Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


May 28 ~ June 10



Peace Officers Save Lives Everyday


Treasonous Criminal Insanity is the best the Democrats can do for America

Democratic Fascist Terrorism

by some

Un-American Billionaire Traitors who are Destroying America

for Government Control Political Power and Profit

doing only Harm to

~ All ~


We the People


….and what if you found out ~

the Political Party who you have been Loyal to and given money to

for the majority of your Life

was Killing People

would you continue to support the Killers

or would you fight the Killers


The Democratic Party Owned and Controlled by Billionaires is

Scientifically Proven Organized Crime

while it has become more than obvious the Democratic Deep State

is in the U.S. Judicial System and in every part of Government


You can not stop Racism with proven to be Racist Lies by Democrats

as Racism is a Preached Pathological State of Mind

being Used by Democrats to Repress and Divide the Black Community

for Political Ploy

and what the Democrats are allowing to happen in the streets of America is

Proven Treason against  ~ All ~ of  We the People of every Color


When Organized Crime or Domestic Terrorism

is trying to Kill a Police Officer

the Police Officer just like all American Citizens has the Right to Protect Themselves

from any and all harm

just as I would Protect myself from a would be Killer

and if someone is trying to Kill me I am Going to stop them any way possible

as Self Defense is a Right for Everyone

and Cowardly Politically Brainwashed Lunatic Cop Killers must be Stopped

and if a Cop Killer is Killed while trying to Kill a Police Officer that is not a Crime

that is the right to Self-Defense and is the same for Everyone

as Democrats and their Media and Press have proven they are on the side of Cop Killers

and have Proven they are the Enemy of ~ all ~ of We the People who are America

as the Democrats are Proven Criminals and the Cancer of America

as their Proven Terrorism continues to Destroy America

and I would rather here about a Dead Terrorist Cop Killer

than here about another Police Officer Murdered by a Politically Brainwashed Lunatic

supported by Democrats

as We the People of all Colors are behind our Law Enforcement Officers

who are on the Front Line taking Bullets for We the People

Protecting  all of We the People

as the Democrats and their Media are Killing Police Officers


Thanks to Democrats

15 Police Officer have now been Murdered by Organized Domestic Terrorism

with 700 Police Officers Injured

many with very Serious Head Injuries from Crow Bars

and how many more Police Officers will Die

from Domestic Terrorism supported by Democrats and the their Treasonous Media

as the Intentional Incompetence by Democratic Mayors and Governors

is for Political Poly

as the Democrats continue to Shoot the Foot in their Mouth

as they believe their Treasonous Political Ploy Destroying America will Win Votes

as the Democratic Criminal Media and Press continue to play the Blame Game

and Blame the President for the Crimes proven to be committed by Democrats

while being silent on the Terrorist Deaths and Injuries of many Police Officers

caused by Treasonous Democratic Political Ploy

as Democrats Support Domestic Terrorism against We the People

as the Democratic Press and Media have proven they are on the side of Terrorism


We the People

and if Fascist Terrorism Wins the Government the Press will no longer be Free

to Lie to We the People for Political Ploy

as the Media is no longer Journalism informing the Public

as the Media is Politically Fascist by Choice

but when the Book Burning begins the Free Press will no longer be Free to be

as the not so Free Press is already owned and controlled by Fascist Billionaire Democrats

Destroying America

Fascist Billionaires who own the Democratic Party and the majority of the Media

who want to own and control You and Me

as the Lives of Dead Police Officers Protecting We the People from Terrorism

do not Matter to Democrats and their Media and Press

as these Police Officer Killed by Terrorism have Died Fighting for Freedom for You and Me

and if a Criminal Drug Addict was not a Criminal he would still be Alive today

and so woulds 15 Police Officer who were Murdered the Line of Duty

and 700 hundred Police Officers would not be seriously Criminally Injured

as many of them may die too

Protecting You and Me from Fascist Terrorism in America supported by Democrats

as the Fascist Cop Killer are still out there thanks to Fascist Treasonous Democrats

who support the Fascist Cop Killers

and I would Remember that when voting in November

and what will the Fascist Treasonous Democrats and their Media and Press do next

~ to win your vote ~

with their proven to be Lunatic Political Criminal Insanity

abusing their Power and Authority

as We the People decide if we have or do not have a Police Force

and not the Proven to be Political Fascist Lunatics Intentionally Destroying America

We the People Decide

and not Politically Treasonous Lunatics who have become Fascist Dictators


The most Important Job in America is the Peace Officer

and the Toughest Job in America is the Peace Officer

and the Majority of America Thank and Respect our Peace Officers

for Protecting We the People

as Democratic Politicians and their Media Trash the most Important People in our Lives


Criminal Drug Addict is Killed by Bad Cop

after trying to commit a Crime


White People are not Killing Black People

Black People are Killing Black People

and Law Enforcement is not Killing Black People

Black People are Killing Black People

About 7000 Deaths of Black People every year are caused by Crime

about 10 Black Criminals Die by Law Enforcement

proving the Number One Enemy of Black People are Black People

who are Killing Police Officers Black and White


The Only Thing that can take away Free Speech is Political Media Fascism

by Democrats

while there are Lies that do Harm and Lies that do no Harm

and if Lying to the Public was a Crime

the Majority of the Free Press and Media would be in Jail

and when you scientifically Prove the Media is Lying they continue to Lie

for their Political Ploy Agenda

as the Majority of the Media do not Inform the Public

they Politically Brainwash the Public with Proven Lies

and do they believe their proven Lies = Pathological

as Real Science is: knowledge

Science is not Persuade Convinced Programmed Make Believe based on Test Proven Lies

they always refuse to publicly debate

nor can they prove they are not Lying to the Public in Science and Law

and every time I am Proven Wrong I Learn and Know and Grow Forward

in Proven Fact Tested Reality in Science

as the Majority of the Media Intentionally Lie to the Public during National Emergencies

for ~ their ~ Political Agenda

not ~ our ~ Political agenda


Believers are not Scientists

science is: factual

belief is: make believe = pathological

and only Politically Brainwashed Lunatics Preach

Kill Cops

~ peace ~



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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