Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


~ The Party is Over ~


Sooner or Later

the Free Speech Censorship by Democratic Fascism will make my Free Speech go away

as Al Gore a very proven criminal is Number One at Google

and MSNBC = Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg who are Media Criminals

and own and control everything else too

with about 60 of their Billionaire Democratic Good Close Friends

while there will always be a Target on my Back

as the Deep State Democrats by Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Friends

~ who I gave money to and voted for ~

have tried to destroy my Life for the past three plus years

because I can Scientifically Prove the Democratic

Doomsday Climate Warming Crises is a Scam for Power and Profit

to turn Democratic Billionaires into Trillionaires

by Killing the Cause of Green

CO2 + Water Vapor + Sun Energy = Green = Environment

as Plants and Trees need four times more CO2 not less CO2 than in the air today

to be Healthy in Photosynthesis Botany and Greenhouse sciences

as the NASA Climate Temperature Gauge continues to read Normal

as we continue to stay with in the Normal 2* variable

with a 40% increase in Sea Ice since 2012

and as the Sea Level is not rising beyond any normal rise

while Humans have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years

and if Ice did not melt the Sea level would decline about 60 feet every ten years

as 97 % of the CO2 in the air is caused by Nature with the majority of CO2 from

immeasurable unpredictable variable volcanic activity below Sea level

causing the Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle below and above Sea level

causing all Carbon based Life on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

while the Proven to be Fraudulent Climate Study is based on One Climate variable

while just ignoring more than a dozen other known climate variables

proving the Science is flawed and incomplete while supported by Fraudulent Data

as Proven Frauds continue to Preach the debunked unproven theory is Settled Science

and Scientifically Proving the Green New Deal is all Political Scam for Profit

to be Paid for by Tax Payers

as not one Doomsday Prediction in thirty plus years has come true

so the next Doomsday will now be in 2030

if we do not stop the cause of Green = Primary Carbon based Life

causing the Environment for

all Secondary Carbon based Life on this CO2 Starved Carbon based Earth

while the Scientific consensus is a proven Lie by Democrats

who are going to Save us all from their next Doomsday Prediction

by ending the Carbon Life and Energy Cycle above Sea level sooner

as all Primary and Secondary Carbon based Life is the byproduct of Energy

because with out the byproduct of energy CO2 there would be zero carbon based Life

as their Deep State goes far beyond some Democrats Employed by the State of Montana

as we have many Doctors and Lawyers not employed by the State of Montana

as their Strings are pulled by Deep State Democrats

as they are Fraudulently helping the Deep State

~ and ~

Since Donald Trump became the Republican Nominee for President of the United States

a proven Treasonous Crime Spree by the Democratic Political Media Corporation

based on Pathological Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

~ like ~

the Treasonous Criminal Deep State Democrats in the United States Government

like the Bogus Criminal Russian Dirty Dossier paid for by the Democrats

like the Bogus Criminal Muller Report by the Democrats

like the Bogus Unlawful Unconstitutional Treasonous Political Impeachment

by the Democrats

like the Bogus Treasonous Criminal Response to the on going

~ Corona Virus Scam ~

by the Democrats

as we are now seeing the Staged and Scripted Riots that are Killing many People

by the Fascist Treasonous Billionaire Owned and Controlled

Democratic Political Media Corporation

as Democratic Governors and Mayors were Prohibiting Law Enforcement

from Protecting Life and Property

allowing the Riots and Killing and Destruction of Property to go on and on

while rejecting the request of their own Law Enforcement for National Guard Support

allowing the Deaths of many Law Enforcement Professionals

who were protecting Life and Property for We the People

Proving Treason against We the People by and for Democratic Political Ploy

because they Hate the President

and that makes it OK to Destroy the Lives of We the People

for their Fascist Treasonous Political Agenda

for their Political Power Government Control and Greed

as the Democrats have committed Proven Fraud and Treason against

We the People who are America

for over 30 plus Years

and Destroying America is the Best the Democrats can do for

We the People

Who Own America

as the Proven Treason against We the People continues

and Antifa will continue to Protect Democratic Fascism

by Hiding in the Dark

and Killing Black Law Enforcement Professionals with Crow Bars

and if Caught by Law Enforcement they will be Bailed out of Jail by Democrats again

~ as ~

Only Black Lives Matter ?

…and the Lives of Peace Officers Do not Matter ?

When ~ All ~ Lives Matter

and since the Riots began

about 700 Law Enforcement Officers have been injured and about 15 have Died

many with their heads crushed in with a Crow Bar

as many Domestic Terrorist were Holding Crow Bars

and many of the Officers who were killed were Black

as they Died Protecting Your Lives and Property

and not one Democrat or their Media has condemned the Deaths

by their Terrorist

while Bailing Terrorists out of Jails so they could return to the Streets

to Kill more People

while the Majority of Black Deaths in America are caused by Black People

so only ~ some ~ Black Lives Matter ?

while Terrorist Murders are returned to the Streets everyday

because some people Pathologically Hate President Trump

and that makes it OK to Treasonously Destroy America

with the help of their Proven to be Domestic Terrorist they Support

~ and ~

When ~ known ~ to be Bad Cops Kill

you can Thank City Hall

because this is not about Racism this is about Leadership Incompetence


Why did the Leadership and Mayor of the City of Minneapolis

continue to allow a known Bad Cop to stay on their Police Force ?

as none of this would have happen if the Mayor did his Job in the first place

as the Mayor is the Number One Law Enforcement Officer in every City in America

as Law Enforcement is the Primary Duty of City Hall

to Protect all Life and Property


The Democrats and the Media and the Press they Own and Control

are not Healing Racism in America

they are causing Racism in America with their continued Political Ploy

as they continue to intentionally Destroy America

believing this will win votes

further proving they are Treasonous Criminal Lunatics

as they continue to be test proven Frauds and Lairs in Law and Science

as the Proven Crimes by Democrats and their Media and Press continue

as they are proven Pathological Treasonous Frauds

with the help and support of many News Papers

like the New York Times with a Democratic Political Agenda

who are a test proven Political Sewer of Proven Political Lies

while withholding important available information from the Public

and yes the President is better at making would be Friends his Enemies

but the President is not a Criminal

as the Treasonous Crimes by Democrats against We the People continue every day 24/7


It is the Job of Peace Officers

to Protect Peaceful Protesters from Domestic Terrorist

Domestic Political Criminal Terrorist who are Shooting and Killing Cops

and are supported by Democrats as proven

Domestic Terrorist who are hitting Law Enforcement with Crow Bars

and putting many Peace Officers into Hospitals

who are the same Terrorists who are Burning Down your Cities

who are burning down Local business Owned by Black Members of the Community

as many more Peace Officers will Die trying to keep the Peace for Citizens

trying to prevent Harm to You and Me

caused by Democratic Supported Terrorism


Only Politically Brainwashed Lunatics De-Fund Law Enforcement

and Decriminalize Crime

I would not Live and I would Move away from anywhere

when Political Lunatics De-Fund Law Enforcement and Decriminalize Crime

where the Insurance Rates would Skyrocket if Insurance is still available

and then Businesses have to close where Crime has taken over

where everyone is Living in Fear and now have new and Bigger Guns

to Protect their Families and Property from Criminals let out of Jail by Democrats


The Primary Purpose of Local Government is:

to Protect Life and Property and keep the Peace with Peace Officers

and with Gun Sales now Skyrocketing like never before

I think we are going to see large numbers of People moving away from Lawlessness

as Larger Cities continue to become Crime Infested Sewers

where they have Decriminalized Crime

with Criminals from all over this Carbon based Earth

in Cities already full of Homeless People with Drug and Mental Disorders

being Abused by the Free Criminals

with all of them spreading more Disease

with fewer Tax Payers and fewer services of every kind

and a vote for Democrats is a vote for Terrorism in the streets of America ~

as the Day Time is Peaceful

with very large groups of People Preaching out loud for the world to hear and see

Shoot White Folk and Shoot Cops

proving Racism by Black People

and when the night falls

out come the proven Terrorist Enemies of the State Burning Down Cities again

who were Bailed Out of Jail the night before by Democrats

and so how do we stop Racism in America

when Black Raciest are Preaching Kill White Folk and Kill Cops

while the Press and Media are proven to be Misinforming and Lying to We the People

and so the Local Government will no longer protect You or your Property

while the Media is Lying to you and not honestly informing you during Public Emergencies

for their proven to be Political Ploy because they Hate the President

as we must all sufferer for the sake of their Pathological Hate and Paranoia


when and during the worst Violence in the streets of America are Happening

the Democratic Billionaire Owned and Controlled Press and Media

are Silent to the overwhelming Terrorism Happening in the Streets

as the Democratic Media of Political Ploy

are helping Domestic Terrorism and Committing Treason against We the People


as Proven to be Criminal Treasonous Democrats

allow the Terrorism in the Streets of America to continue

while trying to de-fund Law Enforcement

earning only the votes of Domestic Terrorist

who preach to us they are going to Kill Law Enforcement Professionals

because a Bad Cop Killed a Criminal Drug Addict


…and when you dial 911 and no one is there

as MS 13 or Antifa Gang Members who will control the streets

are Breaking into your Home

to Rape your Wife and Daughters and then leave everyone for Dead

now knowing you better have a lot of Very Large Guns with Exploding Bullets


all Proving the Lunatic Mentality of the Democratic Billionaire Owned and Controlled

Democratic Political Media Corporation

providing We the People with their Political Ploy for Political Gain by Destroying America

all based on Pathological Hate and Paranoia while Preaching and Brainwashing Ignorance

while Lying for Terrorist supported by Democrats

as the Majority of the Major Media is hiding the Truth from We the People

for Democratic Political Ploy

proving they are Treasonous Political Criminal Frauds

on the side of Domestic Terrorism

as they remain silent to the continued Proven Terrorism against We the People

proving their Political Fascism against We the People

as they Preach Hate Paranoia Ignorance and proven Political Lies


Bruce A. Kershaw

Montana ~ American

Independent Scientist

Investigating and Proving Fraud in Science for 25 years

Student of Constitutional History and Law since 1980

Citizen Lobbyist

for the Truth in Life and Knowledge

and I am not part of any Political Organization

I vote for People not Parties

and I am Paid by no one or anything

[email protected]



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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