The Science Rebuttal


Political Science Fiction

is not proven fact tested reality in science

…and its OK with the Media ~

the Democrats have Committed Treason for the past four years

as they continue to Commit Treason against We the People who are America


Life is what you See

and not what you make believe

and for the Good the Bad and the Ugly

the Presidential Debate was Real

while the number one Lairs and Frauds in America providing only Disinformation

to All of We the People

while allowing zero rebuttal to their Proven Lies

are the Billionaire Owned Democratic Political Media Corporation

as they reject proven fact tested reality in Science they refuse to debate

as they Preach Political Ploy Sermon

while words prove nothing in science

when belief proves nothing in science

as words of belief is Religion not science

and the Fraudulent Fascist Media can not prove the words they Preach are not Lies

as the Democrats have already Shredded the U.S. Constitution

by their past four years of proven Treason Against All of We the People


The Political Death Mask of Joe Biden

as Joe takes the 5th on real questions

and does not question the Truth as he just believes his Proven lies

as Joe is for the Green New Deal

and then states in the Debate he is not for the Green New Deal

and maybe Joe just forgot he for the Green New Deal


….sadly Joe Biden is off his Rocker

~ while ~

Joe Biden is being Used by 60 Billionaires

and as Everyone can plainly See

 Joe Biden is a Pale Frail and Weak Old Man

who is not of Sound Mind and not Physically up to the Job of President

as I am in much better Condition than Joe and I am not up to the Job of President

~ so ~

you are not voting for Joe Biden you are Voting for 60 Democratic Billionaires

who own and control Kamala Harris

so lets

Question Test Rebuttal Debate

~ question ~

Has anyone shown Joe Biden the many videos of himself Incoherently Babbling

while speaking to the Public ?

and is Joe Biden aware of the Fact he has Committed Treason against America

as the Obama Biden House of Cards continues to Fall

and I would suggest Joe stop reducing the Oxygen to his Brain by 20% by wearing a Mask

and switch to an Oxygen Mask as Joe is obviously in need of more oxygen

and should get out of his cave and get some sun energy


Every scientist has a different opinion in unproven theory

while not one Democrat or the Democratically Controlled Media

Preaching their Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises Paranoia

can Articulate their Lunatic Political Media Science Fiction

or Provide Real Science Data to prove their Settled Lunatic Science is Real


When Government Doctors allow Political Bias to Influence their Medical Opinion

this is Deliberate Malpractice

as the Government Doctors have only proven their lack of Credibility

~ and If I was the President ~

I would allow the Opinions of all Doctors to be Heard

rather than all the Doctors who disagrees with the Government Doctors to be Silenced

by the proven to be Criminal Media providing the Public with proven to be Disinformation

for Political Ploy

as the Media has Censored the Real Experts in Medicine

proving Political Fascism in Science and Medicine by the Media

Owned by Democratic Billionaires


Preaching Fear and Paranoia based on the unknowable future

based on debunked unproven theory for profit is not Science


My First Questions to Joe Biden the now Expert in Science would be ~

who are your Scientists ?

and are these the same Scientists who Preached to all of We the People

” Entire Nations would be underwater by 2013 “

and please provide us with your Scientific References

and Please Articulate to All of We the People

~ How ~

Carbon based Humans

made by and from this Carbon based Earth

are causing all of the Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises


NASA Data has Scientifically Proven there is

~ Zero ~

Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises caused by CO2 regardless of Humans

because there is Zero Catastrophic Climate Warming

and Joe can not answer the many Logical Questions based on Joe’s Public Statements

proving Joe is a Political Pathological Fraud in Science

Proving Joe Preaches Lunatic Political Science Fiction

based on zero comprehension of the Science

and zero scientific Data he can not provide


Joe’s Science is based on Preached Lunatic Political Media Brainwashed Hearsay

while Joe’s Ignorance in Science does not allow him to know

he is a Proven Political Pathological Fraud

as Prediction is not Science

and 30 plus years of Self Debunked Prediction Proves Nothing

~ while ~

6CO2 + 6H2O + v ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2

~ translation ~

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

and in Photosynthesis Botany and Greenhouse Science

Plants and Trees need four times the CO2 than in the air today

to Breathe

and be at good normal health

and if this Carbon based Earth did not Generate Greenhouse Gases

there would be no Greenhouse

there would be no Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

there would be no Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

there would be no Carbon based Humans who are 20% Carbon made from CO2

as Greenhouse Gases are the proven Byproduct of Warming not the cause of Warming

~ * ~

The variable Sun has caused a Cycle of Ice Ages and Warming Periods for Billions of Years

as the variable Sun with many cycles continues to be Warmer and Brighter

and is the number one cause of climate change

while the variable Sun is not a Factor in the proven to be

Flawed Incomplete Climate Science used to make 30 years of self-debunked Prediction

as the flawed Incomplete climate study ignores more than a dozen other climate variables

to predict the unknowable future


The Byproduct of Variable Warming by the Variable Sun

is variably Evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor

with the majority of CO2 from volcanic activity below sea level

coming from the Hot Liquid Core of this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

~ causing ~

all of the Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life and Energy Cycle

above and below sea level

while the unproven theory CO2 causes Climate Warming

is Scientifically Debunked by Nature

while Nature is responsible for over 97% of the CO2 in the air

and spending Trillions to stop and remove the cause of Green from the air is

Lunatic Political Science Fiction the Lunatics refuse to publicly debate

as the Real Scientists who have proven the political fraud in Science

are called the Deniers

and are allowed zero voice in the Media

proving Fascism in Science

to turn Billionaires into Trillionaires by Killing the cause of Green

the cause of the Environment for the past 600 million years above Sea level

as NASA Data Clearly Proves

there is Zero Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises

while proving Political Media Brainwashed Paranoia

as the Sea level continues to rise and fall the thickness of a dime

with a 40% increase in Sea Ice

as not one Computer Ouija Board Climate Prediction

over the past 30 plus years

based on proven to be flawed incomplete Science

based on proven to be Falsified Data

has come true

and the rest is all Proven to be Political Media Lies

by those who Failed grade school Science

and have earned zero right to Scientific Opinion

as they Preach their Paranoia based on Proven Fraud in Science

they refuse to allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate

while they try to Kill the cause of Green for Profit

and when requested repetitively for many years

can provide Zero Scientific Data to prove they are not Proven Frauds

as they ignore all science that further debunk their unproven theory

debunked science they can not articulate and Preach is Settled Science

when settled science does not exist and more so in a Brand New Science

as those who have publicly failed Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

Dictate Climate Science

Proving this to be Fascist Fraudulent Lunatic Political Media Religion

trying to Destroy the cause of the Environment on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

for Fascist Power Control and Profit

as the cause of Green does not cause Climate Warming as Scientifically Proven

as Proven Political Media Frauds Dictate a False Reality

doing only Harm to all Living Carbon based Life

as they refuse to Debate Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

they do not and will never comprehend

as those who have earned the right to Scientific Opinion are Denied their Free Speech


Stopping the cause of all carbon based life will not stop climate change

as proven Lunatics Preach their Lunatic Doomsday Climate Paranoia

based on Proven to be Political Media Brainwashed Fraud in Science

as Political Media Brainwashed Green Lunatics are trying to Kill the cause of Green

that is Evaporated by the Variable Sun by many known Cycles


CO + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

and is the Byproduct of Warming not the Cause of Warming

as Scientifically Proven and Ignored by Politically Brainwashed Ignorance

for Profit

as scientifically proven

and Ignored by Political Media Ignorance for Political Ploy

as science has proven CO2 does not cause climate warming

regardless of Carbon based Humans


The Republic of the United States of America

is a Republic not a Democracy

and Political Science Fiction

is not Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

Political Science Fiction is Political Pathological Fraud in Tested Reality

and the U.S. Constitution does not require thoes Running for the Office of President

to Provide their Tax Returns to Anyone or Anything

while the majority of We the People don’t give a Damn


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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