Fraud by Dr. Sargent & Sage Medical Clinic for MT. State Fund


Criminally Fraudulent Lunatic Political Science Fiction

based on zero scientific question test rebuttal and debate

is not proven fact tested reality in science

and if you are Pregnant

~ do not wear a mask ~

because your body can deal with this very mild Corona Virus

but your body can not deal with a 20% reduction of Oxygen

from wearing a mask everyday for weeks and or for months

with reduced oxygen going into your body

Harming all of your Internal Organs and your Brain

and your unborn Child’s Body and Brain

as a lack of oxygen will only make you more vulnerable to 150 viruses floating all around

and if you have the corona virus with no symptoms and do not know you have the virus

the mask will only  make you less well

while not even 10 feet of social distancing will not stop the spread of the Corona Virus

as safe social distancing is not possible in the real world

where 99.96% of us will not suffer from this very mild virus

as many do not know they have this very mild virus


~ wearing a mask will only make you weaker and unhealthy ~

and harm your Immune system

causing Illness and Disease

while Damaging your Brain


Forcing People to wear a Mast that does not stop the spread of the Corona Virus

or 150 other Viruses

while reducing Oxygen to the Brain and all Body Organs by 20%

scientifically proving wearing a Mask is Lunatic Political Science Fiction

because in a German and other studies where wearing a mask is mandatory

the spread of the virus was much worse

while the majority of the spread of the Virus happen in and during the Lock Down

as the lock downs continue to do far grater harm than this mild virus

as the majority of the Masks do not work while providing a false sense of protection

while the Oxygen Deprivation harming the body is far worse than the virus

for 99.96 % of those who will not die from this virus

while harming the Brains and vital organs in the Bodies

of all of our Children and our Selves

when the death rate for the corona virus is below 0.04%

and taking the lives of those who will soon die regardless of the virus

and does not justify Brain Damage to the rest of us who will not die

from this very mild virus being used as a political tool for political ploy by Democrats

as prevention of the virus ~ that does not work ~ is doing far greater harm than the virus

and if you do care about your children

put them back in school and do not force them to wear a mask

so we do not Brain Damage our Children or our Selves

as Democratically controlled media continues to provide We the People

with deliberate medical disinformation doing only harm

as those who have not earned the right to scientific opinion

now Dictate Lunatic Political Science Fiction

Destroying Lives

for Political Power Government Control of Our Lives and for Greed

as those who failed grade school science dictate science to We the People

as proven criminals dictate a false Reality doing only harm

and forcing everyone to reduce Oxygen to the Brain is Ignorance not Science

just as spending Trillions of dollars to reduce the cause of Green is Ignorance not Science

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green

as CO2 is the proven evaporated byproduct of variable climate warming

by the variable Sun with many cycles and not the cause of Climate Warming

as Scientifically Proven

as over 97% of the CO2 in the air is provided by Nature

with the majority of CO2 is from variable immeasurable unpredictable

Volcanic Activity below sea level

while there are more than a dozen other climate and weather variables

just Ignored by Political Doomsday Lunatics

who refuse to allow Public Question Test Rebuttal and Debate of the Real Science

on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

where plants and trees need more CO2 to Breathe to have good health

while causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

causing the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

as life is made from the byproduct of energy

CO2 = Carbon and Oxygen

as Scientifically Proven in

Photosynthesis Botany and Greenhouse Sciences

and spending trillions to reduce the cause of Green and Life

is Ignorance not Science

as CO2 the byproduct of Energy

and is responsible for all Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life

on this Carbon based Earth

where everything has carbon in it

as the Humans Body is 20% Carbon made from CO2 = carbon and oxygen

as all the Food we eat is made from CO2

as all the Oxygen we breathe is made from CO2

CO2 the byproduct of Energy causing Life

as the unproven theory CO2 causes climate warming is now debunked by nature

as the NASA Climate Temperature Gauge still reads Normal

and 2019 was a record cold year here in Montana

while Carbon based Humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years

as the sea level is rising about the thickness of a dime every year

and has been 100 feet higher than today many Moons ago

while Sea Ice has increased by 40% since 2012

and if Ice did not melt

the sea level would decline about 60 feet every ten years from evaporation


do not exercise while wearing a mask because you are only harming yourself

as a mask is meant to worn only for very sort periods of time

and not everyday all day for weeks or months

and doing so will do far worse harm than the virus and to everyone

and Deliberately Brain Damaging our Children and their Internal Organs

for Billionaire Democratic Political Ploy

will not stop the spread of the Corona Virus

and will not stop the Deaths of People who were already dying before they had virus

as 25,000 people starve to death everyday on this Carbon based Earth

as 10,000 People die everyday in the U.S.A. but not from the Corona Virus

as 1600 Americans Die every day from Abortion

as the same number of People Die everyday from Cancer

as other virus continue to Kill

while Life must go on for everyone who can live

because we can not stop living for the sake of Death or Political Ploy

because Depriving our Children’s Developing Brains and Growing Bodies of Oxygen

will have zero effect on the Corona Virus as Scientifically Proven

as the proven to be Political Media Frauds in Science

continue to be the greatest harm to humanity and nature

as our lives continued to be ruled by proven criminal Ignorance

rejecting proven fact tested realty in science for political ploy

as Joe Biden who needs more oxygen for his very confused brain

and Kamala Harris who has proven she failed grade school Science

preach to us we must all Wear a Mask everyday everywhere for the next three months

and will do only physical and mental harm and zero good to everyone

as the Democrats continue to Preach to us their

Hate Paranoia and proven Ignorance

while committing Treason against We the People


Inhuman Physical and Mental Cruelty to Children

is happening today and is not the answer to prevent further illness

to those already dying before having the virus

[email protected]


~ The Rebuttal ~

Good Physicians are not Politically Bias Scam Artists for Criminal Insurance Companies

controlled by the Governor of Montana


Doctors can be wrong 50% of the time

while Criminal Doctors can be wrong all of the time


My Public Statement to Dr. Sargent and Sage Medical Clinic Helena Montana

and their Proven to be Fraudulent Dr. Jeffrey Cory Bozeman Montana

who has proven to me he is a Paranoid Criminal Quack in need of a Shrink

paid by the state of Montana to destroy the lives of Work Injured Montana Citizens

Jeffrey has a very known history in the Montana Legal Community

of Falsifying Medical Reports based on zero Psychical Evaluation

while not reviewing the medical Reports debunking is falsified medical report

while doing zero physical evaluations of any of my injuries

while no one or anything has been Sued more in the Montana State Supreme Court

than Gov. Steve Bullock’s Montana State Fund Fraud

as these proven crimes are no problem for the Montana Crime Boss

making many Montana Attorney’s Wealthy off the backs of Injured Montana Citizens

with the help of their very well paid Fraudulent Doctors

as Injured Montana Workers do to the Negligence of their Employer

are Illegally Denied Health Care for their Injuries

by Gov. Steve Bullock’s Montana State Fund Frauds


To: the Helena Police Department

I have been Investigating and Proving Fraud for over 25 years

and in my last major Investigation of the World Wide Scam

the Gagetman Groove

Headquartered here in Helena Montana

I worked with the Lewis and Clark Sheriffs Department

with Brian Robinson

uncovering the Fraud against all Montanans at $500.00 a Scam

by damaging your cars Engine and Emission controls systems

as they were breaking U.S. Federal Emission Laws in their proven Scam

as they stated their scam would Double the Fuel mileage on your car

while doing in some cases thousands of dollars in damage to your cars engine

as I have exposed many scams over the many years to protect the People of Montana

at zero profit to myself

while the State of Montana would not lift a finger in these proven scams

to help protect We the People from these proven Scams

as the crimes being committed against Montana Citizens by the State of Montana

start at the top of Montana Government with the Blessings of Montana Governor

Steve Bullock

who I gave Political donations to and voted for

as his Administration are Criminals


I challenge Dr. Sargent of Sage Medical Clinic

to an open public debate in tested Reality

as We can only publicly shame honest People into the truth

and Dr. Sargent can not be shamed in to the Truth

as Dr. Sargent can not repair his Deliberate Proven Crimes

for his partner in crime Tammy Gibson of Montana State Fraud

who owe me over $40,000. I will never see

while I had to barrow over $30,000. to keep from losing my home of 20 plus years

as I was unable to go back to work for three years after my injuries

because of my continued medical condition that is considered long term

after 24 Physical therapy Sessions with most of them paid for by myself

along with many other medical expenses

but I can safely drive today

and I am now a part time Medical Currier for the Fort Harrison VA Medical Lab

as I am very Thankful to be Alive and not in a Wheelchair or Worse


More Fraud for Thought by Sage Medial Clinic

and Montana State Fund

Fraudulently Destroying the Lives of Work Injured Montana Citizens


This is My after response to a phone call today from the Helena Police Department

as I was working and had no real time to talk at the time of the call

and I will provide the Helena Police Department with the Letter Inviting me

to join Sage Medical

for their Retirement Party for Dr. Sargent

while I have never received any further communication

beyond being asked to be there

and if the Helena Police department would like the review all the facts proving Fraud by Montana State Fund I will be more than happy to share the investigated truth

proving Dr. Sargent and Sage Medical are a Medical Frauds

Destroying the lives of Work Injured Montanans and their Family’s


and again Today for the second time in about three years

Sage Medical Clinic

called the Police with a Trespassing complaint against me

for dropping off new Medical Information about the Corona Virus

as I put this important Medical information in the Door Jam

during the middle of their Lunch Hour when no one was there

I was there for about a minute or less

and I am doing this for better wellness for the Montana Community

as I have been providing and sending Important Medical Information

about the Corona Virus to many Medical and Non-Medical

to Public Schools and Law Enforcement and Government Officials for the past few weeks

to many in Helena Bozeman Townsend and Boulder Montana

as it is very important for everyone to know that wearing a Mask

will deprive 20% of the Oxygen to the Brain and all vital Organs in the body

and Public Schools can not force Children returning to school to wear a Mask

that will do far more harm than this very mild Corona Virus


the first time Sage Medical Reported Trespassing against me

and with out making a sound of any kind

as I was hand delivering ~ some ~ of my Medical Records

from St Peters Hospital to Dr. Sargent

proving Dr. Sargent

and Sage Medical Clinic and Dr. Cory knowingly committed Medical Fraud against me

for Tammy Gibson ~ Playing God with My Life for Montana State Fund

and Steve Bullock

for Hand Delivering to a Building where my first medical visit was with

Dr. Donaldson

about 1984

and then I would go visit Dr. Maher in the same Building

who I still know

and we still talk together when we run into each other

as Jim is a Good Man and an Excellent Physician with a very nice Mrs. Maher

while in fact Jim has been my Physician twice now over the past 35 plus years


for the many years Dr. Jordan had been my Primary Physician

and David is an Excellent Physician and has been a Friend

while Dr. David Jordan has been a Rock Hound in his Retirement

as Mrs. Jordan tells me in our visits

and Thank you Much

to all of those who have helped me with all of my medical needs over the many years

Here in Helena Montana

my home since 1972 and from the class of 74

as I am still friends with some of my Helena High School Teachers and Instructors


when I needed the next Good Physician to help me

with my many Injuries from a very Hard Fall

I Decided to go to Dr. Sargent


he was my Fathers Doctor for many years

and now he is a Proven Fraud in Medicine for the State of Montana

as they try again to make the good guy look like the bad guy

further proving they are the frauds

further proving Sage Medical Clinic are Real Criminals in Medicine


to be Continued


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor





About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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