…the Rebuttal To: Political Media Science Fiction


…and as the Democrats and Republicans continue to Destroy each other

they continue to Destroy America

and I think we need a law that states:

if you Failed 3rd grade science twice

and you continue to Fail 3rd grade science in to your seventy’s

and you now have Dementia

while you have committed proven Treason against All of We the People for many years

~ then ~

you can not be the President

~ and this Law is known as the ~

The Twenty Fifth Amendment

making Kamala President

if the proven to be fraudulent election is Ratified by the Senate


Kamala came in very last in the Fascist Treasonous Democratic Presidential Primaries


…and what is Preached Paranoia ?


question test rebuttal debate



would you trust proven to be Fascist Democratic Billionaires

committing Treason against All of We the People = America ?

…as they Censor the proven fact tested reality in science and medicine

as they withhold real science data from the Public proving the media is wrong

proving the Media knows what they are preaching

to All of We the People is proven to be wrong

and very Proven to be a Political Media Lie

and when you confront the Media with their Proven Lies they continue to knowingly Lie

during a National Emergency they invented from one mild virus engineered by China

of 150 Viruses they ignore


To: the Lunatic Political Media Preachers who call themselves Journalist

who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

who Preach to us their Lunatic Political Science Fiction

they can provide zero science data for

to support their proven to be Fraudulent Misinformation

and proven to be Lies for their Deliberate Political Ploy

proving they are Treasonous Political Pathological Frauds

~ as ~

Fascist Treasonous Ignorance Repeats Itself

as Proven Lunatics like Bill MSNBC Gates

Preach to us we need more Lock Downs


the New York Lock Down increased the spread of the Corona virus by 60%

while destroying all Lives and the Economy

as we witness a mass exit of New York City

that is now over flowing with Murder and Crime


Child and Domestic Abuse


Drug and Alcohol Overdoses


and is now the Perfect Example of Proven Ignorance

of the Fascist Lunatic Democratic Governors and Mayors

who have publicly proven they failed 3rd grade science

as they continue their Lock Downs doing far more harm than the Mild Corona virus

as they Practice Medicine with out a Licenses with zero science data

and must be Punished for their known Crimes


…a few years back ~

after coming across ~ JC ‘s ~ Web Page that he provides for his Grade School Students

I then communicated with the Grade School Teacher online

because when you go to his Web Page it Preaches his Religion

while Preaching his Lunatic Political Science Fiction to his Grade School Students

proving we do have Grade School Teachers Brainwashing our Children in America

Proving the Public is not in charge of Public Education payed for by the Public

Proving it is time for a Positive Change

by All of We the People of all Flavors


Persuaded Paranoia is a Feeling and is not Tested Knowledge

and the Vast Majority of We the People Dying ~ with ~ the Corona Virus

were already dying before they ~ caught ~ the Corona Virus

~ while ~

many more Americans Die from Abortion

while 25,000 Carbon based Humans

~ starve to death everyday ~

on this Carbon based Earth

where all Carbon based Life is caused by Carbon based Oxygen

~ where ~

The Right to Privacy and Free Speech and Worship has gone away

along with all of our other rights

but one

the right to own a Gun

and the Number One Cancer in America


Bill Treasonous MSNBC Gates who controls the World Health Disorganization

and deliberately Laid to the World for China

& Mike Treasonous Fascist Bloomberg

and their 60 Treasonous Billionaires Friends

who own and control the Democratic Party and Deep State Democrats

and the majority of the Lying Media

and support proven to be Domestic Terrorist organizations like Antifa


the Political Media & Press

and can the Political Media Pathological be allowed to politically dictate a False Factual

by Political Media Preachers who killed Real Journalism ?


as the proven to be Treasonous Fascist Media

continue to Preach proven to be disinformation and political lies for Political Ploy

doing only Harm to All of We the People

and is here to stay

by Democratic Billionaires who own and control everything

and everyone they can and do


To: Political Media Treasonous Fascism

~ persuaded belief is: religion ~

as to believe is to make believe

proving persuaded political belief is political religion

~ as ~

The Truth in Knowledge is Questioned not Dictated

~ because ~

Pathological is not Factual

~ when ~

science is: to know


…my 2 cents worth for free ~

and when living Life stops ~

moving changing and growing forward in America

then Freedom is Dead

~ and ~

Dictated and Brainwashed Paranoia is not Science

as Paranoia is a Mental Disorder

…and when Capitalism is Broken it must then be Repaired

while Donald Trump is fixing the Broken Capitalism for All of We the People

while Donald Trump is his own worst enemy

while Donald is on the side of the Tested Truth Reality


I am not a Democrat or Republican

I am with the Majority of All of We the People who are the Independents

and I am a Student of Constitutional Law and History since 1980

and a Scientist since the day I was Born March 27, 1956

[email protected]

and when there is Question

and there can be no Test and Debate

…and when you are Forced to take a Vaccine against your Will

that is

Fascism not Freedom

and if Bill MSNBC Gates

has a Shrink

then both Bill and his Shrink need a Real Shrink

as Bill’s Brainwashing Machine Continues

to Preach Paranoia for Profit

~ as ~

The Science Data from all around this Carbon based Earth

has clearly scientifically Proven

Lock Downs only make things many times worse

while further scientifically proving

Bill MSNBC Gates is a Proven Fascist Treasonous Lunatic

who is on the side of his Friends in China

as Bill has clearly proven he is not on the side of All of We the People who are America

as Bill has clearly proven he is for His Power Control and Profit

along with his 60 or so Billionaire Friends


Bill is a Ruler and All of We the People are the Peasants

as the More Harm Bill can do to All of We the People

the more Rich and Powerful he becomes

as Bill MSNBC Gates continues to Destroy America

to own and control All of We the People


~ Question Test Rebuttal DebateĀ  ~

and are we going to use our Children who are not effected by the Corona Virus as

Guinea Pigs ?

for a brand new vaccine

and what happens when the vaccine is Accidentally Thawed

and then refrozen and then thawed again for use ?

while the number three cause of death in the U.S.A. are caused by mistakes in Hospitals

while forcing Children to wear a mask will do more harm than the Corona virus

from the lack of Oxygen to the Brain and Vital Internal Organs

while Harming the Immune system

while the very same applies to all Adults

while the mask is proven not to protect you from this very mild virus

and Six Feet Social Distancing does not work because Twelve Feet is proven not to work

and Lock downs are scientifically proven to only make things many times worse

as the proven Political Media Scam and Preached Paranoia for Political Ploy continues


My repeated Argument in many forms for the Truth in Life and knowledge

Science is new everyday because we learn and know something new everyday

and I have Investigated and Proven Fraud in Science for the past 25 years


My Hypothetical Conjecture

based on the Available Data and Available Known Tested Facts

withheld from the Public by the Media and Press

~ and ~

The Number One Scam Artist is:

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

as we already know Bill is Paranoid about over Population

and maybe that is why

25,000 Carbon based Humans continue to Starve to Death Everyday

while Bill Gates who is Number One with China

and Number One with the World Health Dis ~ Organization

as they Lied for China to the World

about a Virus that is equal to the Common Cold and yearly Flu Viruses

of 150 Viruses

and for myself at 64 years of age was like a 3 day cold

as the only People Dying ~ with ~ the Corona Virus

were already dying before they contracted this very mild virus

as 99.99 % of those with the Virus continue to Live

while the 00.01 % who were already dying still died

as Bill Gates is now making a Fortune on a proven to be un-necessary Vaccine

and I will not be taking any vaccine made by those

who have overwhelmingly proven to me they can not be trusted

and what is ~ In ~ the proven to be Scam Artist Vaccine ?

that the majority of those under 50 years of age do not need

and what are the long term Neurological effects of the new very rushed Vaccines

as the Corona Virus has Neurological Effects and so will the Vaccine

and what happens when a vaccine has not been kept at the right Temperature

because the majority of those who provide Vaccines do not have – 94* F Refrigeration

and is then given to those who do not need a Vaccine ?

and so are we going force everyone to take the Vaccine and see what happens

and you will then have to carry around in your pocket your vaccine card

or be allowed to do nothing in Public ?

and will it Cure Bill’s over Population Paranoia too ?

as history will know the now proven lies and dis-information

as we continue to learn and know new proven Lies and proven Disinformation

by Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

Preaching and Selling Fear and Paranoia to Control Everyone’s Life everyday

as Bill is a Proven Demon and Trader to America

just like Mike Bloomberg

who buys and owns Politicians of every flavor everyday


The Corona Virus is a Proven to be Fascist Treasonous Political Tool

being used Against All of We the People

with the Help of Government Deep State Democrats

seen in every part of Government and Education

and with the Help of the Treasonous Media and Press they own and control


The K-12 Students in the U.SA. before the Corona Virus

were already two to three years behind Students in counties like Germany

and after the Corona Virus they will be four plus years behind the rest of the Free World

as the Free World continues to slip away caused by proven Ignorance

as the Public Education system and the Media continue to Dumb Down America

by Politically Pro Democratic Teachers Unions

when there should be zero Education Dictated by Teachers Unions

with Scientifically Proven Political Media Lies

while in Places like Germany only the top 5% of Students may go on to Teach

while here in the U.S.A. the bottom 5% can go on to Politically Preach rather than Teach

while China’s Goal is to Dominate the Entire World

as Bill and Mike have very much proven they are helping China to Destroy America

while there continues to be the un-answered Questions

as they Fascistly refuse to acknowledge the Questions or allow Public Debate

as they ban and silence the available data and facts in Tested Reality

proving they are Frauds in Science and Medicine

while the more Mom and Pop business continue to needlessly go under

the more Proven to be Scam Billionaires make



Mike Treasonous Bloomberg & Bill MSNBC Gates

& 60 other Fascist Treasonous Billionaires

who own and control the Democrats the Deep State Democrats


To: the Scientifically Proven to be

Fascist Treasonous Traders of the Political Scam Media and Press

owned by the proven to be 60 Fascist Treasonous Billionaire Traders


Science is Flawed and not Perfect

because Carbon based Humans made by and from this Carbon based Earth

by the Carbon Cycle with Oxygen and Hydrogen

caused by Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

are Flawed and not Perfect

and this is why the Truth in knowledge must always be in Question


today Medicine is under the Thumb of Lunatic Politics

by those who have earned zero right to opinion

and am I guilty or not of Reality ?

and can the Truth be Tested

as the Democrats continue to Preach for the past 30 plus years

we are all going to die soon


on zero science data

Preached as Settled Science by the Fascist Media and Press

when settled science does not exist in proven fact tested reality

as new knowledge continues to debunk old knowledge

and there will always be un-answered questions

and today the proven to be Treasonous Fascist Media of America

does not want you to know about the Leaked German Government Report

stating the Corona Virus is a World Wide False Alarm

that is now being used by Democrats to Fascistly Dictate every second of our Lives

while all the restrictions by Fascist Democrats are proven to make things worse not better

and Governors and Mayors who are Preaching the Science support the Lock Downs

are Scientifically Proven Lunatics and Frauds in Medicine

and are causing far more Harm than the Virus

as they are Practicing Medicine with out a License

and are committing Deliberate Malpractice

and should be Sued and Punished for their Negligence and Fraudulent Malpractice

while Dictated Mandates by proven to be Political Pathological Lunatics

are not Law by Law Makers

and can not be Legally Enforced by Law Enforcement


if a proven Lunatic Mayor tells you it is now Mandated by

~ me ~

everyone jump off the Cliff

and then if you do not jump off the Cliff

then you can not be arrested

because it is not a Real Law Passed by Real Law Makers

it is proven Fascist Treasonous Lunatic Political Science Fiction

Destroying America for Power Control and Profit


I voted for Freedom not Fascism

…and when Deep State Judges Deny Due Process of the Law

are they Denying Constitutional Reality for Political Make Believe ?

as they refuse to look and see


I have no Legal Council

I am my own Legal Council

based on the Questioned Laws of Science

by the Questioned Truth in Knowledge


science is: to know



~ opening argument ~


…the Russian Conspiracy was by and with President and Hillary Clinton

and not by or with President Trump

as the Clinton’s committed Treason not President Trump


Joe Biden is now Owned by China

and after Joe Biden refused to listen to us

Joe now demands we listen to him

~ while ~

Donald Trump

the President of the Republic of the now Un-United States of America

Un-United by the 17th Amendment

~ was ~

Politically Fascistly Treasonously

Un ~ Constitutionally Impeached

for sending foolish insulting tweets and then was unlawfully Impeached

by those who have committed Treason against All of We the People

for the past four plus years

~ while ~

200 years ago Nancy Pelosi for her Treason would be Hanging from a Tree

along with the other proven to be Treasonous Frauds


Pathological is not Factual

and Fascism is not Freedom

and we need to send those who commit Voter Fraud to Jail for 10 to 20 years

for their Treason against All of We the People

as the Treason against All of We the People continues

by those who today Fascistly Control our Lives

based on their debunked political science fiction


…as we live on a Carbon based Planet

where everything has Carbon in it

where 25,000 Carbon based Humans Die of Starvation Everyday

from a lack of Carbon based Food

where Politically Brainwashed Fascist Green Lunatics who failed 5th grade science

want to stop the cause of Green causing the Environment

where 10,000 Americans Die Everyday

from everything there is to die from

and those who are Dying with the Corona Virus

were already dying before they caught the Corona Virus

and would have still died regardless of the Corona Virus

and the rest is scientifically proven Political Media Scam by 60 Billionaires

who own and control the Democrats the Deep State Democrats

and the majority of the Media and Press

providing scientifically proven Disinformation and Lies

while allowing zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate to their proven Lies

as they Preach and Sell Fear and Paranoia to control All of We the People

while Silencing the Proven Fact Tested Truth in Reality in Science and Medicine

doing only harm to All of We the People for their Power Control and Profit

as the Scientifically Proven Political Media Scam Continues

to Destroy America for Proven Billionaire Fascism

who are one with China

as they are trying to make America more like China where Religion is a Political Sin

and People are Politically Reprogrammed by the China Government

as Democratic Governors and Mayors Fascistly withhold Law Enforcement

allowing main street USA to be burned down to the Ground

to sell Fear and Paranoia

and now Fascistly prevent Religious Worship in America

by using a proven to be Very Mild Virus as a political tool

to control our daily lives

as the Lock Downs have nothing to do with real Science

and everything to do with very real Fascism

and what happens when People are forced into Political Lock Downs

they travel out side the Lock Down

taking the very mild corona virus with no symptoms with them

as we know the Lock Down in New York

increased the spread of the Mild Corona Virus by 60%

as the Lock Downs are not to slow the spread of the Virus

they are to Fascistly Control your Life

and this Fascist Democratic Experiment will Fail sooner or later


…the Rebuttal

To: the Brainwashed words of persuaded belief

based on scientifically debunked unproven theory

while Testing shows

the improper use of a Mask can do far greater harm than the Corona Virus

as the Empty Talking Heads who can Articulate zero science Preach to us their Paranoia

and Debunked Fraudulent Lunatic Science they do not comprehend

as they just Preach what they are told to Preach


I wear a mask an average of 10 minutes a day

5 days a week

and the more you wear a Mask

the more harm to the Brain and Vital Internal Organs from Oxygen Deprivation

and the less you wear a Mask the less Damage to all of your Body

as Surgeons know the Ill effects of wearing a mask for more than one hour

while the safest place for Children to be is in School with out a Mask

and if I had a Grade School Child and the school told me my Child must wear a Mask

I would remove my Child from School

because depriving Oxygen by 20%

to the Developing Brain and Internal Organs and Immune system of your Child is

Fraudulent Lunatic Science

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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