Fraud by Dr. Sargent & Sage Medical Clinic for MT. State Fund


The Election of Donald Trump

Sparked a Political Civil War with the proven to be Fascist Democrats

who have now proven they are Treasonous Traders to We the People

and we are now about four years into this fascist democratic attack on all of We the People

of all Colors and all Religions and all Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science and Medicine

as they spit on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

while committing

Constitutional Crimes of Treason


If you hate one person

would you then destroy every life in America ?


Barack Obama and Joe Biden have committed Treason

Punishable by Death

and are still under investigation for their Treason

while on going crimes against We the People continue

as the Democrats have now proven they are not for Fighting Crime

they are in fact Organizing and Funding Crimes in America

as part of there Four years of proven Political Ploy against America

with the help of the majority of the Media and Press they own and control

as the Media and Press continue their Sermon of Proven Lies and Disinformation

Destroying America for Fascist Democratic Power Control and Greed

as the Organized Domestic Terrorist Killing while Burning Down our Cities

are for

Joe Biden

Domestic Terrorist for Joe Biden

who are flown all around the U.S. to major Democratic Cities in Passenger Jets

where they will Kill anyone who gets in there way while Burning Down Main Street U.S.A.

for Joe Biden who Committed Treason with Barack Obama and Co.

Proving a Vote for Democrats

is a Vote for Deliberate Crimes of Treason against

All Colors and Kinds of We the People

as the Democratic Party Believe than can Destroy America

and Blame President Trump for their Crimes

and Win the Election

Scientifically Proving they are Politically Brainwashed Pathological Criminal Lunatics

out of touch with Tested Reality

as they break every law on the books to dishonesty try to win an election


~ * ~


 Joe Biden because of his proven Ignorance in Science and Medicine

is providing We the People with prove Disinformation

as Joe believes his proven lies

as the Lock Downs forced on to the President

by the Billionaire owned Democratic Political Media Corporation

are causing many times the deaths than the Corona virus

from Suicides Drug and Alcohol Overdoses Domestic Abuse

and since March of 2020 over

5 million starving people have starved to death on this Carbon based Earth

as Starving Children continue to Eat Dirt Cookies

as 25’000 Carbon based Humans continue to Stave to Death everyday

and since March of 2020

2 million Americans have died from everything but the Corona virus

336’000 unborn Americans have died from Abortion

336’000 Americans have died of Cancer

as the list goes on and on and on

and those who died with the corona virus would have still died with out the corona virus

from their preexisting terminal medical conditions

as 99.96 % of us with the Corona virus will not die from the virus

and without testing many would never know they had this very mild virus

while 1.8 million died of the yearly Flu virus in 2018

as many have died from the more than 150 other virus

while the Lock Downs and School Closing are doing far far many times the harm

than the very Mild Corona Virus


…and Joe

the Politically Brainwashed Puppet

out of touch with Proven Fact Tested Reality

with scientifically proven to be

Political Pathological Fraud

as Joe truly believes his very proven lies


~ Joe ~

How many more Babies and Citizens and Peace Officers will be Shot to Death

in the Streets of America in Democratic Cities and States

and how many more small business owners on Main Street U.S.A.

will have their life long business Burned to the Ground

by Democratic Organized Crime


~ Bruce ~


If there were zero Political Parties there would be zero Rioting and Killing

and if we Reversed the 17th Amendment

America would be far closer to tested reality



Democratic Governors and Mayors

Who Prohibit Law and Order are now proven Criminals

and should be shot for their Deliberate Treason against their Communities

as they are now Responsible for the many Deaths in their Communities

and must be held Legally Libel for all Death and Destruction

caused by their Deliberate Negligence

as they would have been Hung to Death in the 1880’s for their Deliberate Negligence


~ Riot ~

To run riot,

to act or move with out control or restraint

wild or violent disorder, confusion,

violent public disturbance of peace by a crowd,

an occurrence of public disorder

~ Rioter ~

In Law

one guilty of meeting with others to do an unlawful act,

and declining to retire upon proclamation

Noah Webster



…and what do the Democrats hope to gain by paying their Rioters to Riot ~

Votes ?

as their Nazi style tactics supported by and paid for by Democrats

continue to Kill and Destroy Life in America

as the Democrats are Blind to their Deliberate Proven Sins

as they Destroy the Good Proving they are the Evil

as they Preach Pathological Hate

as the past four years of proven Treason continues

~ * ~

The only thing holding the scientifically proven to be Fascist Democratic Party together is:

~ HATE ~

Preaching Paranoia based on Test Proven Ignorance

as they commit Deliberate Treason against We the People

because they Pathologically Hate

as their Deliberate Domestic Terrorism they are supporting and protecting

and Financing and Bailing out of Jails

only prove their Fascism and Hate for America =  All of We the People

as this growing Cancer Destroying America will ultimately Destroy itself

as Democratic Mayors reject Law and Order in their own Communities

as they Commit Treason by Deliberately Destroying their own Cities

as they are Paying their Terrorist to Burn Down their own Cities

as the Mayors today are now running for their lives

or be Killed by the Terrorist they Fund

~ as ~

the Chinese Dictatorship is openly supporting and Helping the Democrats

as they continue to provide very dark money for the Democrats they can buy

because the Chinese Dictators Hate Donald Trump because Donald Trump is not For Sale

while the Russian Dictator Putin is for Donald Trump

because the Democrats are one with China

while the U.S. Government has been Installing and Supporting Dictators

and more than influencing Elections all over this Carbon based Earth

since the First World War

as the U.S. Government has sold weapons to both sides of Wars at the same time


I have been investigating and proving Fraud in Science for over 25 years

with 44 years of Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry everyday

along with many other sciences


Proving Fraud in Science is very real

and Proven Fraud in Science in Politics is very real

and Joe Biden is a Scientifically Test Proven Fraud in Science

Joe is Scientifically Debunked by Real Science Data

that Joe can not scientifically prove otherwise

as Joe’s true believers just believe Joe and his proven Lies

that are doing test proven harm to Everyone and Nature

as Joe has very Proven he has earned zero right to scientific opinion

as Joe can articulate zero of the fraudulent Political Science Fiction he Preaches

that Joe continues to Preach with zero Scientific Proof

as the only thing Joe can prove in real science is his stupidity he refuses to publicly debate

as Joe does not and can not comprehend the real science proving he is a Fraud in Science


Politically Dictating Science is Fascism

Dictating how we live our daily lives is Fascism

by Fascism by 60 Billionaires Rejecting

Question Test Rebuttal Debate = communicating all the available facts

and then do it again tomorrow

to learn and know and grow forward everyday in everything

as we learn and know something new everyday in every science

debunking what we know from yesterday

as the 24/7 Fascist Billionaire Lie Machines

continue their Scientifically Test Proven Lies and Disinformation to We the People

as Scientifically Proven Democratic Fascism Lives and Destroys America


how much money does Bill Gates have to pay his Loyal Workers at MSNBC

to Scientifically Test Proven Lie to We the People 24/7


Freedom of the Press

is now Scientifically Test Proven Lies and Disinformation by Billionaires

who allow zero Public question rebuttal debate

of their test proven lies they can not prove are not Deliberate Lies

Destroying the Lives of We the People

as they Profit from their Proven Lies

as Proven Lies must be confronted not believed

as they preach to us their Lunatic Debunked Science is Settled

when settled science does not exist in real science

as they preach to us there can be no Scientific Debate

of their Scientifically Proven Lies in Science

as they reject proven fact tested reality in Science

scientifically proving the are Frauds in Real Science


Preaching proven Disinformation and Lies to the Public is not Journalism

this is Politically Brainwashed Criminal Political Science Fiction Sermon

by Proven Frauds who are just believed by many Fools who are not Scientists

who have earned zero right to scientific opinion

and Deliberately Preaching Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

is not Real Journalism or Real Science

it is Politically Preached Lunatic Political Science Fiction doing Deliberate Harm

as only the Media Brainwashed True Believers just believe the Proven Lies

as only proven fools just Believe in proven lies

as Belief is Pathological not Factual

and political media fascism is the cancer not the cure


…the only sadness of history ?

one day there will be no one to know it

as Democrats continue to Finance through third party Organizations

Domestic Terrorism all across America

as they continue to believe by Destroying America and our History they can win votes

by blaming President Trump for their Proven Crimes against We the People

proving the Democratic Lack of Leadership is Criminally Insane

for Political Power Control of our Lives and Greed

as they Deliberately cause Domestic Terrorism all across America

for votes

and I will never vote for another Democrat ever again

as they are Scientifically test proven Organized Crime against We the People

as they have proven they are for Fascism while I am for We the People who are America


When Sports Organizations paid for by the Fans

become Political Organizations

they are no longer Sports Organizations

and the Players can give their Multi Million Dollar Salaries back to the Fans

because Sports Fans do not go to Baseball Games for Political Sermon

they go to watch a Sport to get away from all the Political Sermon that is everywhere


Sports and Politics can not be one in the same

and I will not support any Sport Preaching Political Sermon to me

and if you have something to Politically Preach do it on your Dime

and not on the Fans Time


so stop spiting in our face

and Preach your Political Religion outside the Ball Park

and show some respect for the Fans

who make you among the Richest People in America and the World

as Racism is a Two Way Street

and I do not hear or see racism at the Ball Park

so go Preach it where you see it and stop being Disrespectful and Racist to the Sports Fans

as there can be only Loyal Sports Fans for Loyal Players


America is not Racist

Racist are Racist

and they come in all Colors and Organizations

and when you treat those who are not racist as racist that is racism

while it would be nice to take my Grand Children to a Baseball Game

with out all the Political Bullshit that has nothing to do with the Sports

or with the lives of the majority of those who just want to watch the game

with out the Political Sermon

and if you hate the American Flag that stands for Freedom of all People of all Colors

then you are living in the wrong country that made you Millionaires to play a Sport

where all lives matter

and you can not stop racism with racism

and you can not stop hate with hate

and where do we find the majority of Hate and Crime and Homelessness ?

In Democratically Controlled Cities and States


~ No Lives Matter ~

and Black Lives Matter is a Criminal Organization Promoting Racism

while Killing Rioting Looting and Burning Down their own Cities

while Chanting in the streets

Shoot White Folk

~ and how will this stop racism ?

in Cities with Black Democratic Mayors where 99% of Black Murders are by Black People

as the Racism is Pathological and is Preached by Black and White Democrats

~ and its time to Play Baseball ~

and time to leave your Democratically Brainwashed Racism at Home

and when you are chanting shoot White Folk

don’t expect White Folk to come over and give you a Big Hug and a Kiss

because maybe you will shoot and kill another white person

~ so who is the real Racist in 2020 ~

as everything happening today is all Political Media Scripted for Political Ploy

so do not hate Me

Hate MSNBC and the rest of the Democratic Criminal Brainwashing Media

all owned by 60 white billionaires destroying america

blame them not me or President Trump

and I will not Apologize for being born white

and when you go back far enough in time we all have slave blood flowing in our vines

as 60 billionaires treat all of We the People of every color like Cattle

and it is their Preached Democratic Brainwashed Racism

not Ours =

All of We the People of Every Color

as We are all carbon based humans made by and from this carbon based Earth

and if you stop chanting shoot white folk

~ then ~

I will give you a Big Hug and a Kiss

and just a Hug if you are a Dude

and if you tell me I am a racist because I am white

you are the racist

and if you shoot me because I am white

you are the Hate Brainwashed Racist in Jail and I am Dead


it is time to stop just believing the politically brainwashed Lies

and time to Question the Truth in Tested Reality

as only all of We the People together can make America America

and we Can

we can fix whats wrong and make what is good better for everyone

but we must step back from Politically Brainwashed Feelings to be Factual


to grow forward We must all grow together

away from the Political Media Preached and Programmed Hate Ignorance and Paranoia

by Political Ploy


We ~ All ~ the People must all be Factual not Pathological

we can not allow Pathological to Dictate a Lunatic un-questioned un-tested un-debated

False Reality

as the Democrats are not for We the People

the Democrats have Proven they are only for Democrats and the rest of us can go to Hell

as they continue to Support Violence and Terrorism against We the People

as they continue to Preach their Hate Paranoia and Ignorance while committing Treason

continuing to Scientifically Prove they are Criminals not Leaders

~ peace ~


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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