…the Rebuttal To: The Puppet Biden Nut House


From: Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena Montana

To: Montana Law Makers


” wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no harm “


March 9, 2021

When I was a Senior at Helena High back in 1973

after School I worked at Carlson Lincoln Mercury

next to Herbs

~ on Helena Ave across the Street from Helena Middle School ~

I washed Cars and Picked up and Delivered New Cars all around the state of Montana

and I will tell you

~ getting paid ~

to drive all over the state of Montana in brand new 74 Lincolns of every model at age 17

is a good job

when all of your friends are Dishwashers at the Duffy’s Night Owl

while I delivered the brand new Lincoln Continental to the New Governor of Montana

Tom Judge

and I have meet every Governor of Montana since

but one

and I know sooner or later I will meet our new Governor

Greg Gianforte

and I hope he does not allow the Criminal Legacy of Steve Bullock to continue

that still lives Deep in the Montana Government


as the seeds were planted over 8 years ago

and the weeds continue to grow with Deep Roots

and will destroy the garden


I have Investigated and Proven Fraud in Science for over 25 years

March 8, 2021

Nothing has done more Deliberate Harm to me in my 65 years of Life Time than

Montana State Fund

~ by ~

Steve Bullock


The Governor of Montana decides who is in charge of Montana State Fund

and today Lance Zanto is still in charge of the proven to be

Fraudulent Montana State Fund

 put in charge of MSF by the Criminal Governor of Montana

Steve Bullock

and many Montana Tax Payers and Voters Agree

Montana State Fund is: Legalized Organized Crime


The Number One Cancer in the Montana Government

is Montana State Fund

and should be abolished forever

and try Suing a Criminal Doctor who Commits Proven Deliberate Medical Fraud

for Montana State Fund


If the State of Montana can not run an Honest Insurance Company

then the State of Montana should not be in the Insurance Business

Fraudulently Destroying the Lives of Montana Citizens

to save money

as it is one thing to deal with fraud

and another for the Government to be the Proven Frauds


The State of Montana Punishes Work Injured Citizens

to save money

Montana State Fund is a very Proven Criminal Organization

making the State of Montana a very Proven Criminal Government

and if you are looking for proven Frauds in Medicine to care for you

then Sage Medical Clinic and Dr. Sargent are for you

as they are proven to Falsify Medical Reports for Tammy Gibson

while there are many other Doctors in Montana who Falsify Medical Reports

for Tammy Gibson and Dr. Sargent for Montana State Fund

while Dr. Sargent is Tammy Gibson’s Good Friend and Personal Doctor

and they together are a unprofessional very criminal team working together

Denying further needed Professional Medical Care for Injured Humans

and I have much to share after 5 years of Investigation


To: Tammy Gibson

Montana State Fund

Dear Tammy,

Thanks for committing Fraud against me and further Destroying my life

while trying to deal with life with a Head Injury

with long term post concussion syndrome

with many Neurological disorders

along with my many other injuries as I continue to pay medical bills

and you now owe me over $ 40,000 plus dollars

and you and Dr. Sargent should be in jail

along with the other Doctors who are proven to falsify Medical Reports for you

while you have all the money in the world for your favorite charities

as you destroy the lives of Injured Montana Citizens

to save money

as you treat Broken People like Road Kill



My wife tells me I am a Different Person since my head Injury

while I am Lucky to be alive

and thankful I am not in a Coma or Wheel Chair

and am well enough to drive safely

and I drive part time for a living

while I can no longer do many things I could do before my Injuries

caused by the Negligence of my Employer the Helena School District

who will go unpunished for their Negligence

while I am Punished for their Negligence by their Insurance Company

the State of Montana and Montana State Fund Fraud

as I am now a Victim of MSF


To: Our New Montana Governor

Greg Gianforte


I hope all is well

and I hope you can resolve the Proven Crimes of your Predecessor

the Crimes by our Criminal Governor Steve Bullock

and those he put in Charge of Government Agencies

like Lance Zanto the Chair Person of Montana State ~ Fraud ~ Fund


and to:

~ and do not Vote for ~


State Representative

Robert Farris-Olsen HD 79

or my State Senator

Terry Gauthier SD 40

as they do not Represent or Respond to their Tax Payers and Voters

and to

All The Law Makers of the State of Montana


most of you are only here in Helena for 90 days every other year

~ you then can not see the abuse of power here in Helena ~

by those left in Charge of the Montana Government

who work against All of We the People of Montana

when you are here in Helena

and when you not here in Helena


The Biggest Problems in my Life

have always been caused by the Government and not resolved by the Government

~ while ~

Nothing has been Sued more times in the Montana State Supreme Court

than Montana State Fund

who Destroy lives to Save Money


The Number One Criminal Organization in Montana

and Owned by the Government of the State of Montana

and obviously with zero oversight of this Dynasty with in the Montana State Government

that should not exist

~ as ~

Montana State Fund Deliberately Further Destroyed My Life to Save Money

just as they have done to many others for many years

as scientifically proven

and do Montana Law Makers give a Damn about the proven Fraud

against We the People the Tax Payers and Voters the Work Injured Citizens

Injured by the proven Negligence of their Employers ?

~ No ~

as Negligence and Proven Fraud is now better protected than We the People of Montana

as the State of Montana is proven to be Paying Doctors to Falsify Medical Reports

and Paying Attorneys to Patrice Medicine with out a Licence

and all rubber stamped by the Montana Department of Labor

as we have proven criminals Playing God with our Lives at Montana State Fraud

and No One gives a Damn

as if Injured Montana Citizens do not already have enough to deal with

in their already very broken lives

as the Frauds in Medicine and Law get rich off the backs of Injured Montana Citizens

because far to much power and authority are in the hands of very few people

who abuse their power and authority while they do not have to answer to you

as you make the Laws as they Break the Laws

as they are self policing

and the Number One Criminal Organization in Montana should not be

The State of Montana

Montana State Fund is not a Medical Organization run by Doctors

doing what is best for the Injured Citizens of Montana

it is a Politically Controlled Organization run by proven Criminals

who answer to one one for their proven Crimes


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor

Helena Montana

Class of 74 Helena High


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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