To: Montana Criminal Governor Steve Bullock


Only Criminals are for Crime

and when State Governors and City Mayors and Commissioners

Willfully and Deliberately Neglect their Sworn Duty to Civil Peace

to uphold the Law by Protecting Life Liberty and Property

and Encourage and Promote Civil Unrest for Political Ploy

this is called Treason against We the People

as the only thing the City of Helena Mayor and Commissioners

have Scientifically Proven to me is:

they are Politically Brainwashed Certifiable Lunatics

and if they end the presents of Peace Officers in our Public Schools

or anywhere in the Helena Community in a time of Civil Unrest in America

they then Promote and Encourage Crimes of Violence and Drugs in our Public Schools

when knowing the number of Deaths over the years

from Gun Violence in Public Schools continues

only proving they are for Crimes in Public Schools against our innocent Children

they want to turn into Criminals and Drug Users

when there is zero Public Consensus in the Helena Community

to reduce any Law Enforcement in anyway anywhere

as our Lunatic Lack of Leadership have proven they are against Peace in Helena Montana

and are against doing their job of Insuring Peace by Law and Order

for We the People of the Helena Community

proving to me and to many others the City of Helena needs a

~ Full Time Shrink ~

for Elected Criminal Lunatics who want to do Deliberate Harm

to We the People of the Helena Community

as their Job is not to do their Lunatic Political Will

their job is to do the Will of We the People

as only Criminal Lunatics in need of a Shrink are against Peace by Law and Order

and maybe it is time to stop Electing Politically Brainwashed Lunatics in need of a Shrink

because those who reduce Law and Order protecting Life Property and Liberty

are against all Life and all Liberty and all Happiness

for all of We the People who are America

as we are very fortunate here in Helena Montana

to have living among us with their Families very Good very Professional Peace Officers

who have earned the Trust and Respect of the Helena Community

and that is something our Criminal Leadership at Helena City Hall has not Earned

as they have their own Political Agenda that is not the Reality Agenda of We the People

as it is the job of City Hall to Fight all Crime and not be the Criminals in need of a Shrink

to Deprogram their Lunatic Political Brainwashing doing test proven Harm to America


Political Ploy is Treason against We the People

and is not Leadership providing Wisdom to solve real problems

as Political Ploy can only cause the Problems and do only Harm


We the People Live today is a Scripted Political Cancer

and We the People can fix the worst of America

by Abolishing all Political Parties and ending Deep State Fascism

and Reversing the Seventeenth Amendment of the Constitution

of the now Republic of the Un-United States of America

and Yes we are a Republic not a Democracy

as in a Democracy the Majority Rules over the Individuals

and in a Republic the Individual is Equal to the Majority


The Seventeenth Amendment

~ Un-United the United States ~

by removing all Legal Authority of all State Governments in the Federal Government

by removing States ownership and control of the U.S. Senate

now owned and controlled by Wall Street Billionaires

K Street and Special Interests Groups that own the Political Parties

and we will remain the Un-United States of America

until State Governments are once again a working Part of the Federal Government

by once again owning and controlling the Senate

as Pryor to the 17th Amendment

Senators were Chosen by State Governments to Vote as Directed by State Governments

and not elected with very dark dirty money

as very Dark Dirty Billionaire Money now own and control the Senate

of the now Un-United States of America

and we must return to having all state governments deciding the votes of the Senate

as far to much Power and Authority is now given to 100 Individuals

who now dictate to state governments

when State Governments should be dictating to their Senators on how they will vote

while allowing States to be Re-United and a working part of the Federal Government

as the 17th Amendment was to fix a small problem that is now 50 times worse than before

as States are no longer a working part of the Balance of Powers

of the Federal Government

as States are now at the Mercy of the Federal Government

and no longer a part of the Federal Government

to provide the proper balance of power in the Federal Government

as the 17th Amendment is Proven to be a Mistake that can be Reversed

and allow the States to be United once again

and End the Dark Corrupt Criminal Billionaire Money Owning and Controlling

one part of the Federal Government the Senate of the now Un-United States of America

as State Governments must decide the votes in the U.S. Senate not Criminal Billionaires

as We the People own the State Governments

and we have no control over the Dark Dirty Money Criminal Billionaires

as today 60 Billionaires Own and Control Joe Biden

and the Democratic Party and the Majority of the Media and Press

as the proven Fascism of Billionaires is controlling our Daily Lives

they continue to Destroy with their 24/7 Media Political Poly

with their proven Lies in Law Science and Medicine


State Governments must decide the votes in the Senate

and not the very proven to be Fascist Criminal Billionaires

who would like to be Trillionaires

who now have a deep state with in all state and federal government

while Dictating how We the People live our daily lives they continue to destroy today


and if we can not acknowledge our proven mistakes

then we can not learn know and grow forward from our mistakes

as Criminal Pathological Ignorance now Dictate a False Reality

based on zero Public Question Test Rebuttal Debate


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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