Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


There will always be Crime in every part of Life

and Political Crimes are Number One in the World of Crime

and Lynching is already a Crime

and with or with out a new Law this will not stop Crime

or Criminal Political Ploy to make those who are not bad to look bad

and only Enforcing the Rule of Law can stop Crime

and if we could abolish Political Parties this world would be a far better place to be

as there would be no Treasonous Criminal Political Ploy

there would not have been an Unconstitutional Political Impeachment

or an unnecessary Lock Down for a very very mild virus

and there would be no Cities being allowed Burn everyday

but we can not change the past

and there can be no future living in the past while Destroying today

as those who refuse to see beyond persuaded belief by political ploy

can never see and know the tested realities

as you can never know the truth by just believing the preached Lies

as the Political Brainwashing by the Democratic Media continues

with out being Questioned and Tested while just Believed = Make Believe

as Personal Emotional Feelings are Pathological and not Factual

as Proven Fact Tested Reality is not based on Political Media Persuaded Make Believe

by political ploy

as a Realist investigates and knows all the available facts

as Persuaded True Believers reject all the available facts


Committing Crimes will not Solve Racism

as the Police are asking for Help from the National Guard

and the Democratic Governors are saying no for Political Ploy

and allowing the Crimes to continue proving a Criminal lack of Leadership


~ When Preachers Lie ~

to Instill more Hate and Violence proving they are Evil


Al Sarpton is a Scientifically Test Proven Lair

Al Sarpton is Preaching very Proven Lies causing more Racism against White People

as Racism is a Two Way Street

and White People are not Preaching Shoot Black Folk

while I here Black People publicly Preaching in the streets of Minneapolis

during their Peaceful Protests before the Rioters were there

Shoot White Folk

and that is Racism against White People

while they are Burning Down their own Communities

as Al Sarpton is Breeding Racism against White People

with his very proven Lies and only making things far worse than before for everyone

and so what are White People suppose to do when they here

Shoot White Folk

~ Buy more Bigger Guns ~

because its a two way street

and you can not stop Racism when you cause Racism

and Preaching ” Shoot White Folk ” will not stop Racism

and you can not have it both ways

because threatening to Shoot White People will heal nothing and make things far worse

as Al Sarpton is committing Politically Racist Fraud


Al Sharpton has Proven he is a Racist Preaching Hate with his proven Lies

Al Sarpton is a Proven Traitor to Tested Reality causing Racism in America

and there can not be a one sided argument

when Black People commit far more crimes against White People

than White People against Black People

as the Data Proves


Its time for Al Sarpton and others to look in the Mirror

because you can not Heal wounds by Preaching and Breeding Hate against White People

because White People are not Preaching Shoot Black People

as Closed Minded Hate can only make the wounds deeper

and is called shooting the foot in your mouth

so thanks Al for making things much worse with fact proven lies

and how can we grow together forward when you are going backwards with proven Lies

you can not stop Racism by being a Raciest Lair

Hate and Racism can not stop Hate and Racism

Al Sarpton = MSNBC = Bill Gates = Democrats


Antifa = Terrorism

are Preaching Political Ploy Destroying America as Proven

as their Treasonous Political Media Fascism continues to Grow

Destroying ~ All ~ of We the People Who Own America

as Al Sharpton and Bill Gates are the Devil in Disguise

Politically Preaching Hate Paranoia Ignorance and test proven Lies

causing and contributing to the Domestic Terrorism on the streets of America


…and if there is a Judgement Day

I would like to be there on the day Al Sharpton and Bill Gates Arrive

and then I hope there is a Eternal Hell they are condemned to forever

for their Crimes to Humanity and Justice and the Truth in tested Reality

Treasonously Fraudulently Intentionally Misinforming the World

Destroying Lives and Killing many more all for Criminal Political Gain

as the Truth will not set thee Free

it will put you in Jail Forever


Only because I am against the Death Penalty

all proven to be Treasonous Deep State Democrats must go to Jail Forever

just as anyone committing Treason against We the People must go to Jail Forever

and to Mayors and Governors who ~ allow ~ their Cities to Burn

this is Treason against We the People

and then releasing Terrorists from Jails

to allow Terrorists to return to Commit Domestic Terrorism

this to is Treason against We the People

and you should all go to Jail Forever

as your Treasonous Democratic Political Ploy Agenda continues


To: Mike Bloomberg  = Bloomberg News = Scientifically Proven Treasonous Lies

and Bill Gates = MSNBC = Scientifically Proven Treasonous Lies

as Your Billionaires Club is Intentionally Destroying America

as You Are Destroying the Lives of every Man Woman and Child in America

because you Pathologically Hate President Trump

you are Treasonous Traitors to America


How many Democrats does it take to Burn down New York City ?

~ only One ~

as Your Democrats are doing intentional Harm to America

as the majority of Democrats Condemning President Trump are Treasonous Criminals

Burning down their own Cities


President Trump did not Hire Antifa to burn down cities across America

while Antifa is Supported by the Democrats

as Democrats are allowing their own Cities to be burned down by Antifa

to make President Trump Look Bad

proving their Political Criminal Insanity

and further proving the Democrats are Treasonous Organized Crime


Donald Trump is not Responsible for Bad Cops

Community Leaders are Responsible for their Bad Cops they Hired

and Donald Trump is not Responsible for the very Bad Decisions

made by Elected Bad Mayors and Governors

and everything President Trump has made much better for all of America

You the Democrats try to undo to make things worse than before

as you and they blame President Trump for everything they made Bad

as the Democrats continue their Treasonous Political Ploy against all of We the People

because you and they Hate President Trump

as they continue to prove to America You and they are Political Pathological Frauds

Destroying ~ all ~ the Lives of America because you and they Hate Donald Trump

and that is the best you and they can do for all of We the People


and Good Leadership is not found in Hate

Treason is found in Hate

and proven Treason Against America is the best they have to offer

We the People who are America

and anyone blaming President Trump for the Crimes of Others

are Proven Political Lunatics and Frauds


Everything wrong in America was wrong long before Donald Trump

and no one has done more to help the Black Community and all Americans

than President Trump

and no one has repressed the Black Community more than Barack Obama and Joe Biden

and the Democratic Party as Scientifically Proven

and nothing is doing more to Harm all of America today

than the Billionaire Owned and Controlled

Treasonous Democratic Political Media Corporation

Destroying America based on their Hate


The Democrats are the Party of Scam Political Science Fiction

as Scientifically Proven


All Lives Matter

and the political organization

Black Lives Matter

is going to begin their own Terrorist Organization


If Killing People makes you Happy

if Harming People makes you Happy

if Destroying Property makes you Happy

then you need a Rubber Room and a Shrink


~ knowing ~

Hate is Pathological and not Factual

~ Question ~

If you Hate America then why are you here ?

because no one is forcing anyone to be Here

it is a Free Country


We the People are Free to come and go as We please

as We are Free to live anywhere We want to live in our America

so if you are unhappy with where you are living today

then Move

and go to where you can be Happy


you are Free and its your Free Choice

and Killing Cops and Burning Down Cities will not make you Happy

but it will give you a lot of time to think about it

when you are spending the rest of your very unhappy life in Jail


Why are Democrats Bailing known to be Domestic Terrorist out of Jails ?

who want to Kill Law Enforcement Professionals and Burn Down Cities all over America

and this is what the Democratic Leadership is Providing to Our America


This is not about a Criminal Drug Addict who was wrongfully Killed by a Bad Cop


Criminal Political Ploy is not about Justice

its about Injustice


when Mayors and Governors refuse to Protect Life and Property

from Domestic Terrorism then the Mayors and Governors are Domestic Terrorist


We the People

can not allow our Lives to be Ruled


Preached Political Media Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

by proven to be

Criminal Political Pathological Frauds


Anyone voting for Democrats

are voting for Domestic Terrorism in the Streets of America


The Democrats have been committing Treasonous Crimes

against We the People

since Donald Trump became the Republican Nominee for President of the United States

and now the Democrats are withholding proper Lawful Enforcement

as their Cities Burn

in hopes of a Kent State University type Incident

that happened during a War Protest in the 1970’s


this is not Kent State University

this is Terrorism in the Streets of America sponsored by Treasonous Terrorist Democrats

who are Committing Real Crimes against all of the People of America

as Democratic Leadership is preventing Law Enforcement

for the sake of their Political Ploy

hoping for their Political Gain from their Intentional Treason against We the People


Fighting for Justice

is not by

Killing Law Enforcement Professionals and Burning Down Cities

that is called Domestic Terrorism

as these Terrorists are being caught and Jailed

and then Democrats are Bailing the Terrorist out of Jail

so these Terrorist can go back to doing their Domestic Terrorism

as the Democratic Media continues to Lie through their Teeth

for their Political Poly Agenda and Treasonous Blame Game


The First Primary Purpose of a Mayor is to Maintain Law and Order

and the President wanting to share his Prayers with We the People is not a Stunt


Proven Lunatics are in Charge of the Democratic Political Media Antifa Corporation

and the Mayor of New York is Committing Treason against all the Citizens of New York

with the help of

Antifa = Democrats = Mike Bloomberg and Bill Gates = MSNBC

as the Democratic Media continues to Lie about the Crimes by their Terrorist

they Bail out of Jail

and I would like to know who the Judge was on that one

~ maybe just another Deep State Democrat ?


so I guess it is time to buy Many New Larger Guns

and when a Democratic Antifa Terrorists and could be Cop Killers

~ try ~

to Bust my Door Down

I can Shoot ~ all ~ of them Dead with very little effort

and then I will go help our Local Law Enforcement Hunt Down Cop Killers

and I don’t care what color they are

or what Lunatic Political Organization Brainwashed them

because I believe in treating all Lunatic Cop Killers the same

and if you are a Peaceful Protester I would stay home

until all the Cop Killers and Terrorist are Hunted Down

while I am a Peace Loving Hippy from the 1970’s

who is against all Violence

and while I was against the Vietnam War I did not Burn my Draft Card

but I will Protect my Family and Property to the Death

and if these Lunatic Democrats who call themselves Leaders are not going to do their jobs

as they refuse to Protect Life and Property

then it is time for all Citizens of America have a Gun

to protect themselves from Lunatic Fascist Democratic Antifa Terrorists

and here in Montana

anything that will take down a Bull Elk

will take down a Politically Brainwashed Lunatic Fascist Democratic Antifa Terrorist


It is the Presidents Sworn Duty as Commander in Chief

of the Republic of the United State of America

to Protect We the People of all Enemies of America Foreign and Domestic


and with Democratic Governors and Mayors refusing to do their Jobs

and Maintain Law and Order and Protect Property

by allowing these Antifa Democratic Terrorists to Burn Down their own Cities

and then Targeting Law Enforcement Professionals

and just preventing their Police Forces from doing their Job they can do

while Protecting the Terrorists they will later let back out of Jails

the President has no choice but to do their Jobs for them

and I am guessing the Sale of all Guns in these Democratically controlled Cities and States

will Skyrocket

with lots of new Concealed Weapons Permits

and these Democratic Governors and Mayors who are on the side of Terrorist Lawlessness

for their Political Ploy Agenda

will not be Re-Elected

~ and ~

why is no one Protesting the Good Peace Officers being Targeted and Killed ?


Treasonous Criminals Own and Control the Majority of the Media

as the Political Media Democrats

are on the side of Criminals who were T-Shirts that say

~ Kill ~

who are Chanting

” Kill White Folk “

who are now Targeting Police Officers

as Democrats are now Bailing out of Jail the Antifa Terrorist who were in Jail

so they can return to Terrorism on the Streets of America

doing the Democrats Dirty Work

and Shoot Police Officers while Burning Down America

as Democrats like letting the worst Criminals out of Jail

to make room for all the non-violent citizens who do not practice proper social distancing

who are the Victims of the Terrorist Crimes by Antifa

as Antifa has the support of Democrats and the Democratic Media

and the ACLU

making them all Terrorists to We the People

the Democrats are a Proven Criminal Organization

who want to be your Leaders

even if they have to Destroy America to make it happen

as the Crime Spree against We the People by Democrats for the past fours years continues

because of their Political Pathological Hate and Paranoia

as the Democrats condemn the President

for his handling of the Crimes being committed by the Democrats

as the Democrats Cheer their Destruction of America and We the People

in Hope of their Political Gain by their Political Ploy


I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016

but I am voting for President Trump in 2020

because the Democrats have persuaded and convinced me

with their known Political Treasonous Crimes

to Vote for President Trump

who is For We the People not Against We the People


The Real Cancer in America is the Democratic Political Media and Press


the New York Times

and many more as the list goes on and on

with their 24/7

Political Ploy

with their 24/7

Proven Lies

for their 24/7

Political Blame Game

and they are not Journalist they are Political Media Preachers and Con Artists

as they are on the side of Proven Criminals Destroying America

as they do not Inform the Public

they provide only Disinformation and proven Fraudulent Lies

to We the People

for their Billionaires who Own and Control the Proven Cancer Destroying America

by the Billionaire Democratic Political Media Criminal Corporation

with the help of their Democratic Deep State and their Political Terrorist Group Antifa

who are all Proven to be Treasonous Organized Crime Killing America

all because of their Pathological Hate and Paranoia of the President

as they are destroying all the Lives of We the People who are America

because Billionaire Democrats believe they know what is best for We the People

for the sake of their Political Power Government Control and Profit

as they are the Scientifically Proven Cause of the Cancer not the Cure

as they continue to Politically Preach their Hate Paranoia Ignorance

and proven to be Treasonous Lies

as they are very Proven Frauds in Law Science and Medicine for many years

as they have been and continue to Brainwash our youth for many years

as they have proven they are the Evil

as only the fools just believe the test proven Lies

as their Politically Brainwashed Lunatics continue to Destroy America


Good ~ vs ~ Evil


We all Agree

that a Bad Cop who Kills a Drug Addict / Criminal

who just tried to pass off a Bogus Twenty Dollar Bill

who is then Murdered

by a Bad Cop who then must go to Jail Forever

because a Real Peace Officer would have done the right thing

and the Criminal would still be Alive waiting to talk to the Judge

or walking on the streets Free if he was not a Criminal in the first place

as we now have

~ Criminals Protesting Crime ~

as Peaceful Protesting is not a Crime

and Committing Crime is not Protesting

and what I see are

Politically Brainwashed Criminal Lunatics destroying their own Home Towns

with most of them likely from parts of different Political Organizations

including Antifa who are committing Domestic Terrorism

as they are supported by Democrats

all working together in Organized Crime taking over the Streets of America

with Democratic Governors and Mayors doing Nothing as their Cities Burn

as they all need a Rubber Jail Cell and a Deprogramming Shrink

~ Question ~

Are you Protesting Crime by Committing Crimes everyday this week ?

and if you are then you are not a Protester you are a Criminal too

and should be in Jail too

because you are no better than the Criminals you pretend to Protest

in order to commit crimes

while your Leadership does nothing

as they just Neglect their Sworn Duties and Responsibilities to

We the People


You can not resolve Personal Emotional Feelings of Hate with more Hate

because Hate is Pathological

~ and ~

for the Mass Majority of Carbon based People made by and from this Carbon based Earth

Life is very Un-Fair

and like the Majority of We the People in America

I am an Independent

who is not Owned and or Controlled by any Political Organization

and as I am still Breathing and Free

the rest is Icing on the Cake

~ and ~

Proven Politically Organized Acts of Terrorism is Terrorism

regardless of who they are or where they come from

Evil is Evil

and for the past 4.6 billion years this world has changed everyday

as everyday is a new normal and

Wisdom is the ability to use knowledge constructively while doing no Harm

as we live today in a world of

Political Media Brainwashed Social Mental Illness

by Democratic Billionaires

Politically Brainwashing our youth for the past 30 years

who own the Media and the Press who are preaching their Political Ploy

based on a very Negative Political Agenda

working against the Will of We the People

as they own and control everything and there is noting to stop them

as they pay others they control to do all their dirty work

~ and ~

When all I can here from what is called a Peaceful Demonstration is

Kill White Folk ~ Kill White Folk ~ Kill White Folk

who are now Targeting Police Officers

how will this bring We the People of America together

or make this world a better place

as I call it Shooting the Foot in your Mouth

while burning down your own Communities

because this will not make the your world a better place to be

by injecting more Hate and Paranoia and Crime

while a lot of White Men are Killed by White Police Officers every year

as the majority of Black Men Killed every year are Killed by Black Men

who are not Police Officers

they are Criminals Killing Criminals

and you can not stop Hate and Paranoia with Politically Preached Hate and Paranoia

or with Crimes and Violence

or by threatening Crimes and Violence

as there can be no Real Justice by Political Injustice

because you can not make positive change with Politically based Violence

~ as ~

the Proven Democratic Fascism is on the Move

as they Preach their Hate Ignorance and Paranoia to America

as the Will of We the People is not a Factor for Democrats

as the Democrats who are a proven Criminal Organization have their own Will

and the majority of We the People are just in their way


Staged Criminal Lawlessness is not Peaceful Protest

it is Criminal Political Ploy

as the Democrats Cheer the Crimes and Total Destruction by Criminals

and when connecting all the Dots on all the Pages ~

who can afford to do this to America ?

as everything happening in America today goes far beyond ~

One Criminal Thug Cop Criminally Killing a Criminal

because I do not see Peaceful Protest across America

I see Staged Politically Organized Crime

~ like ~

Antifa = Anti Fascism

who are against Equality and the Bill of Rights

as they are very against Free Speech

as they are for Criminal Violence against those they disagree with

who are not Fascist People

who are just Exercising their Constitutional Freedoms and their Constitutional Rights

as Antifa is against the Freedom and Rights of Others whom they Criminally Harm

as they Deny the Rights of Others further proving they are the Fascist

a Fascist Organization using Fascist Physical Acts of Terrorism

like Property Damage Physical Violence and Harassment

to Fight Fascism that is not there to fight while proving only their Fascism

as the Democratic’s and their Media Support Antifa

as the Democratic Political Media have nothing Negative to say about Antifa

who have proven they are a Domestic Terrorist Political Organization

so maybe the Deep State Democrats and Antifa are one and the same

and this is exactly how the NAZI Party began their form of Fascism in Germany

as we have a proven to be Criminal Political Organization

who have the Blessings of a Proven to be Criminal Political Organization

with the Blessings of proven to be Political Media Criminal Organizations

all owned and controlled by Billionaires

as the ACLU Defends the NAZI Style Political Criminal Domestic Terrorism of Antifa

who are going to stop all Fascism with their NAZI Style Fascism

so there can be only their Fascism with the Criminal Democrats and their Criminal Media

owned and controlled by Billionaires

and the ACLU will Defend the New Fascism destroying America

as there will always be Fascism in this World destroying Freedom

~ and ~

how can We the People Heal our Rascal Political Wounds

when a so called Peaceful Protest in Minnesota is yelling

Shoot White Folk

Shoot White Folk

Shoot White Folk

only making the Political Rascal Wounds Deeper

as this was Preached on the Streets by a very large crowd at the so called Peaceful Protest

before the outside Criminal Agitators joined the Protest

while the News Person on the seen is concerned about the lack of Social Distancing

because of the very mild Corona Virus

as Local Criminals are Burning down their own communities

along with the communities own Police Cars Burning down

while the Police Officers are trying to stop the Crimes of Local Criminals

and all of this is not caused by a Criminal Cop Killing a Criminal

this is Programmed Social Political Criminal Insanity

and in my 64 years of Observation

I have never heard a Group of Community White Folk

Preach to the World on City Streets

~ Shoot Black Folk ~

but I have heard many times in my Life Time

on City Streets during my Childhood in California

Shoot White Folk

and how can this Heal Political Wounds ?

and what I see happening today is Organized Crime by Criminal Political Organizations

Destroying America not Saving America


and who has the Money and can Afford to do this to America ?

and who are the Leaders of this Organized Crime


The only reason about 60 Billionaires are Democrats

is because Democrats can be Bought and Owned

as the Democrats are very happy to take the Money from 60 Billionaires

who have a Fascist Political Agenda

as the Billionaires order the Democrats to do as they say

or they will be cut off from the Money

just as the Democrats are very happy to take money from China

who the Democratic Billionaires are in Bed with too

and that is why they Politically Defend China

as the Democrats would like us to be more like China

as the Chinese Leadership have now stated they will Punish Americans

who are not on the side of the Chinese Fascist Leadership


Scientifically Test Proven Lies

Politically Preached 24/7 by the Democratic Political Media and Press

and just believed by Politically Brainwashed Fools

who are Politically Blinded by Politically Programmed Belief

and are Destroying America

~ as ~

Billionaire Democratic Political Media Ploy

causing an unnecessary Lock Down

is causing an overwhelming spike in


Drug Overdoses

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Domestic Violence and Abuse

All Crimes

and now Violent Criminal Rioting all across America

by Criminals who are Criminally Burning Down America

who are Burning Down their own Communities

and when the proven to be

Criminal Political Lying Media Preaches Ignorance Hate and Paranoia

that’s what they get back

Crimes Aimed at the proven to be Treasonous Political Media

as they must now live with the Monsters they Created

by their proven to be Treasonous Political Ploy


When the Political Media Intentionally Destroys We the People of America

for their Democratic Political Fascist Agenda

they are Destroying themselves too

as they will now have to live with the effects of the Proven Lies they continue to Preach

because when you Preach Ignorance Hate and Paranoia that is what you get in return


~ History will know the questioned tested Truth ~

beyond the Fascist Political Ploy Preached by the Treasonous Democratic Political Media

….and you can Thank the Millionaire and Billionaire Democrats

for what you see happening in the Streets of America today

because of their Politically Preached Pathological Hate and Paranoia

as their Fascist Treasonous Political Ploy is the best they can do for America

as they Intentionally Destroy We the People who are America

by their Intentionally Fraudulent Media and Press

owned by People like Mike Bloomberg and Bill Gates

as their Media and Press is Political Pathological Brainwashing not Journalism

as Real Journalism provides all the available fact with out Political Bias

as the Democratic Media and Press are Politically Bias

as they withhold all the real facts for their Political Ploy

as nothing Lies more to We the People than the Democratic Media and Press

who are helping the Treasonous Democratic Deep State

proving We the People can not Trust the Government or the Media and Press

as Scientifically Proven

as proven Democratic Fascism has taken over the Media the Press and Government

of the Republic of the now Un-United States of America


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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