The Science Rebuttal


…and with a translated leaked German Government Report in hand

stating the Corona Virus is a False Alarm

and based on my personal experience at 64 years of age

with the Corona Virus in February of 2020

and knowing this based on the known symptoms

and investigating the facts and data from around the world since March 13, 2020

I would place the Corona Virus in between the Common Cold and the yearly Flu Virus

as those who die with the Corona Virus

were already going to die before they caught the Corona Virus

and the rest is 100% Scam Political Media Science Fiction by 60 Billionaires

who own Joe Biden and Barack Obama

and the Democratic Party and the Deep State Democrats

and the majority of the Media

who Bail Antifa out of Jail

after they Bash in the Heads of Peace Officers

and Burn Down Main Street

and paying the fines of Criminals so they can vote for Criminals


November 19, 2020

….the Rebuttal ~

Those who are dying from everything there is to die from

and they are going to die

and then catch the Corona Virus before they die

do not need Ventilators they need more Oxygen ~ the Truth can not be known by those who side with Fascism

when knowing the proven safest place for our Grandchildren to be

is in school

where only some of our Grandchildren will be politically Brainwashed


question test rebuttal debate

…are you for Constitutional Rights or are you against Constitutional Rights ?

and are you for those protecting our rights ?

as the Billionaire Democrats have stopped Life Liberty and all Happiness

while the Sun should come up tomorrow

but you never know until you know

as science is to know

while fascism rejects knowledge


To: Joe Berry

Stanford University


as you are on the side of proven frauds

while knowing it is all about Money Power and Control

based on zero real science

~ Joe ?

and are you apart of the Proven Fraud

caused by your Ignorance ?

or do you know you are a fraud in science

as History will know

if the Billionaire Democrats do not allow Antifa to Burn all the Books

as science is: to know



…this Web Page has been Suppressed by Fascism

and what does Fascism not want you to know ?


Proven Political Media Ignorance is now in Charge of Science and Medicine

all paid for by 60 Billionaires who own Joe Biden

and our Criminal Governor of Montana Steve Bullock


All of We the People

want a free and safe place to be


 People are leaving New York

just as they are leaving many other Democratically Dictated Cities and States

all across America as they are leaving as fast as they can

and how long before New Your City is just a Lawless Crime Infested Sewer

caused by Fascism

where the number one crime will be for not wearing a Mask

that is doing only test proven harm and zero good to everyone

as the mask is protecting no one from the Corona Virus while making healthy people sick

from the 20% reduction of Oxygen to the brain and internal organs

while trapping CO2 in the body

while re-breathing CO2 that does not escape the mask

while bacteria and mold are growing in the Mask

all damaging your immune system

while the mask is not protecting you from the Corona virus

and if you are are already Dying and going to Die

and then you catch the Corona Virus

then you will still die

while 99.99% of those who are not already dying and caught the Corona Virus

do not die of this very mild Virus

while Lock Downs and Wearing a Mask

is proven to make the spread of the Corona Virus much worse not better

and saves no one

as Scientifically Proven and Ignore by Fascist Lunatics


Mandates are not Law of the Land by Law Makers

Mandates are Un-Questioned Un-Tested Un-Debated

Lunatic Political Media Science Fiction by Ignorance by Fascism

by Lunatic Dictators who can only prove they failed 3rd grade science

as they do only test proven Harm and zero Good

caused by their Ignorance caused by their refusal to know tested reality

for the sake of their Political Power for Control and Greed


There is zero Questioned Truth in Dictated Mandated Fascism

by Proven Criminals of Tested Reality

as Fascism is Treason against All of We the People


Proven Fascism by Proven Criminals

who are Killing many more People while Saving no one

caused by their proven political ignorance rejecting proven fact tested reality in Science

because Fascism refuses to allow Public Question Test Rebuttal and Debate

as their Fascist Utopia is a Proven Scam by Proven Billionaire Scam Artists

as the proven political media Ploy is not Science its Fascist Treason destroying Freedom

as they Force All Healthy People to become Sick

by Proven to be Criminal Lunatic Fascist Mandates

that are not based on real Science

they are based on rejecting real science


Forcing All of We the People to be Sick is not Science or Freedom


November 17, 2020

and when there can be no question then there can be no truth

when there are many questions

as we must find the answers to: know

because science is: to know


Steve Bullock

is Responsible for many More Deaths not Fewer Deaths

because Steve is a scientifically test proven Moron in science

and there can be no truth in Dictated false reality

and George Washington would agree that

Ignorance is not Science

Ignorance is the lack of Science

and Preaching Hate Ignorance and Paranoia to control our lives will save nothing


Billionaires do not need to follow the Rules because they are the Rulers

who make the fascist rules based on zero science and zero votes by We the People

and the reality of Fascism is: there can be no reality

and the mask police are coming

by Billionaire Fascism taking over the World

while the very scientifically proven Medically safest health place for our children to be


in School

but the Billionaire Rulers who want to be Trillionaires

~ paid for by you and me ~

have decided differently


and they will tell Joe Biden what to say

while the Media refuses to allow Question

as they Censor question

proving Fascism


The Corona Virus is a Political Tool for Billionaire Fascism

and Democratic Governors now take their orders from Billionaires

about 60 Billionaires who Own the Democratic Political Media Corporation

and you can not trust something you can not Question

and you can not prove the knowledge of reality when you can not test reality

…and when you reject knowledge you reject reality

and being politically incorrect is not punishable by

Unlawful Unconstitutional Treasonous Political Impeachment

while the media is afraid of

what All of We the People ~ will ~ learn and know

by and from our questioning to Dictated reality

tested reality the Media refuses to acknowledge

as All of We the People learn and know and grow forward

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward with us

as they are against us

as they cover for the now proven crimes by Democrats

as the Media are the proven Criminals of Tested Reality


The majority of the Media have become Lunatic Political Church’s

based on zero real Journalism

while Dictating to All of We the People their Belief


when you reject knowledge you reject reality



Mandated Curfews

are not Law by our Elected Lawmakers

and in a 24 hour world like Los Angeles

Curfews are Lunatic Political Pathological Science Fiction

…the Rebuttal

~ science is: to know ~

by: question

and we must always question test rebuttal debate

to find and know the truth in tested reality

and while there is tested reality

we now live with Dictated Reality ignoring tested reality

by those who reject to question

rejecting science rejecting knowledge for

Political Make Believe

for fascist power and control based on zero science data


Dictated Political Pathological is not scientifically factual


Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I’m not Perfect are You ?

and can there be Question Test Rebuttal Debate ?

or can there only be your belief with out question ?

are you

questioned tested knowledge or programmed make believe ?

~ are you Pathological or Factual ?

and are you on the side of all of we the people

or ~ ? ~

and do you reject the Questions of the Majority of We the People

the Independents who want to know

who are allowed zero voice and have zero representation

as the Media will only allow their Belief to be Preached and never Questioned

always rejecting proven fact tested reality in science

for political make believe


November 16, 2020

…the Rebuttal

…and if you want to remove all of the already dying

Carbon based People

made by and from this carbon based Earth


then the Corona Virus is just for you

as 10,000 Carbon based Humans die every day in America

from everything there is to die from

and of those who are already dying who caught the corona virus they then died sooner

and for me now at 64 years old the Corona Virus was like a 3 day cold

while many who catch  the corona virus will have no symptoms of Illness

and so if you are not already dying and caught the corona virus

then you will not die ~ with ~ the corona virus

but if you jump off a Bridge with the Corona virus with no symptoms of the virus

then your death certificate will state you died from the corona virus

and it had nothing to do with the fact that you are far beyond depression

from 10 months of forced and proven to be un-necessary Lock Down

with no life for 10 months

 while hearing only Hate and Paranoia and Disinformation from the Media for 10 months

while Mandates are not Law by Law Makers

and those who Mandate are Dictators not Law Makers

while its all water under the Bridge you jumped off


November 15, 2020

…the Rebuttal


All Supreme Court Justices

are Private Citizens of America too

and must be allowed their Right to Public Free Speech too ~

as we can not allow un-law to restrict any questioned tested Reality to

All of We the People

as all opinion must be shared and not silenced by the few


…and who will Survive the Mask of Death ?


Joe Biden,

~ sadly you are being used ~

while the price is right

while wearing a mask can and will make you sick

from reduced oxygen

and wearing a mask while riding your Bicycle or Exercising or Physically Working

can and will make you very sick

and is Lunatic Science doing only harm to everyone

as the proper use of a Mask is missing from your Brain

as your Lunatic Doctors are withholding very important Medical Information

from the Public while providing proven to be disinformation

on the proper use of wearing a mask that will not protect you from the corona virus

as scientifically proven

and ignored by your Lunatic Doctors proving Political Ploy Malpractice

proving you are Political Pathological Fraud in Science and Medicine doing Harm

as you reject Test Proven Fact for Political Media Science Fiction

harming everyone’s Health and Life caused by your proven Ignorance

as the Top Experts are silenced my your Fascist Media

who disagree with your Lunatic Doctors

and forcing Children to wear a mask can and will cause

Brain and Internal Organ Damage while damaging the Immune system

by slow Suffocation

while doing the very same to Adults

making everyone more vulnerable to 150 Viruses and Illnesses

as only the Political Media Lunatics are allowed a voice in Science and Medicine

and I refuse to Drink your Quack Cool-Aid

so send your Mask Police

and if you want to further Brain Damage yourself that is your choice not mine

as it is my choice how a risk my daily life based on the questioned truth in knowledge

and you can not force me to Harm Myself for your Ignorance

as your Quack’s do not allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as your Quack’s are Debunked by Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

they continue to Ignore for Your Political Ploy

as some People may follow you off a Cliff Joe

but I will not

and if I were you Joe

I would get more oxygen to your brain not less

as you are already pre-qualified for the 25th Amendment

and Kamala who came in second to last in the Democratic Primaries with zero votes

will make a great Lunatic Treasonous Fascist President

and maybe she will pick Criminal Montana Governor Steve Bullock

who came in Dead last in the Democratic Primary to be here Vice President

as they will take their orders from Mike Bloomberg

and Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates

who is number one at the world health organization

that lied to America about the corona virus

while Microsoft Bill knows how to fix Voting Machines

as he knows how to Censor the Internet

while Mike knows how to fix those who count votes

while Mike pays the fines of Criminal so they can vote for proven political Criminals

as they are all for making everyone sick by Forcing Everyone to Wear a Mask

to protect all of us from a virus that only people who are already on their Death Bed

die with and not from

as 10,000 Americans die every day

and some of them caught the Corona virus before dying from their Illness

as they would have still died if they had not caught the Corona virus

while more than twice as many Americans die from Abortion

than die with the corona virus not by the corona virus


Doctor Honor


Joe has not earned the right to Medical or Science opinion

as Joe does not Question the Truth in Science

as Joe Dictates to All of We the People as he has been told to Dictate

and when Joe is Removed by the Billionaire Democrats

when Joe can no longer remember his name

then Kamala who dropped out of the Democratic Presidential Primary

before a single vote was Cast

could be the first President of the un-united states

fascistly treasonously installed by 60 billionaires

who own the Democrats

who own the Deep State Democrats

who own the Media

who Bail Antifa out of Jail

who have deliberately destroyed the Life of every Man Woman and Child

in America

because they pathologically hate Donald Trump

and Kamala

who not one Democrat voted for

will do the Same as Joe and do as she is told to do by 60 Billionaires

as Joe Biden is Mentally pushing 100 years old

while 99.99% of those who catch the corona virus do not die

as only those who are already dying die sooner

as the available and ignored science data proves

as the Political Quacks continue to preach their proven Media Lies


Joe Biden’s Election

regardless of who wins the election


scientifically proven to be Dishonest

and as Bill Clinton Stated:

define what is: is

….is: ~

is: what you can prove ~


fact questioned tested debated reality


…Marbles can always be lost and found ~

while You can no longer go to Church

but you can go to Sin City


…when Reality is Dictated ~

there can be no Truth in Science

as Brainwashed Belief in a False Reality proves nothing is Science



is not a Mental Disorder as Preached by the Democrats

and Preached by the Media the Democrats own and control

~ because ~

science is: to know


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

” to find and to know the truth in proven to be fact tested reality in Science “


I am a skeptic


I am told by Green Lunatics ~

” Skepticism is a Mental Flaw “

~ when ~

skepticism: is

” to always Question the Truth in knowledge “


and to now Question the Truth is: now a Mental Disorder

as preached by the scientifically test proven Lunatics


We are All the Byproduct of Energy

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

~ The Rebuttal ~

as those who failed 3rd grade science

who now dictate un-questioned lunatic political science fiction for Profit

…and my Question ~

what is their public science argument ?


Fascist Censorship

while providing disinformation


November 13, 2020

and if and in Joe’s first 100 days

Joe will allow more Corona Virus to come across the Border

to the U.S.A.


The proven to be Treasonous Media does not call Elections

…as we who are not politically brainwashed observe those who are


…as we must sadly always know on this Carbon based Earth

there will always be ~

Real People in Politics and Paid Actors

and there will always be ~

The Politically Criminally Deranged Destroying Tested Reality

for their Power Control and Greed based on their Test Proven Ignorance

as Pathological Destroys Factual

as the Democratic Political Wing Nuts of the U.S. House of Repetitiveness

are Scientifically Proven Political Pathological Frauds Committing Treason


All of We the People

as we are just their Peasants


November 12, 2020

Joe Biden wants a six week nation wide Lock Down

when lock downs have already been very scientifically proven

to not slow the Spread of the Corona Virus

and are very proven to Increase the Spread of the virus as much as 60%

as proven in New York and all around this Carbon based Earth

and the very same is scientifically proven to be true for wearing a Mask

while wearing mask is also proven to do very real harm

by reducing oxygen to the brain and vital body organs

while making you more vulnerable to 150 other virus and many other Illness

proving Joe Biden’s Scientists are Political Lunatics

who are doing only harm to everyone’s body in America

while making everyone sick by wearing a mask that will not slow any virus

while making everyone very sick

while the only people dying with the corona virus

are people who were already dying before they caught the Corona virus

and would have died regardless of the virus

as 10,000 people die everyday in america

and some of them caught the virus before they died of other illness

and a Vaccine will not stop the deaths of already dying people

who are not dying because of the Corona virus

as they are already dying from other heath issues

before they caught the virus


Lock Downs and wearing a Mask do not work

and are very proven to only make everything many times worse

as Lock Downs and wearing a Mask is scientifically proven Ignorance

doing only test proven harm and zero good to everyone

proving we have Lunatics Dictating a False Reality Destroying America

who do not allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate to their Lunatic Science and Medicine

as only the Proven Lunatics have a voice in our proven to be Fascist Treasonous Media


November 10 ~ 11  2020


When you reject the available facts before reviewing the Facts

you are then Pathological not Factual


To: Joe Biden


Your political media brainwashed personal Emotional feelings

are your Reality not mine


Everyone has a different opinion in Life

and we can not all live by only your opinion based on test proven Ignorance

while the Media is Rejecting the Law

and its OK when Al Gore goes with the Rule of Law

 but its not OK if President Trump does the same

as the Democratic double standard lives on

while Voters regardless of the out come want to know the truth

so what is the Media hiding as they reject All due process under the Law

as they have done for the past four years

having earned zero credibility

as the Democrats and the Media have proven they are against the Rule of Law

and its OK if the Democrats commit Treason

and with peace and truth for all



The Democrats are Against the Law

and those who are against the right to due process under the Law

are Anti-American Fascist


the deference of opinion is tested and argued

and not dictated by the proven to be Politically Bias Treasonous Fascist Media

with the Democratic Party as they are one in the same


science is to know

by Skepticism:

” to always question the truth in knowledge “


you do not need votes to destroy lives

and when you reject question test rebuttal debate

you then reject tested Reality


….Political Parties ~


there will always be a Deep State

and now we are going to Hunt Down Trump Supporters and Punish them

as the Nazis were not the first to use a Deep State to control with out a vote

and there will always be Democratic Proven Fascism and Treason in the U.S. Government

as the Democratic Political Media Crimes against All of We the People

continue to Destroy America

and the Deep State Fascist Democrats will always be there

proving to All of We the People we can no longer have Trust in our Government

or the proven to be Fascist Media

as the Democratic Employees in the U.S. Government

are the Fascist Treasonous Traders and will always be the Enemy of Tested Reality


All of We the People


When you can not test the truth then their can be no truth

as there can be no truth in persuaded belief

while the Treasonous Media has Lied to All of We the People for the past four plus years

and after years of proven Lies

now they want us to trust them

as the Democratic Billionaire controlled Media continues to Stab America in the Back


The very proven to be Fascist Political Brainwashing Media are not our Friends

as those who Silence the Truth are the proven Enemy to Reality


Those who Look and See will Know

while those who are Blinded by Belief will know nothing

as the Treasonous Media continues to Pamper the Treasonous Joe Biden

as the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation

continue to make their political demands

on behalf of We the People

proving their continued Treason and Fascism against All of We the People

as they preach the rule of law can not happen

and the Truth can not be known

rejecting the Truth in knowledge that History will always know


a Real Scientist supports their public statements with Science Data

while the Political Media Preachers can prove nothing when requested


…and the Democratic response to political insult is their Treason

as Treason far exceeds political Insult and is punishable by Death

as the Crimes of Treason continue against America by the Media

~ while ~

The Politically Brainwashed Green Lunatics want to stop the cause of Green

…and what is Reality

and how do we test reality ?

~ answer ~

by question test rebuttal debate

and the scientifically proven to be Politically Programmed Green Lunatics reject

question test rebuttal debate

as they truly believe and do not know as they refuse to look and see the Real Science Data

as they are Politically Programmed and not Factually Educated

as they are Brainwashed Fools doing only Harm to the Environment to profit Billionaires


Politically Brainwashed Insanity is not Science

and giving Trillions to Democratic Billionaires

to reduce or stop the cause of Green

will not stop Billions of years Climate Change

as Political Media Brainwashed Green Lunatics

who failed grade school science and can prove nothing with real science

want to Kill the cause of Green

Proving Political Media Brainwashing Works

and turning Billionaires who own the Political Brainwashing Machine

into Trillionaires

will not stop Climate Change


Persuaded Belief is not knowledge


 science is to know and not persuaded belief

because belief is to make believe

and Un-Questioned Belief in proven to be Lunatic Science is Lunatic Make Believe


…some of us Confront and Question the Truth in Reality

while some of us do not


The Rebuttal

November 9, 2020

Election Day must be the Cut Off Date for all Votes


anyone and everyone who want to vote

must be allowed to vote until all the mail in votes are in


More Americans have Died from Abortion than the Corona Virus

and only Ignorance and Evil can Dictate a False Reality


Democrats are scientifically proven Evil Ignorance


The Democrats are committing proven Treason


All of We the People

since 2015


~ why stop now ~

as the Election for Democrats was not based on Facts

it was based on Pathological Personal Emotional Feelings of Hate and Paranoia


President Trump Foolishly Tweeted Insults

as the Media then Preached the Democratic Hate Ignorance and Paranoia

while ignoring the Proven Treason by Democrats

with the Treasonous help of their Deep State Democrats

while the Majority of the Treasonous Media is owned by Treasonous Democrats


If you are already Dying

and then you catch the Corona Virus then you will still Die

and if you are not already Dying and catch the Corona Virus then you will not Die

the Corona Virus is a proven World Wide False Alarm for Political Ploy

by Treasonous Billionaire Democrats


and for those who are Paranoid of the Corona virus

and because Adults are the primary carriers of the Corona virus

then the safest place for Children to be is in school


I guess Joe Biden forgot

that we have a Separation of Church and State

in the Republic of the Un-United States of America

but Joe gave a great religious sermon for ~ Joe’s ~ Religion

~ and ~

Preaching Paranoia Proves nothing in Science

while proving

Joe Biden is a Scientifically proven Moron in Science and Medicine

as Joe is now Practicing Medicine for All of We the People with out a Licence

as we now live in a world where experts in Medicine are now Silenced

by the Media owned by Democrats for Political Ploy

while politicians who have earned zero right to medical opinion

now make medical decisions that are doing many times more harm to everyone

as Joe Biden continues to prove he Failed Grade School Science

as Joe Biden and his Political Media Paranoia Machine are proven Frauds in Science

for Profit


November 8, 2020

…science is proven

and not believed or predicted

as Prediction of the unknowable future is not knowledge

Prediction based on a very flawed incomplete study

that ignores more than a dozen climate variables

that is supported by proven to be False Data

and is scientifically proven self-debunked unproven theory

and is: Make Believe

as we are interring Joe Biden’s

~ long cold dark winter ~

during Joe’s Preached Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises Paranoia

when NASA Data clearly Proves

there is Zero Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises

and clearly proves there is Zero Catastrophic Sea level rise

as the sea level continues to rise and fall the thickness of a dime

and clearly proves there is zero Catastrophic Ice Melt on this Carbon based Earth

by the 40% increase in Sea Ice since 2012

as we must live with Joe’s Pathological Climate Paranoia based on zero Data

to support the Proven Political Media Fraud in Science for Profit

doing only Harm to the cause of the Environment

in science Joe has zero comprehension of

while everything Joe Preaches he is going to do for All of We thee People

to save All of We the People

 Donald Trump already did

and is continuing to do for All of We the People

and why did Joe not Save us 48 years ago

and why is Joe getting money from all around the world from our Enemies ?

through his Son ?

as All of We the People must Question Test Debate to Know the Truth in Tested Reality

as Joe was for the Un-Lawful Un-Constitutional Treasonous Political Impeachment

of the President of the Republic of the Un-United States of America

by the Democratic Party


~ Letter to the Editor ~

…as not one of my many Letters to the Editor in Science has been printed since 2007 ~

as the Editors only allow their Debunked Beliefs to be printed

allowing zero Rebuttal to their test proven Lies

and when requested they can provide zero Science Data

to Prove they are not Frauds in Science

as the Proven Frauds have yet to debunk me

as they Silence the Truth in Science and Tested Knowledge

for their Organized Political Agenda based on Test Proven Lies in Science

as they have decided for All of We the People

what is real and what is not

Proving Fascism


All of We the People


The Democrats have Committed Proven Treason


All of We the People

for the past four plus years


…my Rebuttal to:

Belief in Programmed Hate Ignorance and Paranoia

with my continued Science argument in many forms

as Reality for some is Tested while for others Reality is Programmed Belief

and the tested truth in reality is not un-tested make believe

as the Belief in Programmed Ignorance is debunked by tested reality

because Belief is not science

as Belief is a feeling not knowledge

as one is Factual and one is Pathological

[email protected]


Wearing a Mask is very Scientifically Proven to be Bad for your Health

as this test proven fact is very Ignored by Political Frauds and Lunatics

as the Media continues to Censor the very best in this Field of Medicine

~ the Media preventing the Public from being properly informed on the Corona virus ~

during their Programmed National Emergency

that I have Investigated everyday since March 13, 2020

as the Political Media is

preventing the public from maintaining their best possible health at all times

that would prevent any harm caused by Deliberate Ignorance

by those in the Media who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

who are in fact providing deliberate disinformation for political ploy

as they are using the Corona virus as a political tool

while doing only further harm to All of We the People

~ and ~

my hypothetical conjecture is:

Joe Biden does not know he is Lying

Joe does not know he is a Scientifically Proven Political Pathological Fraud in Science

as Joe Believes and Preaches what he told to Believe and Preach

as Joe does not comprehend the science

as Joe can not Articulate ~ Joe’s ~ Science

and Joe can not allow Public Question Rebuttal or Debate to His Science

as Joe can not Separate His True Belief from Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

proving Joe has Earned Zero Right to Scientific Opinion

and when is Joe going to tell us who his Fraudulent Scientist is

as Joe is Preaching Test Proven Fraud in Science and Medicine

while Joe just believes his proven Lies

that can not be Publicly questioned tested rebutted or debated

as Joe’s Un-Questioned Political Media Hearsay Science is 100% Scientifically Debunked

as the Media Senors the Questioned Tested Truth in Real Science


Trust is a Personal Emotional Feeling

and the Feeling of Trust is Earned not Given

and Those who commit Deliberate Treason Against America

can never be Trusted

and those who support the Deliberate Treason are Fascist

who can never be Trusted


…the only certainty in Life is uncertainty and Death

and when proven treason and fascism Dishonestly win

then the tested truth in reality and All of We the People Lose

and now those who have committed Treason against All of We the People

want All of We the People to Blindly Trust Them

when the only thing they have Earned from All of We the People

is the right to a Firing Squad

as only Fascism can be on the side of Treason

as the Test Proven Billionaire Political Cancer continues to Grow in America

Bruce A. Kershaw

45 years Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

for the Truth in Knowledge

and Peace


Joe Biden will not be the President for All of We the People

Joe will be the President for those who just believe in his proven Lies

as they just Ignore the Treasonous Crimes committed by Democrats

against All of We the People

as Joe Biden has Earned Zero Trust

as he Preaches his Sermons based on Zero Provable Science

as Joe Preaches Fraud in Science for Billionaire Profits doing only proven Harm

as we live with Lunatic Science by Lunatics who reject real science for profit

as those who Deliberately Tore America Apart for Political Ploy

now Preach to us they will bring us all back together

as their Political Ploy continues to Destroy America


and today

Treasonous Joe Biden now Preaches to Trump Voters who he calls Chumps

 to give him a Chance

after the Democrats committed Treason against President Trump and All of We the People

for the past four plus years

while never giving President Trump a Chance

and if Joe Biden does become President he will lose far more than he can gain

as the proven billionaire fascist political media cancer is not the cure

and I refuse to support or trust proven Criminals

who are Destroying All of We the People who are America


I am against the Death Penalty

but I would make an exception for Treason


Proven Treason by Proven Fascism

Preaching Hate

Preaching Ignorance

Preaching Disinformation

Preaching Paranoia based on Test Proven Fraud in Science and Medicine

will not bring America together because Criminal Pathological is not Factual

and those who have not been Fascistly political media brainwashed know this

and when Scientifically proven political Insanity wins

everyone loses

and how can you Trust Proven Treason and Fascism

Preaching Hate Ignorance and Paranoia

based on

Un-Questioned Political Media Proven Lies


Bill ~ MSNBC ~ Gates


Mike Bloomberg

who gives his money to Treasonous Fascist Criminals

along with 60 other Billionaires who own Joe Biden & Company

as only half of us have been Political Media Brainwashed

and so then what will the punishment be for those of us

they could not Politically Brainwash

as they continue to Punish Everyone in every way


The Democrats can only prove they can never be Trusted

and those who Voted Joe Biden will be the Losers too

as only 60 Billionaires and their Fascism and China Win

and half of America will never trust Fascism committing Treason

and the other half will learn and know the truth the hard way

if they can learn and know beyond Persuaded Belief

as Pathological rejects Factual

and those who Dictate their Will

do not Serve the Will of All of We the People

and I would Trust the Devil

before I would Trust

the Billionaire owned and controlled Democratic Political Media Corporation

Destroying America

for the sake of their Political Power Government Control for their Profit and Greed

they are not on the side of All of We the People

they are on their side

and everyone else are their enemy

while China is their Friend

as the Democrats have lied to me for four plus years

and now they are going to stop lying to me so I can now trust them

and when Hell Freezes over I still will not Trust them


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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