Organized Crime in Montana by Gov. Steve Bullock & Friends


The Montana Governor Steve Bullock Administration is a Proven Criminal Organization

committing Fraud against We the People of Montana

Steve Bullock is not for Montana

Steve Bullock is for Steve Bullock and the Proven to be Treasonous Democratic Party

~ Steve supports 100% ~

as the Democrats Support and Bail out of Jail proven to be Domestic Terrorist in America

as the Antifa Hand Book is no different than the NAZI Hand Book

who are Cop Killers Bashing in the Heads of Police Officers with Tire Irons

and Burning Down Cities and Defacing and Tearing Down

the National Monuments of America

while Preaching in the Streets of the Cities they are Burning Down

Shoot White Folk and Shoot Cops

as the Democrats support Steve

as Steve Bullock continues to Break Montana Law during this new Election Cycle

as Steve just Ignores Montana Law

and was for the Unlawful Unconstitutional Fraudulent Political Impeachment

of President Trump

based on Proven Crimes by the Democratic Deep State

that continues today in Washington D.C. and in Montana

Steve Bullock is a Crime Boss not a Leader

and will help the Democrats further Destroy America

as Steve is owned and working for Billionaire Democrats

and will not be working for We the People of Montana

as Steve has been working against We the People of Montana for the past 12 years

as Attorney General of Montana and as a Criminal Governor

and Steve has proven if you are not a Treasonous Criminal Democrat you are the Enemy

and you will be Treated as the Enemy

as the Democrats have proven they are the Treasonous Deep State Cancer of America

as Steve Bullock Criminal Attorney Crime Boss

continues to be a proven Criminal Breaking Montana Law

a Proven Phony and Proven Puppet for Proven Treasonous Billionaires

as Steve Bullock is for Steve Bullock

as the proven Crimes continue with the Support of the Montana Media

Owned by Democrats who are Lying to We the People of Montana

and do not Report the Crimes of the Bullock Administration

Proving Political Media Fascism by the Democratic Owned Media

who are for Democrats and the rest of We the People can go to Hell

as the Democrats make this world a Living Hell for We the People for their Political Ploy

as the Democrats continue to Preach their Pathological Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

while committing Treasonous Fraud against We the People

and with out the help of Billionaires Steve could stand on his own two feet

as the Democrats continue to Shoot the Foot in their Lying Mouth

as the Party of Proven Political Scam against We the People who are America continues

and a Vote for Crime Boss Steve Bullock

is a Vote for Billionaire Fascist Crimes in America


George Washington was against Political Parties

and now we can see why

and if we Abolished all Political Parties and Reversed the Seventeenth Amendment

all of this world would be a far better place to live and be


Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena Montana

Independent ~ Scientist ~ Master Technician since 1976

Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

I am not a Democrat or Republican

and I do not support any Political Party

as I am one of the Majority of We the People who are Independents

who have zero representation

who vote for People not Political Parties

and I am a Citizen Lobbyist since 2007 for the Truth in Life and Knowledge

while I have Investigated and Proven Fraud in Science for the past 25 plus years

and Fraud in Political Science Fiction since 2007


Do Not Vote for the Crime Boss Governor of Montana

Steve Bullock


U.S. Senator of Montana


We the People

do not need more Political Criminals working for Billionaires in the U.S. Government



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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