…the Rebuttal To: Political Media Science Fiction


Does Norah O’Donnell

of CBS Scientifically proven to be Fraudulent News

know she is a Lair

or does she just read to us what she is told to read to the Public


December 5, 2020

My Hypothetical Conjecture is:

Norah Failed Grade School Science

and has earned zero right to Medical or Scientific opinion

because once again

Norah O’Donnell of CBS Political Scam News just Lied though her teeth

as Norah stated today at 5:00 pm MST

The Corona Virus is now the Number One cause of Death in America

and of course this is a very outrageous and very proven Lie

as about 3 million people die every year from many causes

and I will dig up my notes from my Investigating and Writing in May

and relist them again from 1 through 10 top causes of Death in America

or you can Google the top 10 causes of death in America

and see for yourself

and maybe the CBS Norah O’Donnell Disinformation and proven Lies Show

should do the same

as CBS continues to be very proven frauds in science and medicine

just like all the other Disinformation and proven Lies Shows

as there is zero Science Data to support their proven Disinformation and proven Lies

while withholding from the Public the available information and facts

that would help the public deal with the Corona Virus and prevent harm

proving CBS is not on the side of All of We the People

and on the side of 60 Billionaires who are Harming All of We the People for their Gain

while off the top of my head the number 3 cause of death

that is not on the list because it is not an illness

are the many Deaths from mistakes in hospitals

while above and beyond the many mistakes I do not know how many People die from

Staph Infections caught in hospitals

now add the fact Doctors can be wrong 50% of the time

while 1600 Americans die everyday from Abortion

while Abortions are not on the list because Abortion is not an Illness

and this is the same Number of Americans who die from Cancer everyday

of the 10,000 people who die everyday in America

as twice as many people have Died by Abortion in America

than have died ~ With ~ the Corona virus

who were people already dying before the caught the Corona virus

and they would have still died if they had not caught the Corona Virus

while if you jump out of an Airplane with the corona virus with no symptoms of the Virus

but you forgot your Parachute

your death certificate will state you died from the corona virus

further proving the corona virus is a Political Scam

as 10,000 Americans Die everyday from everything

1 A~ Heart Disease

1 B Doctors who are wrong 50% of the time

2 A ~ Cancer

2 B ~ Abortion

3 A ~ Unintentional Injuries

3 B ~ Mistakes in Hospitals

4 ~ Lower Respiratory Disease

5 ~ Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease

6 ~ Alzheimer Disease

7 ~ Diabetes

8 ~ Influenza and Pneumonia

while there are 150 Different Viruses

9 ~ Kidney Disease

10 ~ Suicide

further proving once again CBS Political Disinformation News

is Political Media Fraud in Science and Medicine 24/7 everyday

as they are not the News

they are the Preached Paranoia Machine for Political Ploy

for 60 billionaires who own the Democrats and the Media and Press

while a Vaccine will not stop the Deaths of those who are already dying

or the Suicides and Murders that continue to skyrocket from unnecessary Lock Downs

that increased the spread of the Virus

while CBS Disinformation just ignores the Suicides and Murders

as the New Normal will be the continuation of Political Media Fascism

by preached words of paranoia while proving nothing is Science

used against All of We the People

as Political Media Lunatics Dictate a very proven to be False Reality

doing only harm and zero good

as they continue to believe their scientifically proven Lies

as they can provide zero science data to prove they are not Political Pathological Frauds

who can not prove their proven lies are not proven lies that are just believed lies

and that is the best CBS can do for All of We the People

Lie to America

just like the rest of the Media and Press

as real Journalism is Dead


reality is questioned and tested not Brainwashed and just believed

and wearing a mask improperly will make very healthy Adults and Children very Sick

but do not tell anyone

we do not want the public to know the Proper use of a Mask

that does not protect you from the corona virus

nor will 6 feet of Distancing

because 12 feet of distancing will not protect you from the corona virus

but do not tell anyone this

because we do not want the public to know any of the available Medical Facts

we do not want the public to know wearing a mask causes slow Suffocation

by reducing oxygen to the Brain and vital organs

while not allow CO2 to be released from the Body

while breathing CO2 that can not escape the Mask

causing an Acid imbalance causing an Hemoglobin Imbalance

while you are breathing in the Mold and Bactria growing in you mask

if you do not change you mask every four hours

as we are now making Healthy People sick by forcing everyone to wear a mask

but do not tell anyone

because we do not want the public to know the truth in Science and Medicine

that would help them be more healthy

as the worst thing you can do to your body

is to Deprive your body of any of the very needed oxygen

as very scientifically proven and Ignored by those in charge

of this very Proven Political Media Scam against All of We the People who are America

as the best way to control People is with fear of the unknown

while Preaching scientifically proven lies and disinformation

as the Criminal Political Media Lunatics refuse to allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as they Silence the Questioned Truth in Medicine and Science

for their power control and greed

that continues to kill many


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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