Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


June 11 ~ June 22



I was Born March 27, 1956 in Long Beach California

and I knew some of my Great Grand Parents up to my age of 14 years old

and my Mothers Fathers Parents had A Rabbit Farm in Compton California

and everyone living in the history of growing up in that part of this very unfair world

have seen everything

for me political history began with the Assassination of President Kennedy

and Slavery ended 100 years before the Kennedy Assassination

while there continues to be Slavery today in other parts of this world

and destroying history will destroy the Future

and will make things much worse not better

and destroying everything related to Slavery will return Slavery

because knowing the past is the key to Growing forward from the past

and destroying knowledge increases Ignorance

by destroying the Wisdom gained from knowing the past

as the bases of all knowledge is from knowing history then making life better

and trying to Erase the History of America that Ended Slavery is

Fascist Lunatic Stupidity

as the Democrats continue to destroy All Lives

because Donald Trump was making Black Lives Better

and the Billionaire Owned Democratic Political Media Corporation

are today taking We the People who are America back 160 years

for their Profit and Political Gain

as Scientifically Proven


To Destroy any Public or Private Property is a Crime

unless you Governor or Mayor is a Treasonous Democrat


If I Tear Down a Statute of George Washington

the Founder of this Free Republic

standing on Public Property owned by All of We the People

and then Burn it

I am Going to Jail

and if I Tear Down a Statute of Christ in front of a Church on Private Property

and then Burn it

I am going to Jail

as We now have a Double Standard in America

as only the

Murderous Fascist Terrorist Traitors to America can Commit Crimes in America

and then be Bailed Out of Jail by Democrats

and you can not make anything better by destroying the Past

because we must know the past to make things better

and if we Destroy yesterday today then there can be no better tomorrow


My Daily Journal of ongoing repeated Rebuttal and Comment in many forms

to Proven to be Fraudulent Political Science Fiction

Destroying America with their Political Ploy

based on their Pathological Hate Paranoia and Ignorance committing Fraud

for Political Gain and Profit as Scientifically Proven

as the proven to be

Democratic Political Media Treasonous Scam against We the People

continues to Destroy America

as tested knowledge continues to debunk Political Media Brainwashed Ignorance

as test proven political Ignorance continues to Dictate Science


We the People live in a world where

Un-Questioned Un-Tested Un-Debated with zero Scientific Rebuttal

~ Political Science Fiction ~

by the Media by those who Failed 5th Grade Science

is now being used by Stanford University as Scientific Reference

as Stanford along with other Universities are now Preaching Scam Political Science Fiction

for the very proven to be Fraudulent Democratic Political Agenda

as proven to be Criminal Political Lunatics Dictate proven to be Fraudulent Science

by those who refuse to Publicly Debate their Fraudulent Political Science Fiction

as they just ignore all real Science debunking their Lunatic Fraudulent Science

as they reject all proven Fact for Political Science Fiction for their Political Agenda

scientifically Proving Political Fascism is Dictating Lunatic Fraudulent Science for Profit

that is doing very real test proven Harm in proven fact tested reality

they just ignore for Profit


When a Science Body uses a proven to be Fraudulent Political Body

as Scientific Reference with out question test rebuttal debate

this is Bogus Political Science Fiction doing test proven harm

as Stanford and other Universities with a Political Agenda

are committing Proven Political Fraud in Science

as they have yet to scientifically prove otherwise

since I began my Science Investigation in the spring of 2007

as they continue to Politically Brainwashing our Youth

with proven to be Scam Political Science Fiction

as they are not Educating our Youth on how the Learn and know and grow forward

by Question Test Rebuttal Debate

they are Preaching to our Youth how to just believe as they told to just Make Believe


John Bolton

~ Incompetent War Monger ~

Fraud and Traitor to We the People

and if every Administration John Bolton served under took John’s Lunatic advice

we would be in continuous War with every conflict that ever happens

as John’s advice is to always take Military Action and Bomb and Invade

and to Hell with Diplomacy First

and would put the U.S. in many endless Wars all over this world

as those John worked under disagreed with John’s Lunatic War Monger Mentality

as John can not accept the proven realities of the world all around him

as his Book is Pathological based on his Hurt Feelings and Hate

and is not factual and is proven fraud

maybe the Billionaire Democrats are paying John to Lie to We the People

as the Democrats pay a lot of Traitors to Lie to We the People

as the Democrats can provide nothing beyond Proven Lies

as Johns answer to all conflict in this world is drop Bombs

as the Democratic Media who Hated John for many years

is now behind the proven Traitor to We the People

as John believes we can solve all our Problems in this world

by Bombing and Killing a lot of People

and now the Democrats are behind Traitor John

as the Democrats continue to prove they are for the Traitors of America

and not for We the People they continue to Lie to for Political Ploy

as the Democrats can only prove they are Lairs and Traitors to all of

We the People

as the Democrats who are Against War are now in Bed with a Traitor War Monger

for Political Ploy


We now have Murder in the Seattle Summer of Love Zone

where all Crime is Wining the War on Law and Order

caused by Democratic Mayors and Governors for Political Ploy

while many more Americans die everyday from Abortion than from the Corona Virus

the mildest Virus in my Life time and is being used today for Political Ploy

just as the Black Lives Matter

has been Hijacked by the Democratic Political Media for Political Ploy


Bill Gates = Microsoft = MSNBC = Test Proven Political Fraud

NBC = Test Proven Political Fraud

CNN = Test Proven Political Fraud

CBS = Test Proven Political Fraud

ABC = Test Proven Political Fraud


Science Medicine and Law

for Political Ploy

as they can not Scientifically Prove they are not Treasonous Frauds


The Weather Man Lies

The Climate Man Lies

and nothing Lies more than the Billionaire Owned and Controlled

Democratic Political Media Corporation

…and when they know ~

that We know

they are Politically Lying to We the People

they just continue to Lie to Us

only further proving they can ~ never ~ be Trusted

and further Proving the Democratic Billionaires and Millionaires

who Own these Political Media Churches can never ever be Trusted


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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