…the Rebuttal To: Political Media Science Fiction


December 3 ~ 4

The only Person Dr. Fauci can fool in the Medical Community is himself

as Dr. Fauci is not Helping All of We the People

Fauci is doing proven Harm to All of We thew People

I think it is now safe to say

Dr. Fauci is a Bought and Paid for Deep State Democrat


Money Talks and Words Prove Nothing


Dr. Fauci and his words of paranoia are not based on proven fact tested reality in Science

and we know Dr. Fauci has sided with and is working for the Democrats

working with and for Mike Bloomberg a very proven Fraud in Science for Profit

and proving Fauci is not Politically Neutral and likes the smell of Money

and Preaching Paranoia while withholding important available medical facts

from the Public that would help all Americas

will make Fauci Rich

as no on buys and sells more scientifically proven Lies and Disinformation

than the Ruler and King of the Democratic Party Mike Bloomberg

while number two is Bill MSNBC Gates

along with 60 other billionaires

who do not want to help America they want to control All of We the People


…what is real and what is not ?

by Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and will Dr. Fauci publicly Debate his Preached Paranoia

will Dr. Fauci publicly Debate his State of Mind ?

as We now live in the world of Make Believe Dictated Political Law

by Make Believe Political Science Fiction for political ploy

and is Dr. Fauci

Politically Motivated or Incompetent ?


Rules do not apply to Rule Makers who Preach Paranoia

Rules that are based on scientifically debunked unproven theory

that are scientifically proven to be doing far greater harm while doing zero good


Dr. Fauci,

based on all the available Data

you are a Trader to All of We the People

and the Question is

are you a Trader because you are a Bought and Paid for Fascist

or are you a Trader because you are Stupid in Medicine ?

while of course they go together if you are a Fascist

while you allow zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate for your state of mind


Bruce A. Kershaw


Dr. Fauci is an Insult to Modern Medicine and Science

as only the Preached Paranoia providing disinformation has a voice in the Media

while the Corona Virus

just like 150 others viruses is very real

while the politics of the Corona virus is a scientifically proven Treasonous Scam

as Proven Fascism is Dictating Science and Medicine

with the Help of Dr. Fauci

regardless of his state of mind or cash flow


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

is rejected by the Media

and Preaching Political Media Paranoia Proves nothing is Science

while the world is full of Good and Bad Doctors

and Dr. Fauci has proven he is an Excellent Fascist Politician and a very Bad Doctor


Dr. Fauci

has proven heĀ Supports Fascism Dictating Lunatic Science and Medicine

as the Media continues to Silence the Rebuttal to Political Fraud in Science and Medicine

as the Top Doctors who disagree with Dr. Fauci have little to no voice in the Media

while Honest Doctors can be wrong 50% of the time

and Dr. Fauci is proven wrong by the best in this field of study


I challenge Dr. Fauci to an Open Public Debate

because the public should be allowed to hear all the available facts

that are withheld from the Public by Dr. Fauci and the Media

and maybe Dr. Fauci does not comprehend the Data

as his interpretation of the available data ignored by the Media

continues to Prove Fauci is a Political Quack

just as a Leaked German Government Report Proves Fauci is a Quack

as Tested Reality from all around the world Proves Fauci is a Political Fraud

doing only Harm to All of We the People


The Corona Virus is a very mild virus of about 150 virus

while 10,000 People Die Everyday in America

and of those who are already dying who catch the Corona Virus will still Die

while Healthy People are not Dying from the Corona Virus

and I have never heard anyone so wishy washy in my Life time

further proving Dr. Fauci is a Political Pathological Scam Quack


who is paying this Lunatic Quack to Preach his Lunatic Paranoia ?

Mike Bloomberg or Bill MSNBC Gates

who Preach to us only their Disinformation and proven Lies

while withholding important Medical Information from the public


who is the Shrink for this proven to be Fascist Treasonous Democratic Party

Destroying all Life in America

where we rely on the Lunatic opinion of one Government Quack

Preaching Lunatic Science Fiction and Medicine


~ shrinking the shrink ~

…and if there is a God

God Bless the Universe

…while the majority of my readers are in China

where there can be no Religion

where those with Religious Beliefs are Psychologically Re-Programmed = Brainwashed

as only tyranny can dictate a false reality

while Repetitiveness is the key to De-Programming

[email protected]

November 30, ~ December 2,


…the Rebuttal ~

…to Fascism Dictating Science

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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