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For the Tested Truth in All of Life and Knowledge for a Better Life for All

I am an Independent Scientist not a True Believer

science is: to know and belief is: make believe

science is factual as belief is pathological

and we must always separate Fact from Make Believe

to know the questioned tested truth in Reality

as Persuaded Make Believe Reality is not Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

as we Live in a world of Preached Lunatic Criminal Political Science Fiction doing Harm


My Daily Rebuttal

~ to ~

Arrogant Hate Ignorance Paranoia and Treason

[email protected]


July 12, 2020


The Science withheld from the Public by the Media for Political Ploy

~ Further Proves ~

there should have never been a Media Caused Lock Down or Shut Down

or any School Closings

as the Political Media Scam against We the People and America continues

based on zero scientific method


July 11, 2020


The Media Political Poles are Garbage

just like before

because Voters who going to vote for Donald Trump

will not tell you they are going to vote for Trump


they are afraid the Democrats will send Antifa to come burn down their House

because Voters know if you say anything good about Donald Trump

you will be Condemned and Brutally Attacked by the Politically Brainwashed Lunatics

who do not agree with equal political rights proving only their Fascism towards others

as they disagree and with Freedom of Choice in America

and if you do not make believe as they politically make believe

then you are their declared Enemy and will be Harassed and Attacked and Harmed

just as the Fascist NAZI Party did before Hitler came to power

as Antifa comes right out of the NAZI Playbook

as Antifa Criminals are then Bailed out of Jail by Democrats

after committing Acts of Terrorism against America

as they use Tire Irons to Bash in the Heads of Police Officers

Antifa is Democratic Fascism

and you can not say out loud you are going to vote for Donald Trump in America

because you will be Attacked by Democratic Political Media Fascism

who are Destroying America

as the Democrats continue to Preach their Pathological Hate Fear Paranoia and Ignorance

while committing Treason against We the People who are America for the past four Years

as they continue to Preach to us their proven lies in Law Science and Medicine

as their Democratic Deep State comes right out of the NAZI Playbook too

as the Democrats are not providing Leadership

by Protecting our Lives Rights and Freedoms

as they have clearly  proven they are Dictators Destroying our Lives Rights and Freedoms

proving they are not for America and they are only for Democrats

and rest of us are the Enemy


If we could Abolish all Political Parties and Reverse the Seventeenth Amendment

this world would be a much better place to live and be


July 10, 2020


Dr. Fauci

you need to repeat your first year of Medical School

as you Ignore the available facts proving you are wrong

as you Preach more Lock Down and Shut Down

when 80% of the Spread of the Corona Virus happened with in your Lunatic Lock Down

that did many times the Harm to everyone with zero good

proving you have an Evil Political Goal and not a Medical Solution

as you have been Scientifically Debunked

by the facts you ignore for your Treasonous Political Agenda

as you reject what is working very well in Sweden

as they protect the most vulnerable to the harm of the Corona Virus

as the majority of their Population continues to live their normal daily life

as you reject what is working for Political Ploy

doing unnecessary Harm to the Majority of We the People

Proving your Intentional Treasonous Malpractice

proving you are a Lunatic Deep State Political Fraud Destroying America

as you Preach your Political Paranoia based on your intentional Political Ignorance

while withholding the known Medical Realities from the Public

as you are a proven Political Criminal Scam Artist in Medicine you Fraud

Harming the Majority of We the People of America

as you intentionally ignore all known good Medicine

as you Politically Preach known Bad Medicine

you have intentionally Stab We the People in the Back for your Political Agenda

as you reject what has been medically proven to be working

for what is medically proven to be doing only Harm

proving you are a Political Fraud and not a real Physician


You are scientifically proven to be Political Quack

and whats in it for you Dr. Fauci

Money from 60 Billionaire Democrats

as you Reject Proven Science for what is Destroying We the People of America

as your proven to be Political Media Paranoia Scam continues to do only Harm


Bruce A. Kershaw


Stats for Black Lives Matter

in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco

where Crime is now Decriminalized and Side Walks are now Bathrooms


Blacks Killed by Whites is ~ 2%

Blacks Killed by Police Officers is ~ 1%

Whites Killed by Police Officers is ~ 3%

Whites Killed by Whites is ~ 16%

Whites Killed by Blacks is ~ 81%

Blacks Killed by Blacks is ~ 97%


Black Lives do not matter to Black Lives Matter

as they Preach in the Streets

Shoot White Folk

and I do not hear White Folk Preaching

Shoot Black Folk

as the Racism they Preach is not Factual it is Political Pathological

as All Lives Matter

including the Lives of Peace Officers

who’s Heads have been Bashed in with Tire Irons by Peaceful Protesters


July 9, 2020


Proven Criminals Demand that We the People the Tax Payers and Voters

Defund Law Enforcement

and Proven to be Criminal Democrats are Obeying the Demands of the Proven Criminals

as the Proven Criminal Democrats are Reducing Funding for Law Enforcement

when it is We the People the Tax Payers and Voters

who Decide to Defund Law Enforcement not the Proven Criminals


…for the past four years Nancy Pelosi and the U.S. House of Representatives Democrats

have proven they Failed Constitutional Law

and have committed Treason against We the People


July 8, 2020


Politics can not be allowed to Dictate to Sports

we can not mix Politics and Religion with our Jobs

and if you are Payed to Play a Sport to the best of your Ability

you can not use your Job as a Platform to Preach your Politics and Religion

to the rest of Us

as we do not pay money to hear you Preach to us your Politics

that is something you do on your own time

no different than a Waitress Preaching to us her Beliefs

when we are only there where she works to Eat a Meal

and if you want to make a Political Statement

Write a Letter to the Editor or Write a Book

or go outside the Stadium after the Game is Over and Preach your Belief in the Parking Lot

it can be a Tailgate Political Sermon and many people would be supportive of your Cause

but do it on your off duty time after you Clock Out

and not on our time we are paying for so you can get paid

don’t Preach to us on your Job

just like the rest of us

just like the Separation of Church and State

 we must separate our Jobs from our Beliefs

and we can not allow Sports to be taken over by Politics

as one is Factual the other is Political Pathological Belief

and Sports and Politics don’t Mix and Ruins All Sports


Ignorance is not knowing the available Facts

that the Majority of Media is withholding from the Public for Political Ploy

and Stupidity is just Ignoring the very available Facts for Political Agenda

and based on the available data known today the Death rate for the Corona Virus is now

0.04 %

and if you incorporate the unknown millions of People who probably have had the virus

with no systems

then the Death rate drops to near 0%

and if you are wearing a Mask

and if any air is passing around the Mask

and not all the air you are Breathing is not going though the Mask

then your mask is not protecting you

and is no different than not wearing any Mask at all

as the majority of Masks do not Protect you from the Corona Virus

and a majority of those wearing a Mask may have already had the virus with no Symptoms

while your Eyes are absorbing the Virus too

so even with a good Mask you are still vulnerable to the airborne Corona Virus

as the mildest Virus in my Life Time of 64 years

and is being used by Democrats for Political Ploy

and doing far greater harm to We the People than the Virus

as Dr. Fauci continues to Prove he is a Political Quack

by Preaching his Pathological Paranoia

based on ignoring the very available Facts and Data

scientifically Proving his Political Stupidity Agenda doing only Harm

as the only thing Dr. Fauci can scientifically prove is his incompetence

as he rejects medical facts for pathological paranoia


Preaching Political Paranoia based on Ignored Medical Facts and Data


Deliberate Criminal Medical Political Malpractice


The CDC is a Politically Bias Organization not a Science Body

and Playing Political Media Word Games

based on Deliberate Ignorance and Stupidity is not Science

it is Deliberate Treasonous Political Ploy Harming America

and we can not allow one Political Quack to be the final word in Medicine

there must be an open Public Question and Debate with all sides of the Medical Argument

 the majority of Media Refuses to allow to happen

as they withhold needed medical information from the Public for Political Ploy

as the Majority of the Media have scientifically Proven they are Political Scam Artists

with a proven Criminal Political Agenda for the Billionaire Democrats

who own and control the majority of the Criminal Media

Destroying America


It is time to put away the useless Mask hiding all the Smiles

so Americans can see each others Smiles once again

as we must continue to live in a world of Political Medical Disinformation

and Preached Paranoia based on Proven Ignorance by Democrats

who refuse to allow Question Rebuttal and Debate

while just Ignoring the real Science Data proving they are wrong


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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