To: Montana Criminal Governor Steve Bullock


Letter to the Editor


Since November 2019

and I will have to cheek again as it can change daily


30 ~ 34

Already Medically Impaired

Carbon based Humans made by and from this Carbon based Earth

have unfortunately Died from the Corona Virus

out of about one Million plus Living Breathing Lives who lost Loved ones

as 30 plus Montanans who were already sick Died from this very mild virus

that you can not control

but we can Protect the 00.04% of us who are the most vulnerable to harm

while the rest of us continue to Risk and Live our daily Life

as real Death is when you stop living all of life that can be lived

as the wearing of Masks is spreading the Corona Virus more

and not reducing the transmission of the virus

why ?

because most masks leak

while up to 80% of the transmission of this virus happen in a during the lock down

proving the Lock Down only made things far worse

just as closing Schools should have never happened

as we have more to discover see learn and know

with further Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as we learn something new everyday in every science

and Politically Preaching Paranoia based on Proven Ignorance is not Science


Dear Steve,

as you are not working for We the People of Montana

because you are working for Billionaires not from here who Own and Control  You

and the Proven to be Treasonous Democratic Political Media Corporation

who Bail out of Jail the Proven to be Domestic Terrorist Organization Antifa  ~

and while you are an Attorney

You have proven that you Obviously Failed Constitutional Law

because you do not know you have the Legal Authority

to Force We the People to Wear any Mask

while further proving you Failed 5th Grade Science

as you have not earned the right to Medical Opinion

as you are now Practicing Medicine with out a Licence

as you withhold very import very available Medical Information from the Public

that would help the Public best understand this very mild virus

as you go against the Medical Opinion of the Majority of the Medical Community

for the proven to be very flawed and debunked and politically criminal medical Opinion

while knowing the CDC who are a Political Body not a Science Body

as you prove you are no different than the other Democratic Governors and Mayors

who are practicing Criminal Political Poly doing only harm to everyone

as you are committing Treason against We the People of Montana

for your Billionaire Crime Bosses

as your administration and you very well know

you are Committing willful Fraud against myself

and many other work injured citizens voters taxpayers of Montana

as you have proven you are part of a very proven Cancer in America

as I inform you I will not be Wearing a Mask

as it is my Constitutional Right to not wear a Mask

for what is scientifically proven to be Political Media Fraud in Science

as the Virus is Real

and everything beyond that fact is proven to be Criminal Political Media Ploy doing Harm

so have me Arrested and put in Jail

because I will not be Wearing a Mask other than when and where I am required

to do my Job or where required when Shopping if I chose to Shop their

as Political Ignorance not Science is Dictating a False Harmful Reality

as the real science is politically withheld from the Public for Political Ploy

and a Vote for proven to be Criminal Democrats

is a Vote for Bad Medicine and Lawlessness

and your Democratic Organized Political Media Criminals

must stop using our Children as Political Pawns


Bruce A. Kershaw

Doctor Honor


I am not a Democrat or Republican

while I have leaned Democrat the majority of my Life

but I will never vote for another Democrat for the rest of my life

because I can not support Politically Organized Crime

Preach Hate Paranoia Ignorance committing treason

against We the People who are America

as the Democrats continue to Shoot the Foot in their Mouth

as the proven Political Media Cancer is not the Cure

as We the People

the Voters and Taxpayers Decide and not the proven to be Political Criminals

because it is not their America it is our America

and we can not allow a proven Cancer to Dictate

based on their proven lies for political ploy

how We live our daily lives

as Steve Bullocks Deep State Democrats

continue to commit crimes against We the People of Montana

as the Media and Press owned by Democrats continues to just Ignore



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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