Fact Check to Fascist Treasonous Tweeter


Protecting your Life from a Criminal who is Harming you is not a Crime


do only the Lives of Criminals with a long History of crime Matter

and it is now OK for Criminals to point weapons at Police Officers

and it is now OK for ~ Peaceful Protesters ~ with Guns Tire Irons and Crow Bars

to Crush the Skull and Killing many Police Officers


Antifa = Guns ~ Tire Irons ~ Crow Bars

with the support of Democrats


Long before President Trump became President

the Media and Press have been Lying to

We the People

and it is time to stop calling it

~ The News ~

and call it for what it is scientifically proven to be

~ Today’s Political Media Ploy ~

as the Press and Media have become Political Media Churches

Preaching Proven Lies for their Political Agenda

Proving the Majority of the Media are Political Frauds


Media Political Sermon based on Proven Political Media Lies is not Journalism

and when you Scientifically Prove to the Media with peer-reviewed science

they are Lying to the Public the Media then continues to Preach their Proven Lies

while they can provide zero scientific reference when requested to prove they are not Lying


Media Political Sermon is Political Media Brainwashing

and is Proven Fraud in Journalism

as they withhold many of the available facts from the Public

while telling and promoting only their Political side of the Story for their Political Agenda

while allowing zero Rebuttal to their proven Lies


Persuading Proven Political Lies based on zero Question Test Rebuttal Debate

while withholding the known Truth from the Public is not Journalism

this is Preached Political Media Fascism

and those who just believe the Proven Political Media Lies

are the Brainwashed Political Fools

as the Media and Free Press are the Proven Political Cancer in America

committing Political Treason against We the People

for the Democratic Billionaires who Own and Control the Media

as the Media no longer inform the Public they are now 24/7 Political Ploy

Preaching and Brainwashing Hate Paranoia Ignorance and Proven Lies


Intentionally Lying and withholding very important available facts from the Public

during National Emergencies for Political Agenda

is not Journalism it is Political Media Fascism

as the Media and Free Press have only Proven to We the People they can not be Trusted

and the Fascist Billionaires who own the Media and Press do not care

and they will continue to Lie to We the People for Political Ploy

and with the help of their Deep State Democrats in every part of our Government

they continue to Destroy America

because for 60 Democratic Billionaires to Own and Control America

they must first Destroy America


When it comes to the most important parts of our Daily Lives in America

the Media and Free Press continue to Intentionally Fail

We the People

for a proven to be Fraudulent Political Agenda

as the proven to be Scam Political Science Fiction continues

to Politically Hide the Questioned Tested Truth from We the People

as Politically Brainwashed Ignorance Dictates a False Reality


~ When America is Broken ~

We the People do not Destroy All of America

All of We the People must Fix and Repair All of America

as we must learn and know and grow forward together

as all of Life is growing with change and change is continuous

and we must all work together for positive change


we can not destroy everything in Life because it needs a tune up

and you do not burn down your house every time the roof leaks


Bruce A. Kershaw

[email protected]

Montana ~ American

Independent ~ Scientist


…with out the Community Enforcement of the Rule of Law and Order

there can be no Community or Community Social Justice

and the Criminals will not decide the Rule of Law

the Majority of ~ All ~ of We the People

All the Mothers and Fathers and All the Voters and Taxpayers

will Decide what is Social Justice

by the Enforcement of Law and Order

and if one person commits a crime we do not Punish everyone

and if one Police Officer commits a crime we can not Punish all Police Officers

~ and ~

De-funding Police

can not be a Decision made by a Hand Full of Criminal Political Lunatics

with a Treasonous Lunatic Political Agenda

it must be on a Voting Ballot so ~ All ~ of  We the People can Decide what is best for

All of We the People

as nothing can be Decided by those Bashing in the Heads of Law Enforcement Officers

and by those Rapping our Wives and Daughters

while they are Burning Down our Communities

~ and ~

How many Political Media Brainwashed Lunatics does it take

to Destroy a City in American

~ only one ~

The Politically Brainwashed Democratic Mayor

who is on the side of Fascist Domestic Terrorism

and the Bashing in of Heads of Peace Officers with Crow Bars

for the sake of their Democratic Political Party Ploy Agenda


Shooting the Foot in your Mouth is not a Revolt

Burning down your own Communities is not a Revolt

Burning down your own communities is Politically Brainwashed Lunatic 101

while the Number of Rapes and other Serious Crimes have now

~ Tripled ~

in the City of Seattle

as so called Peaceful Demonstrators with Guns and Crow Bars

are in Fact Criminals and Domestic Terrorists supported by Democrats

~ as ~

the Attorneys are waiting for the Dust to Settle

to Sue City and State Governments

for their Deliberate Incompetence and Deliberate Negligence


Intentionally Deliberately for Political Propose

~ Willfully ~

Endangering the Lives and the Wellness and Property of all Citizens


Withholding Law Enforcement and National Guard Troops

who would have ~ Stopped ~ the Rioting and Looting and Life and Property Damage

as Democratic Governors and Mayors continue to Refuse to allow Law and Order

for the sake of their Political Ploy Agenda

as Democratic Leadership are now Proven Fascist Dictators doing their Will

while Trashing the Will of We the People who own America

as their Leadership was Elected to Serve the Will of We the People

and not the Will of Terrorism against We the People

as Citizens the Voters and Taxpayers are leaving these Lawless Cities and States

as fast as they can pack their Bags and they wont be back

along with many of the Looted and Burned Down Business that wont be back

or the many Jobs they provided to their Communities

as the Democratic Press and Media continue to Deliberately Lie and Misinform

We the People

for Democratic Political Media Ploy Destroying America

as these Fascist Terrorist Democrats have not provided Leadership

while they are committing Political Suicide with their Proven Treason against America

as these continued and ongoing proven to be Deliberate Acts of Treason


We the People

must be Severally Punished

for Deliberately providing the Gateway for Terrorism in America

for their Political Ploy Agenda

as these proven Traitors to America must be Jailed for the rest of their Life

as they continue to Stab ~ All ~ of We the People in the Back


There can be no Civilized Society with out Law and Order with out exception

and those who can not be Civilized in Society by Breaking the Rules of Law and Order

are not Patriots with a Cause of Justice

they are Criminals of Injustice and must be Treated as such with out exception

as Treasonous Criminal Fascism supported by Democrats is not a Cause for Justice

and is not Patriotism


Anti-Patriotism is not Patriotism

Burning the American Flag is not Patriotism

as only the Enemies of American Freedom Burn the American Flag


Unlawfully Seizing and Damaging Private and Public Property

while Extorting Business Owners

and Denying the Rights and Freedoms of other American Citizens

is Criminal Fascism by Politically Brainwashed Lunatics not Patriotism

because doing Intentional Harm to others is not Patriotism


Death and Destruction are the Acts of War and not Peaceful Demonstration

and if you do not like Freedom in America then why don’t you leave

because when you take away my Rights and Freedoms that’s Fascism not Patriotism

and Intentionally Criminally Destroying other Peoples Lives is not Patriotism

~ Destroying Freedom in America is not Patriotism ~

as Patriotism is the Struggle to be Free

Patriotism is not by Burning the Flag of Freedom

while being a Criminal and committing Crimes against the People of your own Community

is not Patriotism it is the Path to Jail and then the Democrats will Bail you out

for your Crimes against the Rights and Freedoms of Real Patriotic Americans


Destroying Freedom in America is not Patriotism in America

and do not compare the Boston Tea Party to Terrorizing of your own Communities

as the Boston Tea Party was based on Taxation with out Representation

and do not compare Cowardly Brutally Murdering your own Peace Officers

of your own Communities to Representation in Government

because you have Representation

in the U.S. Government and State and Local Government

and if you do not like your Representatives then Vote for new Representation

but do not compare Bashing in the Heads of Peace Officers with a Crow Bar

to Throwing Tea from the King of England into the Boston Harbor


~ Letter to the Editor ~

Real Leadership is by doing the Will of We the People

and not the Will of Antifa

and the Mayor is someone who is both one with the Community and the Peace Force

as they are both one in the same protecting each other

Together Protecting their Community Together

from all outside forces doing any Harm to their Community

and Mayors who turn their back to the Police Force

are turning their back to the entire Community

and Mayors who stop the Police Force from Protecting their Community

are then the proven Enemy of ~ All ~ of We the People

and have committed the Act of Treason against  ~ All ~ of We the People


…and when the Captain of the Ship has sided with the known Enemy

there will then be a Mutiny of a known Traitor

while the Enemy will know the Traitor is someone who can not Trusted

and will soon turn on the Proven Traitor

as the Democrats have sided with the known Enemy

who are against We the People

as the Enemy is now turning on the Democrats who Bailed the them out of Jail

the Democrats who allowed the known Enemy to Murder and continue to Murder

many of our Peace Officers

while Burning our Flag and Burning down our Cities

and Destroying our Land Marks of our known History

to be forgotten and relived

as all of history good and bad must be known and remembered

so we may continue to learn and grow forward from our mistakes

as known history is the key to the future by growing forward

to become better than we were before

as the Treasonous Traitors of Tested Reality must be forever Destroyed

before Freedom is forever Destroyed

and I will Die for Freedom to Destroy Tyranny

as Democrats Support Death and Destruction in America

they support Domestic Terrorism against We the People

Proving their Fascism against We the People of Freedom

Proving they are the Enemy and Treasonous Traitors

as Proven Fascism now Own and Control the Proven to be Treasonous

and Billionaire owned and controlled Democratic Party

as they continue to Politically Brainwash our Youth

with proven to be Political Media Fascist Lies

of Hate Paranoia and Ignorance

turning our youth into Murders Killing Peace Officers

and Criminals and Thugs Burning down THEIR OWN committees

for the Cause of Democratic Fascism in America


Fascist Terrorism supported by Democrats is not Patriotism in America

~ Peace ~



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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