To: Montana Criminal Governor Steve Bullock


….and who has the right to take away my Freedom ?

….as the Proven to be ~

Deliberate Political Media Fraud and Ignorance of the Corona Virus

by 60 Billionaire Democrats

who continue to Destroy the Lives of We the People for their Political Ploy

~ and ~

Thanks Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg for your Treasonous Crimes

against We the People who are America


as the Political Media they own continue to withhold from We the People

the Deaths of Babies Peace Officers and many Americans

as they provided their support of Lawlessness for their Political Ploy

as they Hide the Truth from We the People for their proven to be

Fascist Treasonous Political Agenda Crimes

and a vote for Democrats is a vote for China

and spending Trillions to Kill the Cause of Green

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment =

the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

where everything Breathing and not Breathing has Carbon in it

where in Photosynthesis Botany and Greenhouse Science

Plants and Trees need four times the CO2 than in the Air today to Breath and be Healthy

and the more CO2 the Healthier the Plants and Trees

and Healthier the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

as CO2 causing Climate Warming is a debunked unproven theory preached as reality

by Proven to be

Treasonous Democrats

who Failed Grade School Science for Power and Greed

as 97% of the CO2 in the Air is caused by Nature

causing all Carbon based Life and Energy on this Carbon based Earth

as the byproduct of all Carbon based Energy is all Carbon based Life

Energy = Life = New Energy = New Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life

as the Green New Deal is Proven Fraud in Real Science

to turn Billionaires into Trillionaires

by reducing the Cause of Green and the Environment

while having zero effect on Climate Change

caused by more than a Dozen Climate Variables Missing from their proven to be

Very Flawed Very Incomplete and Very Proven to be Fraudulent Science Data

doing only Harm to Nature for Profit

with their Fraudulent Science Fiction they refuse to Publicly Debate

while you can not stop 4.6 billion years of Climate Change

and we can not control the Variable Sun

or more than a dozen very real climate variables they refuse to acknowledge

for power and profit

as there is zero Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Crises

while there is Politically Brainwashed Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Warming Paranoia

based on Scientifically Debunked Unproven Theory

they refuse to allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate

proving it is not real science

as the Science Data ignored by True Believers of Doomsday Climate Paranoia

debunk CO2 causes climate Warming

as CO2 is the Evaporated byproduct of Climate Warming

by the Variable Sun with many Cycles

making this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth Greener

as the Variable Sun we can not control continues to be Warmer and Brighter

while 2019 was the coldest year on record for Montana

as the number of warmer than normal days continues to decrease

and the number of colder than normal days continues to increase

as Proven Political Lunatics continue to Politically Preach to us

all the Ice is melting with a 40% increase in Sea Ice since 2012

as the Preach to us the Sea level is rising when it is not

while Humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 26’000 years

350 Feet

while the Sea level has been at least 100 feet higher than today in the past

having nothing to do with CO2 the byproduct of Warming

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen cycle

all the Green and the Environment

causing all Secondary Carbon based Life

you and me who are 20% carbon

as we are made from the Exhaust of this Carbon based Earth

we are the byproduct of Energy from the Hot Liquid Core of this

CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

scientifically proving the Green New Deal is Democratic Fraud in Science for Profit

to steel from the poor to give to the rich to do only harm to all living breathing Nature

as we must live with the Politically Brainwashed Green Lunatics

who failed 5th grade science

and have earned zero right to scientific opinion

who are trying to Kill the cause of Green and the Environment and all Life

based on proven to be deliberate political media fraud in science for profit

costing trillions of dollars to do only harm

as the less than 3% of the CO2 caused by Humans is proven to be

an measurable factor in 4.6 billion years of climate change

and proven with NASA Data the NASA Deep State Democrats do not share with you

for their Political Agenda proving Political Fraud

as the NASA Climate Temperature Gauge continues to read Normal

as the byproduct of all Carbon based Energy

is the cause of all primary and secondary Carbon based Life

causing new energy  causing and new life in a continuous recycle

and just ignored by Politically Brainwashed Doomsday Lunatics

as not one Computer Ouija Board Doomsday Perdition

based on proven to be flawed incomplete fraudulent science fiction

of many Doomsday Predictions over the past 30 plus years have obviously not come true

as many politically brainwashed fools continue to live in a life of Pathological Paranoia

based on Proven Political Fraud and proven Lies

because they do not Question the Truth in Science

and are Politically persuaded True Believers who refuse to know the Truth in Science

proving they are politically brainwashed fools

who want to Kill the cause of Green based only on their Proven Ignorance

to turn Billionaires into Trillionaires

who are now controlling our daily lives

as the Brainwashing continues as only the fools just believe the proven lies

doing test proven harm to the cause of Green

based on zero proven fact tested reality in Science


Mike Bloomberg stopped being a Republican

when Mike realized he could not own and control the Republicans

and now Mike and Bill own and control the Democrats and the Majority of the Media

with their many Billionaire Political Criminal Friends

as Billionaire Fascism is Ruling We the People today

and if you are not a Democrat you will be treated as the Enemy

as the Billionaire Democrats continue their support of Fascist Domestic Terrorism

Destroying America in their efforts to Own and Control We the People who are America


Lock Downs Testing and Masks will have zero effect on the outcome of the Corona Virus

as the Media and Press Provide We the People with proven Disinformation

while the Press and Media are withholding very important available medical advice

from We the People for their Political Ploy

proving the Press and Media are Political Frauds and can never be Trusted

as they provide only Panic and Paranoia for their Political Blame Game

doing only further harm to We the People

as the Press and the Media have sided with the Criminals

who are Killing Babies on the Streets of America


There are misspoken words doing no harm to We the People

and there are Proven Deliberate Political Media Lies doing only Harm to We the People

as the Democrats continue to Deliberately Commit Treason against We the People

because they Pathologically Hate the President

who I did not vote for

but the Democrats have convinced me with their many Crimes

to Vote for President Trump

as the Democrats are proven to be Political Pathological ignoring the Factual Realities


The Steve Bullock Administration is a Criminal Organization

and Steve Bullock is the Crime Boss

who takes his orders from Billionaires

and I do not take Unconstitutional orders from proven Treasonous Criminals

as the Media and Press Owned by Democrats Ignore the many Crimes

by Steve Bullock and his Democrats in Control of the Montana Government

with no real oversight by Law Makers


There is now a Petition for Montanans to sign to Impeach Steve Bullock

the Criminal Governor of Montana

while Steve Bullock was and is for the Crimes being committed by Democrats

to Unlawfully Unconstitutionally Treasonously Politically Impeach the President

as Steve has Proven he is on the side of Crime against the Will of We the People


Real Science is based on Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as Science is now Dictated by Criminal Politicians who are doing Test Proven Harm

to We the People

as we now live in Criminally Staged Political Insanity

~ as ~

We continue to see Fraudulent Corona Virus Death Data by Democrats

as People who have been run over by cars have been reported as dying of the Corona Virus

and In several Scientific Studies outside the USA

in Communities where everyone wore a Mask

the Corona Virus spread faster and further to more people

as the Mask provided only a false sense of security

because the majority of Masks Leak

and can only filter up to 40 to 50 % of the Virus

and Question

does Flatulence spread the Corona Virus too

while our eyes absorb the Virus

and being indoors will allow the Virus to spread faster too

as there is little spread of the Virus outdoors

while the majority of the spread of the Corona Virus during the lock down

happened in and during the Lock Down

while the death rate is now 00.04%

and as more people are tested the death rate percentage continues to drop

while over 10’000 People die everyday in the USA from everything but the Corona Virus

while 24’000 people starve to death everyday on this Carbon based Earth

as those who have been successfully Politically Brainwashed by the Democratic Media

are driving around in their cars all alone wearing a Mask

as 99.96% of We the People will not Die from the Corona Virus

as only a very small percentage of already sick People will die from the Corona Virus

and only the vulnerable as with every virus we need to protect

as the Rest of us continue to live Life

as life ends when you stop living

as the Lock Downs have done far more harm than the Corona Virus

as the Democrats continue to Preach their Proven lies doing further Ham in tested reality


The Criminal Governor of Montana

Steve Bullock

has for the past 7 plus years Scientifically proven he is a Moron in Science and Medicine

and must be advised in Science and Medicine

and those advising Steve Bullock in Science have scientifically proven

they Failed 5th Grade Science

and those who are advising Steve Bullock in Medicine have scientifically proven

they Failed their First year of Medical School

as Steve Bullock continues to provide We the People of Montana

not with real leadership

but provides us with his test proven Ignorance doing only further harm to We the People


Steve Bullock is a Scientifically Test Proven Fools Fool doing test proven Harm

because Steve does not Question the Truth in Knowledge

as Steve just Politically Make Believes as he is told to Make Believe

while ignoring the Hard Science he does not comprehend

that continues to debunk his Lunatic Pathological Make believe


Steve Bullock has Scientifically proven he is a Political Pathological Fraud

in Science Medicine and Law

as Steve Bullock continues to Dictate Debunked Garbage Science doing only further Harm

as Steve continues to live in a False Reality as he make believes he is doing Good

proving Steve is Political Pathological and not Scientifically Factual

as Steve continues to Fail 5th Grade Science

and Preaching Lunatic Political Science Fiction

is not Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

based on Real Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as Steve Rejects the Scientific Method for Persuaded Lunatic Political Make Believe

for Lunatic Criminal Political Agenda based on test proven Ignorance


For the past 7 plus years Steve Bullock has Rejected Peer-reviewed Science

for a Criminal Political Agenda Profiting 60 Billionaires

who are Bank Rolling the Dark Money in his run for U.S. Senate Seat of Montana

and Steve will not be Representing Montana in Washington D.C.

Steve Bullock will be Representing the Profits for 60 Billionaires who Own the Media

who don’t give a Damn about We the People of Montana

and we do not need another Criminal Political Lunatic in Washington D.C.

who has publicly proven they Failed 5th Grade Science


….whats behind the Mask ~

as Real Science is Dead

because Real Journalism is Dead

and there is zero peer-reviewed science to support the Politically Fraudulent Dr. Fauci

as the USA is once again the Laughing Stock of this Carbon based Earth

and I challenge Dr. Fauci to an open public scientific Rebuttal and Debate

to his Politically Fraudulent Reality he will refuse to publicly debate

further proving Fauci is a Political Media Fraud

as real science is Questioned Tested and Debated

and Fauci can not debate his proven political fraud

as only real science can be questioned tested and debated in reality

and Fauci can not debate the tested reality

as Fauci has only political words that can prove nothing in tested reality

he refuses to Publicly Scientifically Debate


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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