Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


Nothing has Lied to We the People more than the Proven to be


Democratic Political Media Corporation

as We the People know they are Politically Lying to America

and the more they tell their Scientifically test proven Lies to

We the People

the more there is further support for President Trump

as We the People must live in the world of 24/7 Political Media Scam

against We the People as they continue to Destroy America

based on Democratic Hate Paranoia Ignorance and Treason

as we the People do not Vote for Proven to be Treasonous Political Media Lies

and when you confront the Treasonous Political Media with their test proven Lies

they continue to Preach their Proven Lies to We the People

even when they know We the People know they are Lying to We the People

as they continue to Preach to us their Treasonous Political Science Fiction

as nothing Lies more than the Treasonous Democratic Political Media Corporation

as these Proven Frauds believe they can remove President Trump

with test proven Political Fraud and Treasonous Lies

based on their Pathological Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

and that is the best they can do for We the People

Treasonous Lies and Proven Fraud

by Scientifically proven to be Pathological Political Media Treasonous Frauds

and after four years of proven fraud

what will be the next Treasonous Political Scam

because they Hate the President = Pathological

as Everyone Lies

and there are Harmless Lies and there are Treasonous Lies Destroying America

and I am not Voting for the test proven Political Media Treasonous Criminal Lies

as We the People will Decide and not the test proven Treasonous Lairs

as the Majority of We the the People See and Know the Scam Political Science Fiction

and We the People

are not voting for

Proven Criminals who can Provide only Scam Political Science Fiction

as only fools believe in Proven Lies

and the majority of We the People are not the proven Fools

as We the People are Treated as Fools by Proven Frauds

as we can see through the Frauds while they can not see themselves

because Test Proven Lies are Test Proven Lies

and the Majority of the Media are a Test Proven Political Lairs

and only believed by the test proven Politically Brainwashed Fools

as the Political Ploy by the Political Scam Machine continues to Lie to We the People


and as long as Billionaires Own the Democratic Party and the Media

the Scientifically Test Proven Lies will Never Stop

and we will call it

the Proven Political Media Ploy Pathological Fraud Misinformation Bogus News

as Scientifically Proven


60 Billionaire Democrats can do anything they want to do because they are Billionaires

who own and control everything

as they own and control all the Democrats

as they own and control the majority of the Media and Press

and there is nothing to stop them because they do not need your money

as they continue to Destroy America


Every time someone publicly states they voted for or they are going to vote for

Donald Trump

they are Fascistly Brutally Viciously Verbally Attracted Insulted and Condemned

by Democrats and their proven to be Fraudulent Political Media and Press

as they believe Attacking and Insulting People will Win votes

rather than providing good Ideas to vote for

while many have been Physically Attacked by Antifa who are supported by Democrats

as they continue to Preach Pathological Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

while committing Fraud and Treason against We the People

and now People will not tell you if they are going to vote for Donald Trump for President

because they are afraid they will be Attacked by Politically Brainwashed Lunatics

and or some Political Lunatic will come Burn down their Property

as the Fascist Antifa Democrats are doing today

as Antifa has the full support of Democrats who Bail Antifa Terrorists out of Jail

and that is why the Silent Majority are Voting for Donald Trump

even if they tell you they are going to vote for Joe Biden

so the Antifa Democrats wont Terrorize them as they are doing to many People today

as Antifa is doing as the NAZI Party did Pryor to Hitler coming to power

by Terrorizing anyone and everyone who did not support their NAZI Party

as the NAZI Party had a Criminal Deep State in the German Government

just as the Democrats do today in America

as the NAZI Party Infiltrated every part of German Life and Education

as they Politically Brainwashed the youth to turn on their own Families

and they took over the Media and Press

Pryor to Hitler taking Full Control of Germany

just as the Fascist Democrats have done and are doing further today in America

and if you did not agree with the NAZI Party they Hurt you and Destroyed your Property

as they took over Law Enforcement too

as Antifa Democrats are Bashing in the Heads of Police Officers with Tire Irons

as Democrat are trying to end Police Protection and Law and Order

in their own Communities and States

as they continue to turn their backs to We the People for their Political Agenda

as the Billionaire Democrats have become Domestic Terrorists

and Joe Biden will make the Perfect Puppet President for 60 Billionaire Democrats

because every time Joe is asked a Question he can Honestly say he does not remember

as Joe Biden the Treasonous Government Criminal for Family Profit

becomes more Senile everyday

and we must save America from this Proven Treasonous Billionaire Fascism

Further Destroying America Everyday

as We the People have Observed Four years of Treasonous Crimes by the Democrats

and so you can Guess who I am voting for in November

as I am voting for Law and Order in America

and to put Treasonous Fascist Terrorist Criminal Democrats in Jail

as committing Treason against America will not win votes

as the Domestic Democratic Terrorist Antifa are using the NAZI Hand Book

and the Democrats and ACLU and the majority of the Media and Press

are Supporting and Defending Antifa = Proven Terrorists for Democrats

and a Vote for Democrats is a Vote for Proven Billionaire Democratic Terrorist Fascism

Destroying America

as Bernie Sanders is behind the Fascist Terrorist Democrats all the way

while nothing has repressed and suppressed the Back Communities

more than the Fascist Terrorist Democrats

as the Democrats have proven they are Elitists above the Majority of We the People

and if you are not a Democrat you are the Enemy just as the NAZI Party did in Germany

as the Green New Deal will Kill the cause of Green

while putting Trillions of Dollars in the Pockets of 60 Billionaire Fascist Democrats


CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = the Environment

causing the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle

causing all Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life

on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

as the natural Death of this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth will from the lack of CO2

as the NASA Climate Temperature Gauge continues to read normal

as Democratic Brainwashed Catastrophic Doomsday Climate Paranoia for Profit

continues to ignore more than a dozen climate variables

and all of climate history all further debunking the unproven theory

CO2 regardless of humans cause climate warming

as Nature has debunked the unproven theory

as Nature is responsible for 97% of the CO2 in the air

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

and Democrats want to spend Trillions to stop the cause of all life above sea level for Profit

as the Human Body is mostly Hydrogen and Oxygen and 20% Carbon

caused by the Carbon cycle caused by evaporated CO2 and Water Vapor

with the Majority of CO2 in the air is from

unpredictable immeasurable variable volcanic activity below Sea level

and is the Byproduct of variable evaporation by the variable Sun

as variable climate warming increases the evaporation of variable CO2 and Water Vapor

causing all the Green causing the Environment causing all secondary Carbon based life

on this CO2 starved Carbon based Earth

as Plants and Trees need more CO2 to Breathe not Less

as scientifically proven

and ignored by Democratic Brainwashed Doomsday Climate Paranoia

after 30 plus years of Failed Doomsday Computer Ouija Board Prediction

all for Trillions in Democratic Billionaire Profit

they want to kill the cause of green to save us from their next doomsday prediction

based on Flawed Incomplete and proven to be Fraudulent Science


Peace Officers Day

for the Hardest Job in America

as Democrats Treat our Peace Officers worse than Dirt

while Our Peace Officers are on the Front Line everyday Protecting all of us

in the War on Terror and all Crime in America

and those who are Elected to City Council and Mayor and Commissioners

who are not aware of the working statues of their Peace Enforcement

On the Day they take Office are not Real Leaders

as their First Responsibility to We the People who elected them

the Voters and Taxpayers

is Law and Order above everything else

because with out Proper Law and Order there can be no Community

as we are living and seeing the Democratic ~ New Normal ~ for America


Zero Law Enforcement

while they are Burning the Statue of George Washington in Oregon

as Religious Statues are Torn Down all around America

~ and so ~

I think I will buy a lot of Stock in all Weapons Manufacturing and Security

and Up Grade my Security

and Clean my Guns

and then go buy all the Guns and Exploding Bullets I can

~ because ~

nothing will happen when you dial 911

and you are all on your own right now with no one to help you

and you can then tell the Judge you stopped paying your taxes


Government stopped Governing

the Government stopped all Law and Order

and I can not allow my Children to go to unprotected Public Schools

and so I must now be the Law and Order to Protect my Family and my Property

and I will fix the Pot Hole in Front of my House that has been there for the past three years

damaging every car that drives by

and if the Homeless can use the Side Walk as a Bathroom so can I

and I never Drink the City Water anyway because it can Kill you

and I can Burn my own Trash and Bury my the Garbage in the Back Yard

and if I was the Mayor

I would do the Job I was Elected to Do

and I would have a yearly Community Barbecue for our Peace Officers

who are part of our Community

and I would work with our local Law Enforcement every day

maybe something like a cup of coffee with a different shift everyday

as the most important part of the Community is Our Law Enforcement

Our Peace Officers

and when you can not support our Peace Officers

they still support you

as they do all the giving and protecting

and they have more than earned the support of those they give to every day

as they risk their Life everyday for our Lives and Wellness

providing for a Healthy Safe Caring Community


Amy Klobuchar

does not want to be Joe Biden’s Running Mate

because she knows Joe Biden who can not remember where he is

and is not of sound mind and can not Win the Election

further proving the Politically Bias and Rigged Voter Poles are Political Ploy

as the Rigged Political Bias Poles are wrong

 just as 2016 Poles were Bogus Political Science Fiction

just as all Models are proven Political Ploy and Bogus too

as the Politically Bias Media and Press

continue to Misinform and Lie to the Public in Law Science and Medicine for Political Ploy


I am not against Billionaires in America

here in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave

I am Against the ongoing

Billionaire Democratic Fascist Treasonous Political Ploy Destroying America


as we see very Real Freedom Running Away from Dictated Fascism

as we now see a Mass Exodus from the Lawlessness and Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

caused by Dictated Fascism Controlling Democratic Cities and States

as these Mayors and Governors are committing Treason against We the People

for Billionaire Democratic Political Ploy


To Control We the People who are America

you must first Destroy America

and when you Erase History you Destroy the Future

and the Democrats are now Ready for their Book Burning

and to Destroy all of History they Disapprove of Happening in the past

to Hide the Mistakes of History so we may repeat our Mistakes

and not learn and know a grow forward

as we must now Pretend the Crimes of the Past never Happened

as the Democrats Preach to us their Pathological Hate and Paranoia

based on their test proven Ignorance

as they refuse to learn and know and grow forward in tested reality

as Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg

and their Billionaire Fascist Friends continue to Destroy America

for the sake of their Political Power Government Control of We the People and Greed

as their Fascist Treasonous Political Poly is the best they can do for America

proving they are Traitors to We the People who are America

as they are Proven Criminals not Patriots

who can get away with anything because they are Billions who own everything

as they pay others to Lie for them and to do their Dirty Work as Proven

as they own and control the Democrats and their Deep State Party

as they own and control the Media and Press too

who will do as the Fascist Billionaires say

as their Money can buy Fraud and Treason against We the People

as they are the Party of Hate Paranoia Ignorance Fraud and Treason

as Scientifically Proven


Those who Support and Reward Crime are Criminals

and those who Censor Free Speech are Fascist

while the Majority of the Media and the Press are Politically Lying to

~ We the People ~

During National Emergencies they Invent for Political Ploy

Proving Fraud and Treason against We the People who are America

as the Billionaire Owned and Controlled Democratic Political Media Corporation

continue to Shoot the Foot in their Mouth while their Head is up their Butt

and if I was a Democrat today

I would walk away from this proven to be Criminal Treasonous Party and never look back


~ peace ~


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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