Organized Crime in Montana by Gov. Steve Bullock & Friends


Steve wanted to be ~

the next Treasonous Criminal President of the United States of America

and Steve has stated many times to We the People of Montana

that he does not want the Job of Montana U.S. Senator

but the very proven to be

Treasonous Criminal Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation

has twisted Steve’s Arm to run for the Job he does not want

and how good of a job can Steve do for We the People of Montana

at a Job he does not want

while Steve is Intentionally committing Fraud against we the People of Montana today

as the Governor of Montana

and Steve does not need the support of Montanans

or Corporate Money

with his 60 Billionaire Friends who Own and Control the Corporations

and there will be a lot of Out of State Dark Money

as Steve will have far more money than needed

for his already Fraudulent Political Campaign

for a job he has repeatedly stated he has no interest in doing

but will do for the Democratic Billionaires who will now own and control Steve

the Criminal Governor of Montana


I moved to Helena the Capital of Montana from Fountain Valley California

at age 17 in the Summer of 1973 while I have vacationed in Helena where I have family

Pryor to moving to Helena

where I went to Helena High for my Senior Year Class of 1974

while I already had enough credits to graduate

but did not have the mandatory Montana History Class

and my History Teacher Mr. Gross filled me in

and I could not take only one class and was required to have a least three classes

and so I had Mr. Walters Automotive Science class and Mrs. Johnston English Class

as I am still Friends with Allan Walter and Mrs. Johnston now Karyl Beattie

and after school I was working at Carlson Lincoln Mercury Washing Cars

and Picking up and Delivering New Lincolns all around the state of Montana

as I Delivered to the Newly Elected Governor of Montana

Tom Judge

his Brand New Lincoln Continental

and I have followed Montana Politics closely ever since

I met then senator Max Baucus in 1980

and in 1983 I opened my own Business on Main Street Helena Montana

at 735 Last Chance Gulch where the Bagel Co. is today

and at that time it was Grizzly Auto Parts

as there were four separate business in this building

with Holiday Auto Body and Capital Appliance Service and Repair

and this building was the home for many Car Dealerships over the many years

this Location was once a Hudson Car Dealership

and if my memory is right it may have been a Rambler American Car Dealership

and then later was the old Lincoln Mercury Car Dealership

and then the Jim Brooks Pontiac Car Dealership

as I have enjoyed learning all of Montana History over my close to 50 years in Helena

of my now 64 years Life

and in the building next store is where the retired Montana Governor Tom Judge

had his Office for many years

and I remember Tom always Illegally Parked his Jeep on the Side Walk

in front of his Office pointed towards on coming Traffic and this went on for many years

of my 30 plus years of Business in the Helena Community


In Montana

the Montana Law Makers meet for 90 days every other year

and have no Clue of the Crimes Happening in our Montana State Government

as Deep State Democrats Commit Fraud against Montana Citizens

with the Blessings of their Crime Boss Steve Bullock

while Steve’s Chief Legal Counsel would like to be the next Attorney General of Montana

to continue the Crimes of the most Criminal Administration in my Life time

crimes against We the People the Citizens Voters and Tax Payers of Montana

when it is time to remove the criminal politics

from the Broken Administration of the Montana Government

of by for

We the People

as Steve who is an Attorney

who must of Failed Constitutional Law

was for the Criminal Unlawful Unconstitutional Political Impeachment

of the President of the United States of America

Steve is for the ongoing Crime Spree

by the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation

Destroying America

as Steve has very publicly proven he failed 5th Grade Science

as Steve is for spending Trillions of Taxpayer Dollars

to profit the Billionaires who own Steve

so they can Kill the cause of Green and the Environment

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green

to save us from their next doomsday that can never happen

after 30 plus years of Failed Doomsday Predictions

based on proven Flawed Incomplete Fraudulent in Garbage Science Fiction

for their Profit

as NASA Data debunk the unproven theory CO2 causes Climate Warming

regardless of Humans who produce less than 3% of the CO2 in the air

as Nature has caused the spike in CO2

making this Carbon based Earth Greener and Healthier

as Plants and Trees need Four Times the CO2 than in the air today to Breathe

causing the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

in Photosynthesis Science Botany Science and Greenhouse Science

as Democrats continue to be Proven Frauds in Law Science and Medicine for Profit

while they are in Bed with the Chinese

with their Dark Money in U.S. and Montana Politics

as the Democratic Criminal Deep State

is very real and every where in all parts of our Local State and Federal

Broken Governments

as Democrats have proven they are for Democrats

and everyone else is the enemy

as the Democratic Criminal Political Ploy continues to Destroy America and Montana

while Steve Bullock is for Steve Bullock the Criminal Governor of Montana

as Steve has Proven he is not with or for We the People

Steve has proven is for Political Crimes against We the People


Should we vote for Steve to a job he does not want

just to make Criminal Billionaires Happy

with the new Democratic Criminal agenda that will do only Harm to Montana

because Steve will not be Representing Montana

Steve will be Representing

Wall Street K Street and Special Interest Groups

all owned by

the Billionaire Democrats who now Own and control Steve Bullock

the Crime Boss of Montana Government with the Help of His Deep State Democrats

supported by Criminal Billionaires

who are the Party of Proven Hate Paranoia Ignorance and Proven Fraud

who don’t give a Damn about Montana and never will


When Steve Bullock ran for President in the Democratic Primaries

Steve came in Last with his Democrats

as the Scams and Political Ploy continue by proven to be Criminal Democrats

~ to be continued ~



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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