Fraud by Dr. Sargent & Sage Medical Clinic for MT. State Fund


The only People that I know of who do not support Law Enforcement are Criminals

and the first people to leave New York and other Democratic Cities and States ?

The Rich People

and Governors and Mayors

who deliberately prevent and withhold Law and Order to their Citizens and property

for political ploy

are willfully Committing Treason against We the People

proving they are Criminals who belong in Jail


…and do you agree with the Democrats that we should provide Free Heath Care

to all Terrorists who Illegally cross the U.S. Boarder

Free Health Care to Child Sex Slave Traders and other forms of Human Traffickers

Free Health care to MS13 Gang Murderers and Rapists and other Criminals

who are Trafficking People Guns and Drugs

while I am Denied Health Care for my Work Injuries by Montana State Fund

as they commit Proven Fraud against me and many others to save money

with the Help of Criminal Doctors Deliberately Falsifying Medical Reports

with the help of Fraudulent Government Lawyers

who are practicing medicine with out a license

all with the blessing of Montana Criminal Gov. Steve Bullock

and his Criminal Deep State Administration

as Doctors and Lawyers get rich by preventing medical care to Injured Citizens of Montana

injured by the negligence of their employer

as their Insurance Co. Montana State Fund commits Fraud


The Media was once the Friend of We the People

~ and ~

when there can be no Question and Debate in the media there can be no tested reality


Millionaires and Billionaires can buy Anything

Including Scientists as Scientifically Proven

as the Media just Ignores the proven fact tested fraud in science

~ and ~

Believing in and Preaching proven to be Fraudulent Political Sermon

proves nothing in real science


and are you for ~ All ~ of We the People

or are you for Deliberate Crime against ~ All ~ of We the People

are you on the side of Law and Order


right ~ vs ~ wrong


all of those who are Deliberately Destroying all of America

because they Hate Donald Trump

need a Shrink


Those who are Destroying Every Life in America


they Hate Donald Trump need a Shrink


The Rebuttal Ignored by the Democratic Party and their Media and Press

the Scientific Rebuttal they withhold from We the People for Political Ploy


Proving Political Fascism in Science


Food for Thought

as We the People are living in a world of proven Fascism by 60 Billionaires

who own and control Joe Biden and the Democratic Party

along with their Deep State Democrats

while owning and controlling the majority of the Media and Press

who are providing proven Disinformation to We the People for Political Ploy

for Criminal Billionaires


We the People

~ vs ~

The Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation

Destroying America because they Pathologically Hate Donald Trump


The Corona Virus is taking the lives of those who will soon die regardless of the Virus

as the majority of those dying of the Corona Virus are

Obese Diabetics with Heart and Lung Disease over 70 years of age

as the Democrats are Brainwashing and Brain Damaging everyone else they can

by Forcing Students and the rest of us to wear a Mask all the time

that will cause Brain and Internal Organ Damage from a 20% reduction of oxygen


when you do not allow enough oxygen into the body

you are not allowing enough CO2 out of the body

causing a very negative chemical reaction to all parts of the body

while making your body many times more vulnerable to all sickness and disease

while wearing a mask is scientifically proven to not protect you from the Corona Virus


Politically Preaching Fraudulent Ignorance

based on zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate is not Science

as Personal Emotional Feelings Prove Nothing in Science

as reality is tested not believed

~ and ~

Killing each other over the same God

that We can not Prove to Exist is Political Insanity

while there are real Saints in this Living world

and most of us live with one of many in our lives

and when nature takes them away

they become holes in our lives that can never be filled with today

beyond our continued dreams together

as the holes become filled with dreams that never go away and make us smile

with dreams made from history as we grow forward from our Dreams into Reality


Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and those who Reject Science before reviewing the Science are not real Scientists

they are politically brainwashed true believers doing harm


The Ignorance of Bill Gates & Mike Bloomberg are the Devils behind the Mask

and when only Bill Gates

who controls the World Health Organization who is one with the Chinese Leadership

and when only Bills Preached Debunked Medical Disinformation can only be Known

Preached by the Media he owns while doing only Harm to all Human Life

this is known as Fascism not Science

when knowing

there should have never been any Lock Downs and School Closings

that made everything a million times worse and did only far further harm and zero good

while knowing wearing a mask is not Necessary because ~


We the People who are America are not the Evil

Evil People Who Hate America while Living in America are the Evil

and if the Evil People living in America Who Hate America would leave America

then America would be less Evil

as all Evil People are Free to leave as no one is forcing them to stay in America

because America is a Free Country

and if you do not like it here in the Free America then why are you here

and Please Leave


” those who are Lucky are very old “

George Martin

~ and ~

” here comes the Sun and its all right “

George Harrison

~ and ~

” wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no harm “

and Pathological is not Factual

as the Media and Press today are politically preaching brainwashed feelings

with zero provable facts to support the words they are preaching

as they Ban Censor and Silence all Opposing Expert Scientific Rebuttal from the Public

Scientifically Proving Fascism in Science by the Media and Press

caused by their political pathological hate

as they Destroy America because they pathologically hate


There are Proven Criminals in every part of our lives and in every Profession

and there are Honest Scientists

and there are Scientifically Proven to be Dis-Honest Scientists

with Proven Criminals in every Political Party

as Political Lairs are putting Political Lairs in Jail for Politically Lying

as the proven Pathological Criminals of Tested Reality Dictate a Lunatic Reality

as the realities of Science are Politically silenced for political ploy


The Democrats have become an Insult to Tested Reality

as the Democrats continue to reject Fact for Political Science Fiction

as the Democrats continue to make believe

they can Win Votes by Deliberately Destroying America

and by Deliberately Lying to We the People

and then Blaming the President for the very Crimes they themselves commit

against We the People

as We continue to live in a world of Test Proven Democratic Fraud

in Science Medicine and Law for their Power and Greed

as they Dictate today by Political Ploy based on proven Criminal Ignorance

Dictating how We may or We may not live our lives


I am an Independent

who did not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton

but today I am now Voting for Donald Trump


the Democrats continue to Willfully Deliberately Commit Treason


We the People

~ as ~

President Barack Obama

and the Obama Administration

with the help of their Deep State Democrats

Willfully and Deliberately

Commit Treason


We the People

who are

The Republic of the United States of America

as the Democrats in control of the House of Representatives

Willfully and Deliberately

Commit Treason


We the People

who are

The Republic of the United States of America

with an Unlawful Unconstitutional

Political Impeachment

based on Proven Lies

by Treasonous Deep State Democrats

~ as ~

Treason is Punishable by Death

~ as ~

We the People are not Destroying America

The American Owned Business Communities are not Destroying America

as it is always the Political Parties that continue to Destroy America

in their Efforts to Destroy Each Other

and Reversing the 17th Amendment would be the best first step to save America

~ and if Possible ~

End all Political Parties

and end the political war that neither side can win

that never ends


Destroying the America


We the People


Democrats believe their Crimes of Treason Destroying America are Justified to Win

as the many crimes continue

and if they win then we will have proven criminals dictating our lives in everyday


Life Long Political Criminals don’t give a Damn about We the People

as the Democrats and their Media & Press they own and control

can not acknowledge the Violence in many cities all across America

because they are the proven Sponsors of the Violence in America

and Criminals never acknowledge their Scientifically Proven Crimes

as the Democrats Sponsor Deaths Injuries

and the Destruction of Public and Private property

all across America

as the Democrats do not acknowledge the Domestic Terrorists they Bailout of Jails

as the lack of leadership of the Democratic Party Publicly state

” Antifa and other Militant Organizations working together are just a Myth “

as their Myth is Bashing in the Skulls of many Police Officers

while Black Lives Matter is being used by the Billionaire Democrats for Political Ploy

as Black Lives Mater are using Racist Fascist Attracts on People

who are minding their own business

who are then denied their civil rights as they are Attacked by Black Lives Matter

as Black Lives Mater is a Militant Political Hate Group doing only harm to their own cause

as their Racism will not stop Racism

because you can not stop Racism with Fascist Militant Criminal Racism

denying the rights of others

while the lowest standard of living for the Black Communities in America

are in Democratic Cities and States

as Democrats Invent and Preach a Race War that does not Exist in America

for Political Ploy

but Racism does exist in Major Democratic Cites and States

for Political Ploy

as very rich Democrats continue to suppress the Black Communities of America

as the Democrats turn their backs to their responsibilities

of providing Law and Order for all

in all communities they control

as the Democrats continue to prove they are the Cancer without a Cure

and they will do anything to win the election

as they have proven by committing Treason against We the People

and they would like very much to dictate how we live our lives

as they are already doing today with disinformation by their Treasonous Media and Press

as they continue to Preach their Hate Paranoia and Ignorance doing Harm

Proving they are not Positive or Leaders of Right vs Wrong

as they have proven they are Pathological Criminals who are not Factual

as the Democrats have very proven they are Organized Crime


~ All ~


We the People


China is Helping

~ Joe Biden ~

Who has Willfully and Deliberately

Committed Treason against We the People who are America


Joe Biden

Failed 3rd Grade

as Joe continues to prove he Failed 3rd Grade Science

as Joe and his Science is Test Proven Political Science Fiction

as Joe continues to be Medically debunked by First year Medical School

and today Joe does not know where he came from or where he is going

and is being used by the 60 Billionaires who own the Democratic Party

as the reality for all of this is

its all about power and money for Billionaires who want to be Trillionaires

as they continue to commit Crimes of Treason and proven Lies


many of us have been wearing a Mask for the past Six Months

and scientifically proving the mask and lock downs do not slow or stop

the Spread of the Corona Virus

and in fact did increase the spread of the virus to more people and much faster

because masks do not prevent the virus from spreading

as Joe Biden is now prescribing three more months of mandatory Mask wearing

~ for outside use ~

where in the most cases we do not need to wear a Mask

 the majority of Mask wearing would be for indoor use

and for very limited periods of time in most cases

because wearing the Mask reduces oxygen levels by 20%

damaging the Brain and vital Organs

with far more Harm while being physically active while wearing the mask

and further proving to me Joe Biden is very much in need of more not less oxygen

as Joe prefers that ~ Everyone ~ be Brain Damaged from a lack of oxygen

while Joe has decided he is the one to decide what is best for the rest of us

and the rest of us do not have a choice

to Intentionally Brain Damage Ourselves and our vital Organs

proving Joe Biden is very much in need of more oxygen

as Joe continues to starve his Brain of oxygen


forcing Children to wear a mask in school that will not protect them from the virus

but will cause headaches and brain and internal organ damage to all children

who are not effected by the corona virus

medically proving Criminal Lunatic Political Science Fiction

by the Democratic Party

while the majority of the Media are behind Joe Biden

and Bill Gates mike Bloomberg and their Criminal Billionaire Team

Preaching their Criminal Lunatic Political Science Fiction

and when

Journalism is no longer the Check and Balance for Criminal Lunatic Politics

by being Politically Bias by taking political sides

by becoming the Preachers for Dirty Lunatic Politics

this is no longer Real Journalism and is Political Sermon by proven political Lunatics

providing zero proven fact tested reality in Science to We the People

as the Media and Press have become the Political Frauds for Political Ploy

providing the Public with scientifically proven to be

Disinformation and Politically Fraudulent Lies

as the Media and Press Deliberately Lie to We the People for political agenda

while Deliberately withholding very available needed medical advice from We the People

during National Emergencies they Invent for Political Ploy

as the virus is real and the political ploy of the virus is pure fraud in science

and doing only harm to We the People who are America

as the Media and Press have become the Political Criminals in America

as the Media and Press reject all Question Test Rebuttal Debate

and can provide zero facts when requested

to support their Preached Criminal Political Make Believe doing Proven Harm

so lets Brain Damage all 100% of our Children and our selves

for a virus that will not harm 99.999999% of the children

by forcing everyone to wear a mask that will not stop the spread of the virus

and I would give Joe Biden an F- in Science and Medicine

as the death rate of the corona virus is below 00.04%

and Joe wants to Brain Damage 100.00% of We the People

maybe Joe just wants everyone to be on his level


Brain Damaged


Joe Biden

as Joe continues to ignore peer-reviewed science he does not comprehend

for Fraudulent Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing only test proven Harm to Everyone

and would someone please get Joe some Oxygen and a Shrink

as Joe Biden continues to Practice Medicine with out a Licence

while not allowing the Truth in Science to be known

while Joe wants to save us from the next of many Climate Doomsday Predictions

after 30 plus years of failed climate doomsday Perdition by stopping the cause of Green

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

as CO2 and Water vapor are the Evaporated by Product of Warming

causing all Carbon based Life

as Debunked Unproven Theory does not prove CO2 causes Climate Warming

regardless of Carbon based Humans who generate less than 3% of the CO2 in the air

causing more Green

but Joe does not comprehend the Science

as Joe is a True Believer rejecting proven fact tested reality in Science

he can not Articulate or Debate or Scientifically Prove

as Joe has publicly proven he failed 3rd grade Science

and continues to believe his scientifically test proven lies

as Joe is 100% Pathological and Zero % Factual

as Joe wants to tax the cause of all carbon based life

on this CO2 starved carbon based earth

and give trillions of dollars to billionaires to reduce the cause of Green

when Plants and Trees need more CO2 to Breathe

to make the oxygen we breathe and to be the food we eat


Real Journalism is not by Politically Brainwashing the Public

by programming feelings that are not proven fact tested reality in science

by Billionaires who own the Media and Press and own the Democratic Party too

as there can be no Factual Reality from programmed Pathological Belief

as the programmed true believers just believe the proven lies


True Believers who reject Question Test Rebuttal Debate

True Believers who reject proven fact tested reality in Science

as they reject Factual for Pathological

as they just Believe the Politically Brainwashed proven political lies by Billionaires

as the the proven Lunatics Preach to us skepticism is a mental flaw



” the doctrine that the truth in all knowledge must always be in question “

as skepticism is the bases for the scientific method

as science is: to know

by question test rebuttal debate to find and know the truth in Science

as new knowledge will continue to support or debunk old knowledge

as settled science can never exist in proven fact tested reality

as we do not know more than we do know

as we learn and know something new everyday in every Science

by Skepticism

to always question the truth in knowledge

to learn and know more than before and grow forward in tested reality


Scientist = Skeptic

to know the tested truth in knowledge

and those who preach to us the science is settled

who can not Articulate their science

who can not Debate their science

and can not prove their science are not Scientists

they are Politically Brainwashed True Believers

who have proven they failed 5th grade science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion as they Politically Dictate Science

doing test proven harm

because they are politically pathological and not scientifically factual

as they preach their programmed Lunatic Political Science Fiction

as they make believe politically persuaded belief is tested Reality

as only Fascism can political dictate a False Reality


Preaching Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

while Lying for others and committing Treason

destroying the lives of We the People

is not real Journalism = Informing We the People with Real Science


During the 2017 ~ 2018 Yearly Influenza Cycle

1.5 Million People Died

out of the estimated 7.8 billion

Carbon based People made by and from this Carbon based Earth


a recently Leaked German Government Report

Denounces the Corona Virus


” A Global False Alarm “


I began my Investigation of the Corona Virus on March 13, 2020

and everything I have stated based on my 44 years of working science knowledge

and Investigation still holds true today

as the Corona Virus is real

and everything else is proven to be Political Media Fraud in Science for political ploy


….and with out the proper level of Oxygen going in to your body

your body can not allow the proper level of CO2 to come out of your body

and then nothing else matters

~ as ~

slow Suffocation of every Man Woman Child and Unborn Child

from the 20% reduction in Oxygen from wearing a Mask

is not the answer to the Corona Virus

as the Media continues to Unconstitutionally Censor and Silence

the majority of the expert medical community

while providing the Public with Disinformation for Political Ploy

and in the real world we call this a Criminal Political Scam

also known as committing treason against We the People

by the Billionaire owned Democratic Political Media Corporation

and because of the on going Criminal Fraudulent Political Media Mishandling

with disinformation and proven lies of the Corona Virus for Political Ploy

far many more people have Died than would be

and far many more will continue to Die from this proven to be Political Crime

as proven Democratic Political Media Ploy continues to destroy the lives of Everyone

in every way possible


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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