Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


You can not Remove a President by Committing Treason Against We the People


do we now have Loyal Democrats Disguised as Republicans on Voting Ballots

further proving they are Frauds

who have proven for the past three plus years they will do anything


Deep State Criminal

and Underhanded to Win

as this is their Example of Good Leadership

while Stabbing all Americans in the Back

with their proven Political Ploy


For over 30 years now the Media has proven they can not be Trusted

as they continue to withhold Facts and Preach proven Lies to

We the People


The Corona Virus is Real

and the Lock Down is another Democratic Treasonous Scam

forced on to the President


About 80% of the Corona Virus Cases happened to

We the People who were in the Lock Down


Dr. Fauci stated in January

…the Corona Virus is nothing to worry about and everything will be fine ~

and Dr. Fauci was Medically right

and then the Billionaire Political Media Democratic Corporation

began to Preach their Invented Emergency of the Corona Virus

they just Ignored

during their Unlawful Unconstitutional Impeachment of the President

as they Accused the President of Crimes they themselves have committed

and did it with the Help of their Democratic Deep State

and then Dr. Fauci changed his mind based on zero change is science

and then Dr. Fauci Preached to us

…Life as we knew it will never be the same again and there will be a New Normal ~

and that new normal turns out to be a test proven Treasonous Political Media Scam

by Political Ploy


We can not allow our Daily Lives to be Directed by the Hate and Paranoia of Others


When there is Zero Logic and Zero Common Sense

and test proven facts withheld from We the People

then it must be Political Pathological and not Scientifically Factual

and based on what I do know today the Death Rate of the Corona Virus

in New York is a Lie

because the Yearly Flu Virus that kills up to 100,000 per year

can not Medically drop by 77% overnight in New York

as many Deaths were not caused by the Corona Virus

as about 10,000 People Die everyday in America

caused by everything but the Corona Virus

and when a Virus many times worse than the Corona Virus comes around

the Media is Quite

with no Political Ploy and no Political Blame Game

as History will know the Questioned Tested Truth

as the proven to be Political Media Preached and Believed Lies in Science continue

as the real Death Rate of the Corona Virus

based on data from everywhere around the world is about 0.037%

as the Democrats and their Media continue to prove they are Criminals


Dr. Phil along with many other Doctors are right

while these Doctors are allowed zero voice in the Democratically Owned Media

as many Physicians state

 there is no good reason for this Lock Down other than to Preach Political Ploy

to harm the President

by Destroying the lives of all Americans

as the proven Political Scam against America continues

as the Deep Sate Democratic Doctors who continue to be proven wrong

continue to Preach their Staged and Scripted Paranoia to We the People

as the Lock Down and Testing will have zero effect of the Outcome of the Corona Virus

with the Lock Down doing far greater harm than the Virus

as the world of Political Scam Science Fiction

doing only harm for Political Agenda is here to stay

Thanks to the Proven Media Political Frauds in Science and Medicine

owned by Billionaire Democrats


If you are sick stay at home and if you are well go to work so you can feed your family

and if you are in the group of High Risk stay home

and or Protect yourself wisely

and Ignore the Fraudulent Political Media Preaching their Paranoia to sway votes

as 24/7 Political Media Preached Paranoia

by a Proven to be Politically Fraudulent Criminal Media is Bad for the Soul

and Intentionally Destroying Everyone’s Life in America

because you hate the President will not win votes

as Wisdom is by testing the Truth

as Ignorance is just believing the proven Political Media Lies

as this very mild Corona Virus is real and the Politics is a proven Scam

bought and paid for by Treasonous Billionaires Criminals who hate the President

and that’s the best they can do for America


The Democrats and the Media they Own and Control

have been using Social Psychological Terrorism

as a Political tool for many years

and Political Media Brainwashed Paranoia is a Mental Disorder with a Political Agenda

as they continue to make Ouija Board Doomsday Predictions

that have not and will never ever come true

based on proven Fraud in Science

as they use Political Media Preached Fear and Paranoia to Sway Votes

and if you do not vote for Democrats then we are all going to Die soon

as the Democrats have defined Scam Science and Medicine for Political Gain and Profit

and I have a many Questions

~ Question ~

Is there a Federal Prison with a Presidential Suite

with about 60 Billionaire Suites


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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