Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


Proven to be Treasonous Fascist Criminal Domestic Terrorist

who are Killing Law Enforcement while Burning down our Cities

who are Supported by the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation

do not Decide anything in America

~ because ~

We the People Decide in the Voting Booth


It is the Duty of all of We the People to Stop Domestic Terrorism

as we watch Democratic Mayors and Governors

Flush their Cities and States and their next Term in Office down the Toilet

all for their Democratic Political Ploy just to make the President look Bad

as they commit proven Treason Against We the People

as the Democrats have deliberately destroyed all normal life in America

to make the President look bad while showing us their Fascist new normal

and then they expect We the People to buy their Proven Treasonous Crimes as Reality

as the Democratic House of Cards is Falling further and harder everyday

and what will be the next Politically Invented Crises by the Treasonous Democrats

for Political Ploy

because for the past four years if it is not Broken the Democrats will fix that

as everything good that has happen to We the People the Democrats intentionally destroy

as the majority of Hate and Paranoia and Ignorance and Political Fraud

in America

for the past four years has been invented by the Pathological Criminal Democrats


It is not the Job of the Federal Government

to Fix Broken Local Community Law Enforcement

~ If it is Broken ~

as the majority of Law Enforcement is not Broken

and most are only broken because of the Criminal few in Law Enforcement

while there are Criminals in every Profession and no one is Perfect

and the Profession with highest percentage of Crime is Elected Politicians

who go unpunished for many Crimes

as some people expect far more from Law Enforcement than they expect from themselves

while it is the Job of Local Communities under the Guidelines of their State Laws

and by the People of the Local Community Voting in their Local Elections

as it is the job of We the People to Fix Broken Law Enforcement if Broken

and not the Political Parties in Washington D.C.

as their sole purpose in life is to Destroy each other

as they further Destroy America in order to Destroy each other

and we do not need more laws as the laws we have work well

what we need are more Honest People and fewer Criminals in every Profession

and more so in Politics and the Media and Press

who Lie to We the People 24/7 for Political Ploy



Carbon based Humans

Starved to Death everyday on this Carbon based Earth


10’000 People

Die everyday in America but not from the Corona Virus

and we are still testing

and today 99.8% of those with the mildest virus in my life time

with the Corona Virus will Survive

and that Percentage will drop as further Testing will show

as about 20 million so far had the virus with little or no symptoms

according to my interpretation to the Testing Results so far

with more testing to do and will probably show us

many more had the virus with no Illness

as this is a very mild Illness for the Majority of People

while 80% of the Corona Virus Cases happened in and during the Lock Down

as the Virus spreads easier and faster Indoors than Outdoors

and Healthy People do not need wear a mast in their normal daily Life

as the Lock Down has done far more harm to everyone than the Virus

while the yearly flu virus in some years has killed more Americans than the Corona Virus

while the only thing the Democrats have scientifically proven is their Ignorance

as they Make Believe their proven to be Treasonous Crimes and Insanity will Win Votes

as the Democrats and the Media they own and control have been Lying to We the People

in Law and Science they refuse to Publicly Debate for the past thirty plus years

as Scientifically Proven

as Ignorance of the past destroys the future

and to deny history is to deny reality

as only the Ignorance of History can Destroy History


To Believe is to Make Believe

and have you been Politically Persuaded Convinced Programmed Brainwashed to Believe

do you just Believe the Scientifically Test Proven Political Media Lies

by Test Proven Political Media Lairs and Frauds

or do you

Question and Test the Truth to Know the Tested Reality in Science

as the Truth in knowledge must always be in Question


Doctors can be wrong 50% of the time

and Dr. Fauci has proven he is a far better Political Scam Artist than he is a Physician

as many Top Doctors and Physicians who are Ignored by the Media agree

Top Doctors and Physicians who are not allowed a voice

in the Democratically owned Media and Press

and they agree the Public is not being properly Informed

by the Democratic Media and Press

for Democratic Political Ploy for their Political Blame Game

causing far more harm to We the People than this very mild virus

and Dr. Fauci who is wrong can not be the final word in Medicine

as Dr. Fauci is Political not Factual and working for his Political Agenda

by Politically Misinforming We the People

as top Doctors and Physicians Agree

as we know this is just more Democratic Political Media Treason

against We the People doing harm to America


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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