To: Montana Criminal Governor Steve Bullock


…if my memory serves me well ~

during  5 ~ 7 million years ago there were about 50 different Breeds of

Carbon based Apes

who were about 20% carbon

made by the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

causing the Primary and Secondary Carbon Life and Energy cycle

caused by evaporated CO2 and water vapor

the byproduct of warming by the variable Sun with many cycles

with the majority of the CO2 from Volcanic activity below sea level

on this now CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

where two of these Breeds of Apes walked upright

while all 50 Breeds lived with Personal Emotional Feelings based on True Belief

where Plants and Tress need four times the CO2 than in the Air today

to Breathe Normally



~ vs ~

Criminal Fascist Lunatic Political Science Fiction

~ as ~

The Democratic Party

has committed Treason against We the People for the past four years

while Steve Bullock has publicly proven he Failed 5th Grade Science

as he continues to Fraudulently Politically Practice Medicine with out a Licence

as We the People are his Political Medical Guinea Pigs

and destroying the lives of all Montanans

as there can be no greater harm in our lives today

than Steve Bullock and his Un-Earned Fraudulent Medical Opinions

Dictated by Billionaires who control the Media and the Democratic Party

~ and ~

To the Parents with School Age Children and Young Adults

reality is not what you believe

reality is what you know

as we all inhale O2 = Oxygen and exhale CO2 = Carbon and Oxygen

and wearing a face mask while doing no Physical activity for more than about one hour

will decrease blood oxygenation by 20%

and cause hyperventilation causing acid base disturbances and headaches

by self Poisoning your body from a lack of Oxygen

and even 10 feet of distancing is not enough to prevent the Spread of the Virus

and all students need to go back to school and should not be required to wear a Face Mask

that could do far worse harm than the virus to developing young brains and minds

as only those with one foot in the grave need to be Isolated from the rest of the world

with this very mild Corona Virus

being used for Political Ploy by Democrats who Failed Grade School Science

as they ignore the other 150 Virus floating around far worse than the Corona Virus

as the Democratic Political Media Motivated Forced Lock Downs

are doing Millions of times of harm than the Corona Virus

as Political Frauds Practice Medicine with out a License

while real Doctors and Physicians are denied their right to Free Speech

and are Prevented from Medically helping We the People

with Professional Medical Advice

because starving the Brains of our Children of Oxygen is Bad Medical Advice

and is Lunatic Criminal Political Science Fiction


The Religion of Science is: Skepticism

as the Truth in knowledge must always be in Question


You Steve Bullock came in Last in the Democratic Presidential Primary

because they know

you have a Criminal Administration here in Montana

and knowing that the Billionaire Democrats have told you to Run for the U.S. Senate

and you will follow their orders after Publicly Publishing many times

  you do not want to be the U.S. Senator from Montana

but now you are going to be the Greatest U.S. Senator of Montana

paid for by 60 billionaires

~ and ~

science is: to know

~ by ~

question test rebuttal debate

and when you refuse to publicly Debate your Politically Preached

debunked unproven theory in Doomsday Prediction then it is not real Science

and if you can not Articulate your Science and can not Prove your Science

then you have Earned Zero Right to Scientific Opinion


The Rebuttal

~ by ~

Bruce A. Kershaw

Independent Investigative Scientist

with 44 plus years of Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

along with many other Sciences

and Student of Constitutional Law and History since 1980

who is paid by no one or anything

beyond my part time semi retirement job as a Medical Currier

for the Fort Harrison VA Medical Lab

that includes transporting Corona Virus Lab Tests

and the People I work with everyday are all about Facts not Make Believe

while I have been Investigating and Proving Fraud in Science for the past 25 years

for the Truth in all of Life and knowledge for a better Life for All of We the People

as We the People Hear See and ~ know ~ the proven Lies

while only some of us believe the proven Un-Questioned Lies

where there can be no tested truth

where there can be no tested realities in science

when the Media and Press will allow zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as the Media and Press will allow only their Fraudulent Political Sermon doing only Harm

and That is not Journalism

that is Preaching your Political Pathological True Belief

your Political Religion

based on test proven Ignorance

while rejecting all the facts

Scientifically Debunking  your Personal Emotional Feelings

of Preached Political Pathological Make Believe


Real Journalism

is Providing the Public with all the available facts

on all sides of the argument

and not just the Side you Make Believe in

so the Public can decide for them selves what is Real and what is not ~

and not brainwashing what is real in your false reality

based on Proven Ignorance

proving you have earned zero right to opinion


When you scientifically Prove to Frauds they are a Frauds

they of course continue to be Frauds

as the Media and Press have Clearly Scientifically Proven

they do not Know the questioned truth and just Make Believe their Reality

while Scientifically Proving they can not be Trusted

as they reject knowing for political make believe

as proven


Real Journalism is not by Brainwashing your Political Sermon

based on feelings while rejecting tested facts before reviewing the facts


August 1 ~ 5


The only People the Billionaire Owned

Democratic Political Media Corporation can Fool are the Democrats

as all Crime of every kind is Skyrocketing

Murders Suicides Rapes Drug Overdoses Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Mental and Physical Family Abuse

the Destruction of Public and Private Property are all Skyrocketing

while Democrats are Supporting Antifa

who are very proven to be right out of the NAZI Hand Book

prior to Hitler taking Power of Germany

as some Democrats Preach to us

God is on Their Side

as some Republicans do the Same

and that is why we have Separation of Church and State

as neither side can scientifically prove their is a God

while they are both of the same God

and as a scientist I must say

~ if ~

there is a God then there is

and if there isn’t a God then there isn’t


The Democrats are Proven Criminals for Crime

and how many more Innocent Children will be Murdered

in Democratically controlled Cites and States in America

for Democratic Political Poly


De-Funding Law Enforcement

is Lunatic Political Science Fiction

as only Criminals want to De-fund Law Enforcement

and Crimes based on Pathological Hate happen everywhere


and when you Deliberately Destroy the Lives of every Man Woman and Child

in America because you Pathologically Hate one person the President

you have then proven you need a Shrink and a Rubber Jail Cell

as every President has been Hated

and Hate is a Negative Personal Emotional Feeling

and not a Fact to base any Reality in tested Reality

and a Political Party Destroying the Lives of everyone in America

because they Hate one person

is Brainwashed Lunatic Political Science Fiction that is very much in need of a Shrink

as Crimes are Crimes as the Democrats continue their Crime Spree

against all of We the People

for the sake of their Political Power ~ Government Control

to Un-Constitutionally Control our Lives

for Profit by Greed doing only Harm


Joe Biden

was not up to Par 50 years ago and is much further away today

as the Scripted Proven Deliberate Lies in Science Medicine and Law

by the Billionaire Owned Joe Biden and their Political Media Democratic Corporation

are Destroying America for Political Ploy for their Political Blame Game

after committing Treason for the past four years against We the People

Far Exceed the Harmless Innocent Lies of President Trump

as everyone is a proven Lair in Questioned Tested Reality

as the Democrats live in fear of Presidential Debates

because no one has told more proven Lies to We the People

than Proven to be Treasonous Joe Biden


The Lincoln Project

is a Hate Organization not a Science Body

and Hate is Pathological not Factual

as Feelings are not Facts

while the Democrats have been committing Proven Treason

against We the People for the past four years because they Hate Donald Trump

proving they are Criminal Pathological and not Scientifically Factual

as they continue to Destroy the lives of all Americans because they Hate Donald Trump

as We the People are the Treasonous Collateral Damage

of their Criminal Pathological Hate Destroying America

proving they are the Cancer not the Cure

as Deliberate Treasonous Pathological Political Ploy against We the People

is Destroying America and is making America Worse not Better

because Criminally Politically Preaching Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

based on Proven Lies is a Political Media Brainwashed False Reality

based on Lunatic Political Science Fiction

and is not the questioned tested debated proven reality in Science

as Proven to be Political Media Pathological Frauds Dictate how we Live ours Lives

as the Media continues to Deliberately Misinform the Public for Political Ploy

Destroying the Lives of all Americans because they Pathologically Hate the President

as the Lincoln Project are Lairs too

while Joe Biden is a Proven Political Pathological Lair for 50 years


…and if schools do not open

it will not be for any real medical reasons

it will be for 100% Political Pathological Fraud

because what is already proven to be working in other Countries

the Democrats refuse to allow to happen here in America for Political Ploy

as the Democrats refuse to allow Wellness in America on every level

while in the world of Real Science and Medicine

Dr. Fauci

continues to be a Proven Political Lair

as the Media who have earned zero right to Medical Opinion

continue to Sensor and Ban the Truth by Real Experts in Medicine and Science

as the Proven Political Lies by the Media are doing the real Proven Harm to Americans

as only the Politically Fraudulent Opinion by proven Lairs

are allowed to be heard in the Politically Fraudulent Media

with out real scientific Question

as Real Science is Questioned and not Politically Brainwashed


Criminal Governor of Montana

Steve Bullock

and his Deep State Democrats at Montana State Fund and the Department of Labor

are Deliberately committing Fraud against Work Injured Montana Citizens

while providing large charitable contributions to their Favorite Charities

with employer money not their own

while Denying Medical Care and Support to Injured workers

and Destroying the Lives of Montana Citizens and their Families

with State Government Employees Practicing Medicine with out Licenses

as Steve Bullock claims to be helping Montana Citizens gain access to Health Care

while Stabbing Work Injured Montana Citizens in the Back


To those of you who have provided proven facts for my Investigation

~ Thank You ~

as We the People are all in this Together

as the majority of We the People are not Democrats or Republicans

We are Independents who have zero Real Representation

as Political Parties in their efforts to Destroy each other are Destroying America

as there can be no Tested Reality in Science

when only the Politically Corrupted are allowed a Voice

in the Politically Corrupted Media and Press

as Expert Physicians and Doctors continue to be Censored

by Democratic Billionaire owned

Tech Giants and their Media and Press proving Political Fascism

as vital medical Science continues to be Un-Constitutionally withheld from the Public

by denying the constitutional rights of Doctors who want to Medically Help the Public

to uphold their Medical Oath with no political bias

proving Treason against We the People by Billionaires

who have Ended Free Speech in America

as Democrats continue to dictate there will be no Law and Order

and as Rome continues to Burn

the Democrats Cheer on their Programmed Politically Brainwashed Paranoid Insanity

Destroying America for 60 Billionaires who Ended Free Speech for Doctors in America

who hold the Medical Truth of the Corona Virus

that History will know

as Political Pathological Frauds Destroy History and Today

as history is being destroyed by those who Failed Grade School History

and do not know what they are Destroying

as Arrogant Ignorance continues to Dictate a False Reality

as the Voices of Tested Reality in Science are Silenced

and how long before Libraries are Burned to the ground

by Politically Brainwashed Paranoid Ignorance

as the Doctors of America who want to help heal America are allowed no voice in America

by the Fascism of 60 Billionaires who own everything

and if we had an Honest Media and Press this World would be a Better Place

as we live in a world of Political Censorship in Science and Medicine

by those who have failed grade school science

who have proven they are Political Fascism

Censoring the Truth

Censoring the Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science for Political Ploy

as they allow zero Scientific Question Test Rebuttal Debate in the Media and Press

Censoring Medical Experts who want to Help We the People

as the Scientifically proven Political Media Scams continue to Destroy our Lives

for Billionaire Democratic Political Ploy

for Power Control and Greed

a proven Political Media Organized Crime Dictate how we may and may not Live or Lives

as 10’000 Real People Die every day in America

of everything but the Corona Virus

and those dying of the Corona Virus already have one foot in the Grave

and would have sadly died soon anyway

as the Death Rate for this very mild virus is 00.04%

and is being used for Political Ploy by Democrats

who own the Media who are Censoring Doctors

and providing proven to be disinformation and making everything many times worse

all because the Democrats Pathologically Hate Donald Trump as

the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation is Deliberately Destroying America

believing by Deliberately Destroying America they will win Democratic Votes

while only proving they are Politically Fascist Treasonous Pathological Criminals

who then blame the President for the proven crimes they commit against We the People

as the Billionaires who have Destroyed our Lives Laugh all the way to their Banks


To Rule We the People you must First Destroy We the People

as 60 Billionaires are doing for the past four years

because they Pathologically Hate the President who is on the side of We the People

as they continue to Treasonously Shred the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights




About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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