The Science Rebuttal


November 7, 2020

Billionaire Treason and Fascism For Sale in America

and its not who will win but what will win


Proven Fact tested Reality in Science

~ vs ~


Treasonous Fascism

Preaching Hate Ignorance and Paranoia

Brainwashing and Controlling your Lives

as the Voice of Freedom continues to be Silenced in America

as Fascism rejects tested reality in science while providing disinformation doing only harm

and if you want to prevent Brain Damage and Illness to your Children and Family

please do not wear a mask that reduces oxygen to your body


I’m still Breathing

and the Rest is Icing on the Cake

as I always Hope for Chocolate and Chocolate

but sometimes its just Fruit Cake with no Icing

as Billionaire Fascism and Treason

has destroyed all Life as we new it to be with out a signal vote

as the new normal is dictated by fascist Billionaires

who commit Treason against All of We the People

~ and ~

my Rebuttal to the Fascist Evil

by Treasonous Billionaires

who now Rule all the Carbon based Humans

made by and from this Carbon based Earth

as Fascism Preaches the cause of all Carbon based Life is Toxic Pollution

as they Preach ~ Scientifically Debunked ~ Doomsday Climate Paranoia

for their Power Control and Profit

[email protected]

Angry Mad Scientist


November 6, 2020

as half us can see and know what is happening

by Questioning and Testing the Preached words of Hate Ignorance and Fear

while the other half just believes the proven Political Media Disinformation and Lies

Destroying America


November 5, 2020

When Election Observers are Denied the Right to Observe

that’s a

~ Red Flag ~

as questions must always be tested

to find the truth

as the Deep State Treason and Fascism continue to Destroy America

by Political Media Brainwashing

by 60 Democratic Billionaires who own and control Everything


…and maybe voting laws should be decided by the Voters ?

while Real Law is Argued not Dictated

~ while ~

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

6CO2 + 6H2O + v ~> C6H12O6 + 6O2

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

causing the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

causing the primary and secondary carbon life and energy cycle

made by and from this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

caused by Continuously Recycled CO2 Oxygen and Hydrogen

Molecules recycled over and over for Billions of Years

causing all Carbon based Life and Energy on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

where everything living and not living has carbon in it

with the exception of hand full of Microbes


Evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor caused by the variable Sun

is the byproduct of warming not the cause of warming as Scientifically proven

~ as ~

Brainwashed Ignorance and Fear Dictate a False Reality

for Power Control and Profit

and giving trillions to billionaires to stop the cause of Green and the Environment

will not stop 4.6 billion years of climate change caused by the variable sun

and more than a dozen other climate variables

ignored by Political Media Preached Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit


Climate Change is Real

and Humans do not cause climate change

and can not stop billions of years of climate change

as Scientifically Proven

and Ignored by Doomsday Climate Religion

who Failed Grade School Science and own the Media

and refuse to allow Public Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as they Preach Scientifically Proven Lies

based on proven to be debunked unproven theory

while trying to Kill the Carbon Cycle the cause of Green and the Environment

for Billionaire Profits

as over 97% of the CO2 in the air is caused by Nature causing more Nature

as the byproduct of Energy is Life causing new Energy causing new Life

in a continuous Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Recycle

as this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth will one day die of Natural causes

from a lack of CO2

Ending the Carbon Cycle above Sea level

while those dying from the Corona virus

were already dying before they caught the Corona Virus

as the Corona Virus is a Scientifically Proven World Wide False Alarm for Political Ploy

as the Questioned Tested Proven Realities of Science

continue to be silenced by Fascist Billionaire owned and controlled Media

who Preach to us Hate Ignorance and Paranoia to control our Lives


~ for some reason many Politicians and thee Media Political Preachers don’t like me ~


I always question the Truth

and then I scientifically prove to them

their Preached words are scientifically proven Lies

by scientifically proven Lairs

who continue to Treasonously Lie to All of We the People for Political Ploy

for Power Control and Profit


November 4, 2020

Dennison Rivera for Montana HD 79

Dennison, you did an excellent job for your very first time out

against Green Lunatics who have the support of out of state Billionaires

who want to spend Trillions to stop the cause of Green

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

~ so never give up ~


~ and ~

I think everyone should be allowed to have a mind of their own

as I can see the 60 Billionaires who Own Joe Biden

are not on the side of

All of We the People

the Democrats the Deep state Democrats and the Democratic Media

have committed very proven Treason for the past fours years against

~ All ~


We the People

and why would they stop committing Treason for Election Day ?

or after Election Day

~ and ~

Hooray for Freedom in Montana

as we will once again be Free from Billionaire Democratic Fascism and Treason

Destroying our Lives and the cause of the Environment

~ and ~

Congratulations to the New Leadership of Montana

who will support Freedom Liberty and Justice for All

and support Proven Fact Test Reality in Science

and not destroy it

with Billionaire Democratic Fascist Treasonous Media Lunatic Political Science Fiction

doing Test Proven Harm to All of We the People and the cause of Green

~ and ~

who will win the Presidency ?

the Proven to be Billionaire Treasonous Fascism or Freedom ?


November 3, 2020

and as we all know

its not over until its over


Prediction is Make Believe

and I am not a Gambler

but if I had to Bet based on known facts

I would Bet $100.00 on Donald Trump

and if you are voting based on personality and not facts

then I would not Bet a dime

as many have turned this into a Personality contest rather than a Fact Contest

and I wonder what the odds are tonight

as this is a Bet you can only make once every four years

and I Bet there is a lot of Betting going on today

and some are Betting on Pathological and some are Betting on Factual

and who will win ?

Factual or Pathological

~ Peace ~


November 2, 2020

Wearing a Mask is Slow Suffocation

…the Rebuttal ~

to the Mask of Death

~ before it kills you ~

and if the Democrats lose you better Board Up All the Windows on Main Street


science is: to know

and We now know ~

that where a mask is mandatory the spreed of the Corona Virus is greater

while we already know wearing a mask traps CO2 in the body

while reducing Oxygen to the brain and vital organs

while the inside of the mask is growing Bacteria and Mold

as a mask must be discarded a least every four hours

to ~ slow ~ the known medical harm while slowly suffocating the human body

as wearing a mask is a greater health risk than the very mild corona virus

as the only people dying with the corona virus were already dying before the virus

and will still have died regardless of the Corona virus

as 99.99 % of those who caught the virus continue to live

while many do not know they had this mild virus

as 10,000 Americans die everyday from everything

as more than twice as many Un-Born Americans Die everyday

from Abortion than from the Corona virus

and if you just believe the proven Political Media lies

then your risk of dying goes up not down

as the Mask will do far more harm than good

as Scientifically Proven

while these proven medical facts are withheld from you

by the proven to be Criminal Political Media

who provide you with proven disinformation for political ploy

that is causing more harm and death than the Corona virus

as believing the political lies will only kill you sooner

than the available truth they deliberately keep from you

as the proven Fascism by the Media continues to do only harm to All of We the People

for votes for Joe Biden

who wants everyone to were a mask all the time

as he believes further Lock Downs are mandatory

when the lock downs are proven to make the spread of the virus worse

and doing only harm to healthy Americas who would not die from the corona virus

as the many who died with the virus would have died with out the virus

and making everyone unhealthy will not stop this mild virus

and only make everyone more vulnerable to all Illness

as the mask itself is causing sickness

harming the

Body Mind Hart and Spirit living in our Souls


Making everyone Sick First by forcing all people to wear a mask

will not stop the Virus

it will only Kill many more People who would not have died

as the Mask is Killing Healthy People

while the corona virus is causing already dying people to die sooner

while the Lock Downs are doing far greater harm than the corona virus

just as the school closing have already done far greater harm than the virus

and is all Political Ploy to get proven to be Treasonous Criminal Joe Biden Elected

who already meets the Legal Criteria for Impeachment

while Joe’s Scientists are Proven Frauds in Science

just like the Political Media Frauds in Science

who are Destroying our lives for their Treasonous Political Agenda

for their power control and profit

and Electing someone who already Qualifies for Impeachment

means the known to be Criminal

Kamala Harris would be the next President

as the Media will not question the known Crimes by known Criminals

as the Political Media are known criminals for the known Criminals

~ while ~

Forcing very Healthy People to become Un-Healthy People will only Kill more People

as Dr. Andrew Fauci

Ignores the top Medical Experts in this Field of Study

as Fauci rejects the Scientific Method

rejects to always question the truth in knowledge

and rejects to Question Test Rebuttal Debate to find and the truth in science

and rejects and withholds fact for political agenda


Dr. Fauci is not on the side of All of We the People

as he Commits Proven Treasonous Malpractice

Against All of We the People


Forcing the entire Human Body the Brain and your Immune System

to be Un-Healthy

will save you from nothing

as Lunatic Politicians who Failed 3rd Grade Science Dictate Science

that is Killing far many more People than the Corona virus for their Political Ploy

for their Power and Control and Profit

as they are the Living Growing Cancer not the Cure

Destroying All of We the People who are America

as only Fascist Lunatics can Dictate a False Reality doing only Harm to Everyone

as they reject proven fact tested reality in Science

for their proven to be Hearsay Lunatic Political Science Fiction

while they have earned zero right to scientific opinion

~ Like ~

our Criminal Montana Governor Steve Bullock

who is to stupid to know

he is only Harming the Healthy People by forcing everyone to wear his

Mask of more Death

as he Preaches his Lunatic Political Science Fiction

Harming All Healthy People

and the more you wear a Mask the more unhealthy you will be

as Scientifically Proven and Ignored by Fascist Lunatics

who blame the President for the Deaths they them selves are Guilty of Causing

by slow suffocation while trapping CO2 in the body

while re-breathing CO2 trapped in the Mask

while breathing Bacteria and Mold from a Dirty Mask


Damaging your Immune System your Brain and your Vital Internal Organs

will not save you from the Corona virus

it will only make it easier for you to die from the corona virus and 150 other viruses

as Test Proven Fascist Lunatics force you to wear the proven Mask of more Death



do not force your Children to wear the Mask of Death

and do not take your Children anywhere a

Mask of Slow Brain Damage by Slow Suffocation is Required

as the Preached Political Media Ignorance continues to Kill

for Political Ploy for Votes


November 1, 2020

…the Rebuttal ~

To: Scientifically Proven to be

Treasonous Lunatic Political Science Fiction

that is Killing and Destroying more Lives and not Saving Lives


…and when Chris Wallace States the Truth is:

he dose not know what the Truth is

as he states hearsay he believes to be the truth with out testing the truth

as his hearsay is debunked by the Tested Reality based on available data he ignores

for his make believe political pathological disinformation he preaches is the truth

and when you make public statements you can not support with real Data

then your words are not fact or the truth as words prove noting in tested realty


Chris Wallace

Fox News Sunday

politically bias host and not a real Journalist

as a real journalist would provide all the available facts

and allow All of We the People to decide what is real and what is not

rather than Chris deciding for All of We the People What is Real

as Chris claims to know the Truth with out knowing the tested Truth

by Question Test Rebuttal Debate supported by Data

as Chris just believes what he Pathologically believes the Truth is

as the Truth in knowledge must always be in Question

and Chris is a proven Lair in Science and Medicine

caused by his Ignorance

as the Media has become a Political Lie Machine

for preached political hearsay doing harm to America

proving they are the biggest part of the Cancer not the Cure



the world is full of proven to be Fraudulent Doctors and Physicians

just as America is full of Fraudulent Doctors Falsifying Medical Reports

for Insurance Companies

just as Montana has many Doctors who are very proven Frauds in Medicine

who Falsify Medical Reports for Montana State Fund

with the Blessings of Montana Governor Steve Bullock

as they are Cheating Injured Workers to save money

and any one who believes all Doctors are Honest are the real Fools

as there will always be good and bad in everything

just like you

and there is very real proven fraud taking place with the Corona virus

and maybe you should investigate that just like a real Journalist would do

as I have been investigating and doing everyday since march 13, 2020

so fact test it and then tell us all the available facts

instead of being a Fraudulent Political Preacher for Proven Political Frauds

as Doctors and Scientists get paid to lie for money

just like you

and as you should already know

there are very proven Criminals and Frauds in every Profession

and your Father who I liked would agree

but I wonder if your Father would like you today with your Sided Political Ploy

as you are a Trader to Questioned Tested Reality

for your Feelings ignoring tested facts

and you do not know what the truth is

as you are a proven political preacher not an informer of investigated facts

as I and many others can debunk your political disinformation

as you withhold the available tested Truth from All of We the People

in both Science and Medicine

as you have earned zero right to scientific opinion

as you make very proven to be politically false statements to the world

as you Preach for Proven Lairs proving you are Political Pathological

and not Scientifically Factual

while the News at one time many moons ago was very real news

and today it is for the most part all Political Media Brainwashing for Political Ploy

as the term used most often today is

” it all political media Bullshit “

as we hear the proven Lies referred to as the truth

and are they proven lies by proven ignorance

or Political Fraud by someone pretending to be a Journalist

and for the Truth in all of Life and Knowledge for a Better Life for All


Bruce A. Kershaw


…as some of us want to experience a Good Life

while others want to Rule the World

and those who want to rule preached words and rule the world are

Test Proven Lunatics


science is: to know

and words prove nothing in science

and to know the truth in knowledge

we must question test rebuttal debate


~ vs ~

Political Media Preached

Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises Paranoia


October 31, 2020

and on this once in a Blue Moon on this Halloween Knight

Happy Birthday to my Wife Holley

as we celebrate the 40rteeaatheeth adversity anniversary to her 21 Birthday

Happy 61

with a Blue Moon to two too


The Billionaire Democratic Political Media Disinformation and Lie Machine

for political ploy

is now responsible for many unnecessary Deaths of We the People

while Joe Biden wants you to fear getting out of Bed

and if the Billionaires who own the Democrats and the Media Lose

their Antifa will continue to burn down main street again and again

…the Rebuttal ~

by question test debate

the Democratic Political Media Refuses to allow


if there is a God


God Bless the Universe


the Media is:

Political Science Fiction run by Lunatics causing many Deaths

and the bottom line is

Power Control Money


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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