The Science Rebuttal


….the Rebuttal ~

by my repeated arguments in many forms

[email protected]

….as we live in and are controlled by World Wide Political Organized Crime ~

as Fascism is now Hiding behind the Mask of Socialism

by 60 Billionaires who own and control everything

as they continue to Destroy All of We the People who are America

for their power control and profit


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

~ ? ~

Will President Donald Trump Pardon Barack Obama and Joe Biden

for their Treason against All of We the People who are America?

and not Pardon the 60 Billionaires who own them


I vote for people not parties

and one of those Carbon based Humans I am voting for is

[email protected]

for the Montana House of Representatives

while I have leaned Democrat the majority of my Life

but after watching the Democrats commit deliberate treason for the past four plus years

against All Colors of We the People

I can now never vote for this proven Political Cancer Destroying America ever again

as Fascist Treasonous Billionaire Democrats continue to take away our Free Speech

as they have now put the small business out of business as they make billions more

as they continue to control our Daily Lives in every way

while the Media is not allowing in the Presidential Debate

the Foreign Policy Debate while providing Disinformation in Science and Medicine



while Color does not Matter

because all that matters in tested reality is:

what is under the Color

as Color is only Cosmetics

that is used as a Political Tool for political ploy by proven political media Fascism

and has nothing to do with the tested realities

as a Feeling about a Color is a Feeling not Fact

as Feelings matter but they are not Fact

while facts are not feelings

and we must separate the persuaded belief in Feelings from Tested Facts

to know the tested truth in tested Reality


Climate Change is Real


Humans do not cause climate change

as Scientifically Proven


October 22, 2020

The Democratic Rulers are Arrogant Ignorance committing Treason


the U.S. Government has been Meddling in Elections all around this Carbon based Earth

for as long as I can Remember

and to honestly Make Believe the Russians and Iranians can influence my vote is Stupidity

by Preached Lunatic Political Paranoia

and what is negatively influencing U.S. Elections

are the Treasonous U.S. Media and Press

Preaching Hate Ignorance Paranoia and Fraud in Science and Medicine

and are the number one enemy of All of We the People

as nothing lies more to All of We the People than the U.S. Media and Press

as there is nothing more Treasonous and more Un-Patriotic

than the Media and Press owned by Democratic Billionaires

who are one with Communist China


October 21, 2020

…the Big Guy ~

the Political Crime Boss

Joe Biden


Made in China

and Owned and Controlled by 60 Billionaires

who are committing Treason against All of We the People


October 20, 2020

as the Criminal Media continues to cover for the

Joe Biden and John Kerry Crime Families

as the proven to be Fascist Media Political Preachers

continue to be on the side of Democratic Organized Crime

as the Democrats and their Criminal Media continue their Treasonous Crime Spree

against All of We the People


Do You Think

Al Gore

who is the Number One advisor at Google

who can Articulate Zero Real Science

who is proven to commit fraud in Science everyday

who was caught Cheating his World Wide Carbon Credit Customers

for many Millions of Dollars

who has reduced the presence of this website online by 99%

could be Politically Bias ?

while Al Gore who has scientifically proven he failed 5th grade science

and has proven he has earned zero right to Scientific Opinion

while Dictating Political Science Fiction

based on unproven theory he preaches is settled science

based on proven to be Flawed Incomplete Science

based on proven to be False Science Data

as not one Lunatic Climate Prediction has come true

as Al Gore Preached to us that entire nations would be under water by 2013

based on debunked unproven theory

unless you can prove entire nations are now under water

while NASA Data Scientifically Proves there is Zero

Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises

as they continue to Preach there Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Paranoia

based on proven Democratic Political Media un-questioned un-tested un-debated Lies

as the proven Disinformation and proven Lies

in Science and Medicine by the Criminal Democrats and their Criminal Media continue

for Profit

doing test proven Harm to the cause of Green and the Environment

~ as ~

Evaporated by the variable Sun

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment


6CO2 + 6H2O + v ~> C6 H12O6 + 6O2

~ Photosynthesis ~

and is the byproduct of warming not the cause of warming as Scientifically Proven

and ignored by Political Lunatics for Profit

and Killing 600 million years the cause of Green causing the Environment

will not Stop billions of years of Climate Change

caused by the variable Sun

and more than a dozen other climate variables Ignored by Green Lunatics

who failed 3rd grade science

who are Politically Brainwashed Pathological and zero Scientifically Factual

as Al Gore and the Billionaire Democrats are Selling Doomsday Paranoia for Profit

as Scientifically Proven

as Green Lunatics want to Tax and Kill the cause of Green

when Plants and Trees made by and from this Carbon based Earth

need four times the CO2 than in the air to Breathe to be at good normal Health

in Photosynthesis Botany and Greenhouse Science

as the byproduct of warming is not the cause of warming

it is the cause of all Carbon based Life

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

and how did Joe Biden Earn his Opinion in

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry ?


There is zero scientific consensus in debunked unproven theory

while there is Preached Paranoia for Profit

as the Democratic Media continues to support the Proven Fraud in Science

for Democratic Billionaire Profits by

Killing the cause of Green to turn Billionaires into Trillionaires


October 19, 2020

science is: to know


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as the truth in knowledge must always be in Question

while the questioned tested knowledge is rejected by the proven to be Fascist Media

as only Dr. Fauci and his Proven Lies

can have a voice in the Democratically Owned and Controlled Media

as only the Democrats agree with Deep State Fauci

as the voice of the majority of the Experts in the Medical Community have been Silenced

as the Top Experts Disagree with Deep State Fauci

who has yet to support with data or debate his Lunatic Political Science Fiction

debunked by proven fact tested reality in science

and how much did Fauci cost Mike Bloomberg ?

as there is an abundance of proven fraud in every profession

including Government Doctors

as I can give you the names of many Doctors who are proven Frauds

for Steve Bullock and Montana State Fund

as the Bullock Administration is committing Fraud to many Injured Montana Workers

to save money

by paying Doctors to Falsity Medical Reports

and paying Attorneys to defend the proven fraud

and who is Steve Bullock’s personal Attorney

who is now running for Attorney General for the State of Montana

to continue the crimes of the Criminal Bullock Administration ?

while other money is going where ?

and how much did the Montana Crime Boss Gov. Bullock cost Mike Bloomberg ?


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

is the only thing missing from the Political Media Fascist Reality


Deep State Fauci is Medically Scientifically Debunked

as the Media Preaches only one side of the story they Politically make believe in

based on zero question or rebuttal or debate

while censoring any opposing opinion or rebuttal to their Political Science Fiction

and if you do not question the proven Political lies

then you can not know the truth in science


October 18, 2020

To Alan Alda

Stony Brook University

When you can prove Political Media Fraud in Science and Medicine by Billionaires

for the sake of their Power Control and Profit

this will not stop the proven Political Media Fraud

as the proven political media brainwashed fraud in science and medicine continues

to do only harm for profit because proven lies by those who refuse to to allow

Public Question Test Rebuttal Debate are just believed

as words of belief prove nothing in science

as communicating belief is religion not knowledge


Bruce A. Kershaw


Political Media Brainwashing is:

making you feel guilty for doing nothing wrong

while making you paranoid with preached disinformation to control our lives


The top Experts in Science and Medicine who have been

Censored and Silenced by the Media

Disagree with Joe Biden

and his Lunatic Political Science Fiction Preached by the Media


There is the healthy reality and the unhealthy reality

as there is Factual Reality and there is Pathological Reality

as Pathological is:

reality based on

Personal Emotional Feelings of True Belief

based on zero question test rebuttal debate


To: a good winter for all

as winter is already here and very early

[email protected]


….and Maybe Antifa

supported by

the Billionaire controlled Democrats

will burn down all the Libraries too


…the human body is 20% carbon


Political Media Fascism by 60 Billionaires

requires zero votes


Joe Biden’s Scientists

are Political Media Bodies not Science Bodies

Preaching Political Media Hearsay

who can provide zero scientific reference when requested

to prove they are not frauds in Science

as they will allow ~ zero ~ Question Test Rebuttal Debate

to their proven Political Disinformation and Lies

as they are Scientifically Debunked Political Media Preachers and not Real Scientists

as not one of them can Articulate or Debate

or Prove with science data their proven to be

Paranoid Political Media Science Fiction to be Real

as they are Political Pathological and not Scientifically Factual

as Scientifically Proven


Joe Biden has failed 3rd grade science and is Con-Fused

and can prove nothing beyond his debunked words as words can prove nothing in science


Donald Trump is better at making Enemies than making Friends


~ Scientifically Proven ~

China is Poisoning America every way possible for a long time

just as they are Poisoning our Best Friends our Pets for many years too

while China is for and with Joe Biden every way possible as Scientifically Proven

as proven frauds in Science continue to Dictate Lunatic Political Science Fiction

doing only proven Harm in tested reality

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward

as they are Political Preachers who do not Know and Reject

the Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

as they reject Question Test Rebuttal Debate

for Persuaded Convinced Programmed Political Media Brainwashed Make Believe

for Billionaire Profits

as Scientifically Proven and ignored by the proven Political Media Frauds


Proven Fascism by the Media

there is no longer Real Journalism

they are now Political Preachers of Political Deliberate Disinformation

for Political Ploy

Protected by Freedom of the Press

as the majority of the Media and Press

have sided with and are protecting the proven Political Cancer in American

as they have proven they are not on the side of

All of We the People who are America

proving the Fascist Media are the Number One Cancer in America


Letter to the Editor

and To: the 60 Billionaires

who live in America

who are One with China

and To:

Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

who continues to commit Treason against America

while protected by the Freedom of the Press


Mike Bloomberg

who continues to buy and own the

Democratic and Deep State Democratic Political Media Criminal Corporation


All of We the People who are America

Live with world wide Legalized Organized Crime

and Thanks to Nancy Pelosi today

many Americans who have now lost everything are now Dead from Suicide

as the Nations of this world do not work together

because Political Parties who own and control the Media dictate a False Reality


Harm to All of We the People who are America


Billionaire Democratic Treasonous Fascism

by their Political Media Preached Hatred Ignorance and Paranoia

doing only Harm to All of We the People

for the sake of their Power Control and Profit


All of We the People have had our say

as to who will be the next Supreme Court Justice

by voting for Donald Trump

as the Democrats continue to Shoot the Foot in their Mouth

while proving they Failed Constitutional Law

as they Preach their Treasonous Fascist Political Science Fiction

and I am not voting for Donald Trump

I am voting for proven fact tested reality in science

I am voting Against Proven Fascism Committing Treason Against America

I am voting for my Freedom and all of my Constitutional Rights

that continue to be taken away by Proven Dictated Fascism

without winning a signal vote by Any of We the People

as proven political media organized crime by Treasonous Trader Billionaires

continue to dictate and destroy all of our Lives

as they are Against All of We the People

as they are the proven Traders to All of We the People who are America


…the rebuttal ~

by an Independent American for the Truth in Tested Reality

September 9 ~ October 16

~ 2020 ~


Nitro Turbo Gunther

~ Born 2004 ~

and taken away

October 8, 2020

as we can not stop all life for the sake of death caused by living

as we can not fill or try to fill the holes in our lives by not living


as only the question tested realities can be denied by Ignorance

of and by Media Politics

while the best political answer is: I do not Remember


One of the Reasons many Americans Voted for Barack Obama

was because he was a Constitutional Law Professor

who then President Obama

Willfully Knowingly Deliberately Committed Constitutional Treason

against all of We the People who are America

as President Obama

Willfully Knowingly Deliberately Abused his Power and Authority

with the Help of his Administration and Deep State Democrats

as this Treason continued after leaving Office

followed by

 the Unlawful Unconstitutional Treasonous Political Impeachment of the President Trump

by Nancy Pelosi and all the Democrats of the House of Representatives

as they are all proven Traders to All of We the People who are America

as the Traders continue their Deliberate Treason today


To: Joe Biden,

how soon they forget

and if you can remember

then U.S. Senator of Montana Max Baucus

stated the Affordable Care Act was a Train Wreck

and in my opinion is Un-Constitutional Law

and if you do not like Political Parties picking Supreme Court Judges

then you must Reverse the

~ Seventeenth Amendment ~

of the Constitution of the Republic of the now Un-United States of America

Un-United by the Seventeenth Amendment

~ while two ~

Ending all Political Parties

~ too ~

would be a good thing

as Pryor to the Seventeenth Amendment State Governments

choose those who would represent their State in the U.S. Senate

as State governments controlled all the votes in the

 Senate of the Republic of the now Un-United States

and when state governments control all the votes in the U.S. Senate

only then will We be the United States of America

as Political Parties and Special Interests Groups now Control the U.S. Senate

as State Governments have been Un-United

and now have very little to no power in the U.S. Government

as a very import Balance of Powers in the U.S. Government has been removed

and if Senators were no longer Elected with dirty Billionaire money

from outside their states

as Pryor to the Seventeenth Amendment

as this would end 50% of all Corruption in Elections in the U.S.


…and just as George Washington was Against any Political Party

today the Majority of All of We the People

do not belong to a Political Party while we have zero Representation in our Government


All of We the People

and if

 We can not acknowledge our proven mistakes

then We can not learn and know and grow forward together


All of We the People


Joe Biden

who has been a Law Maker for the past 47 years

continues to prove he Failed Constitutional Law

and Grade School Science

as proven Lies based on proven Ignorance are still Lies

while proven Ignorance can not debate real science they refuse to know

making them Pathological Frauds in Science as they believe their proven Lies

based on zero question test debate

based on Zero Knowledge


When you have Debunk Lunatic Science

the Lunatic Science does not go away because Lunatic Science is

Preached and Make Believed and not Scientifically Proven


question test rebuttal debate

as those who reject tested reality live in their make believe reality


the Religion of Science is

~ skepticism ~

” to always question the Truth in knowledge “

to know the truth in science by question test rebuttal debate as

science is: to know

and those who Preach skepticism is a mental disorder

can only scientifically prove they failed 5th Grade Science

as they just believe as they are told to just believe by proven political pathological Frauds

who are Preaching Lunatic Political Media Science Fiction

while they can provide zero science data when requested

to prove they are not Political Pathological Frauds for Political Ploy


Turning Billionaires who failed 5th grade science into Trillionaires

who will kill the cause of Green for profit will not stop climate change

they will only stop the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

stopping the Primary and Secondary Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

as those who have not earned the right to Scientific Opinion Dictate Science

based on zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

proving political media fascism in Science

for power control and greed

doing only harm in tested reality they do not comprehend

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward

for the sake of their Power Control and Greed

as they are proven political media Pathological Frauds in all of science for political ploy

and voting for many will be based on Preached Pathological Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

while based on

Zero Factual Science

as Political Media disinformation now dictate a false reality doing harm to profit the few

and if scientifically proven fascism wins then

All of We the People who are America Lose

as the Media is no longer Journalism it is Criminal Political Sermon

as they reject all question test rebuttal debate

as there can be only their one side of the story

the side they make believe and preach for political ploy

based on proven disinformation and proven lies for political Gain

as Preached Political Media Insanity is not

Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science by Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as the un-questioned and proven to be fascist lies by the Media by Billionaires continues


when the truth in knowledge is silenced by the media for political ploy

only then do the Preached Political Media Proven Lies of Hate Fear and Ignorance

always win

as the Media is a Political Pathological Church for Proven Fascism

by 60 Billionaires who want to be Trillionaires by Killing the cause of Green for Profit

as the Corona Virus is Real

while the Lock Downs and School Closings

are Political Media Science Fiction for political ploy

and is doing many times the harm than than virus

as those who were already dying

are going to die with or with out the Corona Virus

while those who are not already dying do not Die of the Corona Virus

as I can only hope you Hate Fascism more than you Hate Donald Trump

as the proven to be fascist treason against all of We the People

continues to destroy all of our lives for 60 Billionaires who own Joe Biden

 60 Billionaires who Own the Democrats

who own the Deep State Democrats

who own the majority of the Media and Press

who are one with China

as America made China Strong

as they continue to Poison We the People

while Proven Billionaire Fascism already controls the Lives of All of We the People

Who are America

with out wining any votes

as Fascism requires no votes to win


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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