China

~ as ~

The Majority of the Media and Press

along with All of Big Tech on this Carbon based Earth

Support the Treasonous Biden Nut House Fascism

as the Biden Family Retirement Fund continues to Grow

and who owns who ~ when they are one ?


…as our Soldiers are Dying for Our Freedom

they are not Dying for Democratic Fascism taking away All of Our Freedoms

~ and ~

Public School Teachers who are now political Preachers must Go

as they are not paid by We the People to Politically Program our Children

while Teachers Unions and Teachers Employed by We the People

and Paid by We the People

are Dictating to We the People they are going to Politically Brainwash our Children


We the People who pay them to Educate and not Politically Program Our Children

like it or not

as the Teachers Unions and the Teachers

continue to do very real Harm to all of our Children

since March of 2020

and if I had a Child in Public School today

where they are Brainwashing our Children to Hate and be Paranoid

My Children ~ who are not ~ Their Children

 would be in a Private School or Home Schooling

with or with out a Tutor I Hire and Direct and Supervise

and the Tax Money paid by We the People for Education will and must follow the Student

while what is really happening today

is the very best the U.S. Department of Education can do

paid for by All of We the People

knowing then it is time to Acknowledge Our Proven Mistake

in Our American Experiment in Questioned Tested Debated Reality

and Abolish the Department of Education

and then take that wasted tax payer money and put that money into real education

with then all of the money only following the Students

and nothing given to any Fascist Politics

now Dictating how We the People will Live our Lives


The Only People who have any Right to decide how We the People Educate our Children


We the People


Dementia Joe Biden now decides for all of Us what is real and what is not


We the People

now have scientifically test proven Idiots

who have earned zero right to any scientific opinion

along with very proven Frauds in science and medicine

Dictating Lunatic Political Media Science Fiction

as fact tested reality

for political ploy doing only proven harm to everyone everyday


July 16 ~ 19


 ~ If ~

President Kennedy

did not Stop the USSR from installing Nuclear Missiles in Cuba ?

~ and ~

would John F. Kennedy allow Terrorism to Freely cross the USA Border today

and everyday ?

as the Dementia Joe Biden Crime Family Allows Everyday

as Joe is committing very proven Treason against All of We the People who are America

~ as ~

John Kennedy was an American First before he was a Democrat

and today Democrats are Democrats First as they are Destroying America

as they Preach Hate a Paranoia for political ploy for their power control and profit




60 Billionaires


Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

as bill and his MSNBC are scientifically proven Lairs and Frauds

who with China control the World Health Organization

who are proven Lairs committing Fraud against all the People of this Carbon based Earth

as Bill allows China to use his Microsoft Servers

to make their Cyber Attacks against America = Treason


Mike Lunatic Bloomberg

along with the other Billionaires

who own and control Democratic Treasonous Fascism

Destroying America

~ while ~

the only thing Dementia Joe and Kamala Antifa Harris can prove is their Ignorance

as they continue to do only harm and zero good

with their proven Ignorance in Science and Medicine

as they Shred the Constitution and Bill of Rights everyday

~ as ~

We now have Political Prisoners in America

while the Real Experts in Science and Medicine are Silenced by Fascism

as the Proven Lairs now Silence the Test Proven Truth

as they refuse to allow Public scientific question rebuttal or debate

as Fascism decides for you what is real and what is not

as Fascism is a False Reality for Power Control and Profit


We the People

who must live in this new ~ Dictated ~ normal

while you do not have to go far for fact proven Lies in science and medicine

because Fauci is a proven Fraud along with


Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates


the New York Times

and on and on and on

as they are test proven Deliberate Political Media Liars and Frauds

for Political Ploy

as All of We the People now live in a new age of Political Media Brainwashing

happening once again in all of Human History

while Joe who is being used is not in Charge

as the Real Misinformation is coming from the Dementia Joe Biden Nut House

Dictated by Face Book and the other Un-Patriotic Treasonous Fascist Big Tech Monopolies

as Scientifically Proven

as the Treasonous Criminals are Censoring the Truth

as they allow zero question test rebuttal or open Public debate

of the available Science Data they just ignore

Data that continues to prove the Fascist are wrong in all tested reality in science

and all withheld from the General Public by the proven Fascist in the Media and Press


Face Book and Big Tech are Utilities Dictating Fraudulent Lies as Reality

doing only Harm while proving only their fascism by their proven false reality

as Big Tech continues to Censor and Silence the Real Experts in Real Science and Medicine

as only the voice of Fascism can be Preached with and by proven lies


The Lunatic Paris Climate Agreement


the USA will reduce CO2 emissions by 15%

while the USA has now reduced CO2 emissions by 24%

while China and India are allowed to continue to increase CO2 emissions

providing Plants and Trees with more CO2 to Breathe

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment


~ To: Joe Berry ~

Stanford University


as I call you a Fraud based on science data you ignore

proving you are not a real scientist

while I have been Belittled and called every name in the book by many PhD’s

and that is their best science argument against proven fact tested reality in Science

as they can provide zero science data to: prove

the political pathological words they preach are tested reality

as they ignore the known facts and data debunking their Preached words of Belief

just like you

as your unproven theory has been Scientifically debunked by Nature


…and those who are denied their right to opinion are Ruled and not Free

because there is an argument for everything in tested reality

and when you deny the argument you then deny tested reality

~ while ~

Allowing only one political opinion to be known and lived is: Fascism not Science

~ as ~


Hypothetical Conjecture = unproven theory

is: not reality in knowledge = Science

just as Convinced Political Pathological Belief is not tested reality


~ * ~

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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