The Science Rebuttal


Donald Trump may not be a Nice Man


but he is a Great President

as I do not vote based on Personality or my pathological Feelings

I vote based on tested facts

and knowing there is a Devil behind the Mask

~ while ~

test proven fact

the Media is withholding and censoring and blocking very important very available

Science and Medical Information from the majority of the Public

~ that would save many lives ~

while providing proven Disinformation

that is doing only further Deliberate Harm and Death

proving the Media is on the Side of Treasonous Fascism and Crime

Destroying All of We the People who are America

proving the Media is a million times worse than the our President

who is on the side of All of We the People

as the Lunatic Media continues to Politically Brainwash those they ~ can ~ Brainwash

while responsible for many unnecessary Deaths


Joe Biden

if Elected President of the Un-United States

would make Joe Biden the First Criminal President

Pre-Qualified for Impeachment for Acts of Treason before taking office

as the Treasonous Media does not Question Joe about his admitted Treasonous Crimes

while the Treasonous Democratic Party does not want to work for All of We the People

they want All of We the People work for them


should We Taser People ~ More Mothers ~ who are not wearing a Mask

  who are with their Children Outdoors while they are social distancing

before their day in court ?

should they be punished before proving there is a crime ?

and can we change and define the law by lawlessness in the streets ?


Joe Biden told me I am a

chump: kumpf


a stupid person; fool

…as we are told we must were a mask

by those who have earned zero right to opinion

while they are committing Treason against All of We the People

while those who just believe the proven lies by Joe Biden are the real fools

as the forced wearing of the mask can do only physical medical harm to many

while not protecting you from this mild virus

as the media withholds all information of all the negative effects of wearing a mask

while doing more harm than the corona virus

and making everyone far more vulnerable to all Illness

from a lack of Oxygen to your Brain and vital Organs

causing a build up of CO2 in the body

causing an Acid unbalance causing many negative reactions in the body

and all political ploy for Joe Biden

as Joe’s brain and body is starving for more oxygen too

as your body can not protect you when starving for oxygen

as the only people dying ~ with ~ the corona virus were already dying

and would have died regardless of the virus

as 10,000 Americans die everyday regardless of the very mild corona virus

and the best the Media can do for All of We the People is Lie and provide Disinformation

for Political Ploy for their Political Blame Game

as many Americans Die from their Lunatic Political Games

and all to get a proven Mindless Criminal Elected as President

who failed 3rd grade science who make believes Lock Downs and Masks

that are doing far greater harm than the virus are the answer

as the Democratic Lie machine is not saving lives it is deliberately Killing many Americans

as a political tool to win votes for Joe Biden

who does not know what he is talking about or if he is coming or going

as Joe Rejects real Science because Joe does not comprehend real science

as Joe just believes as he is has been programmed to just believe

as Joe does not know he is now responsible many Deaths

by his Political Media Disinformation Machine

as Joe just believes the Scientifically proven Lies

and he will continue to do as he is told to do

and they will continue to Blame the President

for their Treasonous Crimes of Death and Destruction


Slow Suffocation trapping CO2 in the body

while re-breathing CO2 not escaping the mask

will cause Brain and Internal Organ Damage

and will save you from nothing

and will do far greater long term harm to developing Children and to the Unborn

and wearing a Mask while Sick will only make you sicker

as I would recommend an Oxygen Mask for Joe who continues to fail grade school science

but this will not repair the Brain Damage he already has

and who is Joe Biden’s Scientist ?

as Joe ignores the Top Doctors Physicians and Scientists on all subject matters

that the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Silences

while providing disinformation

causing far greater harm to All of We the People

as proven Criminal Political Lunatics force us to wear a mask


slowly suffocating everyone will save no one from the corona virus


Antifa and Black Lives Matter

can not Change the Law by Burning Down Main Street

or by Killing


All of We the People

Elect good Law Makers and some bad Law Makers too

resulting in some bad Laws

as we have some Constitutional Laws

and some Laws having nothing to do with Constitutional Law

as most issues of Law are Civil and Criminal

and are decided in local Community Courts

by Community Judges and Juries

based on Community Ordnance

as Judges Define the Law and Decide Cases based on the law as written

by Good and by Bad Law Makers

as only the Jury can Decide if a Law is a Good Law or Bad Law

by Good or Bad Law Makers

as words believed based on feelings are not tested facts

as Laws are now based on hearsay

while mandates by proven to be Treasonous Criminal Governors and Mayors

are not Law by elected Law Makers

as Mandates by Criminal Governors and Mayors

can not be allowed to Shred the Constitution for Political Ploy

for votes for Joe Biden


…as words prove nothing ~

I have investigated the Corona virus everyday since March 13, 2020

as Idiots who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

continue to Preach Lunatic Political Science Fiction

Preaching their Political Media Brainwashed Fear and Paranoia doing only Harm

and You can thank the Fascist Billionaires who Own the Democrats

and the majority of the Media

for the

~ un-necessary ~

Lock Downs

School Closings

and the forced wearing of the Mask


~ Antifa ~

with all the above scientifically proven to do only harm

~ as ~

Hilary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi & AOC Inc. LLC

~ have ~

un-lawfully un-constitutionally

Treasonously Politically

Impeached the President of the United States of All of We the People


…and a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for proven corruption proven fascism proven treason

and Test Proven Political Media Fraud in Science and Medicine

while dictating how we live our lives as they do only test proven Harm to everyone


Preaching Paranoia Proves nothing in Science

and self-debunked prediction of the unknowable future proves nothing in science

as Joe Berry

Stanford University

Preaches his Lunatic Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises


~ Pathological Paranoia ~

based on his Unproven Theory Debunked by Nature

that the proven to be Criminal Media Preaches is Settled Science

in a brand new science when settled science does not exist in Tested Reality

as we live with Political Media Preached Fear Panic and Paranoia to Profit Billionaires

who can control our lives with out a signal Vote by We the People

as Billionaire Democratic Fascism is Destroying America for their Gain

while the number one proven Lair in Science and Medicine is

Joe Biden


I am not voting for Donald Trump the Man

I am voting for my Freedom and my Rights that President Trump Represents

as my vote is based on Facts not Pathological Feelings and proven Lies


To: Joe Berry

…do not believe me Joe,

Question Test Rebuttal and Debate Me


it is time to look at all the dots on the page

…as Barack Obama tries to save his Treasonous Legacy with Scientifically proven Lies

and the more Obama Preaches for Biden

the more Obama proves he is a Fraud in Science and Medicine

that is Profiting Billionaires who own the Democrats and the majority of the Media

as Barack Obama Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

and their Deep State Democrats have Committed and continue to commit

Treason Against All of We the People who are America

as President Trump is on the side of All of We the People


 Joe Biden is trying to win votes with Proven Lies in Science and Medicine

and if you are for Fascism Committing Treason against All of We the People

then Vote for Democrats

as I am neither a Democrat or Republican

I am an Independent Scientist

who knows Political Parties are the Cancer not the Cure

and which cancer is better today and which cancer is worse

while my favorite Politicians are the ones who were not Politicians their entire Life

who lived a real life before becoming a Politician

as that made them Real


…as the Political Insult and proven Crimes in Science go far beyond tested reality ~

as proven Billionaire fascism dictate and brainwash a false reality


The Majority of the Media are all proven Political Lairs including many at Fox News

while China and Russia are for Joe Biden too


…so who is the Biggest Lair ?

Chris Wallace of Lesley Stahl

as they are both test proven frauds in Science and Medicine

while Fox News allows Rebuttal on both sides of the Argument

so Lesley Stahl is the Biggest scientifically proven Fraud

while they are Political Preachers who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

and do not know they are frauds lying to We the People

or maybe they do know the are proven Frauds

while pathological or not they are both proven Political Frauds

doing only Harm to All of We the People who are America

as the only thing they continue to Scientifically Prove is their Ignorance


…feelings of reality are not reality as they are just feelings

and You can never know the truth with out testing the truth

while testing will have zero effect on the outcome of the Corona virus

as we do not know more than we do know

while the Media Silences what we do know

as they provide proven disinformation for political ploy



I am voting based on proven facts and not personal emotional feelings

as China Buys American Companies

allowing China to Buy Elections in America

as 60 Billionaire Democrats who are one with China

who own Joe Biden and the Media

are spending Billions to Buy this Election

while those who are dying with the corona virus

were already dying

and would have still died regardless of the virus

as 10,000 Americans die everyday

and those who were already dying and caught the corona virus died sooner

while only more than twice as many Un-Born Americans have Died from Abortion

while Lock Downs School Closings and Wearing a Mask

are all doing far more harm than the Corona Virus

as Scientifically Proven

and the Billionaire owned Democratic Media does not want you to know

by censoring all the available facts

as they are destroying our lives for their gain

while Joe Biden will be safe

as Joe has Antifa to Protect him too

because Democrats Bail Antifa out of Jail

after they Kill Babies and Law Enforcement

on the Main Streets of America they Burn Down

as they Burn the American Flag

as they Preach to us they are fighting Fascism

when they are the proven Fascism

as the mistakes of known History continue to Repeat itself

as we no longer learn and know and grow forward


Some People ignore tested reality for debunked hypothetical conjecture


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment


Stopping the cause of Green will not stop Climate Change

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

as Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

continues his Fascist Political Disinformation and Proven Lies

in Science and Medicine

Destroying America and the cause of Green for Power Control and Profit

as they continue to Preach their Hate Ignorance and Pathological Paranoia

while withholding Scientific Fact from the Public

as they have proven they are Fascist Political Pathological Frauds


I Question the Truth to know it is the Truth

as only the Fascist Hate me

for sharing the Questioned Tested Truth in Reality

and I am not voting for someones Character

while Joe Biden can not remember the 47 years of proven Lies

or his Crimes against All of We the People

as I am voting for Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

I am voting for Freedom for All of We the People

I am not voting for the Billionaire Dictated False Reality doing only harm for Political Ploy

and If the President does not shoot himself in the foot

and allow Joe Biden to shoot the foot in his mouth

then the Questioned Tested Truth in Reality can win


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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