The Science Rebuttal


To: Joe Berry

…and are you for the Reality by Fascism

or are you for the Reality by Science

~ ? ~

It is time to celebrate all Life and stop destroying the best of all life

as Nancy Pelosi is now in charge of the

Psychogenic Psychic Psychosomatic Ward

of her Kookiness Nest

and if Joe Biden wins the Election Proven Fascism wins

Fascism by 60 Billionaires


Letter to the Editor


To: Whom it may Concern ~

and why have you allowed your self to be brainwashed by

Political Media Fascism


Political Media Brainwashed Personal Emotional Feelings of True Belief is Pathological

not Factual

as Politically Correct has removed all Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science ~

as words prove nothing in Science

as science is knowledge not words

as science is: to know

Bruce A. Kershaw

for the truth in knowledge

I am not a Democrat or Republican

I am just an American who is a Scientist for the questioned tested Truth

[email protected]

~ my Dog Lucky is still waiting for my Dog Nitro to come Home

and Lucky and I are Fine

and Holley too


question test rebuttal debate

…and is there room for tested reality in Political Media Brainwashed Make believe ?

and should my Dog Nitro Die from Poisoned Dog Food from China ?


Antifa = Terrorist Fascism make believing they are Fighting Fascism

while supported by Democrats


Insanity is not Science

Insanity is a Mental Disorder

and Nancy Pelosi has now clearly proven she is a walking Pathological Mental Disorder

who believes her proven lies

who is for China while destroying the Life of every American

for the Democratic Political Blame Game

as Nancy commits the Crimes

and then blames the President for every crime committed by the Democrats

for the past four years with her Billionaire Owned deep state democrats

as Nancy continues to commit deliberate Constitutional Treason against

All of We the People

as Nancy Accuses the President of being above the Law

as she lives it everyday for the past four years

as Nancy is a Proven Constitutional Fraud in Constitutional Law

and her Treason against America will never stop

as Nancy has clearly proven she is not with All of We the People

who she continues to harm in every way possible

as Nancy has Proven she is not a Leader and is a Political Pathological Fraud

endlessly committing Constitutional Crimes against America

while Nancy and the Democrats are one with China


Make Believe Reality is Lunatic Science

and Political Media Brainwashed Political Media Science Fiction

is not proven questioned fact tested reality in science

as Proven Political Media Frauds in Science

do not allow Public Scientific Rebuttal to their Proven Fraud in Science

as the Media owned by Billionaire Democrats continues to Silence

the Questioned Tested Truth in Knowledge for Political Ploy

that is Destroying tested reality and We the People who are America

proving the Democrats are not for All of We the People

and proving they can not win with real honestly

and if Nitro my dog was not dying from Poisoned Dog Food from China

I would be Happy

and tomorrow Thursday October 8, 2020 we must put Nitro down


Joe Biden is sadly a Hood Ornament


Kamala Harris ~ knows ~  she has put Innocent People in Jail for the sake of the Win

while Kamala is now Owned by 60 Billionaires who are One with China


the Real Racism in America is Politically Preached by the Democrats for Political Ploy

as Black People are a Pathological Political Tool for the Democrats

as no one has done more for Black and All Colors of all Americans than Donald Trump

~ and ~

as Scientifically test proven

Wearing a mask for more than an hour at a time

will cause Brain and Internal Organ Damage

from a 20% lack of oxygen

while making your body many times more vulnerable to 150 other virus

and all other illness

while those dying with the corona virus would have died regardless the corona virus

as they were already dying and died sooner

and would not have died if they were not already dying

while the top experts in the world on the subject matter are denied a voice in the Media

as the Media rejects tested reality for Political Poly

as they commit deliberate treason against All of We the People


Tweeter = Fascism and Treason

as Tweeter allows scientifically proven to be disinformation to be preached to the public

as Twitter decides who can have Free Speech and who can not

and what is real and what is not = Fascism

Tweeter is Proven Ignorance not Science


…when you reject Question Test Rebuttal Debate you reject Science ~

and when you do not allow opinion that you disagree with = Fascism


The NASA Climate Temperature Gauge continues to read Normal

with in the 2 Degree normal temperature variable

as the Sea Level continues to rise and fall the thickness of a Dime

as Sea Ice has increased by 40% since 2012

while 1000 years ago Montana had California climate for 200 years

and today Glassier Montana is growing not Shrinking

as the number of Warmer than normal days continue to decrease

as the number of Cooler than normal days continue to increase

making 2019 a record cold year in Montana

proving there is Zero Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises

as Preached by Proven to be Fraudulent Lunatics in Science

as NASA Data continues to Scientifically Prove

Micheal Mann and 60 Minutes of the CBS Phony Political Garbage News

are Frauds in Science

and 60 Minutes is not going to interview the 49 NASA Scientists who disagree with

Michael Mann

or the 87% of the National Academy of Science who do not make believe as

Michael Mann

or interview the 30,000 plus Scientists with over 9,000 of them with PhD’s

who disagree with Michael Mann

as there is zero scientific consensus in Self-Debunked unproven theory

further debunked by Climate History and Ice Core Science

and many other Climate Variables missing from their unproven theory

by a flawed incomplete study

and just Ignored by the Proven Frauds

as Michael Mann is a proven Political Media Fraud in Science for Profit

as CBS News Rejects all Scientific Question Test Rebuttal Debate

to their Proven Fraud in Science

as they reject all science proving they are wrong

as those who have proven they are Frauds they Preach are the Deniers

as they refuse to Debate those they state are the Deniers

as they allow zero voice to those who have proven they are the Frauds in Science

proving fascism in Science

as they can provide zero science data when requested

to debunk the NASA Data they Ignore for political agenda

for the past 30 plus years proving they are Frauds in Science

as climate change is real

but not caused by Carbon based Humans made by and from this Carbon based Earth

by Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon Dioxide

as Scientifically Proven

and killing the cause of green will not stop climate change

as the cause of Green is the Byproduct of Climate Warming by the variable Sun

not the cause of Climate Warming

as their science is proven to be backwards

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward

as the proven fraud in Science for Profit continues

as Evaporated by Nature

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

causing all Carbon based Life on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

CO2 = Green = Environment = Life

as they Fraudulently Preach the cause of Green and Life is Toxic Poison and Pollution

as Warming is the cause of Green causing the Environment

and there nothing Catastrophic or a Crises Happening

as they Preach their Pathological Paranoia for Profit

while harming the cause of Green caused by nature


6CO2 + 6H2O = v ~> C6 H12O6 + 6O2


causing the Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life and Energy Cycle

and is the Byproduct of Warming by the Variable Sun

on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

as Michael Mann and 60 Minutes are Pathological not Factual

to Profit Billionaires

while harming the cause of Green costing trillions of dollars

as they reject Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as only their Pathological side of the Story can be Preached

by those who are owned by Democratic Billionaires who want to be Trillionaires

for reducing the cause of Green

as the media continues to be

Un-Questioned Proven Frauds in Science for Billionaire Profit

as Real Science is not Political Media Preached it is Proven

by Question Test Rebuttal Debate the Media Rejects

as they Preach test proven Lies for Politics not Science

as there is Zero Science proving Humans cause Climate Warming

while not one computer Ouija Board climate prediction has come true

over the past 30 plus years

as they are still Driving Cars not Boats in Manhattan

as the self-debunked unproven theory

is based on very proven to be Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent Science

Politically Preached as Settled Science

as Political Science Fiction is not proven fact tested reality in Science

they refuse to Publicly Debate

as not one Proven Fraud in Science who is

Preaching Doomsday Climate Warming Paranoia for Profit

will debate the real science

the cause of our Greenhouse can not Harm the Greenhouse

and Preaching proven to be Political Scam Science Fiction Proves nothing in real Science

as Nature has debunk the words of political make believe they Preach

and they refuse to publicly debate

further proving they are frauds in science

as only their proven to be Politically Fraudulent side of the Story can be told

to We the People

as their test proven fraud in science continues

for Political agenda for Power Control and Greed by Billionaires

who Failed Grade School Science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

who own the Media and the Democratic Party

and now Interview the over 9,000 PhD’s

who ~ know ~ Micheal Mann is a proven Fraud in Science

as Science is to Know

and not proven to be Politically Preached Fraud by the Media

as proven frauds in science

do not debate their proven fraud in science for Profit doing harm


My Earned Scientific Opinion

is based on tens of thousands of hours of Scientific Investigation since the spring of 2007

based on 44 plus years of working science in many Sciences

including 44 years of working back ground in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

as I have and continue my Investigation of the Corona virus

with proven scientific References to support all of my Statements and Opinions

in all Sciences I have Investigated

as I have investigated and proven fraud in science for 25 years

as Proven Fraud in Science and Medicine continues to dictate our daily Lives

by those who refuse to publicly Debate or allow Rebuttal to their Proven Fraud

as they Own and Fascistly control the Media

while I am a Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

~ and ~

Physicians who put their Politics before their Medical Oath are the Devil in Disguise

and It is time to Lock Up the Deranged Treasonous Lunatic Governors and Mayors

who are playing God with every Life in America

for the sake of their power control and greed


Politicians and Political Ploy Media Preachers

with an Un earned Medical Opinion need a Shrink

as they continue to reject proven fact tested reality in Science

for their political power control and Greed

as Real Physicians can be wrong 50% of the time

as we now have Politicians and media preachers

Practicing Political Quack Medicine with out a License

and Political Media Preachers are not Real Journalist

they are scientifically proven to be Disinformation Criminals

in a Criminal Media that politically invents for us

what is real and what is not real based on their scientifically proven ignorance

based on scientifically proven to be

Lunatic Political Media Hearsay Quack Science and Medicine for Political Ploy

who are proven Pathological Criminal Frauds not Physicians

who are Politically Deliberately Destroying many millions of American Lives

with their scientifically proven to be Media Political Science Fiction


Quack Scam Medicine

doing only harm and zero good

and as long as Nancy is not the Nurse

Donald will be Fine

and maybe Joe Biden should take off his mask while talking

so Joe can stop damaging his brain and vital organs from over use of a Mask

reducing Oxygen to his already damaged brain

so we can here him Babble

…as Political Media Insanity continues to Dictate every Moment in Life

~ and ~

a Smart Ass is better than a Dumb Ass

and for those who were Hermits before the Corona Virus

nothing has changed

other than the price of the Lumber I needed to finish a Project

that I have been working on for the past five years or so

as the price has gone up 50 to 100 %

from ~ one ~ year ago


why cut trees down when Nature can Burn them all Down


…and was the Presidents Corona Virus test a False result ?

and if the President does have the Corona Virus

and if the President is not already dying of some other Illness the President will be fine

and I Wish President Trump and Everyone Wellness

as I had the Corona Virus symptoms at age 63 in February

and for me it was like a 3 day cold and that’s how I treated it

like a cold and that worked


I Back all Colors of Peace Officers

not just the Blue Officers

because that would be unfair


My Dog Nitro Turbo Gunther

was Poisoned by a Can of Walmart Brand Dog Food last night

Made in China

as the Can did not say Made in China

but after Investigating the Walmart brand dog food it was made in China

and if the Can had stated: Made in China

I would not have Feed this Garbage to my Dogs

as China has a proven History of things like Anti-Freeze in Pet Food

and that is way I always try to buy Local American Made

when ever possible

while Nitro who is about seventeen plus years old in Human years

that’s 119 in Dog Years he is now doing much better today

but all night we thought he would be gone by morning


many things we depend on in our daily lives comes from China

and this should have never happened in the first place

as a Sound and Strong America is a Self Reliant America

and what else is China putting antifreeze in for Human Consumption ?

as they make the majority of our Drugs and Counterfeit Drugs

and very deadly drugs killing many Americans everyday


Electing a Smart Ass is better than Electing a Dumb Donkey

to fix these obvious problems by previous Administrations

as Joe Biden is one with China as China is for Joe Biden


Un-Questioned Political Media Sermon is not Science


Proven Treason is Proven Treason


James Comey cant Remember anything

and if you want to end Racism in America

End the Billionaire Democratic Political Ploy Destroying America

who Preach to us Antifa is just an Idea while the Idea are killing Real People

but only in Democratic Cities and States


People who are already Dying and are going to Die regardless of the Corona Virus

but will die sooner if they catch the Corona Virus

while more than twice as many People have died from Abortion


I am overwhelmed by the Scientifically Proven to be Deliberate Lies and Disinformation

Preached to the Public to All of We the People

by the Media for the past four years

while I enjoyed the Open Debate

after the Democrats have committed Treason against the President for the past four years

while Joe can not remember he is the far left

and not knowing he is not the Democratic Party

because the Democratic Party Died four years ago

when the Treason against All of We the People began

as Democrats are leaving the Democratic Party

they are Leaving Democratic States and Cites

because they know they are being lied to by their Democratic Party

and they know they are being Lied too because not everyone failed 3rd grade science

while many of the proven Liars have failed 3rd grade science

~ as ~

Criminals Lie

and then some people just Believe

the Scientifically Proven to be Deliberate Lies

by and for Political Ploy


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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