Corona Virus as the Political Media Paranoia Strikes Again


as testing around the world shows us

99.97% of those who have the very mild Corona Virus will live

as many will never know they had this very mild Virus

as those dying with the Corona Virus are the elderly in very poor health before the Virus

as many of these People would have died regardless of the virus

and if you are run over by a Bus in New York City and have the Virus with no symptoms

then the City of New York will call this a Death caused by the Corona Virus

as the Democratic City of New York are proven Frauds in Science and Medicine

for Political Ploy

as the Democratic Media Preached to us how all the Hospitals were all overwhelmed

as we now know this was another Democratic Political Media Lie for their Political Ploy

as many hospital workers have now been laid off

while Doctors are being Pressured to Falsify Death Certificates and Medical Reports

further proving this is all a Democratic Scam against We the People

as the Numbers from all around the world about the Corona Virus

further prove the numbers in the U.SA. are Politically Bogus

as the best Model for this Corona Virus is the known Numbers from all around the world

as Government Democratic Quack Doctors are Committing Fraud in Science and Medicine

for their Democratic Political Ploy


~ To Conquer you must First Destroy ~

just as the Democrats are doing today

with their proven Treasonous Political Ploy

and like all the other Political Ploys this one will Fail  too

as the Democrats have Scientifically Proven they are Political Media Organized Crime

and I would love to sit down and talk to the Attorney for the Democratic Party

and discus their Constitutional Crimes against We the People


I feel very sorry for Joe Biden

as Joe has what many would call the Precursor of Alzheimer

while 60 Billionaires are pulling Joe’s Strings in every way

as Joe has people talking to him through an ear device while he is trying to speak

as Joe is confused it seems most of the time as he is being Used

as Joe Biden is not in charge of Joe Biden

and will make the Perfect Puppet for the 60 Billionaires

as we live with the

Democratic Political Scam Science and Medicine

Preaching Paranoia based on Ouija Board Scam Science

by Political Democratic Deep State Quakes Committing Treason

as the Corona Virus is real and the Politics is a test proven Political Media Ploy

by the Billionaire Owned Democratic Political Media Corporation

who are intentionally misinforming We the People in Science and Medicine

while intentionally withholding real Science and Medicine

causing a state constant Panic Fear and Paranoia

forcing a Lock Down by the President

~ for a very mild Virus ~

as the Lock Down is doing far far Greater Harm than the mildest Virus in my life time

because the Democratic Quakes Advising the President are Political Criminals

Destroying America with their Democratically Owned and Controlled Media

who are Lying thought their Teeth with their Quack Science and Medicine

all for their Political Blame Game to hurt the President

as they have Destroyed the lives of all Americans to hurt the President

and this how Proven Treasonous Lunatics believe they can win an Election

by Destroying all Life for all Americans

by Misinforming We the People in a National Emergency they Caused

for the sake of their Political Power Control and Greed

by Scientifically test proven Treasonous Lunatics

as the Lunatics have provided us with a Taste of their Tyranny

of their New Normal of Lunatic Political Science Fiction

by their Political Media Brainwashed Paranoia

with their test proven Fraud in Science and Medicine for Profit and Political Gain

as Scientifically Proven with 30 plus years of Proven Political Pathological Fraud


It is Important that all sides of History can be Known

as History is the understanding of the past

and provides a healthy road map for the unknowable future and

and Politically Preached Paranoia is Pathological not Factual

with Politically Preached Paranoia based on test proven Lies in Science and Medicine

while Intentionally destroying the Economy

believing this will gain votes

Proving they are Treasonous Lunatics

as their Media has Silenced the Scientifically Test Proven Truth

as they intentionally made the Mildest Virus into Doomsday

as We the People who Own America

are just their Collateral Damage in their Treasonous Political Agenda

as the Democrats continue to hide the test proven Truth from We the People

as they continue to Preach their test proven Political Paranoid Lies

believing this will win votes

as Treasonous Fraudulent Lunatics want to Own and Control America = We the People

as Test Proven Lunatics Dictate a Lunatic Reality

as it is up to We the People to Decide who will Represent We the People

as our President

and not up to the Proven Political Media Organized Crime

to Treasonously Fraudulently Unconstitutionally with Preached Panic Fear and Paranoia

to decide what is best for the America they Intentionally Destroyed

as they are the Scientifically Test Proven Cancer of America

Destroying America based on their Hate and Paranoia of the President


 Committing Treason against We the People with Political Ploy is not Leadership

it is Criminal Lunatic Political Science Fiction

by Political Pathological Frauds


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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