…the Rebuttal To: The Puppet Biden Nut House


February 13, 2021

I am a Traitor

to the Democratic Party

as I am an Independent who votes for People not Parties

but have Lean Democratic

but never again

and the sign on the of Chief Justice John Roberts Door says

Gone Fishing

and in History Today

the Senate has voted to have Witness

and they will continue the Un-Constitutional Lunatic Political Can of Worms

while Lunatic Mitt Romney voted for Wittiness because

Lunatic Romney wants to stop Donald Trump from Running for President in 2024

so the Lunatic Mitt can Run for President again

and would lose to Donald Trump

as I know I would never Vote for Elitist Lunatic Carpetbagger Romney for anything

as this Political Circus is all based on Lunatic Pathological Hate

for the sake of their own Power Control and Profit

doing only harm to All of We the People

as the Political Cancer of America continues to Grow

as this is not a Real Trial by Real Due Process of the Law

this is a Treasonous Political Lynching Mob

Spiting on All of We the Peoples Constitution and Bill of Rights

and then

I go Shopping and return and Donald Trump has been Acquitted


They must have read the minds of All of We the People

who see the Fascism and the Treason of the

Billionaire Owned Democratic Party

who own the Press and the Media too


February 11, 2021

The Democrats refused all summer long to allow the National Guard Troops

to stop the summer long Violence and Death all across America

as they now have National Guard Troops and Barbwire surrounding the U.S. Capital


Kamala Harris and Democrats Cheered and Supported and Bailed Out of Jail


and Black Lives Matter where only some Black Lives Matter

and are proven to be

Fascist Domestic Terrorist Organization

who were Bashing in the Heads of 50 plus Law Enforcement Officers

while Burning Down Main Street U.S.A.

and Tearing Down Statues

All Summer Long

as Democratic Governors and Mayors

Deliberately Failed their Sworn Duty to protect the Public

proving their Treason against We the People

by Prohibiting Law Enforcement from protecting Life Liberty and Property

All Summer Long

and as they now Defund Law Enforcement

the crime rates continue to sky rocket

as Citizens are moving out of Lunatic controlled Democratic Cities and States

as fast as they can

from cites and states where they still have Lock Downs

that are doing far greater harm than the Corona virus

when the Lock Downs and wearing a Mask are proven to increase the spread of the virus


only Law Makers can Make and Change Election Laws

while in Four States non – law makers ~ unlawfully changed Election Laws

before the 2020 election

as the Justice system then failed their sown duty to up hold the Constitution

while Observers of Election Ballot counting in many states

were denied their right to observe Ballot counting

Proving Election Fraud in America

as the Democrats have committed deliberate Treason against America

for the past four plus years

as the Treason continues against All of  We the People


and the United States Military

the most powerful Military in the World

is no match for 200 Lunatics who stormed the U.S. Capital

with some of the Lunatics from the Kamala Harris Supported Antifa

and who is in charge of Security of the U.S. Capital

Nancy Pelosi

who was warned of the Demonstrators coming to the Capital

and I would not be supersized to find out the Democrats

had something to do with the Violent part of the Capital Intrusion


The First Impeachment of President Trump

was based on overwhelming proven Fraud by the Democrats

and Deep State Democrats in our Justice system

and this was a proven Act of Treason against All of We the People of America

as All of We the People who are America

will now observe the next Pathological Lunatic Hate and Paranoia Trial

because if this was a ~ Real ~ Impeachment Trial

the Chief Justice would be there

and when the Chief Justice says hes going fishing on that day

I don’t think there is much you can do about that


…and as we know from our political history

the Republicans will likely take back the House and Senate in 2022

and then we will likely see the Factual Impeachment of Joe Biden

if Joe is not removed by the 25th Amendment for his Dementia

as the Impeachments of President Trump were and are Pathological not Factual


February 10, 2021

U.S. Senator of Montana Jon Tester states:

” This is a Constitutional Impeachment Trial “

further proving Jon Failed Constitutional Law

and proves Jon is on the side of Pathological Hate Fascism and Treason

and Must be Voted Out of Office

as Jon does not Represent We the People of Montana

as We the People of the State of Montana

overwhelmingly Voted for President Trump in two Elections

as Jon continues to Spit in the Faces of We the People of Montana

as Jon Represents the proven Political Cancer Destroying America

while my communications with Jon Tester in February of 2008

have proven to me

Jon is an Idiot in Science

who has earned zero right to scientific opinion


Jon is a proven Lair and Fraud in Science and Law

who can only Prove his Ignorance

and Loyalty to Proven to be Lunatic Back Stabbing Democratic Fascism and Treason


February 9, 2021

Happy Impeachment Day

~ again ~

and as they say

” The Show ~ must ~ Go On “

just as they say

” Break a Leg “

and as I say

Shoot the Foot in your Mouth

~ again ~

on this first day of the this U.S. Senate Impeachment Trial

but of course this is not a Real Impeach Trial of the President

and that is why Chief Justice John Roberts ~ can not ~ be there

because this is not a real Impeachment trial

this is a Political Scam by proven to be

~ for the past four plus years ~

Fascist Treasonous Lunatics

who are owned and controlled by Billionaires

and how much Suitcase Cash is this costing

Mike ~ Deep State ~ Bloomberg and Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates


This is a Pathological Emotional Political Feelings of Hate

Make Believe Trial

to further prove their real Ignorance

having nothing to do with any proven fact tested reality


February 8, 2021

~ tomorrow ~

February 9, 2021

is the # 2 Impeachment Trial Trail of Ignorance

of the President of the now Un-United States of the Un-America

and the Chief Justice of the now Un-United States of the Un-United America


” I will not be there “

and I agree with John

because why waste your time on Constitutional Treason by Ignorance

that can not be educated by tested reality


I think we should take all Criminal Illegals

coming back again from across the U.S. Border to

San Francisco

where Nancy Pelosi can care for them herself

just as she cares for the Homeless in her Home Town

where crime has been decriminalized

and the Homeless use the Sidewalks of San Francisco for their Bathroom

and Dementia Joe

who is owned and controlled by 60 Billionaires and China

wants to make all of America like California and China

but of course Joe does not know that is what he wants

as Joe just Signs what ever you put in front of Joe to sign

for 60 Billionaires and China


…as all Life is now based on the Power Control and Profit

by a Few Proven Billionaire Lunatics


One Year Ago

at the age of 64 years

I had the Corona Virus

and this virus was like a bad three day cold

as the yearly Flu Virus has been much worse than the Corona virus on me

as many who caught the Mild Corona virus did not know they had the virus

and this is one of the many reasons the Corona virus spread so easily

as the Corona virus is being used as a Fraudulent Political Tool

as many Doctors were pressured to state on Death Certificates

that people who did not die of the Corona virus did die of the virus

and in New York the yearly flu virus that can kill in some years

over 1 million people world wide

suddenly drooped by 77 % over night

as this is not possible

and many of those who died of the yearly flu virus

must of been recorded as Death by the Corona virus

for political ploy


There is very proven Political Media Fraud involving the Corona virus

as the Media and Press have provided Scientifically Proven disinformation and lies

for the past 12 months of the Corona virus out break in America

and now the Media and Press have a new Scientific Study for the Public

that they claim proves wearing a mask reduces the Spread of the Corona Virus

that does not and can not debunk the past 12 months of hard science data

that scientifically debunk their new Study

proving their new study is not Real

and is only more political media science fiction for more political poly

to go with the past 12 months of proven lies

and will the proven frauds publicly debate their new proven to be fraudulent study ?

while I have many questions they can not answer

as the proven disinformation and proven lies continue

while about 50% of We the People just Believe the proven Political Media Lies

as a study that ignores available science data on the subject matter is not a real study

a study that can not identify how many people in the study already had the virus

or had the virus but do not know they had the virus

or those who were never around the virus

as the virus is on the down side

as this in itself would explain the fewer cases of the virus

regardless of wearing a mask

as this is a proven to be flawed self-debunked incomplete study used for political ploy


Send me the peer-reviewed science data


the past 12 months of hard science data from all around this Carbon based Earth

for further Review

because Political Media Brainwashing words

based only on one side of the Story

by those who continue to fail 3rd grade science

prove nothing in Science

as those who passed 5th grade science comprehend Question Test Rebuttal Debate


There are about 150 virus

and the Mild Corona Virus

should be treated just as we treat the yearly cold and flu viruses


When a virus has run its course through the majority of the population

then fewer people who were already dying from other illness

will be dying with the virus

as about 10,000 Americans die everyday from all illness and disease

and of those who caught the corona virus

 were already going to die weather they caught the Corona virus or not

and when the Media for the past 12 months has preached only one side of the story

this is called political ploy not Journalism

and when you have scientifically Proven the majority of what has been politically Preached

by the Media and Press are proven Lies this called political BRAINWASHING

and when politically using a new study

that has ignored 12 months of very available science data

debunking the new study

that provides more unanswered questions than answers

making the study proven to be Flawed and Incomplete

while the debunked study is then used to sell a political belief

as this is test proven fraud in Science and not Journalism

as real Journalism will investigate and provide all the available facts

and not withhold all the available facts

allowing the public to decide for themselves what is real and what is not

and when the Media and Press does not allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and decide for the public what is real and what is not

based on scientifically proven lies

this is Fascism not Journalism

and when you request their Peer-reviewed science data

~ they can provide nothing ~

as they continue to ignore all the real science proving they are frauds

as they continue to preach their proven to be Political Media Science Fiction

doing only Harm

as they continue to reject Question Test Rebuttal Debate

further proving they are political media preachers

working for those who want more power control and profit

further proving they are not real scientists

as they reject science for Political Belief = make believe

as they ignore proven fact tested reality in science they do not comprehend

that continues to prove they are wrong

proving they are Political Media Preacher who have earned zero right to Scientific opinion

…as history continues to repeat itself

by those who refuse to know history and the new available tested knowledge

as they destroy History and knowledge before knowing the science History

as they destroy the knowledge of the past for Preached Ignorance doing only Harm

as they continue to preach paranoia based on debunk Hypothetical

~ and ~

 When Representation is Denied

that is Fascism

as only fascism can distort tested Reality

as the Intelligence of All of We the People continues to be Insulted by the Fascist Reality

as only the Political Media Persuaded Fools Make Believe


question test rebuttal debate

and how many very Healthy Children not effected by the Corona Virus

will now needlessly be Brain Damaged or Die

from Oxygen Deprivation

from a mask that is Trapping CO2 in the body

while re-breathing CO2 trapped in the mask

while breathing Mold and Bactria growing in the Mask

with each of all the above causing a serious chemical imbalance in everyone’s body

from the improper use of a mask

~ they do not need to wear ~

all because the Media and Press reject question test rebuttal debate

for Political Ploy

for power control and profit

for those who own and control the Media and Press

and all Branches of the U.S. Government

as everything will be their way or no way regardless of the very proven harm to everyone

including harm to themselves because of their Ignorance


There is a Health Risk Warning on a pack of Cigarettes

and a safety warning on every thing you can buy

while there is zero health risk warning on a pack of Masks

that can kill you from the improper use

as there are many known health risks from wearing a mask

and more so for Children and the Elderly

and this is rejected and ignored by the Billionaire owned and controlled

Democratic Political Media Corporation

who now dictate how we live our daily lives

even when they know they are doing test proven harm to everyone

when 99.99% of those who catch Virus continue to live

and those who were already dying before catching the mild corona virus still die


…as only Fascism can Dictate a Fascist Reality

as Fascist Refuse to Publicly Debate the Tested Reality

as the Proven to be Treasonous Billionaire Scam Artists

are now in control of

All of We the People

as only Fascism can Destroy Freedom

as only Freedom can Destroy Fascism


when Government Agencies

and or any part of the body of government

become the Property of Political Parties

that is Fascism Destroying Freedom

for power control and profit


science is: to know

and the truth in knowledge is by question test rebuttal debate

~ as ~

We can only Find the Truth with the Freedom to Know


…when the Authority of State Governments in the Federal Government

is removed

then we are no longer the United States

as State Governments were a part of the U.S. Government

by controlling the U.S. Senate

Pryor to the Seventeenth Amendment

and now State Governments are Dictated to by the Federal Government


Reverse the Seventeenth Amendment

and Reunite the Un-United States of America

and regain stability in the now Un-United States Government

that is longer

of by and for

All of We the People

as we can only grow forward from our mistakes

but only if we can know and understand and admit to our proven mistakes


Forfeit Freedom for Fascism


…we are no longer the United States

when Billionaires own and control the Senate


We the People  can only be the United States

 when States are a working part of the Federal Government

as there can be no real checks and balance in the United States

when States are no longer a controlling part of the Federal Government


Who should decide the votes in the Senate ?

State Governments as Intended by the U.S. Constitution


Fascist Billionaires

who continue to take away all Freedom

from All State Governments controlled by All of We the People

for their power control and profit


February 5, 2021


…an Unlawful Unconstitutional Political Impeachment

with the support of Treasonous Deep State Democrats in the United States Justice System

providing proven Fraud and Lies to We the People as Evidence

is an Act of Treason

Against All of We the People who Are America

and is Punishable by Death


To: Nancy Pelosi


The Un-United States Cuckoos Nest House of Representatives

Committing Treason for the past four plus years against America


Dear Nancy,

it is obvious to everyone your mental condition is becoming much worse

and of course wearing a Mast causing Oxygen Deprivation

to your Brain and vital Internal Organs

 is contributing to your already very poor Mental Health

~ and in Regards to ~

Representative Greene of Georgia

~ Who should Decide ~

your Proven to be Treasonous Cuckoos Nest

or the People of Georgia

as to the Fate of those they Elect to Congress

to represent their best Interests

rather than support your Proven Crimes against All of We the People who are America

as you do not Represent the Will of We the People

as you Represent your Pathological Will against We the People

as you live by Personal Emotional Feelings of Belief in proven to be

Political Science Fiction and Hate

and not by Proven Fact Tested Reality in Law or Science

and so you may disagree with the words of Representative Greene

but she has not committed Treason

against All of We the People for the past four plus years as you have

as you Nancy have Deliberately Shredded the U.S. Constitution

as you have fact proven you are the Enemy of All of We the People


Bruce A. Kershaw


February 4, 2021

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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