…the Rebuttal To: Political Media Science Fiction


December 6, 2020

…the Rebuttal

To: Chris Wallace

Fox News Sunday

as you only preach one side of the many sides of the story

doing harm

as you must provide all the available Data and Facts

and allow People to decide for themselves what is real and what is not

and what is best for their life

as you decide what is best for everyone based on a lack of available knowledge

with your Ignorance doing Harm to Everyone


for myself the Corona virus at near 65 years of age was like a bad 3 day cold

while wearing a mask is slow suffocation by reducing oxygen into your body by 20%

and Damaging the Brain and Internal Organs and Immune system

so I will go with the 3 day cold

as we are making healthy people sick

by forcing Healthy Developing Children and Adults to wear a mask

and doing far worse harm than this mild virus

as only those who are for the most part very old weak and fragile with many illnesses

who will die

 and then catch the virus then continue to die

while wearing a mask is proven to not protect you from catching the virus

while doing very real harm to healthy people who would not die from this virus

as 99.99 % of those who catch the Corona virus do not die from the virus

as many of those with the virus do not know they have the virus

and slow suffocation for healthy people

is not the answer to healthy prevention for any of 150 viruses

because we can not allow prevention to be worse than the Disease

so try telling the whole story and not just your political make believe

and inform the Public of all the available facts

so the public can make healthy choices for themselves

instead of you making bad choices for everyone

and so Chris

how many healthy Children and Adults will Die form your bad one sided medical advice

as Doctors can be wrong 50% of the time

as you commit Medical Malpractice with out a Licence

while knowing you can go to three Doctors with the same symptoms

and all three Doctors can be wrong

while our Government Doctors have been wrong more than they have been right

while some Government Doctors have been Politically sided in their Bad Medical Opinions

who are Preaching Political Paranoia based on proven Ignorance

and this is political ploy not good medicine

proving Politically Motivated Government Doctors are not Honest or Real

so you make you Choices in your life based on your Ignorance

and I will make my choices in my life based on Peer-Reviewed Science

while the best the Media can do is:

Disinformation Proven Political Lies

and Preached Paranoia based on Proven Ignorance

and I can remember when the Media and Press kept Politics in Cheek

and today Politics Own and Control the Media

as the Media is now a Lunatic Political Brainwashing Machine

Censoring and Silencing Proven Fact Tested Reality for Political Ploy

and so Chris

you risk Permanent Brain and Internal Organ and Immune system Damage

and I will rick the effects of the Equivalent of a Three Day Cold

and you live with your Ignorance and I will live with my Science

as the Media continues to reject real Question Test Rebuttal Debate

for their Lunatic Political Media Hearsay

while I have Investigated this Corona Virus everyday since March 13

and how about you ?

as Politically Closed Minds Preach Paranoia and Bad Medicine

and I will take my Ignorance over Yours

as you are Politically Pathological and I am Factual

Preached Political Media Faith is not Science


Bruce A. Kershaw


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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