Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


July 7, 2020

….and everyone who did not Fail their First year of Medical School

and is not Politically Criminally Detoured in Fact Tested Reality in Science

~ Agrees ~

and as I stated in Mid March

based on the all the available facts and data known about the Corona Virus

~ and is working Perfectly in Sweden today ~

I stated a Lock Down and Closing Schools will not work and will do only harm

and we need to

Isolate the less than 0.2% of those who are Vulnerable to any Harm from the Corona Virus

and allow all life as Usual to continue for the rest of the 99.8% of the Population

who are not Vulnerable to any harm by the Corona Virus

as 80% of those who contracted the Corona Virus in America

did so in and during the Lock Down

further proving the Lock Down did nothing but much much further harm to everyone

as being outside in the fresh air is far far Healthier for everyone

than being trapped inside with the very dirty air

and Proving Dr. Fauci is a Democratic Deep State Political Quack

with a proven Criminal Political Agenda for Democratic Political Ploy

because the Lock Down and the Closing of Schools should have never happened

and most Real Doctors and Real Physicians

who were Censored by the Democratically controlled Political Media and Press

~ Agree ~

as the Majority of the Media and Press continue to Deliberately provide Disinformation

to the Public while allowing zero Public Medical Debate

with zero proper Medical Information to the Public

all for their Democratic Political Ploy

further proving the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation

Deliberately Lying to We the People are the Real Cancer in America

as you must first Destroy America in order to own and control America

as the proven Treason by the Billionaire Democrats continues against We the People

as proven Political Criminals continue to Fraudulently Dictate Science and Medicine

to We the People they Intentionally harm

as 99% of We the People do not need to wear a Mask in our normal Daily Lives

as the Democratic New Normal is Scientifically Test Proven Fascism


July 6, 2020

….and who Coached Susan Rice the Proven Political Media Lair ~

was it

Mike Bloomberg or Bill Gates

who give their Money to Democrats they get Elected with and by proven Lies

as Children are now being Murdered in America

in Cities and States under Democratic Dictatorship

and those who choose to just make believe in

Scientifically proven to be Political Media Lies

can only prove their Ignorance in Fact Proven to be Questioned Tested Debated Reality


The Proven to be Treasonous Fraudulent

Billionaire Owned Democratic Political Media Corporation Deep State Antifa Party

have given a Green Light to All Crime in America

as part of their Lunatic Treasonous Criminal Political Ploy

and the Deliberate Negligence by the Democratic Governors and Mayors

will probably be Sued in a Court of Law

for their Intentional Failure to their Sworn Duty to up hold the Rule Law and Order

and of course it is difficult to be Re-elected

when being Sued for Deliberate Dereliction of Duty

causing many Deaths and Rapes and All Crime to more than Triple

for Treasonous Political Ploy for Treasonous Political Agenda

and when the President Attempts to stop the Lawlessness

the Democrats stop the President from stopping the many on going Crimes

against All of We the PeopleĀ all across America

on going Crimes supported by the Democrats for Lunatic Treasonous Political Ploy


July 5, 2020

If someone put my Name on a Sports Team I would be Honored


if your Hate is caused by the Injustice of the Past

~ before you were born ~

then you are a Politically Brainwashed Pathological Fool

because you are Living in the Past and not in Reality

as everyone has Injustice in their Family Tree

just as everyone has Slavery in their Family Tree

and there can be no positive future when living only in the Negative of the past

before you were born


We can not destroy the positive of today because of the negatives of yesterdays

we can not learn and know and grow forward by living in Hate because of the past

we can not make the world better today by making the world worse than it was before


July 4, 2020

The Number One Enemy to Black People in America

are Black People in America


~ All Lives Matter ~

and Slavery of every Color began long before African Black Slavery

by Black People selling Black People


There have been Catholic Popes with Slaves of every Color

and there were Good Slave owners and Bad Slave owners

and many slaves took the names of their Good Slave owners by choice

like Thomas Jefferson

and if my memory of this history serves me well

Jefferson inherited slaves from his Father

and today their are many Black People who are part of the Jefferson Family Tree

as our DNA tells us we are all from the same Black Woman

as our DNA funnel tells us there were only about 15 Breeding Women left

on this Carbon based Earth after a Supper Volcano 74,000 years ago

and are all Black People with the Name Jefferson now going to change their name

as we can not change the past and we can not live in the past

we can only grow forward from the good and evil of the past for a better today

by knowing the past


To Those who are Living in America who Hate America

Why are you Here and why don’t you Leave ?

…and if the South Won the Civil War ?

~ would there still be Slavery today in America ~

and would Black People in Africa with their own Black Slaves

still be Hunting down Black People

and selling Black People to the Dutch Slave Traders


So who is to Blame for Black Slaves from Africa in America ?

Black People

as in all of History there are Slaves of every Color

and Destroying the History of Slavery will only allow History to Repeat itself

as the majority of Racism in America today is caused by

Billionaire Democratic Political Media Ploy

caused by their Political Pathological Preached Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

for their Political Power Government Control and Greed

as they Trash the Declaration of Independents

the United States Constitution

and the Bill of Rights

so We the People of all Colors can be the Slaves of the Fascist Democrats


July 3, 2020

The very mild Corona Virus is real

and the Fraudulent Politics of this very Mild Virus is caused by

Billionaire Democratic Political Media Poly

caused by their Political Pathological Preached Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

for their Political Power Government Control and Greed


With all of this happening today because

the Democratic

Unlawful Unconstitutional Treasonous Political Impeachment Failed

as the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Corporation continues their proven Treason

against We the People who are America

as only Political Criminal Lunatics believe they can Win Votes by

Destroying the Lives of all Americans


Committing Treason against We the People

and a Vote for Democrats is a Vote for Proven Treasonous Criminals

who want to Dictate how all of We the People Live our Lives


Treasonous Democrats do not own America

because We the People are America

and the Democrats can not own We the People

because that would be Fascist Slavery


The Biggest proven Criminal Scam in America today

is the Billionaire Owned and Controlled Democratic Political Media Corporation

committing Fraud and Treason Against America = We the People

as all the many Lies have been very Proven

as Politically Brainwashed Fools just believe the proven Lies

based on zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

as Political Media Brainwashed True Believers are Destroying America

for 60 Fascist Billionaires as Scientifically Proven


The Democrats are not working for We the People they are working for 60 Billionaires

who own and control the Democrats and the Media


We the People

~ vs ~

The Treasonous Democratic Political Media Corporation

Causing and Supporting Fascist Domestic Terrorism in America

Against We the People


~ Letter to the Editor ~

of the proven to be Fascist Helena Independent Record

who will not print a Letter to the Editor in Rebuttal to Scientifically Proven Lies

if it goes against their Political Agenda

as Lee News Papers in Montana

are a proven Political Church Providing Political Sermon with zero Rebuttal

as the Independent Record does not allow Question Test Rebuttal Debate

to their Politically Preached side of the story

as they provide only their true belief side of the story

as they do not Investigate all the available facts and provide all the facts to their Readers

as they decide for the Public what is real a what is not based on their Political Make Believe

while withholding all very available facts from the Public

very real facts that debunk their Political True Belief

Proving they are not real Journalist

as only their side of the story can be told to the We the People

for the sake of their political agenda for their political ploy

as Freedom of the Press includes Politically Programming Everyone

based on Proven Lies

by the Billionaires who own and control the Media the Press and the Democratic Party

and everything else

as they have Scientifically Proven they can Deliberately Destroy the Lives of all Americans

based on Political Pathological Hate Paranoia and Ignorance


The Majority of We the People

who are not Democrats or Republicans

want more Law Enforcement not Less Law Enforcement to Protect our Communities


They are Blinded by their Political Media Programmed Brainwashed Ignorance

Wilmot J. Collins

Andres Haladay

Emily Dean

Heather O’Loughlin

Sean Logan

are the Fascist Democrats who continue to prove their Fascism

caused by their Politically Programmed Paranoid Ignorance

and will they do the Will of We the People

or do their own Will against We the People

as the Democratic Treasonous Fascist Cancer continues to Spread

to the Helena Montana City Mayor and Commissioners

who have Scientifically Proven they are Political Media Brainwashed Lunatics

as they do not represent the Will of We the People

they represent their own Lunatic Democratic Cancer Agenda

based on zero Common Sense or Logic

and We the People the Tax Payers and Voters can go to Hell

as they Dictate to We the People what must be on a Ballot and Decided by the Voters

and not decided by the Criminals

as they continue to prove their Fascist Democratic Tyranny

and will ~ they ~ decide

and not allow We the People Decided

to Defund our Local Law Enforcement by


and if they do they will be committing Treason against We the People of Helena Montana

and Political Suicide

as their Primary Responsibility to We the People is Law and Order

and if they have their way the Helena Gun Stores will be very busy

and Murders and Rapes and all Crime will go up

as well as Law Suites against the City of Helena for their Deliberate Failure

to Protect We the People and Public and Private Property and Helena Business

because of their lack of Leadership from a lack of knowledge and Wisdom

as the Elected Officials of the City of Helena have proven they are for Crime

against We the People making them Criminals too

as our lives are Dictated by Lunatics of Ignorance rejecting knowledge and Wisdom

and so

I will go buy more Guns and Protect my Family and Property

from the Politically Brainwashed Lunatics

because when you reduce Peace Officers you reduce Peace

and People and Business move away as Crime Triples

because no one feels safe

and for those who stay

their Insurance rates will triple

and they will have to protect them selves from all crime

as the Criminals are released and back on to the Streets

proving our Elected Servants have become Fascist Dictators

when Local Law Enforcement is the Back Bone to a Healthy Community

and reducing Law EnforcementĀ from protecting our Helena Community

is a Treasonous Criminal Act against We the People

as it is not their money it is ours

and they must do the Will of We the People

as we have what are proven to be Politically Brainwashed Pathological Fools

trying to Dictate a False Reality based on Feelings not Facts


Rejecting Proven Fact Tested Reality for Feelings of Political Make Believe

is Lunatic Science by Lunatics doing test proven harm


Let the Voters Decide

and not the Politically Brainwashed Lunatics of Proven Ignorance

Destroying America

as Deep State Democrats continue to Destroy Montana



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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